The Easterday Family

In 1880 Martin Luther Easterday (twenty years of age) came to Cowley County by wagon train from Fredrick, Maryland. Members of the train settled in the Redd Valley community, took up claims, planted orchards, and built homes.

In 1880 a wagon train left Red Oak, Iowa, Sarah Ann Lewis (eleven years of age) traveled with the Christian Harader family to Neosho, Missouri. The family left the train at this point. Mr. Harader came on to Cowley County and bought the flourmill which was partially finished. After finishing the miss, he brought his family to Winfield by train. Sarah Ann Harader was the grandmother of Sarah Ann (Sadie) Lewis and the mother of Charlie Harader.

The mill opened for business in 1881. Located on the Walnut River in the Southbend Community it became known as the Dunkard Mill and Christian Harader was a Dunkard preacher. With the opening of the Mill Martin Luther Easterday began work there as a millright. September 16, 1885, Martin Luther Easterday married Sarah Ann Lewis (Sadie Lewis). Later they moved to the Redd Valley community. Their children were: Chester Paul, Harvey Lewis, Vera Lavina, Fern Olive, and Joseph Oliver Easterday.

Martin Luther Easterday farmed, ran a general store and worked as a stone mason. Their descendants are actively engaged in medicine, law, education, engineering, art, veterinary science, accounting, building manufacturing, insurance, banking, and business management. Only three remain in agriculture.

Martin Luther Easterday passed away November 16, 1929 and Sarah Ann (Sadie) Lewis passed away June 18, 1948. They are buried in Highland Cemetery, Ashland, Kansas.

Submitted by Juanita Keasling
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 163.

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