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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 231

(continued from page 230) and various other enterprises before feeling a call to the ministry at age 40. He started his preaching career in a little country church west of Rock on November 27, 1921. Oscar and his family worked hard to restore the abandoned Redbud Church to a state suitable for worship. After removing skunk traps from the foundation they repaired the mice ridden organ and had their first revival meeting. Members of the family provided music and a successful church was born. Oscar was soon promoted to the church in New Salem.

When he became pastor of the New Salem church, Oscar and his family moved to Winfield and he became pastor at Silverdale also. Oscar's ministry in Silverdale took on a new challenge as he dealt with the issue of rodeos being held next door to the church on Sundays. Rev. Magnuson preached on the proper use of the Sabbeth on several occasions. Finally, Clarence Hockenberry, "big wheel" for the rodeo, attended one night during a revival meeting Oscar was holding. Trembling in his shoes, Oscar delivered a fearless sermon on repentance and the need for salvation, When the altar call was given Mr. Hockenberry came to the front of the church and gave his life to the Lord. Until the end of their lives Oscar and Clarence remained steadfast friends.

Oscar later served Methodist churches in Mount Hope, Portland, Red Valley, Udall, Dexter, Rock, Atlanta as well as other Kansas towns.

While living in Udall Oscar and Ida saw their home destroyed by tornado. The only thing spared by the vicious storm was the closet the couple had chosen to take shelter in. During the rebuilding of Udall the first live remote broadcast from KAKE-TV was filmed at Udall. It included the Rev. Oscar Magnuson giving a dedication prayer for the community.

Oscar and Ida's descendants are as follows: Adolph married Lois Philips and had one daughter Betty, he was a machinist at Cessna, Arthur married Vida Davis, their children are Ray and Kay. Arthur worked for Dillons in Winfield before moving to Alva, Oldahoma to start his own grocery store; Lloyd married La Creta Shideler, their children are Larry, a doctor in Washington, D.C.; Leo retired Capt. in Air Force employed at Boeing, and Leonard, an engineer for Dow Chemical Co. Lloyd also started his career at Dillon's and later joined his brother Art in the grocery business in Alva; Karl married Elizabeth Rhea. He was an United Methodist minister until his death in 1983. Their children are Elizabeth Anne, Martha, Karl Rhea and Madeline; Cameron married Elizabeth Carson, he was the youngest man to be made a J. C. Penney manager, he has one daughter Krista. He retired from J.C. Penney as District Manager after 43 years with the company; Ira married Maribel Wert and lives east of Udall on a farm. He was a machinist at Cessna for 32 years. Ira has one daughter Marilyn; Julius and Leo died as children.

Submitted by Karl Magnusson
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 231.

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Karl Oscar Magnusson

Karl Oscar Magnusson was born July 14, 1916 on a farm now owned by Steve and Emily Frazier. He attended various country grade schools as well as Bryant Elementary in Winfield. He graduated from Winfield High School and later attended Southwestern College where he graduated in 1941. He was licensed to preach at Burden Methodist Church in 1937.

After graduating from Southwestern he attended Perkins School of Theology at SMU in Dallas. It was there that he met Elizabeth Rhea. They were married December 28, 1943.

Karl served churches in Texas before returning to Kansas. He and his family served churches in Haven, Caldwell, Douglas, Meade, Anthony, and at Tisdale.

It was while living in the Tisdale Community that Karl and Elizabeth decided the Winfield community would be a good place to retire.

The couple purchased land and moved a house from the site of St. Johns College Campus, which they remodeled to make their home.

After serving Tisdale Methodist Church, Karl then began pastoring at the Grandview Methodist Church. He later also preached at the old EUB Church on the GOrner of 13th and Millington when it changed to Trinity United Methodist Church.

Rev. Karl 0. Magnusson died on August 3, 1983. At the time c)f his death he was serving the Grandview and Trinity churches as well as farming with his son on Lucky 5 Ranch east of Winfield. Elizabeth Magnusson still lives in the home established there.

Descendants of Karl and Elizabeth Magnusson are as follows: Elizabeth Anne married to Richard Hemberger, graduated from Southwestern College and taught Home Economics in Argonia, Kansas for several years. They are presently both involved in farming with their major crop being wheat. Elizabeth Anne is actively involved in many church and civic groups in Argonia. Martha graduated from Southwestern College and later from SMU in Dallas. She was an accomplished organist and played in area churches. She died in March of 1979. Karl Rhea attended Kansas State University before returning to Winfield to farm and start his registered cattle herd, in 1976 he married Janet Meyer, they have three children, Kristina, Kelly, and Jacob. Karl Rhea is active in the Tisdale United Methodist Church as wed as various civic groups including the Winfield Kiwanis Club, serving as president in 1990.

Karl Rhea and his family now operate Lucky 5 Ranch where they still raise registered polled herefords and raise wheat and a variety of kinds of hay, Madeline is married to Ken Norland and has two children, Annika and Jonathon. She graduated from Bethciny College in Lindsborg and later from Southwestern College. Madeline and Ken live in Fort Worth, Texas.

