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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 271

(continued from 270) Ralph Raymond born April 1903, died October 17, 1903.

Arthur Wayne born August 20, 1907 married Gladys Elizabeth Pitman, July 27, 1932, parents of Janis of rural Erie, Kansas, Dwight of Winfield, and Lois of Sterling, Nebraska. Wayne presently lives on the farm that has been in the Ramsey ownership 107 years.

Submitted by Janis Ramsey Reinhardt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 271.

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The Ramsey name has been found in the records of Germany where the name is listed as Von Ramsey. Records from Ireland and Scotland list the name as Ramsey and Ramsay. The records for our Ramsey line begin in Loudoun County, Virginia, where John R. Ransey is listed in the 1840 census as a farmer. He was born about 1791 in Prince George County, Virginia and later moved to Loudoun County about 1815 and met and married Elizabeth F. Dorrell. John died December 12, 1857.

Seven children were recorded being born to this union. The fourth being Samuel Charles Edgar, born 1818, married November 27, 1854 to Mary Elizabeth Nichols and he died March 12, 1868. Mary E. was the daughter of William C. Brown and Sarah Figgott Brown. The Brown, Figgot and Nichols were prominent Quaker families and their history can be traced through meeting records.

There are 4 recorded children of Samuel Ramsey and Mary because Mary died at the birth of the fourth child, January 18, 1863. James William who was born August 18, 1857 in Loudon County, near Morrisonville, was about 6 years-old when his mother died and about 9 when his father died. Records indicate he left Loudoun and removed to Springfield, Ohio to improve his lot in life. He located a job helping a prominent farmer construct his spacious brick home. While working for George Zimmerman, James met and married daughter Alice Gertrude Zimmerman on October 18, 1882. Soon after they moved to Cowley County and their story can be found under Jim and Alice Ramsey.

Jim's two younger brothers, Jonathan and Samuel settled in Cowley County, Kansas.

Alice's older half-sister Mary (Zimmerman) Tonkinson lived northeast of Winfield and an older half-brother, Augustus Zimmerman, lived north of Argonia, Kansas as did a full brother, Milton Zimmerman.

Alice Gertrude Zimmerman was born February 18, 1858 in Swatara Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The daughter of George Zimmerman, born February 11, 1819 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and died July 11, 1899 in Springfield Township, Clark County, Ohio; married to Elizabeth Meck in 1852. She was born October 11, 1824 to Jacob Meck, born October 10, 1794 in Pennsylvania and died April 10, 1856 in Pennsylvania, and Catharina Meck born February 23, 1795, died April 29, 1855.

George Zimmerman's parents were Henry Zimmerman born December 30, 1786 in Pennsylvania and in 1809 married Barbara Greiner, born March 17, 1791 in Pennsylvania and died March 4, 1866 in Pennsylvania.

The Zimmerman family came from Germany in 1739 and first settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. George's parents had a brick factory in Pennsylvania that was successful but when the demand decreased the family sent George and wife, Elizabeth Meck to Ohio where the product was new to the area. The brick plant was successful and George built a fine homestead for his family.

Ralph D. Biddle, Route 2, Box 193A, Tecumseh, Oklahoma, 74873 has done research on this history.

Submitted by Janis Ramsey Reinhardt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 271.

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The Ramseys

Robert Ramsey and his wife settled in the West Bolton community in October 1875 after a long journey from Illinois of six months duration. He was also accompanied by his three sons, Al, Will and Wall.

The three sons married ladies of the community. Al Ramsey married Cora Pettit, Will married Anifie Klink and Wall married Mertyle Scott. All three acquired farms in or around the area and raised their families

Al and Cora, my grandparents, had five children: Robert, Austin, Fred, Abbie and Inez. Robert died at an early age.

Austin married Alice Blair and to this union was born five children: Robert, Mary Catherine, Betty, Barbara and Marjorie.

Fred married Edith Mullett and to them were born myself, Bill, and a daughter, Helen.

Abbie married Arthur Van Pelt of the Grey Nort community and there were no children.

Inez married William Mullett and to them were born Donna Mae, Gerald, Harold and Alice Marie.

Will and Annie Ramsey had two children, Howard and 1. Clifton. Howard was killed by a horse at an early age and J. Clifton established business in the Lawrence/Leavenworth area. Among the most well-known was the Rock Chalk Cafe at KU. Many students received financial support by employment at the Rock Chaulk.

Wall and Mert Ramsey had two children, Ferol and Winnie Mae.

Many fond memories are recalled of growmg-up experiences. Among them are the enormous dinners prepared for the harvest crews. Another is threshing which involved many farmers of the area working together to haul bundles of grain to the thresher and threshed grains to the bins. Later in the year came haying time. It seemed that almost every year a humble bee nest was encountered in the hay field which resulted in a runaway with the horses and many bee stings to the operator as well as to the horses. The mowing machine also usually sustained damage.

Submitted by Bill Ramsey
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 271.

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Thomas Ratley

Thomas Ratley, who was born June 22, 1853 in Hunting Tree, Halesowen, England had a great ambition to own land in America. At nineteen years of age he arrived in America nearly penniless.

