The Dungey Family

Charles & Dorothy Lee Dungey

Charles Audrey Dungey was born in Winfield on July 1, 1908 to Lewis Albert and Gertrude Lenore Cartarr Dungey.

Charles attended East Ward (Webster) grade school and graduated from Winfield High School in 1926.

On April 30, 1928 Charles was married to Dorothy Harriett Lee the daughter of Herbert and Daisy Lee. She was born June 16, 1906 in Marcelle, Illinois.

Dorothy attended a one-room school, Mt. Zion, and graduated from Winfield High School in 1926. As a young lady, Dorothy worked at a bank and was a telephone operator.

Immediately after graduating from school, Charles went into business with his father. The business was then known as Dungey and Son. They operated a retail gas and service business and also had a bulk station on West 4th.

Charles and Lewis owned several stations. One of these was on North Main where the swimming pool is now located. When the new highway was to be made the station was moved to an area at Main and Welfelt Drive. When the station was located near Island Park the family also owned the Island Park Cabins at that location. They also had stations at 1lth and Manning, 4th and Harter and 14th and Stewart.

Dungey and Son also had several dealer accounts, some of those were at Rock, New Salem, the Wilson Cabins south of Winfield and any road construction in the area.

By 1932 most of the business had been turned ever to Charles and the Firestone and Auto Parts store was established at 711 Main. During the second World War when ration was put on gasoline, Charles still maintained all of his stations. He was delivering gasoline to farmers, also to the County Shops, schools and most of the oil drilling rigs in Cowley County.

Dorothy was the chief bookkeeper for the oil and tire business. In 1964 all of the business was moved to the location of 303 Main.

Charles was honored to be president of the Kansas Oil Man's Association in 1962 and was on the board of KOMA for about 10 years. He was the president of the Winfield Merchants Association and was active in all of the community activities. In 1989 Charles received his 55-year pin in Lions Club.

Dorothy has been a member of Business Professional Women's Club, Eastern Star, Art Guild, Rossetti and Soroptimist.

Charles sold the Dungey and Son business at 303 Main in 1973. Charles remained a semi-retired employee until 1983.

Charles is a 66-year member of the First United Methodist Church and Dorothy became a member shortly after their marriage in 1928. They like to travel and enjoy golfing. They were honored by both Firestone and Derby Companies for their long service.

Their daughter, Judith Lee, was born on October 5, 1939 and was married to John McDonald on June 16, 1972. John is with General Electric and Judy is a homemaker. They have 3 sons.

Submitted by Beulah L. Shafer
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 161.

Lewis & Gertrude Carttar Dungey

Gertrude Lenore Carttar was born August 15, 1877 in Cowley County near Rock. She was the second child of Nathan Edward Carttar and Mary Elizabeth Akers Carttar.

As a young child the family moved to a place south of Winfield on the fertile Walnut Valley bottom, known as the "Carmon" place. The lure of cheap land farther west the family moved to Pratt County in the 1880's.

Gertrude attended school near Saratoga with sister Nellie and brother LeRoy.

In the summer of 1886, the family, moved back to Cowley County, which now number five (Eugene and Beulah), so that Gertrude's father could he nearer good doctors as he was dying of cancer.

Nathan died in 1896 just three weeks after the birth of the sixth child, Donald. After Nathan's death the family moved to a house across the lagoon from Island Park.

Before leaving Pratt County Gertrude had received her teaching certificate and began teaching school. She taught several years in rural schools around Cowley County including Mt. Carmel and Floral. While teaching at Floral there was another teacher in that school by the name of Lewis Albert Dungey.

Lewis was born in Illinois on January 10, 1870 to Charles Albert and Margaret Dungey. He was one of five children (Belle, James, Harry and Elizabeth.) Margaret died when Lewis was a small child and Charles Albert married Cynthia and they had one child, Nellie. Charles Albert died August 25, 1910 and Cynthia died February 23, 1909.

On August 22, 1906 Gertrude and Lewis were married in Winfield and continued to teach.

On July 1, 1908 Charles Audrey was born. Gertrude stayed home and took core of their child and Lewis taught at Eaton School. On March 4, 1914 a daughter Mary Louise was born.

Having a "large" family to support in 1914 he purchased the Uncle Sam Oil Company as a jobber. He had one pump on the west side of Main in the 700 block and a bulk station on west 4th Street. In 1920, he began with Derby Gas and Oil Company.

After graduation from high school Charles began working with his father and the business was known as Dungey and Son. The firm moved to71l Main in 1932 and entered the Firestone Tire Business.

On January 27, 1929 Lewis and Gertrude adopted Beulah Lee Greenland at the age of two and one-half years. Beulah Lee had been the daughter of Gertrude's younger sister Beulah.

Lewis continued to be an inactive retired partner in the Dungey and Son business.

Lewis and Gertrude enjoyed their family. When both of them were unable to get out, many a night you would find someone in playing Flinch, Rook, or Chinese Checkers with them.

The Dungey's for many years had a family open house on Christmas night. The young ones would play "SPOOK" and the parents Flinch, visit or sit around the piano and sing Christmas carols. Of course there was always plenty of candy, cookies and sandwiches to eat.

Gertrude always enjoyed her Church, Friendship Sunday School Class and her Circle. Gertrude died on March 13, 1956 and Lewis died on May 13, 1961.

Submitted by Beulah L. Shafer
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 161.

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