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You are invited to enter a query for your ancestors in Elk County to be posted on the Elk County Query page. The new queries for Elk Co. are being handled with a threaded list. The surnames already posted on the threaded list are found on the first page. You can look at those and respond to one (or more) of those or you can post a new surname. Your query will be posted almost immediately. If you make a mistake when you enter your query, go ahead and post it, then start over and post it correctly, then email me and I'll go in and delete the first one.

For those of you who have never written a query before. There is a very good web page that you can look at to give you some ideas, it's at Sample Queries Be sure and come back when you've got your thoughts together.

The purpose of this query system is so you can make contact with other people who may be reseaching your surname(s). Good Luck in your search.

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Kansas Interactive Genealogy - Be sure and register your surnames here too, it's for all of Kansas. Post your surname(s), the county (if you know it), and a short message if you wish. This is a good place to post if you don't know that your ancestor actually spent time in Elk Co. It's not part of the KsGenWeb project but it's a good resource.

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email Barbara Kidwell, County Coordinator 
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