Submitted by Karl Magnusson
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 231.

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Mallatt Family

The Mallatts are from France, of Scandanavian descent. The name surfaced about I 000 A.D. in Normandy. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Protestants were called Hugenots and religiously persecuted. Many fled to other countries, about 14,000 coming to America

Olivier DeLamuce was a nobleman who founded the James River Settlement, known as Manakintown of King William Parish in Virginia.

The Huguenots were allotted 10,000 acres by the Government. Etienne MaNatt was a native of Bourdeaux, France. He died in Henrice County, Virginia 1712. Manakintown was started in 1699, about 700 people in the township.

The Mallatts moved to the Carolines and then west through the Cumberland Gap looking for more fertile soil. Farming was more profitable in Kentucky.

William L. lathered Haram 1813, Robert 1815, William B. 1821, and Wesley 1827. They were in Southern Indiana. In 1836 William and his boys cleared a few acres of land near present day Rennaslear but this was taken over by Van Rennaslear who had bought a float from the government. This was a peculiar way the general government had of disposing of its lands and very often worked very grave injustices. They would grant to individuals a warrant for certain amounts of acres and just wait till another cleared an area. Then they would take the float and record that acreage and claim it as their own.

The Mallatt family had the first white baby born there. Wesley Mahatt, born in Kentucky, March 1827 and married Lirena Branson Jan. 1850, died June 1897. Lirena born at Terra Haute, Indiana Oct. 1832, died Nov. 1911 buried at Maple City, KS cemetery, Their children all born at Rennaslear; Mary Jane 1852, George 1854, Francis Marion 1856, Andrew 1858, and Louisa 1861. Lirena's father, George Branson was a circuit preacher. His Bible is at the Cherokee Museum submitted by his granddaughter Lirena Mallatt Wilson, and my mother.

Wesley moved his family to Wilson County in 1869 for 10 yrs. then to Cowley Co. 1879, 11 miles east of Arkansas City on the east side of Grouse Creek, along now 166. He built a log home on 80 acres he homesteaded, The children; Mary Jane married William Pointer at Wilson Co. 1875, George married Emma Lewis 1900, Francis married Mary Rebecca Parr March 1881, Emma Louisa married Townson Parr 1882. Frank, as he was known, and Becky homesteaded 40 acres adjoining his father's on the east, clearing timber and building a log cabin. To them 6 children were born; Wm. Wesley 1882, Martha Alice 1884, Hannah Lirena 1885, Susan Jane 1886, Nettie Levina 1890, Nancy Victoria 189 1. The two older children died of diptheria 1885 and Nancy in 1908. Frank became ih and could no longer farm, so he built a general store and operated the post office named Townsend, KS. The town was named Cameron in 1888.

George and Andy were blacksmiths and made farm implements, besides horseshoeing. Indians would come in the store, one would distract Frank while another used a long sick with a nail in it to reach plug tobacco behind the counter. Becky had an ability to care for the sick and being SG far from a doctor, she was called upon a lot and always went when needed, delivering babies, too. More often than not she was paid with a pig, chickens, a calf or fruit. Becky would put the children in the spring-wagon and drive to Arkansas City, bringing in eggs, etc. and picking up supplies for their store from Ranney's Mercantile Wholesale. The girls looked forward to riding the horse drawn streetcar while Becky took care of business.

The Mallatts had a strong faith and love of God. In 1910 Frank sold out and moved to Arkansas City, building their house and 5 rentals to keep him busy. Frank died Sept. 1930, Becky died Feb. 1933, both buried at Riverview Cemetery.

Hannah Lirena married John Wilson, Susan Jane married Fred Shaw, Nettie Levina married Cassius Payne.

Submitted by Maxine Wilson Russom
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 231.

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Joe L. & Dorothy R. Malone

Joe L. Malone was born in Santa Rita, Texas the son of Lucuis and Lillias Malone.

In 1949 he came to Winfield where he married Dorothy R. Reynolds. She was the daughter of life time Cowley County residents, Carl and Ethel Reynolds. Following two years in the Army during the Korean War they settled in Winfield where their three children were born and educated. The children are: Janice A. Sowder, Stephen W. Malone and Debra J. Carr. (continued on page 232)

Submitted by Dorothy R. Malone
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 231.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 232

(continued from page 231) Joe worked in the oil fields several years, During this time he helped drih many oil wells in the Winfield area. He then entered the insurance business making it his life's career.

Submitted by Dorothy R. Malone
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 232.

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Mariley-Kuepker-Johnson Family

My grandfather Charles E. Manley was born in 1902 in Illinois. Orphaned as a young child he was raised by the Neer family, north of Cambridge, KS. He graduated from Winfield High School in 1920. In 1927 he married Mary E. Tharp from Latham, KS. Mary came from the family of Mary and Milo Tharp. She one of six children, Harold, Clyde, Pete, George and Kathryn. Mary and Charles had three children, Charles G., Martha and Elizabeth. Charles G. married Mary Babb and they had six children, Mike, David, Steve, Ruth and Susan. Elizabeth married Richard Clifford and had one child, Brent. Martha married Sam Kuepker and had three children, Jeff, Kathy and Mary Etta. Jeff is married to Sharon Jones and they have two children, Zacharri and KeDi. Kathy is married to Dan Johnson and they have one child, Christopher Greenleaf from Kathy's first marriage. Mary Etta is unmarried at this time. I think my Dad, Sam Kuepker should be remembered as one of the most dedicated fishermen in Cowley County.

