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It came from a cousin of mine. All we know about it, is that it was titled on the back "The Kitchen Band." Jennie May Kibbe (Servis) is nearest the camera, front and center. From the looks of her, I'd guess this is about 1925-1928ish. Who all the other good ladies of Rock and Cowley County, Kansas, are, I don't know. Maybe someone else will recognize a relative. I'd love to know the story behind this one.

One room school in/near Rock, Kansas.
Taken March 1917 and my grandfather labled it "8th grade, school year 1916-17".
Back row: (L-R)
  • Mattie Hahn
  • Eva Wilson
  • Ruth Falkingham
  • Shirley Wilson
  • Frank Wheeler
  • Esther Kinney
  • Elton Wheeler
  • Homer Kistler
  • Aleathea Pickering
  • Rachel Daniels
  • Eunice Daniels
  • Mary Servis
  • Lester Servis
Center row: L-R
  • Violet Wheeler
  • Elise Hahn
  • Roxy Wheeler
Front row: L-R
  • Ralph Falkingham
  • Mannie Pickering
  • Voicey Pickering
  • Margaret Wilson
  • Lester Daniels
  • Fay Pickering
  • Amos Hahn
  • Merle Phelps
  • Paul Hahn
  • Teacher - Opal McEuen

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