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Michael (Mikel-Mike) Eash was born September 27, 1851 in Owen County, Indiana to John and Sarah Eash. John Eash came to the United States from Germany and settled in Pennsylvania, later going to Indiana where he was a farmer. Old records show they were of the Amish faith.

Mikel married Nancy Ellen Malone and they had six children, James Henry, Thomas Edward, Willie Rosetta, Edith lane, Freddie and Michael. Freddie and Michael died in infancy.

About 1885 Michael, Nancy and their children came to Cowley County, Kansas. Not much is known about this family but it is thought they followed Nancy's brother, Tom Malone, and his family to Kansas. They all lived in Cowley County. Nancy died October 29, 1885 and is buried in Parker Cemetery. Mike died April 26, 1923 and is also buried in Parker Cemetery.

James Henry Eash married Delpha Martin, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Martin of Arkansas City on August 25, 1897 in Arkansas City. They had four children, Viola, Harvey, Eula Elizabeth and Milton James. Delpha died March 28, 1918 at her home in Arkansas City and she is buried in Parker Cemetery.

James (Jim) Eash was a drayman. He started with a team of horses and a wagon. He later traded his wagon for a hard-rubber tired truck. Milton remembers his father taking people to Parker and Mt. Hope Cemetery on Memorial Day to decorate graves of their loved ones, also taking people to Walnut Park for Fourth of July celebrations. An old photo shows an oil field crew standing beside the truck ready to be transported to the job site. He was in business known as Ark Valley Transfer, which advertised long distance and piano moving, and storage room with Syfert and Ray, He later drove a taxi. Jim Eash died January 6, 1942 and is buried in Parker Cemetery.

Viola Eash married P. E. Messner and they made their home in the Prairie View Community, east of Arkansas City, for many years, later moving to Arkansas City. Children of Viola and Phillip Messner are Betty (Mrs. K. Ray) Marrs and E.W. (Bud) Messner. Harvey worked for the Empire Laundry in Arkansas City. He married and moved away from the Arkansas City area. Eula married Arthur LaBrue in Blackwell, Oklahoma. They lived most of their lives in Arkansas City.

Milton married Lucille Haines and they had 3 children, Phyllis, Carolyn and Ronnie. Phyllis is married to Bob Begay, Carolyn is married to Leon Morris and Ron is married to Marilyn Green. All children grew up in Arkansas City, attending the city schools. In 1959 Milton and Lucille were divorced and in 1960 Milton married Joy Bender Bennington. Milton retired from Rodeo Packing Company after 30 years in 1974. Joy worked for GAB Business Services for 17 years from 1961 to 1979 and is currently working part-time at United Agency, Inc.

Submitted by By Milton J. Eash
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 163.

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