Submitted by Kathy Johnson
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 232.

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Golda (Kington) Lawson Mary

She came to Arkansas City in 1917 as a teenager, excited to be in the city and feeling quite grown-up. Bright eyes shining and dark hair cut short and bouncing, Golda May Kington could out-walk anyone. She had walked the dusty road to country school carrying a much-dented lunch bucket. Her mother never let on that she knew the lunch bucket had been used as a weapon in school yard horseplay Each determined step showed the spirit of independence that carried her through the rest of her lifetime in Cowley County. She was ready for life on her own and decided to take business courses at Arkansas City Business College and do what she could to help the war effort.

During the time of World War I Golda began working at the Red Cross Canteen where she met returning soldier Miles Estel (Red) Lawson. In 1919, they married and shared forty years together, having three sons. She raised her family in a time at few modern conveniences, cooking from "scratch" and scrubbing clothes on a washboard. Her ingenious ways of cooking home-grown potatoes got them through more than one winter in the early twenties and thirties when jobs and money were scarce. Goida went to work as a grocery clerk to help with costs of sending the boys to school. She determined early that they should get a proper education. She lost one son, Francois, to a hunting accident when he was eighteen, then had to send the other two off to war. With a West Point background, one son, Wayne Emerson Lawson, became a carper army officer. The youngest son, Robert (Bob) Eldon Lawson, joined the navy. Bob later became a social science teacher and department chairman at Cowley County Community College. After "Red" Lawson died, she married long-time family friend Lawrence Manly in 1960.

World War II was another time of doing without. Ration coupons were carefully guarded and used for sugar, gasoline, shoes, and dozens of other items. No silk stockings or nylons! Parachutes had priority over what the ladies usually wore on their legs. Golda was one of the lucky ones - she had nice dark-skinned legs from years of working outside in the garden, and she was not ashamed to go bare-legged for the good of the country. She mailed boxes of cookies to the servicemen, saved aluminum and newspapers, and gave blood and encouragement.

Golda was born in 1900 in Sycamore, Kansas, and died in 1986. During her lifetime she saw many major developments in the way of life we enjoy today. Electric appliances, air conditioning, great supermarkets, antibiotics, television, and jet travel came a long way from the horse and wagon, plucking chicken feathers, home remedies, and the old outhouse. Golda left the Twentieth Century in 1986 and left us with some great memories! She was my grandmother.

Submitted by Enid (Lawson) Chandler<
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 232.

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Homer F. Manny Family

Homer F. and Ethel Graves Manny and their son Gene H. Manny came to Winfield in the Spring of 1930. Homer was the manager of the Winfield Farm Machinery Co. located at 113 W. 9th. This was a new business in this area and the change from horse-drawn farm machinery was beginning to take hold. They were trading and buying the tractor to pun the farm machinery. Homer will be remembered for the John Deere days that drew a large crowd to town. The business grew and they moved to 515 Main.

Gene helped his father in various ways over the years. While in High School he helped with the bookkeeping and when he graduated in 1937 from Southwestern College he left to work in a large John Deere Co. in Denver, Colorado. Later he moved to Hutchinson and worked there for a short time and came back to Winfield to work for his father again in 1940.

It was that summer that he met Zoo White from Oxford. They were married in January of 1941. March of that year they decided to start a business of their own and Manny Supply at 703 Main. This business was just getting a good start when in 1943 the service called Gene and he went into the Navy. Zoo took his place at the store and worked till she could join Gene. Ethel then came down and worked during the war. With the war over in 1945 Gene was back working again but, the business had grown and they needed more space so the Rembaugh Hardware was for sale and they purchased the store and moved to 907 Main. Here all of the family were busy in the new store till 1953. The Manny Hardware grew and more help was hired. That fall Jennis J. Manny was born and Zoo and Ethel were busy at home with the new addition. Dec. 10, 1953 Homer had a severe heart attack and died. This left Gene to carry most of the load, Zoo came down and worked part-time and Ethel stayed and took care of Jennis. In 1967 we decided to sell the Manny Hardware and get into something that did not take so much time and energy. As Gene was selling hearing aids and doing accounting and income tax. Closed out the store the last of 1967 and moved to 110 W. 11th. They soon out grew this building and moved around the carrier to 1021 Main where they are still in business. Ethel Manny passed away Oct. 15, 1972. So the family is Gene, Zoo and Jennis and her two daughters, Ginger and Nancy. Jennis is a Music teacher in the Elementary schools.

Submitted by Zoa Manny
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 232.