He worked his way to Chicago where he found a job in a steel mill. He banked every cent possible hoping to buy the farm of his dreams. Then the bank failed which was no doubt the reason he didn't trust banks for the rest of his life. He continued to work until he had accumulated enough money to travel to Atchison County, Kansas then on to Udall, Kansas where he purchased his farm. He then went back to Horton, Kansas, married Harriet Plummer and brought his bride to his newly acquired one hundred sixty acre farm three miles north and one mile east of Udall. They engaged in diversified farming until his health failed. They sold eighty acres to pay medical bills and he retired from the farm. While spending the winter in California in 1915, Mr. Ratley succumbed to a heart attack. Mrs Ratley moved to Mulvane, Kansas where she passed on in 1935. Both are buried in the Udall Cemetery.

The Ratleys had four children: Frank, who was killed by lighting while stacking hay when he was in his early 20's, Zella, Elsie and Louis. All the children attended school at Red Bud which is located four miles north and two miles east of Udall.

Zella married John Shoemaker. Their son Joseph and his wife Susie live northeast of Udall. They have three children Helen, Joan, and Ralph who lives with his wife, Edith, on Ralph's grandparents farm north of Udall.

Elsie married Morton Shoemaker. They had three children: Thomas, Gladys, and Ted. Thomas and his wife Alice live in Haysville, Kansas. They have three children: Donald, Larry and Beverly. Gladys and her husband James Haynes live in Wichita, Kansas. They have one daughter Elsie. Ted and wife Uarda have one son Robert. Ted passed away in Bentonville, Arkansas March 9, 1990.

Louis married Mona Adams in May 1929. He and Mona lived on the family farm where both he and their daughter Kathlene were born. Louis, Mona, and Kathlene received all their primary education in the eight grades at Red Bud School Louis was on the Maple township board for many years. He helped found the Udall Farmer's Cooperative Association and was one of the original directors. He, also, helped found the Sumner-Cowley Electric Cooperative Association and served as one of the original directors. For many years he threshed grain throughout the community with his Twin City Tractor and Twin City Threshing Machine.

The Ratley farmstead suffered the loss of a granary and barn, and other damage due to tornadoes on the night of June 21, 1953. Louis replaced the barn and repaired the other damages. On May 25, 1955, the Udall tornado destroyed several buildings including the new barn and damaged the house.

On November 27, 1955, Louis succumbed to a heart attack and is buried in the Udall Cemetery with his parents, sisters and brother

Mona moved to Mulvane, Kansas where she presently resides. Kathlene and Neil Shaffer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shaffer, were married and moved to the family farm, repaired the severely damaged house, and rebuilt the farm buildings that were destroyed by the tornado of 1955. This is the fourth barn on the same location. The first three were destroyed by tornadoes. Their two children, Nancy and Thomas were the fourth generation to live on this farm.

Submitted by Mona Adams Ratley
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 271.

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The Ray Family

The Rays migrated from New York to Wisconsin. While living there, Alphonso saw a paper blowing across the street with something about Winfield, Kansas. That night they decided to move. Alphonso and Frances Bailey Ray and family came to Winfield in 1870. They first lived in town and then East of town. Sometime in the 1890s he moved to northwest of Winfield where three Ray families still live. He helped build many of the early buildings in Winfield. Since he built the coffins, I was also one of the first undertakers.

One of their children, Frank's father, was born November 3, 1860, in Syracuse, New York. A large rally for Lincoln filled the streets. When the crowd heard about the new baby, they shouted, "He's got to be named Abraham Lincoln!" He was also a carpenter and many of his houses and barns are still standing. He spent days measuring and sawing, then the neighbors came and the barn was built in one day.

Frank's mother, Belle Hensley, at age 18 came to the county near Atlanta in 1888 with some of her family. She married (continued on page 272)

Submitted by Frank & Hilda Ray
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 271.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 272

(continued from page 271) George Washington Compton and lived in the Mt. Vernon community northeast of Burden. They had five children; Roy, Elma, Ross, Hazel, and Eva. George and the two baby girls died with tuberculosis.

In 1904 Belle married Lincoln Ray. They moved in 1908 to the present Ray location northwest of Winfield, which is also Mt. Vernon Community, Frank was their only child. Since Belle was the second youngest of 15 children, her home was an extended care home for some of her brothers and sisters in their late years.

Roy is the only one living of her Compton children. He graduated from Southwestern College and Chicago University, was a World War I veteran, a lawyer, and he and wife Dorothy taught in the Chicago school system. In the 30s he also taught Commercial Law at Chicago University. Now 97, he was the only one to represent his class of 70 years ago at the Southwestern Alumni banquet in 1987. Elma was a nurse and had a nursing home in Iowa. Ross married Ferne Trautwein, a Winfield native, but they farmed most of their years in Dixon, Illinois.

In 1950 Frank married Hilda Penner from Whitewater, Kansas, an art teacher in Wellington. They have five children. David, his wife Sally, and four children; Martin, his wife Judy, and their four children; and Kenneth are still in the community farming. Phillip is a pilot for Delta Airlines in Dallas; and Carohe, her husband Ron Ediger and two children farm near Hutchinson.

