Hi! I'm Jeanne Lee Cunningham, Class of 1966 of Wilson High School, Wilson, Kansas. The Class of "66 is proud to maintain this page for:
Wilson High School, Wilson, Kansas Alumni

Below are links to lists of graduating classes. For those indicated, I have access to a yearbook and will do lookups, make copies and/or scan pages.

If you find errors or omissions, contact me and I will update.

For SOME classes, there may be staff/faculty, addresses, birth/death dates and/or links to genealogical pages.


Check out YOUR class page - OR your Mom or Dad - Or Grandma or Grandad's class page.
I'm adding a lot of new/old information!!!

Wilson Alumni Banquet 2014 - Tickets ON SALE SOON - WATCH THIS SPACE FOR INFO !!.
Saturday, May 24, 2014 - MARK YOUR CALENDAR !!!

The Class of 1989 (the 25 Year Class)
will be the hosts and
The Class of 1964 (the 50 Year Class)
will be the honorees - as per usual.

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If anyone has news or announcements concerning WHS students or Alumni, please let me know.

If you are hunting for ANY Wilson, Kansas alumni (graduates or NOT), let me know. I want to help find them.

I NOW know your names - Betsy Porter and Linda Friesen - thanks to Carol (Janne) Kyner and Norman Austin.
Unknown Girls from 1954 Kindergarten

To see if a person is a WHS graduate, use the SEARCH box at the bottom of THIS page!!

All WHS Classes from 1890 to the present:
Classes of 1890 - 1899
Classes of 1900 - 1909 Classes of 1910 - 1919 Classes of 1920 - 1929 Classes of 1930 - 1939 Classes of 1940 - 1949
Classes of 1950 - 1959 Classes of 1960 - 1969
(I have yearbooks for
1961 - 1966;
1963 has list of
classes from
1890 - 1963.)
Classes of 1970 - 1979 Classes of 1980 - 1989 Classes of 1990 - 1999
Classes of 2000 - 2009 Class of 2010
Class of 2011
Class of 2012
Class of 2013
Class of 2014 COMING IN MAY !!!

(Thanks to * Wray Ann (BAKER) MILLER I NOW have a copy of the Wilson School Facility 1887 - 1999 booklet, prepared by members of Deb Feil's Desktop Publishing and Yearbook staffs, which contains a list of classes from 1890 - 2001 and I will do lookups, make copies and/or scan pages.

IF YOU have any additions or corrections

Jeanne Lee Cunningham
932 Lawrence Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66049

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