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Charles & Grace (Breneman) Mann Family

Charles Mann was born in El Dorado, Kansas 1879, son of Missouri Hoyle Gibson and Adam Mann. Charles was six months old when they moved to Cowley County. Adam was born in Russell County, Kentucky to William and Eliza White Mann. Adam was employed in construction work, one job being the canal in Arkansas City. Missouri operated early day hotel's and boarding houses in Arkansas City. Missouri was the daughter of Julia Keaton and Andrew Hoyle.

At a young age Charles was a newspaper carrier and helped his mother in the hotel business. In 1897 Charles went to Texas and joined the Texas Rangers, In May 1898 he signed with the Texas Cavalry at San Antonio and became one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. He fought in the battle at San Juan, Cuba and raised the flag over Morro Castle when the Rough Riders won the battle. He enlisted with the U.S. Coast Artillery at San Francisco in 1899 and served with the 60th (continued on page 233)

Submitted by Virginia Schimmel
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 232.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 233

(continued from page 232) company in the Philippines, discharged in 1902 at San Francisco.

Charles married Grace Breneman at Newkirk, Oklahoma on March 26, 1905. Grace was born at Benton, Kansas, the daughter of Abraham and Emma Jafer Breneman, moving to the IXL Community when Grace was a little girl. The Breneman family came to America in 1709 from Switzerland. Grace's father was born in Pennsylvania to Henry and Anna Nissley Breneman, and her mother was the daughter of Godfrey and Mary Phillips Hafer of Jackson County, Kansas.

Charles and Grace first set up home in Sumner County, where their first daughter was born, In 1909 the lived in Silverdale, where several daughters were born, then moved to El Dorado and Eureka before returning to Silverdale in 1930. They had nine daughters and one son Grover, who died at age twelve. The girls were raised as farm hands. Charles also raised and trained horses, some of racing stock and he also did carpenter work. Grace and Charles also ran boarding houses to make ends meet.

Grace spent many hours hand quilting and darning socks by hand. Grace also made lye soap as most people did in the early 1900's. Many Sundays were spent making home made ice cream, with grandchildren taking turns setting on the freezer while older ones turned the crank, a good time had by all.

Charles died in 1949 and Grace in 1966, both are buried in Riverview Cemetery along with their son.

Today, two daughters still live in Cowley County. June Mann Miller and Mary Mann Gilmore, along with several grand and great grandchildren.

Submitted by Virginia Schimmel
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 233.

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The Marker Family

The Marker homestead is located five miles northeast of Dexter. It was established by W.L. Reynolds in about 1873. He wagon freighted on the plains and came here from Illinois.

The Markers entered the picture when J, P. Marker married Stella Reynolds, daughter of W.L. Reynolds and Susan (Love) Reynolds, in 1901.

J.P. lived and farmed on that home place most of his adult life. They had four children: Lena, William J. (Bill), Ralph A., and Jennitta R. (Ruth). Those children went to school at Plum Creek School. J.P. died in 1958, Stella died in 1919. They are both buried at the Dexter Cemetery. All of their children are deceased but Ruth who resides in Hutchinson. They also are buried at Dexter Cemetery.

Ralph A. Marker married Ruth M. Corder on October 12, 1930. He spent his entire life in the Dexter area. He was involved in farming and the oil business. Ralph and Ruth had three children: Lou Anne, Billy K. (Bill), and Judi M. All three of them graduated from Dexter High School. Lou Anne (Marker) Keep is now in Houston, Judi M. (Marker) Massey ranches with her husband at Cedar Vale and Bill is an the home place. Ralph was killed in a car accident in 1969 and Ruth died in 1987. They both are buried at Dexter.

Bill served in the U.S. Army where he met and married Patricia Shelton in 1959. After teaching school in western Kansas for a few years, Bill and Pat moved back to Dexter where Bill carried mail and farmed. Bill and Pat have three children: Pam G., Vickie R., and Mike A. They a] graduated from Dexter High. Pam is involved in insurance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and has a daughter Kristen B. Ward. Vickie works in a bank in El Dorado, Kansas. Mike married Beth E. Bfeller from Geary county on April 23, 1988 and is living onehalf mile east of the original home place. They are involved in ranching.

Submitted by Beth E. Marker
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 233.

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Garrett G. Marldey Jr. Family

Garrett G. Markley Jr. was born February 18, 1902 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. He and his parents, Garrett G. Markley Sr., nicknamed "Duck", and Florence (Henley) Markley, and his brothers and sisters moved to Atlanta, KS (Cowley County) when Garrett Jr. was about two months old. Garrett Sr. owned a grocery store in Atlanta for years. They lived in the city of Atlanta many years.

Garrett Jr. married Iva Whiteman, daughter of Albert and Maude Akins Whiteman, in June 1925. Garrett Jr. worked for Frisco Railroad the first year and then later they moved to a farm. He was a deputy sheriff of Atlanta in the 1930's. Iva was a homemaker. They moved to Atlanta in 1935 and lived there until Garrett Jr. died in January, 197 1. He is buried in the Atlanta cemetery.