Frank has tried many things through the years- carpentered, raised vegetables for the local cannery in the 30s, had a sorghum mill, a saw mill, built cement blocks, built some of the early soil conservation terraces and ponds in the county; but most people remember this place as the egg farm where they could always get fresh country eggs, and where Frank built unconventional farm machinery, etc.

Submitted by Frank & Hilda Ray
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 272.

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Loy & Janis Reinhardt

Janis (Jan) Ramsey attended grade school at Mt. Zion ,zhool, first grade teacher was Hazel Seaman of Udall. Janis fraduated from Winfield High School in 1955, and attended irkansas City Jr. College (ACJC) and Kansas State College in lanhattan. While there she met Loy Reinhardt who grew up nd was educated in Neosho County schools and graduated rom Chanute High School in 1955.

In May 1959, Loy graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Animal Husbandry. Loy was active in many campus activities connected with teh agriculture field.

On June 7, Janis Yvonne Ramsey married Loy D. Reinhardt in the First Presbyterian Church in Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas. Their first home was in Columbus, Cherokee County, Kansas where Loy was hired as County 4-H Agent. After four years of working with the 4-H youth in Cherokee County, he made a career change.

On August 31, 1963 the family moved to the Ralph Reinhardt family dairy farm, rural Erie, Kansas. There a family partnership was formed with Loy's parents. Four years later, brother Richard joined the partnership.

In 1986 the dairy cows were sold and all the dairy activities ceased. This ended twenty-three years of dairy activities for Loy and Janis and children.

The children grew up being very active in Erie School, 4-H Club activities, Scouts, Big Creek Church and Youth group and many various community activities. They were educated at KSU and Neosho County Community College.

The children are Mark Wayne, born May 12, 1960 and married Linda Jean Wolford May 29, 1982. They now live in Republic, MO. Their daughter, Emily Kae was born Oct. 10, 1988 in Springfield, MO. Mark is Head fieldman for Mid-America Dairy Inc. with headquarters in Springfield. Linda is Public Relations Assistant with Mueller Tank Inc. in Springfield.

Debra Ann, born Oct. 25, 1961 married Alan Dale Cox Sept. 25, 1982. They now live in rural Chanute and are engaged in full-time farming with crop production and a small sow and litter operation. Alan is part-time rural mail carrier and Debbie is part-time employee at Humboldt National Bank. Ashley Janae was born May 12, 1985, Jason Dale was born Nov, 9, 1987 and Jenell Beth was born March 13, 1989.

Sherry Renea, born Nov. 6, 1965 married Robert William Bacon March 10, 1990. They now live rural Council Grove, Kansas. Robert is Federal Animal Inspector in Eastern Kansas. Sherry is receptionist at Family Health Center in Council Grove.

Since 1986, and the discontinuance of the dairy operation, the Reinhardt Farm of rural Erie continues to operate with alfalfa and prairie hay crops, beef cows and pasture land. Loy is currently a Career Agent selling Farm Bureau Insurance and Janis is self-employed in home health care service. Janis enjoys sewing baby dresses for granddaughters, to bridal gowns. This hobby is thanks to the good leaders and training from Valley View 4-H Club days in Cowley County. Loy and Janis enjoy their grandchildren and square dancing and continue to be active in Big Creek Church seven miles east of Chanute and Presbyterian Mariners in Chanute.

Submitted by Janis Ramsey Reinhardt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 272.

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G.H. Reisinger Family

My grandparents, G.H. and Catherine Reisinger, moved to Winfield area in 1918, living first on a farm near Gueda Springs, then one mile north of Hackney, then to the Bailey farm in Liberty Township, five miles east of Winfield. They moved here from a German settlement in Iowa, bringing all of their belongings with them in an emigrant railroad car' They farmed all of their lives until his death in 1940, at which time grandmother moved into town and lived at 1301 Andrews for 20 years. During the big flood of 1944 she had 16 and 1/2 inches of water in her house. They had one son, Russell S. Reisinger, who was my father. He first attended Slate Valley School north of Gueda Springs, and Winfield schools, graduating in 1927 from W.H.S. He then attended Southwestern College for two years, and Oklahoma University, majoring in geology. After college, during the depression, and for many years thereafter, he worked at Sonner Burner Company. He started working for the Railway Express Agency in 1942, during the war, and his job eventually took the family to Kansas City, after he became a messenger on the train. He married my mother, the former Edith King, in 1932. She was born and raised in the Grandview community north of Winfield, and graduated from W.H.S. in 1929. Her family history can be found elsewhere in this book.

I am Lorene Reisinger Higgs, and have lived in Mulvane for many years. I was born in 1935 at Newton Hospital in Winfield, as was my older sister, Leila Jean. We lived in Hackney for two years, then on the Snyder farm north of Hackney for three years, then we moved to the Hedrick farm north of Winfield for three years. While living there we attended Olive school, which is located on Youle property one mile north of Winfield, and is now part of a nice country home. From there we moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where we finished school and worked and married. However, while living in rural Winfield, Leila Jean and I took piano lessons from Mrs. A.H. Odinweller, and tap lessons from Theda Grant Becker, and participated in many recitals and danced on the stage of the Regent Theater. Leila Jean Stevens, who now lives in Glade, Kansas started first grade at Excelsior School northeast of Hackney in 1939. The school was converted into a private home many years ago. Our younger brother, Wesley Keith, was born after we moved to Kansas City.

