Surnames: Q-Z

compiled by Robert Sage

Transcribed and put online in honor of Mr. Sage's mother, Ruth Delaine Collins Sage.


Cora Lea Quick 4 Education Redfield
Jack Wallace Quier       1 Biology Pittsburg


Leon E. Raines 4 History and Social Science Mulberry
Edwin Ramsey 4 Physical Education Clay Center
Beverly E. Rankin 4 Commerce Pittsburg
Harold Rankin 1 Chemical Engineering Girard
Guy William Ravenscroft 3 Physical Education Newton
Charles Arthur Ray 1 Chemical Engineering Pittsburg
Celia Lea Redmond G English Kansas City, Missouri
Clement A. Reed, Jr. 3 Biology Coffeyville
Marvin Garland Reed 3 History and Social Science Kansas City
Major Alfred Reever G History Wayside
Harry Howard Reeves 3 Chemistry Louisburg
Katy Millicent Register 1 Commerce Pittsburg
Richard Francis Reichester 1 Rural Education Lillis
Eugene A. Reidy 1 History Pittsburg
Michael Reidy 3 History Pittsburg
Mary Katherine Reiff 1 English Fredonia
Dorothy Elizabeth Repovesch       2 Education Mulberry
Melvin Howard Remington 3 Mathematics Pittsburg
Eileen Rettig 3 Physical Education Chanute
Walter Raymond Revell 1 Physical Education Girard
Earl Boise Reynolds 2 Mining Engineering Colony
Opal Bernice Reynolds 2 Commerce Altoona
Dorothy Edyth Rice 2 Education Pittsburg
Dortha Ellen Richards 1 Education Pittsburg
Muriel Catherine Richards 3 Music Pittsburg
Harold Edwin Rife 2 Biology Burlington
Brette Riley, Jr. 4 Business Administration Benedict
Irene Riley 1 Rural Education Arcadia
James Samuel Ritter 1 Biology Pittsburg
Burr Murdock Roberts 2 Biology Benedict
Eugene Carlton Roberts G Biology Wichita
Gerald Robinson 3 Mathematics Kansas City, Missouri
Melvin Lee Robinson 1 Psychology and Philosophy Kansas City
William E. Robison, Jr. 1 English Pittsburg
Jack Roby 3 Business Administration Pittsburg
Jaunita Rockwood 4 Elementary Education Eldorado
Mirza Rodda 2 Foreign Languages Arma
Alberta Helen Rogers 1 Commerce Kansas City
Elmer Rodenberg 1 lndustrial Education Halstead
Chester Dean Rogers 1 Industrial Education Stanley
John Rogers 2 Art Pittsburg
Louie Rogers 1 Industrial Education Pittsburg
Vance Ellsworth Rogers 2 History Pittsburg
Frances E. Rohrbaugh 2 Biology Galena
Cecil Rhodes Rosander Sp   Pittsburg
James Albert Rose 2 Industrial Education Louisburg
Lyndell Rose      
Laura Leona Rosel 1 Rural Education Galena
Vincent Lee Rosenstahl 4 Biology Parsons
Howard Jacob Ross 3 Commerce Turner
Richard Kent Roth 1 Industrial Education Milton
Maurice William Rouey 2 Physical Science Benedict
Wayne E. Rowland 3 Commerce Galena
Lila Marie Royer 1 Home Economics Coffeyville
Charles Richard Ruark 4 Mathematics Pittsburg
Samuel Judson Rudd 3 History Belpre
Robert A. Rue 3 Music Pittsburg
Anna E. Rupert 2 Mathematics Fredonia
Ida L. Rupert 4 Education Fredonia
Donald Rutherford 3 Industrial Education Halstead
Edwin Joseph Ryan 1 Physical Education Pittsburg
James Edwin Ryan 2 Printing Pittsburg
Norman Jerry Ryan 1 Music Supervision Pittsburg
Agnest Ann Ryczek 2 Biology Pittsburg
Moruin Edward Ryden 1 lndustrial Education Stanley
Carl Allen Ryerson 2 History and Social Science Parsons


