The Dixon-Bish Family

Burleigh "Ray" Dixon, the fourth child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon, was born in Imperial, Nebraska on August 27, 1909. They came to Arkansas City in the spring of 1923 with five other boys and four girls. Eva, Nina, "Ray" Leeland, Kenneth, Nevada, Norton, Max, Charles, and Bonnie. Shortly after they came here they lived at 411 N. 6th Street next door to Jim Oscar and Pearl Leona (Quick) Bish, who had four girls , Ruth, Jesse, Lucile and Marie.

Ray worked at the Shell Refinery about two years. He married Lucile Pearl Bish, who was born on 2-9-14, on August 17, 1929. They lived with Ray's parents for awhile. Then they moved to near Silverdale on the Winchel place for a short time . Then at 403 No. 6th Street in part of Lucile's grandma Alice Ellen Quick's house. They had a son, Douglas Ray Dixon, born June 15, 1934, Ray was layed off at Shell and worked for the W.P.A. Ray died on Jan. 17, 1936 of walking typhoid. Lucile was two months pregnant with their second child a boy, Lonnie Dee, born July 16, 1936. At one time Lucile and the boys lived at 1032 No. Summit. The boys went to school here in Ark. City.

Lucile married Donald Wahlenmaier on Jan. 17, 1948. Don was born August 16, 1912 in the Silverdale area. Don was on the police force 17 years here in Ark City. He retired in about 1975. Douglas Ray Dixon was killed an November 20, 1953 in an auto accident out near Silverdale.

Lonnie married Peggy Admire. They had one son, Marc Alan, born on Sept. 17, 1962. They divorced in about 1966. Lonnie married Cheryl Barney in 1967, a South Haven girl. Lonnie was on the police force here in Ark City for several years. They now live in Corpus Christi, Texas and have three children, Stacy Lenette born Sept. 1, 1968, Korbin Brice born March 13,1971, and Shelley Janene born June 16, 1973. Stacy married Marty Grady and they have one son, Kyle Andrew Grady, born Nov. 23, 1988 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Ray is buried at Riverview Cemetery. Douglas Ray is buried at Memorial Lawn. Donald Wahlenmaier died June 26, 1986 and is buried at Parker Cemetery.

When I was about 18-months old you cut off the little "drakes tag" on the back of my neck. Boy, were you in trouble with Mom!

Submitted by By Barbara Jean (Dixon) Holt, your baby sister
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 156 and 157.

Charles Lawson Dixon

Charles was born Jan. 24, 1919. He was the tenth child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon. They came to Arkansas City in 1923. He attended Francis Willard, Departmental, Rose Valley country and High School here. In 1936 they lived in Tracy, California for about six months before returning to Arkansas City where he worked odd jobs. He married Arlene Nation on Oct. 9, 1938 and had two girls, Margaret and Linda. He served in the Army during WW II in the South Pacific campaigns.

He and Arlene divorced and she moved to Fontana, California. This is where Linda married and is now Linda Andrews with one daughter, Debbie. Margaret married Jim Read and they a son, David. They are living around Reno, Nevada, Charles became a carpenter and cabinet maker. He had three other marriages. He died July 2, 1972 of a massive heart attack. He is buried at Corbin, Kansas, in the Corzine Cemetery.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 155 and 156.


My parents, Charles Arthur Dixon, born 2-5-1881, in Eagleville, Missouri, and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon, born 2-28-1889 in Tarkio, Missouri, were married at the bride's home in Tarkio, Missouri on I 1-8-1903. Their first child was Everett Olin, born on 3-31-1905, in Tarkio and he died on 3-11-1908 from pneumonia.

Charles' brother, Howard Dixon, and wife Mina, already resided in Arkansas City with their three children named: Alice, Newell and Florence. Charlotte, called "Lottie", and Charles, called "Charlie", came to Ark City with their ten children for a better way of life in 1923.

The children were: Eva Zetta, born 11-1 1-1906; Nina Lynn born 4-30-1908; Burleigh "Ray" born 8-27-1909; John "Leeland" born 10-11-1910; Kenneth born 4-29-1912; Nevada "Vada" Beatrice born 10-11-1913; Norton J. born 11-191914; Lewis "Max" Maxwell born 9-5-1916; Charles "Chuck" Lawson born 1-24-1919; and Bonnie Lea born 1-28-1921.

Nina was killed on 2-12-1924 in a car-train accident at the old Battery F Building at South First & Missouri Pacific Railroad. Within two weeks of this family tragedy, Lottie (Mom had a miscarriage of her next child, Newell Kinsman, who was born on 2-23-1924 and lived only six hours.

In 1926, Lottie had another miscarriage of a premature son who was thereafter referred to as "Robert". I, Barbara Jean was born 2-4-1928, their last child.

My Dad worked at various jobs while he resided in Ark City. He did some farming and worked at the Shell Refiner until it moved. At some time in his life, he also worked as a barber. He worked for Ark City and helped lay the brick in the streets. When he was sick, one of the boys took his place on the job. During WW II we traveled extensively in the gulf states while Dad worked as an insulator in the ship yards.

Eva married Sam Greenhaw on 8-29-1925. Ray married Lucile Bish on 8-17-1929. About this time Kenneth delivered groceries for the Bunglow Grocery and married Evelyn Messener on 4-11-1932.

Leeland married Anna Mae Wood on 6-8-1930. Vada married Lester Rhodes on 9-20-1930. In 1935, Norton moved to California and settled there. On 1-17-1936 Ray died leaving wife Lucile, one son Douglas Ray, and one child on the way, Lonnie Dee. Later that year mom and dad moved to Tracy, California with Charles, Bonnie, Max and Barbara. My dad went to work at the Southern Pacific Railroad as a flagman. That move did not work out and they returned to Arkansas City in February 1937, leaving Max to stay in California a while longer.