Written and Submitted by Lorene Reisinger Higgs
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 272.

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Harry and Joan Renek

The Reneks moved to Winfield in the summer of 1974 with their grandson, Richard Preston Townsend. Harry was employed by a local radio station as an announcer and sales representative. Joan worked at St. John's College, Richard attended Trinity Lutheran School. They attended Grace Episcopal Church.

Harry, the son of Harry H. and Lucille (Kincaid) Renek, was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Ontario, California. Joan, the daughter of John Albert and Grace (Beischner) Preston, was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Harry and Joan were married in 1958 and each brought two sons and a daughter to the new union. They now have 15 of the most beautiful grandchildren in the world.

Harry established an antiques business, where he also does wood carving. His business, Crown Antiques, has been in several locations and is currently located at 919 Main Street. Harry continues to produce custom wood carvings and jewelry. Joan has worked for Cowley County Community College, Wedgestone Press, Osteopathic Clinic, and currently at Southwestern College. loan is working on a M.L.A. degree at Southwestern College.

Richard graduated from Winfield High School in 1982. He received his B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University and M.A. from New York University's Institute of Fine Arts. In 1989, he was appointed Assistant Curator of Art at the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he is now Associate Curator of European Art. He is the son of Joan's daughter, Barrie Anne (Fenton) Townsend (1945-1968) and William F. Townsend III. Richard was born in Wichita in 1964.

In 1976, Grace Preston, Joan's mother, moved to Winfield and lived with the Reneks for ten years. She now resides at Walnut Towers. Grace is a former American Red Cross executive.

Before coming to Winfield, Harry was a professional entertainer. He has participatd in Wichita and Winfield Community Theater, Southwestern College drama productions and the Kechi Player. He had several television shows in the Wichita, Amarillo, Texas, and Bakersfield markets.

Joan worked previously as a YWCA executive in Wichita and Bakersfield, California; Chamber of Commerce manager(coninued on page 273)

Written and Submitted by Joan R. Renek
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 272.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 273

(continued from page 272) of Lindsborg and Wellington, Kansas; Bethany College, Wichita University, and Wesley Medical Center.

The Reneks are avid readers, enjoy traveling, music, and theater. Harry goes camping and fishing in the Sierras each summer with his brothers. Joan has been a genealogist for 25 years, and is deeply interested in writing family history, short stories and poetry.

Written and Submitted by Joan R. Renek
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 273.

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George H. Reuther Family

The Reuthers of Cowley County are descendants of Martin Reuther and Havaletta McCreary. My grandparents were German immigrants from Baden Baden, Germany. They immigrated to the United States in 1850, to get away from the German rule. There were two reasons; first, all males had to serve in the German army; second, all females were reared in the Catholic religion, as they had been. Their marriage was frowned upon as they weren't in the same social class. This didn't affect the decision of the two parties involved. When they arrived in the states they added the letter H to Reuter, changing it in English to Reuther.

They settled around Blue Mound, Kansas, west of Baxter Springs. My grandfather was a protective parent. His girls were all tutored by a Mr. Stoskoph. Their sons died at sea, en route to the United States.

Mr. Stoskoph fell in love with one of the girls. He didn't charge for tutoring. He did this to be near the airl he loved. Grandpa found out why he offered his work free. He ordered Stoskoph to leave. That's when Stoskoph treatened to sue him for his wages.

Times were hard for them, so grandpa gave hima a piece of land if he would leave and forget everything. His love wasn't very strong so he accepted teh offer of the land. A few years later lead and zinc were found on his property. It is now call Tri-State mining district. Last account we had, my aunt visited with him and he didn't know how much he was worth financially.

Another time a drifter came by, broke, with no place to live, My aunt talked Grandpa into letting him sleep in the back of the boot shop. He had no extra clothes so my aunt made him a suit of clothes. The first he'd owned.

This Fellow's name was Schifferdecker. He went into real estate business in Joplin, Missouri. He gave a piece of ground to the city of Joplin which is now know as Schifferdecker Park. As you can tell my Grandpa liked to help people.

My father moved to Winfield where he married Havaletta McCreary, July 3, 1902. To this union eight children were born. There are two children left. My father was a butcher and meat cutter for Joe Hudson on East 7th. He would drive his horse, hitched to a spring wagon, and go to the slaughter house on the Graham farm, north of Union cemetery. This is where he'd do the killing which would take most of the day.

After killing, he transported the animals to the store where they could be chilled, cut up and sold to customers throughout Winfield. He was known to be one of the best in his time. He worked at this location for 40 years. He worked for several owners after Hudson's death. Martin died in 1952 and his wife in 1917.

I married Grace Defore, July 12, 1936. We had five children; Patricia, Evelyn, Sandra, James, and Georgetta. I clerked at Albertson's for 18 years.

Written and Submitted by George H. Reuther
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 273.

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Aaron & Ada Reynolds

Aaron and Ada Reynolds were long time residents of Cowley County.