Ted Demond Saar 3 Commerce Pittsburg
Marshall D. Sage 4 History Columbus
Gordon Byron Sailors 8 Industrial Education Riley
Lot William Sailors 3 Industrial Education Riley
Leonard Charles Sale 1 lndustrial Education Pittsburg
Leonard Sammons 4 Biology Pittsburg
Sarah Catherine Sample 2 Home Economics Pittsburg
Frankie Carl Sauer 3 Industrial Education Brownell
Arthur Saunders 2 Art Kansas City
Clifford Lyle Scepansky 1 lndustrial Education Franklin
Joe Thomas Scepansky 4 Commerce, Franklin Franklin
Fred Schiefelbein 3 Business Administration Pittsburg
Max Schiefelbusch 2 History Osawatomie
Richard Schiefelbusch 3 History Osawatomie
Waunita Schifferdecker 1 Education Girard
Alice Beatrice Schirmer 1 Rural Education Arma
Earl Frank Schlosser 2 Business Administration Chanute
Samuel Perl Schmid 3 Commerce Parsons
Frederick Schultz 3 Chemistry Atchison
Mary Elizabeth Schwab 1 Home Economics Cherokee
Henry S. Scoggins 4 physical Education Pittsburg
Bill Scott 1 Architectural Engineering Pittsburg
Bob Scott 3 Commerce Yates Center
Roy Scott 2 Commerce Niotge
Louise Seal      
Thomas F. Seed 1 History Wichita
Marjorie Mae Seeley 2 Vocational Home Economics Pittsburg
Patricia Seideman 4 English Pittsburg
Fred Sellmansberger G Math Pittsburg
Gertrude Sellmansberger 4 Education Pittsburg
Leonard Sellmansberger 1 Business Administration Pittsburg
Arthur Allen Senzee 3 Industrial Education Mulberry
Tom Sergeant 3 Biology Pittsburg
Robert Servis 1 Chemistry Girard
Wilma Maron Sexton 1 Commerce Mulberry
Mellie Corinne Shackelton 1 Speech Baxter Springs
Jack Warner Shaw 2 Commerce Galena
Robert Carl Shaw 1 Mathematics Minneola
George Russell Shearer 1 Rural Education Fall River
Kenneth Lee Shellenberger       1 Commerce Pittsburg
Anna Belle Shelton 1 Home Economics Opolis
Helen Sherman 1 Education Pittsburg
Dolores Louise Sheward 2 Education Pittsburg
Martin John Sheward 1 Business Administration Pittsburg
Hazel LaVerne Shideler 4 Commerce McCune
Melvin A. Shipley 3 Mathematics Blue Mound
Earl Shipman 4 Commerce Mayetta
Richard Henry Shipman 3 Biology Walnut
Ray Edwin Shonk 2 Industrial Education Pittsburg
Paul Neutron Shriver 4 History Coats
Dale Shufelberger 1 Commerce Bloom
Felix Shular 4 Commerce Arcadia
Rose Shular 1 Home Economics Arcadia
William Henry Shute 3 Commerce Akron
Jay Simon 3 English Galena
Albert Nick Simoncic 2 History Pittsburg
Anthony John Simoncic G Chemistry Girard
Blossom Simons 1 Education Edna
Daniel Caldwell Simpkins G Biology Cherryvale
Lucille Sinclair 1 Primary Education Pittsburg
Mrs Belle Hood Siple 2 Biology Thayer
Howard L. Siple 4 Psychology and Philosophy Pittsburg
Marvin Kenneth Sizemore 3 History Parsons
E. Edward Skaggs 2 Mechanical Engineering Yates Center
Jack L. Skaggs 1 Chemistry Galena
Pauline Elizabeth Slade 4 English. Coffeyville
Ada Frances Slinkman 4 Education Pittsburg
Harold Slinkman 4 Business Administration Pittsburg
Darlene Eva Sloan 1 Education Moran
Jeannette Smiley 1 Commerce Kansas City
Betty Smith 4 Home Economics Pittsburg
Mrs. Chloe Smith 3 Biology Cedarvale
Clayton Smith. Jr. 1 Social Science Yates Center
Eoelyne Pauline Smith 3 Home Economics Kansas City
Fred E. Smith 2 Biology Cedarvale
Helen Gould Smith 4 Commerce Baxter Springs
Helen Louise Smith 4 Education Asbury
Hilda E. Smith 2 Education Colony
Lee Clifford Smith 4 Physical Education Parsons
