The Duncan Family

George Edward Duncan Family

George Edward Duncan, born 5-1-1880, son of Mark Edward and Susannah Duncan on a farm near Emporia, Kansas moved with his parents to Oxford, Caldwell, Bluff City, Carney, Oklahoma and back to Oxford in 1800.

Rev. W. Eliphas Asberry Reeves, born 10-24-1857, came from Ohio to Missouri, met Lucina Kish her home near Topeka, Missouri, Atchison County. Michel and Isabelle Kish left Schleswig, Germany and came to America in 1847. They landed in New Orleans, LA, and came to St. Louis, Missouri, then in l848 moved to Atchison County,-Missouri near Linden, Nebraska, NE of Rockport, Missouri German settlement. Ran Blacksmith Shop at Rockport, Missouri. Home northeast of Rockport. Rev. Reeves and Lucina married Oct. 20,1881 in Missouri. They homesteaded west of Carney, OK, and both are buried in Carney Cemetery. Parents of Bertha Duncan. George Edward and Bertha Reeves, born 9-5-1885 were married 12-19-1905. Lived on a farm near Oxford, and in Oxford for a short time, then on a farm northwest of Atlanta and then moved to town of Atlanta in 1911. He got a hedge chip in right eye in 1907 and lost sight in it.

Operated a feed mill in Atlanta awhile then drilled water wells over a large area, then a bulk station wagon distributor for Standard Oil Company until he retired. To this union was born eight children, Hazel B. Duncan born 11-4-1906, office work and housewife, Ray E. Duncan born 10-18-1908, served in WWII and Texaco Oil Company until retired, Icel L. Duncan born 6-3-1911, office work and housewife, Wayne W. Duncan born 10-13-1915, served in WWII and Cudahy Packing Company until retired, Sheldon M. Duncan born 5-16-1918, served in WWII and Texaco 0il Company until retired, Frieda M. Duncan born 4-26-1921, beauty operator and housewife, Phyllis G. Duncan, Southwestern Bell Telephone and housewife, and Dale D. Duncan born 3-17-1929, served in Korean War, then Civil Service until he retired.

Parents did not have much opportunity to go to school themselves, but insisted all their children should go to school and all eight of them graduated from Atlanta High school.

George Edward Duncan passed away 2-4-1964 and Bertha Duncan passed away 2-4-1974, exactly ten years later. Both buried in Atlanta, Kansas Cemetery.

Submitted by Hazel B. Duncan Ward
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 161.

Mark Edward Duncan Family

Mark Edward Duncan was the son of Albert Duncan, born in Brown County, Indiana, 8-16-1854.

Joseph and Margaret Yeager married in 1801.

Jacob, son of Joseph and Margaret, was born 6-18-1911 then married Catherine Lawrence 9-3-1831. Catherine Lawrence, the daughter of George and Sarah Lawrence, was born 4-11-1811. Children that lived of Jacob and Catherine were: George, born 4-5-1842, Joseph, born 9-16-1843, Alfred, born 5-17-1853, and Susannah, born 12-29-1855, all in Dearborn.

Mark Edward Duncan and Susannah Yeager (Pennsylvania Dutch) were married in 1876 at Topeka, Kansas. They moved to, Oxford, Caldwell, Bluff City, Carney, Oklahoma, and back to Oxford in 1900. They later moved northwest of Atlanta, Kansas and then into the town of Atlanta. To this union was Eva, George Edward, Jake Allen, Wavie Zella, Ina Mae, Rena, Henry Willis and Archie LeRoy. Susannah Yeager Duncan could drive a team of horses as well or better than most men. When they moved to and from Oklahoma she drove a team, pulling a loaded wagon, forded creeks, rivers, etc. Mark Edward Duncan was a farmer most of his life, and after moving into Atlanta was a janitor for the Atlanta Schools. Susannah passed away 10-11-1937 and Mark Edward passed away 11-7-1941, both are buried in Atlanta, Kansas Cemetery.

Submitted by Hazel B. Duncan Ward
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 161.

Robert E. Duncan Family

My mother and father migrated from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to Garfield County, Oklahoma when the Cherokee Strip opened for settlement in 1896. I attended school in Garber, Okla. and spent one year at University of Oklahoma before coming to Southwestern College in 1941. I flew dive bombers off the U.S.S. Lexington during World War 2. Jane Gary of Winfield and I were married Dec. 25, 1944. Her father was George Gary, well-known pioneer banker of Winfield.

After the war I worked several years in oilfields. In 1961 we founded Winfield Iron and Metal Inc. and later added Ark City Steel and Welding Supply.

We have three children, Dana, Gary and Craig. Dana is a Southwestern College graduate. She has one daughter, Rebecah, lives in Winfield and is office manager for Winfield Iron and Metal. She was instrumental in getting the Viet Nam memorial erected in Memorial park. Gary is a Kansas University law school graduate. He and his wife, Molly, live in Santa Fe, N.M. and have a son, David, and a daughter, Daisy. Craig is a Kansas State University graduate in banking. He and his wife, Diana, live in Winfield and have two sons, Spencer and Taylor.

Craig and I serve as board directors of First National Bank of Winfield. I served eight years on Winfield City Commission with two of those years as Mayor. My wife, Jane, has served many years on William Newton Hospital board of directors.

Submitted by By Robert E Duncan
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 161.

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