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Grace Genetta (Brooks) Ruggles

Grace Genetta (Brooks) Ruggles, born October 12, 1901 was the sixth child born to Thomas Jasper and Rebecca Jane Miller Brooks. She was born in Canon City, Colorado. When she was nine months old her family moved to Winfield, traveling in a covered wagon. Her family settled on a farm east of Winfield. She attended South Walnut and Frog Hollow rural schools. In this close knit community, the families who had more than one daughter would "lend" a daughter to a neighbor at canning time. Grace was the "canning-daughter" of their neighbor Luetta Scott. Grace went to work at sixteen for the Bob Johnson family. They had five children and the youngest, Aaron was about six weeks old.

Grace married James Walter (Bill) Ruggles October 12, 1929. They traveled to McPherson, Kansas so their friend Walter Bynum could perform the ceremony. Walter had just graduated seminary and had been given a church in McPherson.

Grace and Bill farmed in the Burden area most of their married lives. Grace was known for her homemade bread and often took ribbons at the Eastern Cowley County Fairs.

Grace and Bill have four children, James Maurice, born December 19, 1931, married Marjorie Lee Martin, June 19, 1954; Melvin Walter, born October 28, 1934, married Pearl Mae Rule October 12, 1957(Grace & Bill's 28th wedding anniversary); Marcia Janiece, born may 16, 1939, married Willis Francis Andes November 24, 1957; Leora Jean, born December 21, 1942, married Marvin Lee Bland September 24, 1960. They have fourteen grandchildren.

Submitted by Pearl M. Ruggles
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 280.

Thomas Jasper & Rebecca Jane Brooks

Thomas Jasper Brooks and Rebecca Jane Miller Brooks settled on a farm east of Winfield, in 1902. Thomas Jasper Brooks, born July 15, 1861 in Tennessee, and Rebecca Jane Miller, born April 29, 1870 at Fayetteville, Arkansas, were married September 23, 1888 by Eli Baker in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas. They were tenant farmers while living in Arkansas. About 1896 the family moved across the state line to Grove City, Oklahoma, which was Indian country known as the Cherokee Nation. After two years, the family headed for Canon City, Colorado where Mr. Brooks hoped to get work in the mines or in a smelter. Winfield was on their route and when one of the two horses used to pull the covered wagon died within a day's drive to Winfield, they spent some time there before continuing to Canon City. Mr. Brooks did get a job in a smelter. III health and the need for a different climate caused them to return to Winfield, where they lived the remainder of their lives. Thomas Jasper died August 27, 1919. Rebecca Jane died May 2, 1941. Both are buried in Tisdale Cemetery east of Winfield.

Children born to Thomas Jasper and Rebecca Jane were: Luster Roy, born June 12, 1889, Fayetteville, married Mary Florence Bonar June 25, 1927, died December 19, 1980, buried Scottsdale, Arizona; Marvin Reuben, born January 1, 1891 Fayetteville, married Bessie Gertrude Newberry March 17, 1920, died September 27, 1943, buried Tisdale; Pau1 Thomas born January 14, 1895 Fayetteville, married Data Miles April 26, 1923, died September 18, 1975, buried Tisdale; Beulah May, born March 17, 1897, Fayetteville, married Charles Franklin Smith, November 17, 1917, died May 6, 1984, buried Highland Cemetery; Osie Emmaline, born September 9, 1899, married Raymond Kearns November 10, 1923, died March 12, 1947, buried Highland Cemetery; Grace Genetta, born 0ctober 12, 1901, Canon City, married James Walter Ruggles October 12, 1929, died November 26, 1985 buried Rose Valley Cemetery; Mamie Marie born December 12, 1904 Winfield, married Arthur Nay Terrill May 17, 1930, now residing in Manhattan, Kansas; Lucille Ellen, born October 18, 1909 Winfield, married Glenn Roderick Ore March 13, 1928 (Glenn died March 13, 1951), married Raymond Goodey, October 10, 1954, died February 28, 1970 Jacksonville, Illinois; Pearl Rebecca, born April 29, 1912 Winfield, married William Dewey Slagle July 31, 1932, now residing in Winfield; Earl Maurice, born June 1, 1915 Winfield, married Zoe Bestick September 25, 1941, now residing in Napa, Idaho.

Submitted by Pearl M. Ruggles
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 133.

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