Aaron was born in Shelby County, Illinois and came-with his family to the Dexter area as a young man. On July 23, 1885 he married Ada Tetrick in Winfield, Kansas. They farmed and raised four children: Claude, Pearl, Franklin, and Carl in the Dexter area. Three children died as infants. Aaron died in 1928 and is buried in the Prairie Ridge Cemetery west of Dexter.

When Ada Tetrick was sixteen years old her family came by covered wagon from Clay County, Illinois to the Dexter area. There she met and married Aaron Reynolds. She lived in or around Dexter until 1949 when she moved to Winfield making her home with her youngest son, Carl. Ada died in Winfield in 1955 and is buried in Prairie Ridge Cemetery west of Dexter.

Submitted by Dorothy R. Malone
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 273.

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Carl & Ethel Reynolds

Carl and Ethel Reynolds were life time residents of Cowley County. Both were born and raised near Dexter, Kansas.

Carl was the youngest son of Aaron and Ada Reynolds. On December 22, 1922 he married Ethel Buffum in Winfield, Kansas.

Following their marriage they lived in Arkansas City for a short time where Carl worked at a service station. While there, their first son, Ralph Leroy was born. They moved to Winfield where they became parents of three more sons, Kenneth Allen, Donald Maurice and Glen Merrill. For a short time they lived in Oxford, Kansas while Carl was employed by City Service. While residing in Oxford their first daughter, Dorothy Ruth was born. They returned to Winfield in the early 1930's and for a short time ran a dairy farm north of Winfield. In 1934 they moved back into Winfield. Their fifth son, Cecil Edward and their second daughter, Louise Eleanor were born in Winfield.

Carl worked most of his life in the oil fields in Cowley County. He served in the Army during World War I. Carl died in 1965 and is buried in Prairie Ridge Cemetery.

Ethel was a homemaker and devoted her life to her family. She still lives in the home she and Carl moved to in 1934 and where she raised her seven children.

Submitted by Dorothy R. Malone
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 273.

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Henry & Ollie Reynolds Family

The Henry Harrison Reynolds family came to Cowley County in 1910 from Pike County, Missouri. They settled on a farm southeast of Arkansas City in the Grandview community, East Bolton Township. The move from Pike County was suggested by a doctor, because of Ollie's failing health, and that she might have a change of climate. In 1923, Henry moved his family into Arkansas City where he worked for the Keefe Packing Company until his retirement years.

Henry was born 6-22-1868 Roan Co., West Virginia, son of Jonathan and Matilda Runyon Reynolds. Later he removed to Pike County where he met Olive Mae "Ollie" Ford, daughter of William L. and Ruth Sherrill Ford, born 9-15-1872. They were married in Pike County 4-9-1892. Their three children were born in Pike County: Leota W., born 3-26-1901; Ralph W., born 6-7-1904 and Minnie died 1906, age 6 months.

Dad died 6-4-1964 and Mother died 9-15-1958, both are buried in the Riverview Cemetery, Arkansas City.

I married George A. Case and had one son, Vern M. Case, born 1920. Vern graduated from the Arkansas City High School in 1938. He married Jerry Bankston Barker. He was a City Commissioner of Arkansas City 1983-1985, and was Mayor 1984-1985. I later married Richard L. "Dick" Frantzen, who died in 1984. Ralph lives in El Dorado, KS. I am now eithty-nine years old, have lived in Cowley County eighty years.

Submitted by Leota W. Frantzen
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 273.

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M.F. & Melvina Trimble Reynolds

Since 1853, six generations of the Reynolds family have lived in Kansas and five generations in Cowley County. The family has always been rooted in the land. The 320-acre home place, primarily a wheat farm, was purchased by Millard Fillmore Reynolds in 1910.

William Reynolds, Sr. (11/12/1795-4/7/1872) and Elizabeth Worthington (12/16/1806-7/16/1884) married on February 3, 1825 in North Carolina. Tension with their neii over the slavery question led to the family decision to move west. First their son, Ephriam (1/9/1829-10/6/1864) came to Garnett, Kansas in 1853, followed by a second son, Marcellus (3/27/1844-7/10/1926) in 1856 to establish a foothold in the territory. William wrote that if it came to war, they would "fight on the side of the free." Ephriain died of dysentery while in the army during the Civil War. William Sr., his wife and their youngest son, twelve-year-old Millard Fillmore (M.F.) came to Kansas from Greensboro, North Carolina with their household goods, including a treasured slipper rocker, in a covered wagon in 1860. True to the call of Kansas the family lined up with the free staters immediately upon arrival.

Before settling down to marriage at age 32, M.F. ( 3/13/1849-7/7/1933) worked as a pharmacist in Colorado and made a trip by wagon train hauling goods to Santa Fe over the Santa Fe Trail. M.F. and Melvina Trimble (10/29/1849-5/23/1927) married on January 12, 1882. Their four children were George W. (1883-1883), Mary Elizabeth (1887-1888), Robert Arthur (12/21/1885-9/14/1965), and William Ernest (4/1/1890-12/27/1959). (continued on page 274)

Submitted by Mary Elizabeth Reynolds-Elder
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 273.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 274

(continued from page 273) In 1910, M.F. and Melvina, both past sixty, moved with William Ernest (Bill) to their newly purchased Cowley County farm in Pleasant Valley Township, five miles southeast of Winfield. They moved into the larger of the two houses, both of which provided spectacular views of the Flint Hills. Adding to the view were the farms of D.B. McCollum (east) and Col. Warren Russell (south) which were well established when the Reynolds arrived.

