The J.R. Cole Family

Joel Rice Cole was born November 5,1854 in Ripley County, Indiana, the son of James W. Cole and Sarah Frances Rice. With his family he came to Kansas in 1872 and settled near Floral. He lived there for over 30 years, owning much property and helping plant the town around 1889, J,R. ran a general merchandise store and served as postmaster of the town. He also gave the ground for the schoolhouse. On July 4, 1874 he married Helena Frances Hart in Winfield. She was born February 4, 1858 in Greencastle, Indiana, the daughter of Joel M. and Cynthiana Woolery Hart. The family came to Kansas from Illinois in 1872. In 1903 the Cole family moved to Winfield, living at 1402 Main J.R. died June 18, 1924 and Helena died February 13, 1922. Both are buried in Floral Cemetery.

Five children were born in Floral to J.R. and Helena: Martha Elizabeth; James Houston who married Ida Rogers, Olive who married (1) Charles Dunbar (2) Will Moore; my grandmother Nellie D. who married Alfred Calvin; and Anna Rose who married Lewis Culp. All the children are buried in Cowley County.

Submitted by Philip Foster
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 143.

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