George Washington Cloyd, a former Confederate Army Scout for General Stonewall Jackson and Texas Ranger, decided it was time to move west, so he and his wife, Sarah, loaded up their prized possessions into a wagon pulled by oxen and left Monroe County, Kentucky in 1879 and traveled to Sumner County, Kansas. In 1882 they moved to Cowley County and located in Lookout Valley in Cedar Township.

Lewis N. Cloyd, son of B.W. and Sarah, arrived from Kentucky with his family in 1883 and settled near Dexter. But they, too, soon moved to Southeast Cowley County to Lookout Valley.

Lewis N. and Martha Lyon Cloyd had thirteen children: Lee, Lucy, Tom, Bill, Elzy, Sarah, Alva, Anna, Nell, Bert, Grace, Joe and Ed. Only three married and stayed near Cedar Vale for all of their lives. Lucy married Ed Lemert; Sarah married Earnest Wilkinson; and Anna married O.C. Sartin.

The Cloyds with their big family was known as a family with heart and many times fed twice as many people as their own family - no one who needed help was ever turned away. One family was taken care of all winter until spring came and they could get out on their own and do for themselves.

The Cloyds - pioneers of our heritage.

Submitted by Mrs. Frank E. White
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, page 142.

Iinterested in the CLOYDS name ........ Dennis Cloyd

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