These were the days of horse-drawn plows and harrows, team-drawn wagons and "giant" threshing machines. M.F. had a buggy and a carriage and a stately black riding horse. MY acquired the newest of inventions such as the Delco to provide electric lights on the farm and a pump that brought the water from the cistern into the house. He brought the Reynolds family into the mechanical age by buying one of the first Dodge cars available. MY's two sons helped him farm with William E. specializing in farming and Arthur in teaching. (See the section on William E. Reynolds for more of the story.)

Arthur and Theodoshia (Sis) Collett (1/2/1889-4/11/1972) married and came to live in the second house on the farm in 1912. Two of their three children were born there: Helen (12/21/1912) and Paul (6/29/1918-2/20/1949). Arthur, a school teacher, taught in Cowley County beginning at Wright Canyon (1912-1915). Helen was the first of many Reynolds children to attend Odessa School, three-quarters of a mile south of the Reynolds farm, where her father beginning in 1916 taught for years. Other schools at which he taught included Akron and Darian. In 1920, Arthur and family moved to Winfield. Helen married Foster Hyatt on May 25, 1932. Following their marriage, the young couple lived and worked on the farm, during the Great Depression before his profession of architecture took them ultimately to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their sons are Robert (Bob) (12/28/1932) and lack (9/10/1936).

Arthur's son, Paul, and Dorothy Casebolt (9/5/1919) maried June 22, 1940. After serving as a Captain in the infantry, Paul returned to continue a career with Woolworth's, Their daughter is April Suzanne (8/10/1947), Paul died in a car accident. Arthur's youngest child, Betty Marie (9/17/1925) was born in Winfield. Betty and Ken Thomas married March 22, 1946. Their daughter is Linda (6/8/1947). Betty and Ken reside in Manhattan where Ken was an administrator at Kansas State University before his retirement. Arthur, after his retirement from teaching, worked in the office of the County Treasurer, served on the Board of Directors of the Co-Op Grocery Association, and as bookkeeper at John and Anna Elam's Winfield Dairy.

Further information on the William E. Reynolds family, second son of M.F. and Melvina, is under the heading: William E. and Edna Ziegler Reynolds.

Submitted by Mary Elizabeth Reynolds-Elder
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 274.

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William E. & Edna Ziegler Reynolds

William Ernest (Bill) (4/l/1890-12/27/1959), born in Barneston, Nebraska was the grandson of William Reynolds, Sr. and the son of M.F. Reynolds. He came to Cowley County from Salina with his parent, M.F. and Melvina Trimble Reynolds, in 1910 and settled with them on their new farm five miles southeast of Winfield. The two houses of the farm faced east toward the Walnut River and the beautiful Flint Hills. Wlliam E. and Edna Pauline Ziegler (2/15/1893-4/l/1961) of Atlanta, Kansas married May 12, 1916. All five of their children were born on the original farm. They are John William (3/ 24/1917), Mary Elizabeth (8/19/1919), Robert Ernest (died at birth 6/2/1924), George Edward (2/2/1926), and Patricia Ann (7/7/1933).

Until 1920, William and Edna and their children lived with his parents "M.F." and Melvina Trimble Reynolds in the larger farm house. When his brother, Arthur, moved his family to Winfield, the William Reynolds family moved into the smaller house. Their three youngest children were born there. In addition to being a farmer's wife with all that that implies, Edna was a gifted artist, and a noted "fisherman." William was active in local affairs, such as serving on the Boards of both Hackney and Winfield Farmers' Unions. The Hackney Baptist Church has been and continues to be an important part of the life of the family.

With their father, John and George farmed the home place and additional acreage purchased by William E. during the Great Depression. John, a graduate of Kansas State University, and Juanita Looney (5/16/1916) married July 24, 1938. After serving in World War II as a Captain in the 30th Infantry Division and earning two Silver Stars, John returned to farm. He and his father built a new house to replace the small one. He and Juanita had three children, William Lawrence (Bill) (9/25/2946-5/28/1970), John Richard (Rick) (9/19/1950) and Rebecca Susan (8/16/1954). Bill, a Kansas State University graduate, and Mary Kathryn Bridges married June 10, 1969. Their son, William Shannon (3/17/1970) was born shortly before Bill was kided in Vietnam. Shannon is serving in the Air Force, Rick and Donna Miser (8/4/1951) married July 6, 1974. Their two children are Christopher Daniel (8/23/1977) and Elizabeth Anne (8/22/1980). Rick, a Southwestern College graduate, divides his time between sales and farming. He is the fourth and his children the fifth generation of the family to live on the home place. Rebecca is a Kansas State University graduate and an attorney. She and John Messa R (6/11/1953) married December 3, 1977. They have two children: Mary Katherine (9/2/1980) and Patrick Reynolds (10/16/1984). A third child is expected in August, 1990.