Marjorie Smith 3 Home Economics Pittsburg
Paul R. Smith 2 Art Colony
Rex Harmon Smith 1 Industrial Education Douglass
Victor Porter Smith 1 Art Pittsburg
Zeke Richard Smith 1 Mechanical Engineering Girard
Beryle Symsor 3 Biology. Mulvane Mulvane
Rowena Sohosky 2 Physical Education. Joplin Joplin, Missouri
Bill Sollitt 1 Mathematics Pittsburg Pittsburg
Marvin David Solomon 3 Biology, Port Jervis Port Jarvis
Betty Esther Somadossi 4 Elementary Education Pittsburg
Johnny Sours 3 Physical Education Pittsburg
Oliver Morton Sovereign 3 Music Supervision Joplin, Missouri
I. Richard Spann 2 Commerce. Franklin Franklin
Ona Maxine Sparks 4 Education. Kansas City Kansas City
Carroll Spencer 1 1ndustrial Education Mulberry
Susan Lorene Spencer 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Erma Jean Sprague 2 Home Economics Benedict
J. B. Stacy 1 Commerce Pittsburg
Mrs. Lucille Lehmer Stadler 4 Commerce, Parker Parker
Elsie Marie Stafford 1 Rural Education. Thayer Thayer
Essie B. Stallworth 2 Home Economics Pittsburg
Louise Starkey 1 Biology Cedarvale
Delbert Starrett G Chemistry Baxter Springs
R. L. Stark 1 Business Administration Pittsburg
Alfred Steele 1 Physical Education Pittsburg
Ben Frank Steele 2 Chemistry Glasco
William W. Stephens 1 Biology Baxter Springs
Eileen Stephenson 2 Rural Education Galena
Edward Stevens 2 Biology Columbus
Annabelle Steward 2 Education Kansas City
June Elizabeth Stewart 4 Home Economics Oswego
Leroy Hodges Stewart 1 Electrical Engineering Kansas City
George Wilson Stillwaugh 2 Rura1 Education Pittsburg
Norman Ray Stockebrand 4 Commerce Yates Center
Victor Dale Stockebrand 2 Mathematics Yates Center
Max Orville Stocking 4 Chemistry Mayfield
Henry Stokes 2 Biology Kansas City, Missouri
Thelma Frances Stokes 4 Music Pittsburg
Bonnie Ann Stone 2 Rural Education Galena
Elliott E. Stone 2 Business Administration Webb City, Missouri
Grace Esther Stone 1 History and Social Science Caney
Richard Stone 3 Commerce Pittsburg
W.lliam Stonecipher 1 Chemical Engineering Pittsburg
Wanda Storey 3 History Pittsburg
Lloyd Stoskopf 2 Business Administration Baxter Springs
William H. Stoskopf 4 Supervision Baxter Springs
Marjorie Stough 4 Commerce Cherokee
Robert Stover 1 Mathematics Pittsburg
Virginia Lee Strecker 2 Home Economics Pittsburg
Mary Leola Streets 3 Physical Education Altoona
Edwin Strickler 2 Music Girard
Jack Fred Stringham 1 Physical Science Joplin, Missouri
William Stringham 3 Chemistry Joplin, Missouri
Donald Struble 1 Mathematics Girard
Max Struble 2 Electrical Engineering Girard
V. Essie Stuart 1 Education Parsons
James Robert Stults 3 Physical Education Minneola
Don Sturdy 2 Business Administration Halstead
Harry Alvadore Suffron 2 English Pittsburg
Flodora Arvilla Sullivan 1 Home Economics Girard
Dean Summers 4 Physical Education Yates Center
Nenetah Sunley 2 Intermediate Education Paola
John L. Sutterby 1 lndustrial Education Mapleton
Lois Grace Sutterby 2 Education Mapleton
Jesse Keith Sutton 1 Biology Arma
Lois Sutton 4 Physical Education Junction City
Pall Sutton G Chemistry Arma
Howard Surber 3 History LaFontaine
Lloyd Ernest Swanson 1 lndustrial Education Savonburg
George F. Swearingen 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Rowland Leroy Swearingen 2 Biology Drexel, Missouri
Ernest Clyde Swisher 2 History and Social Science Pittsburg
William Swisher 1 Biology Pittsburg