Norton married Alyce Nadine "Oppie" Monez on Oct. 30, 1937. Max married Mildred Mae Sykes on 2-13-1937. Chuck married Arlene Nation on 10-9-1938. Bonnie married Lloyd Taylor on 5-27-1941.

Dad died in our home on 4-8-1946 from a cerebral hemorrhage. 1, Barbara, married Richard Earl Jones, on 5-11-1947. Mom, Lottie, married James "Jim" Poole Armstrong on 9-121949, who was a childhood friend. Jim died in 1958 at age seventy-five. Mom resided on North D. Street until she died on 8-28-1969, after a full and fruitful life.

Through the years many family reunions were held, either at a family home or in Wilson Park. As of this writing, May 18, 1990, Anna Mae Dixon, Lucile Dixon Wahlenmaier, and Mildred Dixon still reside in Arkansas City. Of the original fourteen children only Bonnie and Barbara survive. Bonnie Dixon Taylor resides in Ark City and Barbara Dixon Jones Holt lives twenty miles west of Orange Grove, Texas.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 156.


Eva Zetta Dixon was the second child of Charles Arthur and Char"lotte" May (Clark) Dixon. She was born 11-11-1906 at Coyne, Iowa. She came to Arkansas City in the spring of 1923 with her parents and nine siblings, At 17 she worked at the Peerless Candy Factory on South Summit. Our sister, Nina Lynn, two years younger, worked there also.

Eva married "Sam" Sevelis Arthur Greenhaw on Aug. 29, 1925. Sam was born on April 27, 1904 in Mt. Juda, Arkansas. His parents were Joseph Soloman Greenhaw, he was part Cherokee Indian, and Onie Elizabeth (Lemon) Greenhaw.

Eva and Sam had two daughters and one son; Wathena L born 4-3-1927, Arthur Dwane born 2-5-1930 and Marlene Rosetta born 9-15-1935.

Sam and Eva lived in Arkansas City for 35 years. Sam worked for the City of Arkansas City, Street Dept., first with a wagon and team of horses, then with a truck for 25 years, He had a truck hauling service sand, gravel, etc. for three years. They moved to Wichita where he worked for a lumber yard.

Arthur worked for Fred Carter at the Bungalow Grocery. He served in the army two years. He settled in Wichita and worked for Boeing Aircraft for six years, for Hanson Furniture 16 years and Montgomery Wards 15 years. He retired from "Wards" after bypass surgery in 1985 and still lives in Wichita.

Wathena married Delbert Kirkblaine Rutter, born on June 2, 1926, on Jan. 1, 1944. They have two children, Valoyce Ann, born March 9, 1947, and Rodney Lee, born Oct. 7,1948. They lived in the Geuda Springs area for several years. This where Delbert was raised. They moved to Ark City and Delbert worked in Wichita at Boeing Aircraft until he retired in 1988. They have four grandchildren; Clinton Chad Carlett, born Feb. 15, 1968 of Kaw City, Okla.; Cami Down Carlett, born Feb. 6, 1973 living in Austin, Texas; Scott Blaine Rutter, born June 26, 1972, and Cory Brent Rutter, born Sept. 16, 1975, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Marlene married Jimmie Ray Morris, born Sept. 7,1934, on Oct. 25, 1953- They have three children; "Greg"ary Alan, born May 16, 1957; "Stan"ton Craig, born Feb. 2, 1961, and "Cindy" Cynthia Lynne, born June 28, 1963. "Cindy" married Everett Chastain on Sept. 19, 1981. They have five grandchildren; Nicole Renee, Matthew Everett Chastain, Amy Longan, Kristin and Joshua Morris.

Sam died Feb. 6, 1964 of a heart attack. Eva died Sept. 30, 1987 after a short illness resulting from a stroke. They are buried in Riverview Cemetery in Arkansas City.

Many wonderful memories of them remain with us.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 156.


Barbara Jean (Dixon) Jones Holt, daughter of Charles A, and Charlotte M. Dixon, married Willard Gordon Holt, 2-191967, a native Texan. I have two children from a previous marriage to Richard E. Jones. They are: Vicki Jean (Jones) (Jackson) Campbell, born 9-2-1949; and Anthony Richard Jones, born 2-27-1951. Gordon has three children from a previous marriage. They are: Robert Earl, born 10-9-1945, Frances Lynell, born 12-20-1946; and Ronald Dean, born 12-16-1959.

Vicki married in Nov. 1969 and had one son, Christina Lane Kevin Jackson. Tony married Virginia Brock 2-14-1970 and five days later went into the Army. They had three sons: Anthony Richard 11; David Joseph, and Jason Willard. Gordon's children (that I consider mine also) are all married and have children. Robert Earl has two sons and one daughter Lynn (Holt) Carpenter has three daughters and Ronald Den has one daughter and one son.

We have been blessed with many grandchildren: Bryan Tilly Holt born 5-24-1968; Gay Lynn Holt born 12-31-1970; Aaron Holt born 12-6-1972, Rhonda Lynn Carpenter born 7-17-1968; Tammy Jeanette Carpenter born 8-4-1971; Janice Ruth Carpenter born 11-21-1972; Nancy Erin Holt born 2-27-1984; Stephen Bret Holt born 5-17-1987; Christian Lane Kevin Jackson born 9-15-1970; Anthony Richard Jones II born 2-28-1971; David Joseph Jones born 3-20-1972; Jason Willard Jones born 1-31-1976.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 156 and 157.

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