Throughout his life, John has shown his dedication to the concept of public education. Most recently he was a long-time member of the Winfield Board of Education.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University, Mary Elizabeth worked at Boeing during World War II. In 19947 she moved to Dallas where for thirty-one of the next thirty-seven years she served as Director of Admissions of The Hockaday School, a college preparatory school for girls. After her retirement, she married Gale G. Elder, D. O. of Wichita and a native of Cowley County on January 4, 1986. They reside in Winfield and Dallas.

After serving in the U.S. Army of Occupation in Korea, George returned to farm with his father and brother, John, and to work in the oil business. Among his community activities, he served as Secretary and President of the Hackney Co-Op. In 1960, the Co-Op voted to replace the old wooden elevator with the tall concrete one, George served as President of the Cowley County Farm Bureau for three years. George and Doris Dellore (10/21/1928) married June 8, 1947. Of their five children, Michael Edward (Mike) (3/20/1948) and Martin Ernest (Marty) (9/29/1950) were born while George and Doris lived on the home place. The three younger children who were born after the move to an adjacent family farm, bought by William E. during the Great Depression are Debra Jeanne (12/31/1954), Thomas Paul (1/1/1958), and Merrie Patricia (11/4/1964).

George's sons, Mike, Marty, and Tom, and their families live and work on the farms purchased by William E. and the adjacent land purchased in the 1970's by George. Mike's son is Brandon (7/27/1984). Marty and Michell (Shelley) Crittenden (12/31/1961) married November 23, 1982. Their daughter is Tianna Charisse (10/18/1989). Marty's daughter Jefferie Carol (6/7/1978) lives in Arkansas City. Tom and Mary Elizabeth Nelson (10/16/1965) married November 11, 1989. Marty and Tom are also involved in the trucking industry. Debra and her daughter, Britt Suzanne (5/26/1977) live in Winfield. Merrie Patricia and Dennis McIntire married September 19, 1987. Their son is Corey Michael (11/19/1988). They live near Kellogg. George and Doris Reynolds divorced in 1984. On July 1, 1988, George and Annette Wheat married. They live in Burden.

Patricia Ann Reynolds, a graduate of Kansas State University, and Alfred Arthur Chandler married November 5, 1954. Their five children are William Woods (Bill) (6/15/1955), Deanna Carol (3/31/1957), Gretchen Patricia and Sara Rene (1/11/1959), and Andrea Susan (12/30/1961). The Chandlers divorced. Patty now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband William Kirk whom she married in 1984.

A future edition of this history will follow the lives of the fifth and subsequent generations of the Reynolds family in Cowley County.

Submitted by Mary Elizabeth Reynolds-Elder
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 274.

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Rhine Family

Richard Martin Rhine's parents came by covered wagon to Sumner County from Fall City, Nebraska. Richard Martin was born at Oxford, Kansas in 1890. Richard Martin Rhine married Fern Olive Easterday (whose parents came to Cowley County in 1880 and 1881) February 9, 1913. Their children are: Anna Vera Rhine Fleming; Juanita Olive Rhine Keasling; and Robley D. Rhine, Ph.D.

On March 28, 1934, I (Juanita Rhine) married Wesley R. Keasling. His parents were Joseph Duard Keasling who came as a three year old child from Greenville, Tennessee in 1883, They homesteaded in Kiowa County. He came to Cowley County as a young man to attend Southwestern Academy. He married on February 2, 1909, Mable May Rockwell. Her family came from Bloomington, Illinois about 1907 to Cowley County.

My children are Marvin R. Keasling who married Linda B. Shorter of Dexter, Kansas. Their daughter is Linda Gail Keasling Burkett who married Dennis Ray Burkett from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Their children are Jennifer Nicole and Jeffrey Ray Burkett. Marvin and Linda's son is Marvin David Keasling who married Shirley Metcalf of rural Dexter, Kansas. They have a daughter, Tristan Coe Keasling.

My daughter Katherine Caroline married first Robert L. Oliver of Great Falls, Montana. Their son is John Wesley Oliver. Katherine married second Amos Milton.

My daughter Linda Jeanne married William F. Stueckemann of Jetmore, Kansas. The were divorced and Linda took the name of her great-grandmother, Martha Sophia Lovette Keasling and is now Linda Lovette.

Juanita Keasling
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 274.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 275

Harold E. & Carol J. (Ott) Rhodes

Harold and I were married 11-29-1945 in Winfield. Harold is the son of Joe and Bertha (Hattan) Rhodes. I am the daughter of Ollie Ray and Leona Blanche (Bowen) Ott. Harold was born at Rome, Kansas 1-22-1924. We were both reared in Cowley County and have lived in Winfield, with the exception of three years Harold was in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and for short field trips with the Boeing Airplane Company to Caribeu, Maine and Springfield, Massachusetts. Harold was a survivor of the Battleship U.S.S. Johnston, sunk during the battle of Leyte Gulf.

I was a telephone operator for Southwestern Bell until conversion to the dial system in the early 1960's. I was then employed by the City of Winfield as clerk in the business office. When computers were introduced in the late 1960's I became the first keypunch operator for the city. I also worked for a time in the business office at St. Johns College.