Nicholas Talarico 1 lndustrial Education Arma
Allan Taylor 2 Mathematics Baxter Springs
Ralph Taylor 1 Mathematics Pittsburg
Helen Taylor 4 History Page
William Taylor 2 Electrical Enginecring Cherokee
Faye Louise Teas 1 Commerce Erie
Roger Frank Templin 1 Chemistry Cherokee
Margaret Anne Tharrington         2 Commerce Pittsburg
Robert Tharrington 3 Business Administration Pittsburg
Allen Thomas 4 History Kansas City
Alvin Thomas 1 Education McCune
Ethelda Thomas 2 Physical Education Joplin, Missouri
Lorita Fay Thomas 4 Home Economics Pittsburg
Otis Thomas 4 History McCune
Shirley Lec Thomas 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Velma Talitha Thomas G Education Baxter Springs
Mrs. Beulah Thompson 3 Music Oswego
David Thompson 2 Mathematics Scammon
Duane Thompson 2 Physics Pittsburg
Geraldine Thompson 2 Commerce Mulberry
John Thompson 3 Biology Wichita
Lee Thompson 1 Commerce Grenola
Lois E. Thompson 1 English Bronaugh, Missouri
Margaret Jean Thompson 3 English Independence
Marjorie Helen Thompson 1 Commerce Grenola
Naomi Nell Thompson 4 English Grenola
Pauline Thompson 3 Music Baxter Springs
Wayne Thompson 4 English Grenola
Wilma Lee Thompson 4 Commerce Scammon
Clare Jackson Thorpe Sp. Physical Science Wichita
Verna Mae Thorsell 1 Rural Education Vilas
Jessie Timi 3 Commerce Girard
Mrs. Adele K. Todd 4 Education Independence
Benjamin Harry Toenges 1 Chemistry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Idalena Toliver 1 Rural Education Pittsburg
James Tompkins Sp.   Pittsburg
Dorothy Lee Torchia 2 Commerce Columbus
Mary Torchia 1    
Helen Townsend 4 Physical Education Nashville
Oakley Arnold Trice 1 Chemistry Pittsburg
Margie Maudine Troop 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Lois Jean Troxel 1 PhysicaI Education Pittsburg
Jack Tryon 1 Physical Education Pittsburg
Walter Leo Tucker G   Pittsburg
Anna Ferne Turner 1 Home Economics Arma
Donald Turner 3 Commerce Iola
Robert Warren Turner 1 Mechanical Engineering Kansas City, Missouri


