The HAMILL Family

James Chester & Margaret

Elizabeth Hamill Harris

James Chester Harris was born April 19, 1858 in William son County, Illinois. His parents were Thomas Jefferson an Isabella Catherine Stewart Harris. The family came to Kansas in about 1868 and lived in Windsor Township, Cowley County In 1877 his father died and the family went back to Illinois t be with his mother's family. After two years his mother brought the family back to live on their place in Cowley County.

On February 17, 1883 James Chester Harris married Margaret Elizabeth Hamill, who was born on March 5, 1863 in Quindara Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Her parents were John Knox and Mary Jane Jackson Hamill. The Hamill had moved to Cowley County in 1878 and lived next to Isabella Harris and her family.

James and Maggie had eight children. They were Iola, ]oh Chester, Arthur Roy, Edith Jane Harris, Guy H. (my father Georgia Belle Sumner, Margaret Ethel Hawley, and Catherine Beatrice Jones.

James Chester died on January 29, 1919 during the flu epidemic and was buried in Cambridge Cemetery. He had been a rancher and farmer all of his life. I do not know if they live in Cambridge when he died or were still on their place east of Cambridge. The old house they lived in by the railroad track about four miles east of Cambridge is still there.

My first recollection of Grandma "Maggie" Harris was when she lived in what later was called her old house, just off the highway in Cambridge. We visited her and like to play the Victorola in the back bedroom. It had the roller records.

Later, Grandma "Maggie" and Aunt Edith, who never married, lived in a new house in Cambridge for the rest of their lives. This new house was built next door north to the old house. At different times over the years, different grandaughters lived with them. I was one of them.

Maggie was always interested in everyone. She kept in close touch with all her children and grandchildren, as well a her husband's sisters, over the years. There were many family "get togethers" at her house on holidays, which she always enjoyed.

Margaret Elizabeth Harris died at her home on October 3 1, 1946 at the age of 83 years. She was a member of the Cambridge Presbyterian Church where the funeral service was held. Burial was in Cambridge Cemetery beside her husband.

Submitted by Vera Elizabeth Harris Pack
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 187 AND 188.

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