We are the parents of four children: Linda Sue was born 1-7-48, Stephen Joseph, 7-26-1950, Julie Beth 9-6-1952, and Teri Jane 4-19-1956. Linda Sue died 10-29-1951 from complications following a tonsillectomy. She is buried in the family plot in Highland Cemetery, Winfield.

The children received their education at Lowell Elementary School. Our family attended First Baptist Church where the children were baptized and were active members before leaving the area. They graduated from Winfield High, Stephen in 1968, Julie 1970, Teri 1974, and where I had also graduated in 1945.

Stephen attended 1-yr. at Cowley County Community College before enlisting in the U.S. Navy. After his 4-yr. enlistment, he went into the computer field with National Cash Register Company and is also completing his college degree. He married Ann Marie Pierce 3-3-1973. Ann is employed by Hughes Aircraft Company. They reside in Oceanside, California.

Julie graduated Cum Laude in 1974 from Southwestern College where her grandmother, Leona Blanche (Bowen) Ott, graduated in 1911. Richard Ray Mauk and Julie were married 2-23-1985 after the sudden death of Jan Mauk, leaving Richard with five small children. Richard is a pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Overland Park, Kansas. Julie is the mother of seven children: Kelsey Marie born 11-5-1975, Silas Nathan 3-30-1978, Aaron Daniel 5-26-1980, Amos Michael 3-31-1982, Patrick Benjamin 8-5-1984, Katherine Jan 4-9-1987 and David Joseph 3-10-1989. The five older children are enrolled in a home education program and Julie is their teacher.

Teri and David Warren Andreas were married in the First United Methodist Church, Winfield, 7-30-1977. David is the eldest son of Warren and the late Arden (Angst) Andreas who came to Winfield from Abilene, Kansas in 1954. David is practicing law with his father in the law firm of McSpadden, Andreas and Muret. Teri will teach at the Rainbow Christian Preschool & Kindergarten next year.

Teri and David have two children; they are Kelsey Arden born 5-25-1982 and Jeffrey David born 8-8-84. Teri and David and the children are active members of the First United Methodist Church, Winfield.

Carol Jeanne (Ott) Rhodes
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 275.

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Henry Clay & Dora (Carey) Rhodes Family

Henry and Dora were born in the Missouri-Arkansas area where Tablerock Lake is today. They lived a short time at Coweta, Oklahoma before arriving in Arkansas City in 1917. Henry was an early photographer and later a boilermaker by trade.

Their children were (by age) Charley Burton, Albert Faris, Luster Alfred (later changed to Lester), Floyd Daniel, Edward Leroy, Opal Fay (Turner), Farley Ray. Lester and Daniel were carpenters by trade.

The following are buried at Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Arkansas City, Kansas: Henry Clay 1882-1958, Dora H. 1890-1958, Charley Burton 1907-1985, Albert Faris 1910-1953, Floyd Daniel 1914-1983, and Opal Fay 1925-1987. Lester Alfred 1912-1988 buried at Riverview Cemetery, Arkansas City. Farley Ray's ashes were spread over the mountains in Colorado.

Edward and his wife, Pearl, now live in Blanchard, Idaho. Some surviving children of Lester, Daniel and Farley are hving in Arkansas City.

By Larry Phillip Rhodes
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 274.

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Larry P. and Rogena A. Rhodes

Descendants of Lester A. and Nevada B. (Dixon) Rhodes. Their were four children: Charlotte Fultz, Larry Phillip, Phyllis Yocum, and Wallace Rhodes. Husband of Charlotte is Herb Fultz. The husband of Phyllis is Roger Yocum. The wife of Wallace is Jane (Groover).

Lester died in January 1988 and Nevada died in January 1989. Both are buried in Riverview cemetery in Arkansas City.

Rogena (Hutchens) Rhodes' parents are Everitt and Addie (Tolles) Hutchens. Rogena's sister, Hattie Mae, is Mrs Charles Ard. Her brothers are James, and Nicholas Hutchens. James' wife is Francis, and Nicholas' wife is Linda. Everitt died in 1941 and is buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery at Hackney.

Larry Phillip works at Gordon-Piatt Energy Group at Strother Field and Rogena is a CNA at Presbyterian Health Care in Arkansas City. Larry and Rogena's children are: sons Larry Douglas, Arron Quin, and Kevin Drew. Kevin died in 1977 and is buried in Riverview Cemetery in Arkansas City. Larry Douglas lives at Winfield and is employed at Gott Corp. Arron and his wife Terry (Klingenberg) Rhodes live at Winfield, Kansas. Terry's parents are Elmo and Marguerite Klingenberg of Winfield. Terry's sister is Norma and her brother is Gary. Arron and Terry's children are: Amber M. born July 1982; Troy P., born October 1983; and Kristal A., born June 1989.

By Larry Phillip Rhodes
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 275.

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Nevada Beatrice (Dixon) Rhodes

The seventh child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon, was born on August 31, 1913 in Blythedale, Missouri. They moved to Arkansas City in the spring of 1923 with nine other children. Three others were born here, the last being Barbara Jean, that Nevada named. Nevada was taken out of school to help run the house and care for Barbara. (continued on page 276)

Submitted by sister, Barbara Jean (Dixon) Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 275.

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