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Johannes Ohrle is thought to be the first Early to immigrate to America. He arrived in Philadelphia August 24, 1750 on the ship Brothers from Rotterdam. In 1800 the family was in Jefferson County, Virginia. Here Jacob William Early was born in 1806. The family moved to Ohio where Jacob married Nancy Jane Chaney (1808-1885) in Columbus. They settled in Bokes Creek Township, Logan County, where they reared seven children. David Elmore, their sixth child (Dec. 26, 1846 - Feb. 13, 1906) followed the Quaker faith. At the age of 24 he came to Pottawatomie County, Kansas, settling near Wamego. On May 30, 1872 he married Roseanne Hogue (Jan. 13, 1854 - Sept. 15, 1928) at Seneca, Kansas. She also was born in Bakes Creek of German extraction. Her parents were James and Romansa Warwick Hogue. Her grandparents were George and Jane Bollinger Hogue who were born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and moved to Ohio in 1834. They were the parents of eighteen children. Romansa and daughter, Elizabeth, are buried in unmarked graves on the family farm.
Roseanne and David lived in a dugout for two years. He walked seven miles to work for a neighbor at fifty cents a day. 12 worked at the Pottawatomie Indian boarding school. , they nearly froze and starved during a severe blizzard, bringing the cow into the dugout also. They ran out of fuel and food except for frozen cornbread which had to be chopped with a hatchet. After the grasshopper invasion they moved to Cedar County, Missouri where David had an interest in a mine. Their first child, William Henry (Aug. 8, 1874 - Dec. 4, 1915) was born here. Because of David's health they moved back to Kansas. In 1878 they came to Cowley County and proved a claim on the Irish Flats. This quarter section in Cedar Township, is presently owned by David's grandson and namesake, David Elmore Early. David and Rose put in their first garden with an ax. He raised flax and hauled it to Independence by oxen which took a week. Sometimes a party of Indians came by asking for "white" bread. In 1887 they built a home in Cedar Vale which is still being used. They owned a small confectionery called "The Lunch Room." David raised purebred chickens and kept bees. Rose sold milk, butter, eggs and yeast.
Their second child, Mary Elizabeth (Dec. 9, 1889 - Nov. 24, 1972) graduated from high school in 1907. Many summers were spent at her brother's farm helping can and dry fruit. She worked at Adams and as cashier at Rothrock's until her marriage. She and Leander James Bridges were married Nov. 10, 1912 in her parents' home. Leander owned a dray line, worked for local merchants and took supplies to the oil field and Indian reservation in Oklahoma.
In 1920 they bought a small tract near Arkansas City. He worked as a carpenter in Kansas and Oklahoma. Their eight children are; Geneva, Wayne, Betty, William, Patricia, Ivan, Ronald, Donald. Patricia's children are: Rose Doty, Patty Nicholas, David Bazil.

Submitted by Patricia Bridges Bazil
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 163.

Selector A. & Martha D. (Hogue) Martin

Selector Alexander Martin was born 24 March 1831 in Springfield Illinois to James Augustus Martin. His mothers name is not known. Selector married Martha Drucilla Hogue, born 1837 in Warsaw Missouri, the daughter of James Pollard and Josie (Gaylord) Hogue, on 21 January 1867.
Their only son James Pollard was born 24 October 1867 at Warsaw Missouri. Martha died when James was born or soon after in 1867. James was raised by his grandparents, James and Josie Hogue.
Selector came to Arkansas City about 1906 with his son and family. They went to Englewood Kansas and homesteaded some land. Selector died 20 August 1908 in Englewood Kansas and is buried there. When Selector died James and his family gave up the land and moved back to Arkansas City.

Submitted by Mrs. Richard Leon Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 235.

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