Garrett Jr. and Iva had four children. Mary Markley, married Wm. B. Ledford, November 1945. Wm. B. Ledford Jr. married Lucy Trejillo. Jim Ledford never married and Susan Ledford never married. (2) Marjorie Markley died shortly after birth. (3) Doris Markley married Robert McWhirt. They have two children. Barbara, married Garry Niven. Robert Garrett McWhirt never married. Doris divorced Robert MrWhirt and later married David Hartert. They had one daughter, Connie M. Hartert. (4) Vera Bonnie Markley married Leo Maher, To them was born Debra Maher. She married Dale Conway. They also had Lee John Maher who married Mary ?.
Iva Markley is now living with Mary and family in Salina, Kansas.

Submitted by Mary Ledford
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 233.

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The Marrs Family

William Erskin Marr of Scotland, sailed from Bristol, England to the Colonies in 1720. He jumped ship when they landed and added an "S" to his name before he settled in Little York, Pennsylvania.

Two hundred years later Leo Raymond Marrs came to Kansas, by rail, to help a cousin start farming, south of Arkansas City. They unloaded on a siding at the west edge of town.

Leo was born near Bloomington, Indiana on January 8, 1899 to Greenup and Kansas Marrs but was raised by his mother's twin, America, after his parents deaths.

The year 1920 also brought the Mullett family to Kansas from Puttman, County Ohio. Their farm was also located south of town and it wasn't long before Leo had met the youngest daughter, Mildred. His plan to return to his home state the next year took a detour.

Leo rented a farm on Chilocco and early in 1923 he married Mildred Mullett. The farming operation was going well and by 1925 they had added Ray and Bob to the family. Their stay on Chilocco would soon end because of a burning desire to move to a new land. They sold everything at auction in 1926 and headed north to Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada.

The newly turned soil with the aid of irrigation produced bountiful crops but poor prices and cold, cold winters took their toll. The family returned to Kansas in October of 1929. The final move to a farm five miles west of Ark. City was made on the day of the stock market crash.

The three rooms were full because Bill had joined us in 1927, but by December Dick had joined us and early in 1931 our sister, Mildred was added to the family.

Dad started a dairy and we bottled the milk and delivered it to the employees at Chilocco. We all worked hard and by the mid-thirties the house was remodeled to fit the family and Dad bought the farm.

The depression had taken it's toll on the area but the drought that fueled the dust bowl was even more devastating. Dad never forgot the black dust clouds and was one of the first to plant tree-belts and build terraces on our farm. He also worked to bring electric power to our farm in the late thirties.

Dan was born in 1941, to complete the family, and I was preparing to leave the following year to become a Navy Pilot. The family had plenty of room from that point on because Bob and Bill would join the Navy to serve in the Pacific.

After the war the four oldest boys followed Dad in farming and Mildred and Dan went into education. Involvement in our church and community was very important to the family and that involvement led to our mother being honored in 1966 as "Kansas Mother Of The Year."

Mildred died in 1980 and Leo followed in 1986 but each day their lives continue through their six children and seventeen grandchildren.

Submitted by K. Bay Marrs
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 233.

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A.G. & Frances Marsh Family

A.G. Marsh was born and grew up in the Emporia area. He attended Ottawa University, then served in the 6th Marines in World War 1. He was in Europe and received a Citation from General Pershing and the "Croix de Guerre" from the French Government. He also received the Silver Star from our Government. Upon return to Emporia, he married Frances Lee Friend.

Frances was born at Denton, Kansas July 4, 1898. She graduated from Kansas State Normal School (later Emporia Teachers College), with a Music Degree. She played piano for gym classes, Chapel, and War Bond Rallies. The couple moved to Winfield in 1929 when they purchased Hamilton's Shoe Store at 911 Main. Their decision to choose Winfield was prompted by a declaration by Gov. Stubbs that Winfield was the best town in Kansas to raise a family. By that time, their first daughter, Jane Lee, had been born. It was depression time (continued on page 234)

Submitted by Frances M. Marsh
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 233.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 234

(continued from page 233) and starting a new business was a struggle, but the store began to do well.

Marsh's Shoe Store was family run for 50 years. Southwestern students were part-time clerks, resulting in lasting friendships. A,G. and Frances joined the First Baptist Church where he was church treas. and served on the Board of Trustees. Frances was on the Music Committee, The Priscilla Club, Eastern Star, PEO, and Music Club. Frances played in the Piano Duo Concerts that were given at Stewart Gym for several years.

A.G. was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Retail Merchants Assn. and Lion's Club. He was interested in Southwestern College and enjoyed their good basketball games. He also worked to get the swimming pool on North Main.

After a few years another daughter was born and named Shirley Jo. Both girls were in Orchestra and Shirley was in Band during High School. Jane Lee graduated from Southwestern She married Worrall Clift in 1944 and they are still Winfield residents. Their children are Marsha Lee, Gary W., and David A.

Shirley met Kenneth Everhart while she attended Southwestern for two years and they were married two years later when she graduated from Oklahoma State U. They both taught at Winfield High School, then moved to Wellington. They have four children, Rex, Lori Jo, Jeffrey, and Joni Lee. The Marsh's also have six great-grandchildren, Allyson Lee and Andrew J. Scott, Nathan and Anna Lee Clift, John Clift, and Lyndsie Oathout.

