Decatur County Kansas
1885 Census

The census was transcribed by Luanne Henthorn from the microfilm located at the Decatur County Last Indian Raid Museum.   For copies of this information you can email the Museum.  They have a small fee for research time and copies. 

The Kansas State Board of Agriculture conducted a census of the state in 1885.  The census lists all members of household by name, including age, sex, race or color, and state or country of birth. Also listed: where from to Kansas (state or country) and military record (condition of discharge, state of enlistment, letter or name of company or command, number of regiment or other organization to which attached, arm of the service, and name of military prison if confined in one).  The Agricultural section lists such information as number of acres in farm, number of acres under cultivation, irrigation, fencing, machinery, crops planted, dairy products produced or made, livestock, orchards, number of dogs, and much more. 

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable spellings along with names that can not be deciphered.  Luanne has worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible and  transcribed them as they are in the census so be sure to check for alternative spellings.  

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Last Name First Name Age Gender Page Township
Adams Adelma 27 M 4 Beaver
Adams Althea 25 F 4 Beaver
Adams Anne May 6m F 3 Beaver
Adams Charles 25 M 2 Beaver
Adams Ella 26 F 3 Beaver
Adams Ettie E. 8 F 2 Bassettville
Adams Gussie 21 F 4 Beaver
Adams John 24 M 4 Beaver
Adams Julia 3 F 4 Beaver
Adams Julia 50 F 4 Beaver
Adams Kate C. 30 F 2 Bassettville
Adams Lelia 2 F 3 Beaver
Adams Mary 64 F 3 Beaver
Adams Omer 64 M 3 Beaver
Adams Omer 53 M 4 Beaver
Adams Roy 1 M 4 Beaver
Adams Thomas 2 M 4 Beaver
Adams Timothy 3 M 3 Beaver
Adams W. H. 35 M 2 Bassettville
Adams Wm 35 M 3 Beaver
Addleman Dottie G. 10 F 11 Oberlin
Addleman Katie 30 F 11 Oberlin
Addleman Mabel L. 2 F 11 Oberlin
Addleman N. G. 35 M 11 Oberlin
Addleman Walter C. 7 M 11 Oberlin
Adkinson Charlie 2m M 6 Grant
Adkinson J. M. 5 M 6 Grant
Adkinson L. 30 M 6 Grant
Adkinson Rebeca 29 F 6 Grant
Adkinson Rosana 2 F 6 Grant
Adkinson W. M. 9 M 6 Grant
Albright E. C. 23 F 2 Custer
Allen  J. B. 34 M 4 Bassettville
Allen A. W. 26 M 4 Oberlin
Allen Alice 6 F 8 Olive
Allen Alvin D. 2 M 4 Oberlin
Allen Amanda 20 F 4 Bassettville
Allen Arthur 11 M 8 Olive
Allen Baby 3m Unknown 8 Olive
Allen Clarence 28 M 8 Olive
Allen E. 29 M 6 Oberlin
Allen E. M. 17 F 10 Oberlin
Allen Elmore 52 M 23 Grant
Allen Emmaline 66 F 4 Bassettville
Allen Esther M. 1 F 4 Oberlin
Allen Frank 32 M 8 Olive
Allen G. C. 12 M 10 Oberlin
Allen George 8 M 8 Olive
Allen H. L. 51 F 10 Oberlin
Allen Ida 26 F 8 Olive
Allen J. B. 63 M 8 Olive
Allen J. W. 56 M 10 Oberlin
Allen Joseph 26 M 8 Olive
Allen L. E. 31 F 23 Grant
Allen Marilla 26 F 4 Bassettville
Allen Mary 63 F 8 Olive
Allen Mary L. 23 F 4 Oberlin
Allen O. E. 6 M 10 Oberlin
Allen Saml 30 M 29 Grant
Amon Edith 3 F 16 Grant
Amon G. E. 4 M 16 Grant
Amon Peter 32 M 16 Grant
Amon R. L. 1 M 16 Grant
Amon S. E. 27 F 16 Grant
Andrews A. 9 F 12 Oberlin
Andrews A. V. 8 F 10 Grant
Andrews Adda 6 F 12 Oberlin
Andrews C. C. 21 M 17 Grant
Andrews C. V. 2 M 10 Grant
Andrews E. B. 4 F 8 Grant
Andrews E. F. 20 F 17 Grant
Andrews F. 4 M 12 Oberlin
Andrews F. M. 3 F 8 Grant
Andrews G. 7 F 12 Oberlin
Andrews H. D. 22 F 8 Grant
Andrews J. B. 32 M 12 Oberlin
Andrews L. A. 6 F 10 Grant
Andrews L. M. 33 M 10 Grant
Andrews M. E. 26 F 10 Grant
Andrews Martha 60 F 17 Grant
Andrews Samuel 57 M 17 Grant
Andrews W. H. 31 M 8 Grant
Anthony A. 18 F 17 Oberlin
Anthony B. 13 F 17 Oberlin
Anthony E. 16 F 17 Oberlin
Anthony H. 11 M 17 Oberlin
Anthony H. 20 M 17 Oberlin
Applegate Hattie 2 F 8 Grant
Applegate Sarah 22 F 8 Grant
Arnold A. W. 18 M 5 Olive
Arnold G. H. 22 M 5 Olive
Ater Charles A. 16 M 2 Bassettville
Ater Ellen E. 51 F 2 Bassettville
Ater M. C. 43 M 2 Bassettville
Ater Simie E. 14 F 2 Bassettville
Ater Willie O. 12 M 2 Bassettville
Ault Asa 23 M 27 Grant
Ault Charlie 10 M 27 Grant
Ault Cora 6 F 27 Grant
Ault E. W. 6 M 27 Grant
Ault J. E. 22 F 27 Grant
Ault Jesse 32 M 27 Grant
Ault L. B. 9m F 27 Grant
Ault L. D. 20 F 27 Grant
Ault Nora 3 F 27 Grant
Ault R. S. 35 M 27 Grant
Ault Sophia 30 F 27 Grant
Ayers Albert B. 5m M 1 Center
Ayers Anna E. 25 F 1 Center
Ayers Wm J. 30 M 1 Center

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