The "Jackie" Davis Story

My parents are Oliver Rogers and Sarah Spurlock. They moved to Sallisaw, Indian Territory, about 1895, from Arkansas. Father was a trader and died in 1912 in Kentucky while delivering mules. Mother was born in 1863 and died of influenza in 1914 at Sallisaw.

My brother, James Walker Rogers, was born in 1892 in Arkansas. He served in the Army during the First World War and was injured by German Mustard Gas. He never married and died in 1928 in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

My name is Lillian Bryan (Jackie) Rogers and I was born in 1900 in the Indian Territory, Sequoia County. Indian Territory became the State of Oklahoma in 1907. In 1909 the Indians began schools in Sequoia County. School was taught in a log cabin and the seats were split logs resting on the floor. Chief Sequoia taught in this school and illustrated his teachings with large drawings which he made while he taught.

My mother died in 1914 so I had to leave school in order to support myself. In 1919, 1 met George W. (Joe) Davis, who was a World War One veteran. We married January 19, 1920, in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We moved to Tulsa County where Joe went to work in the oil patch as a gauger. We had two children, George L. Davis (born in 192 1) and Calvin D. Davis (born in 1922). Joe died in an oil field accident in 1924.

Joe had to make a trip to Oxford, Kansas, on business and I came along with him. We came through Arkansas City and I fell in love with the town. It had four railroads and lovely Opera House.

Joe died in 1924 leaving me with George and Calvin, both less than four years old. In 1926 1 decided to move to Arkansas City and raise my family. In 1927 my boys started school here and both have graduated from college.

I held a lot of jobs including marcelling hair, being one of the first elevator operators at the Fifth Avenue Office Building and becoming a practical nurse. During the Second World War, I worked in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

George L. Davis (born in 192 1) served in the United States Air Force as a radio operator and tail gunner. In 1945 he married Nadine Parish in Cartridge, Texas. They have two children, Dr. George Randall Davis (born in 1946 in Arkansas City) and Barbara Davis (born in 1948 in Arkansas City). Barbara is a surgical nurse in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1989 she married Thomas Brown.

Calvin D. (Kelly) Davis developed infantile paralysis at the age of 18 months, which continues giving him trouble walking. He met and married Elizabeth Patterson, who is the daughter of an American diplomat. She was born in Ireland. They have two children, both born in Hollywood, California; James C. Davis, born in 1962, and Susannie Davis, born in 1965.

Submitted by Jackie Davis
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 150.

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