Worrall Cliff worked at Marsh's Shoe Store following World War II and became the owner. He sold the Store in 1979.

The Marsh's had chosen the right place to raise their family. A.G. died in 1979. Frances, at age 91, is still active in First Baptist Church. The entire family is very pleased that a decision was made in 1929 to come to Winfield.

Submitted by Frances L. Marsh
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 234.

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Geneva V. (Moore) Brown Marsh

I was born on a farm near Osceola, Iowa on October 27, 1902. My parents had eleven children and raised eight of them. Their names were Joseph Ewen Moore and Sippie Myrum Carter Moore. When I was four months old they moved to a farm in Montgomery County, KS west of Caney, KS. When I was four years old we moved to the suburbs of Caney where I grew up and went to school.

I met and married Ray Brown in 1922. Our only child, a daughter, Dorothy Gene, was born in 1923. We moved to Cowley County in December, 1925 and Ray worked at the Shell Refinery in Arkansas City, foundry and Santa Fe Material yards. He passed away in 1948.

In 1950 I went to Wichita and worked at Boeing Airplane Factory until I met Eugene Fuller Marsh and we got married and moved back to Cowley County.

Eugene passed away in 1980 but I still live in Arkansas City where I go to church and Friendship Meals. I live by myself and still enjoy life in 1990. I am the only one left in our family. I am older than any of them when they passed away including my parents who were 80 and 84.

I have two granddaughters: Michelle Yvone DeBerry Underkofler and Donna Haye Finefrock Redden Dettman. Donna still lives in Arkansas City. Michelle lives in Wichita. I have six great-grandchildren: Tara Jean and Kenneth Bruce Underkofler, Angie, Craig, Roger and Sonia Redden.

Submitted by Geneva Marsh
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 234.

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Alvin L. & Rose L. (Stickler) Marti

Alvin Leroy Martin was born 12 July 1922 in Arkansas City to James Henry and Violet Marie (Pool) Martin. Alvin grew up on Seventh Street and went to school in Arkansas City. Alvin received the Distinguished Service Cross while serving in WW II. He was at Okinawa and Guadalcanal. After the war Alvin worked at Dixie Portland and Kanotex (Total) Petroleum.

Rose Lee Sickler was born 18 April 1925 in Yukon, Oklahoma to Olin Opal and Lillie Mae (Potter) Sickler. She moved to Arkansas City when she was a young girl. She would tell of working in the strawberry patch at Newman's Truck Farm. She also worked at the Osage Hotel and 166 Grill.

Alvin married Rose Lee 16 Aug. 1940 at Newkirk, Oklahoma. They have three children, Richard Leon born 22 June 1941 in Arkansas City; Eloise Leora (Mrs. Lee Wayne Johnson) was born 15 April 1943 in Arkansas City; Patricia Ann was born 11 July 1944 in Arkansas City and died 17 Aug. 1946. She is buried at Blanca, Colorado.

Alvin and Rose separated after Patricia was born. Alvin married Rose Zentch, and they have three sons, James Henry, Wallace Shawn, and Bruce Wayne. Rose Lee married Gerold H. Anderson.

Alvin died 24 Aug. 1961 in Arkansas City and is buried at Riverview Cemetery.

Rose Lee died 17 Oct. 1989 in Wichita and is buried at Parker Cemetery.

Written and Submitted by Mrs. Richard Leon Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 234.

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James H. & Violet M. (Pool) Martin

James (Jim) Henry Martin was born 24 April, 1901 in Haywood, Missouri to James Pollard and Patsy Ellen (Stacy) Martin. Jim came to Arkansas City about 1906 with his parents and grandparents. Jim married Violet Marie Pool in 1920. Violet was born 13 Mar., 1905 in Arkansas City and is the daughter of Joseph Franklin and Bertha Leora (Winn) Pool.

Jim and Violet had four children. Alvin Leroy born 12 July 1922; Francis Eugene born 8 Dec. 1926; Betty Louise (Mrs. Jim Robertson) born 4 April 1929; Bobby Lee born 10 Aug. 1931. All the children were born in Arkansas City.

Jim worked for the electric company as a meter reader. He died 24 May 1938, and is buried at Riverview Cemetery.

Violet later married Berchard (Bert) Rutherford Bowser, They moved to Arkansas where their two children were born, Nelson Edward and Gloria Jean. After Bert died Violet moved back to Arkansas City. She died 17 Nov. 1986 and is buried at Riverview Cemetery.

Written and Submitted by Mrs. Richard Leon Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 234.

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James P. & Patsy E. (Stacy) Martin

James Pollard Martin, born 24 Oct. 1867 in Warsaw, Missouri, to Selector Alexander and Martha Drucilla (Hogue) Martin. James' mother died at the time he was born or soon after in 1867. James was raised by his grandparents, James and Josie Hogue.

James married Patsy (Nehy) Ellen Stacy, 27 Dec. 1891 in Virgfl, Missouri. Patsy was born 2 Nov. 1875 in Humansvifle, Missouri. She is the daughter of Levi Alexander and Eliza Ann (Miller) Stacy.