LeRoy Uhlenhop 2 lndustrial Education Leonardville
Garold Thomas Unsell             2 Business Administration Chanute
Mary Earline Utter 1 Art Carthage, Missouri
Bernice Leroy Uttley 1 Physical Science Pittsburg


Daryl Louise Vanatta 4 Home Economics Kansas City
Martha Jane Vandament 2 English Columbus
Margaret Van Duser 4 Foreign Languages Fredonia
Doris E. Vangorden 3 Music Pittsburg
Burt Van Middlesworth 3 Business Administration Augusta
Wayne Van Norsdall 1 Biology Cherokee
Ernest Gordon Van Pielt               3 Business Administration Pittsburg
Marcia Vaughn 4    
Marie Jean Vehart 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Beulah Fern Venning 1 Home Economics Moline
Sam Von Shriltz 2 English Pittsburg
Robert Wesley Voss 1 Chemical Engineering Pittsburg


Paul Wachter 1 Chemical Engineering Frontenac
Emmett Jessie Wade 2 lndustrial Education Kansas City
Mary Louise Wagaman 2 Physical Education Lamar, Missouri
Grant Waggoner 1 History Baxter Springs
Margary Alice Waggoner 2 Commerce Pittsburg
John Waggoner 3 Chemistry Fort Scott
John Wagoner 4 Chemistry Hugoton
Judson Waggoner 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Vernon Waldrep 2 Business Administration Horton
Dallas W alker 3 Chemistry Moline
Gladys Ellen Walker 1 Home Economics Pittsburg
Harold Walker 1 Electrical Engineering Pittsburg
Helen Mabel Walker 1 Psychology Pittsburg
Josephine C. Walker 3 Home Economics Wichita
Mary Jane Wall 2 English Muncie
Dorothea Mae Wallace 3 Commerce Weir
Dorothy Maxine Wallace 1 Education Galena
Lorene Isabelle Wallace 2 Rural Education Weir
Margaret June Wallingford 3 Liberal Science Cherryvale
Janet Lucille Walton 2 Liberal Science Kansas City
Ford Waring 4 Auto Mechanics Pittsburg
Harold Warren 4 History and Social Science Pittsburg
Susana Margaret Warren 4 Psychology Fort Scott
Willard Warwick 2 Art Chetopa
George Washburn 2 Mechanical Engineering Pittsburg
Richard J. Washington 1 Physical Education Topeka
Dorothy Watson 1 Commerce Pittsburg
Robert Waugh 2 Business Administration Pittsburg
Glenn Wayman 2 Physical Education Paola
Edwina Elizabeth Weaver G Education Muskogee, Oklahoma
Edward Weeks 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Jane Weeks 3 History Pittsburg
James Weese 1 Commerce Lewis
Charles Weidlein 2 Mathematics Pittsburg
Edna Marie Weidlein 3 Music Supervision Pittsburg
William Myers Weigand Sp. Printing Pittsburg
Forest Vane Weir 1 Treece Treece
Harry Welch 2 Industrial Education Pittsburg
Robert Emmitt Welch 3 Commerce Pittsburg
Floyd Edward Wells 1 Biology Gridley
Marjorie Lee Wells 3 Home Economics Pittsburg
Mary Inez Wells 1 Commerce Buffalo
Helen Verna Wheeler 1 Mathematics Thayer
Laura Ida Wheeler 1 Education Eureka
Mary Margaret Wheeler 2 History and Social Science Kansas City
Ruth Ann Wheeler 4 Commerce Pittsburg
Dora Rose Whisociant 3 Psychology and Philosophy Kansas City
John Whitaker 2 History Tonganoxie
James George White 1 Chemistry Scammon
Thomas David White 4 Printing Mulberry
Mary Jane Whitehead 2 Home Economics Benedict
Robert Royal Whitney 1 Commerce Winfield
Edythe Ethel Whitwell 1 English Garnett
Wayne Harold Wickstrum 2 Industrial Education Leonardville
Mildred M. Wight 1 Commerce Pittsburg
Julius Lawrence Wilbert 4 Industrial Education Pittsburg
Marguerite Wilbert 3 Music Pittsburg
Melvin Ray Wilcher 2 Auto Mechanics Pittsburg
Gloria Wiles 2 Commerce Pittsburg
Rex Wiles 2 Business Administration Pittsburg
Emogene Wilkerson 4 Education Kansas City
Hazel Wilkins 4 Education Pittsburg
Paul Halbert Wilkins 1 Chemical Engineering Walnut
Robert A. Wilkins 3 Industrial Education Atchison
Bailey Arthur Williams 1 English Pittsburg
Dorothy Williams 3 Art Coffeyville
Nan Avis Williamson 3 Education Neodesha
Elizabeth E. Willis 2 Physical Education Sedan
Don Willis 1 History Pittsburg
Alice Lucille Wilson 1 Commerce Wichita
Bessie Bereman-Wilson 4 Foreign Languages Tuenemo
Charles R. Wilson 3 Foreign Languages Pittsburg
Dorothy Jane Wilson 4 Art Pittsburg
Freida Marie Wilson 2 Primary Education Valley Center
Jerome Wilson 2 History and Social Science Newton
John R. Wilson 2 Chemistry Pittsburg
William James Wilson 1 History Girard
William Raymond Wilson 1 Biology Altoona
Elmo Wintersteen 4 Industrial Education Pittsburg
Marjorie Wise 2 Home Economics Pittsburg
Elizabeth Wisner 1 Commerce Scammon
Kenneth Wisner 4 Business Administration Howard
Kathryn Rosa Wood 3 Home Economics Fort Scott
Lloyd Grant Wood 1 Physical Education Frontenac
Betty Louise Woodbury 1 Education Pittsburg
Marjory LaVerne Woodring 1 Physical Education Chanute
Julia Marshall Woods 1 Home Economics Kansas City
Howard Donald Woodworth       1 Commerce Stark
Charles Robert Wright 3 Industrial Education Carthage, Missouri
Elizabeth Ann Wright 1 Education Pittsburg
Eunice Mae Wright 1 Liberal Science Pittsburg
Glenn Richard Wright 3 Mathematics Pratt
Harold Arthur Wright G Physical Education Pittsburg
Helen Wright 2 Home Economics Carthage, Missouri
Leah Virginia Wright 3 English Pittsburg
Marvin Douglass Wright 4 English Pittsburg
William Loren Wright 4 Electrical Engineering Oswego
Wilma Lorene Wright 1 Home Economics Oswego
William Henry Wyatt 3 Chemistry. Minneola
James Paul Wylie Sp Printing McCune
James W. Wylie 4 Physical Science Pittsburg
Helen Maxine Wyman 1 Geography Pittsburg


James Yane 4 Printing Youngstown
Inez Louise Yeargan             4 Home Economics Kansas City
Donald Alvin Young 1 Commerce Buffalo
George Young 2 Business Administration Pittsburg
Harvey Young 4 Industrial Education Louisburg
Margaret Young 1 English Hepler
Helen Edith Yount. 4 History Galena
Venus Esther Yount 2 Physical Education Galena
Clyde Youngblood 1 Business Administration Pittsburg


Georgetta Helen Zakoura           4 Home Economics Osawatomie
Howard Zeidler 2 Chemical Engineering Girard
Mary Elizabeth Zieger 4 Music Overland
Josephine Zilnik 1 Home Economics Scammon
Glen Zimmerman 4 Industrial Education Hepler

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