James and Nefly had five children. Harry Daniel was born in 1893 in Pasha, Missouri; Anna G. was born in 1895 in Harwood, Missouri. Anna died in 1969 in Tulsa, Oklahoma; James Henry was born 1901 in Harwood, Harold A. was born 7 Sept. 1908 in Arkansas and died 22 Oct. 1908. He is buried at Riverview Cemetery; William Dee was born 7 Sept. 1912 in Arkansas City. He married Vera Mae Puckett, 31 Dec. 1934, and they have two sons, Gary and Lawrence. William died 13 Jan. 1981 and is buried at Riverview Cemetery.

James and his family, his father Selector, and Nelly's parents, Levi and Eliza Stacy came to Arkansas City about 1906. They went to Englewood, Kansas and homesteaded land. Selector died there and the family moved back to Arkansas City. James lived on South Seventh Street for many years.

James was a well educated man. He was manager of the ice plant in Sleeth Addition for several years, worked on the railroad, and was custodian at the schools.

Nelly died 3 Nov. 1936 and James died 19 March 1941. They are both buried at Riverview Cemetery

Written and Submitted by Mrs. Richard Leon Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 234.

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Larry & Lee Martin

The family of Lee and Larry Martin of the Dexter and Maple City area came to Kansas around 1880 from Ash Grove, Illinois. The early ancestors came from England and the first Martin recorded in this family was Pyatt Martin (1775-1829).

Francisco Martin came to Kansas and located one mile north and one-half mile east of Maple City. The original land grant is in the possession of the Martin's and was signed by Ulysses S. Grant.

Francisco and his wife had six children. One son, John Wesley married Eliza Belle Sims and they began their married life in Missouri. A son, Lee was born in Carthage, Mo. in 1888. The family moved to Kansas where Lorry was born and a daughter Mary. Mary died at age I I from lock jaw. Larry lived with his parents as a young adult and operated their farm until his parents death. He then moved to Dexter. He was married (continued on page 234)

Submitted by Eula Mae Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 234.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 235

(continued from page 235) late in life and never had children. Lee and Octavia moved to the home place at that time.

Lee and Octavia Weston were married April 6, 1917. They had three children. Dorothy married Wilfred Rahn Sept. 3, 1937 and had five sons. Jesse Lee of Copan, Okla, Rodney of Springfield, Mo., and Gilbert, Raymond and Larry of Arkansas City.

Lloyd of Charleston, South Carolina, married Geraldine Brownlee July 3, 1947. They have two daughters, Linda and Karen. Lloyd spent 20 years in the army and retired in 1963. He worked in the medical field until 1984 and retired from that profession.

Ray of Dexter married Eula Mae Bair April 25, 1948. They have two daughters, Kathleen of Jupiter, Florida. Denise of Celina, Ohio and two sons, Mark of Burden and Dale of Idabel, Ok. Lucas Ray, Dale's son, is the only Martin son to carry on the family name.

The older generation of the Martin family lost contact with most of the relatives through the years. In 1981 a distant cousin was located in Topeka. He was H.W. (BiE) Martin whose grandfather, William H. was a brother to John Wesley. William H. left this area about 1890 and went into the photography business at Ottowal Ks. He was one of the first photographers that learned trick photography by enlarging objects and animals and leaving other objects in the picture a natural size. He also owned a Post Card Company and his post cards were so unique that they are now collector items. There is now a display of his post cards at the Smithsonian Institute.

H.W. (Bill) Martin has two sons, Dr. Edward Martin, a dentist, and Ross Martin, an attorney.

Larry Martin died in December, 1962. Lee died in July, 1966 and Octavia died in September of 1978. They are all buried at the Maple City Cemetery.

Ray and Eula Mae live on the last home of Larry Martin, which is located two miles south and one mile east of Dexter, moving there in 1965. Before moving to Dexter, they operated the Maple City Store from 1959 to 1970. The Post Office was in the store and Eula Mae was appointed Postmaster May 3 1, 1959 and retired from the Dexter Post Office June 2, 1989 with 30 years of service at the two offices, When Ray sold the store he went into ranching full time. The store has since closed its doors and is now a vacant building.

Ray is semi-retired from his ranching operations but he and his wife will continue to live in their country home at Dexter.

Submitted by Eula Mae Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 235.

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Richard L. & Glenda L. (Johnson) Martin

Richard Leon Martin was born 22 June 1941 in Arkansas City to Alvin Leroy and Rose Lee (Sickler) Martin. He grew up and attended school in Arkansas City. As a teenager, he worked at the bowling ally as a pinsetter. He also worked for farmers and drove a milk truck, picking up milk from farmers. Richard worked on a ranch for several years in Colorado. He now works for Gordon-Piatt Energy Group. Richard has a daughter, Janet Marie (Mrs. Steve Arentz) living in Cedar Vale, Kansas.

Glenda Louise Johnson was born 29 July 1937 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. She is the daughter of Lee Wesley and Helen Louise (Riggs) Johnson. I attended Moore Prairie and Elgin schools. When I was twelve years old, the family moved to Hugoton, Kansas. I graduated from Hugoton High School in 1955. I attended Central Business College in Denver, Colorado where I met my first husband, Kenneth Earl Lowden. He was in the Air Force. We were married 27 Mar. 1957 in Medford, Oklahoma. We have three children. Karen Kay (Mrs. Jack Allan Mitchell), presently living in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have two daughters, Christina and Barbie; Kenneth Norman (Woody), married to Nancy Ann (Gardner), presently of Thayer, Kansas. They have three sons, Branden, Kenneth Norman 11 (Kent), and Christopher; Gary Lee, married to Joy Suzann (Wheeler), presently of Arkansas City, and they have one son, Vincent. We lived in South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. After our divorce, I moved to Hackney and attended Cowley County Community College, graduating in 1983.

Richard and I were married 21 May 1983 at Hackney Baptist Church. We live in Arkansas City and enjoy camping, fishing, and the grandchildren.

Written and Submitted by Glenda L. Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 235.

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Selector A. & Martha D. (Hogue) Martin

Selector Alexander Martin was born 24 March 1831 in Springfield Illinois to James Augustus Martin. His mothers name is not known. Selector married Martha Drucilla Hogue, born 1837 in Warsaw Missouri, the daughter of James Pollard and Josie (Gaylord) Hogue, on 21 January 1867.

Their only son James Pollard was born 24 October 1867 at Warsaw Missouri. Martha died when James was born or soon after in 1867. James was raised by his grandparents, James and Josie Hogue.

Selector came to Arkansas City about 1906 with his son and family. They went to Englewood Kansas and homesteaded some land. Selector died 20 August 1908 in Englewood Kansas and is buried there. When Selector died James and his family gave up the land and moved back to Arkansas City.

Written and Submitted by Mrs. Richard Leon Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 235.

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Victor Hugo, Jr. & Emma J. Miller Martin

Victor Hugo Martin, Jr. was born March 25, 1924 at St. Mary's Hospital, Winfield, Kansas. His parents Victor Hugo and Ethel Vernon Alexander Martin came to Winfield from Ohio in the early 1920's. Mr. Martin did leasing and promoting of oil and gas fields in Kansas, including the Hugoton gas field Mrs. Martin was a homemaker. Victor has an older sister, Suzanne Martin Taylor of Winfield.

Victor H. Martin attended Winfield Schools and graduated from Winfield High School in 1942. He attended Southwestern College before entering the army late 1943. In Mary, 1944 he was sent to Europe with an engineering company to build bridges. He was in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium Dec. 1944. Later his company reformed as a transportation unit that helped transport European prisoners back to their native countries. After he was discharged in Mary 1946, he attended Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and received his Bachelor Science degree in 1950. He worked in Denver, Colorado then returned to Winfield and worked at Boeing Airplane Company in the avionic group for 34 years before retiring in 1987.

Emma June Miller was born June 2, 1925 at the farm home in Tisdale Township, Cowley County, Kansas. Her parents ere Reuben Hagar and Mcible Couller Miller. She attended Tisdale grade school and graduated from Winfield High School in 1943. She received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Northwestern State College, Alva, Oklahoma in 1946. She had a year's internship in Medical Technology at the University of Oklahoma Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has been a registered medical technologist at the Snyder Clinic and Wm. Newton Hospital in Winfield.

Emma June Miller and Victor Hugo Martin, Jr. were married June 5, 1955 at the Tisdale Church. They are the parents of three children, Emmalee Jeanette, Victor Hugo III and Julianna June. All are graduates of Winfield High School.

Emmalee received a Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas in 1979. She took additional work at University of Texas at Austin, Texas. Presently is an assistant director of work release program with the Kansas correctional Department in Wichita. Michael Conover and Emmalee Martin were married December 30, 1989. They reside in Winfield.

Victor H. Martin III received a Bachelor of Science in nuclear medicine technology from Kansas Newman College and St. Francis Hospital in Wichita in 198 1 . He married Pamela Ayers on September 21, 1985 in Lawton, Oklahoma. Victor is an assistant chief in the nuclear medicine department at Baptist Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK. They live in Oklahoma City.

Julianna received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in 1986. Currently, she is portfolio services administrator at Bank IV in Wichita, KS.

Submitted by Emma June Miflor Martin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 235.

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Rolland Cable Maurer

Rolland Cable Maurer was born in Ohio, January 27, 1847. He moved to Kansas about 1863. A few years after moving to Emporia, he moved to Cowley County and bought a claim from one of the 17 young men who had ridden from Madison and Emporia, Kansas. This claim was five miles north of Dexter on Grouse Creek. Then Rolland went back to Ohio and married Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Hoover. He brought Mollie back to Kansas and they lived in a sod house until Rolland was able to build a better house. He brought limestone from the hills to the east of his property and built a two-story, eight room house. The house was finished in 1883 and the Maurers moved into the house. Mabel, the eldest child, was four-years-old at the time. Later, four other children were born: James, who died in infancy, Alva Curtis Maurer, John Logan, who also died in infancy, an Paul Dewitt, who died on April 14, 1920 at the age of 29.

Rolland taught the first term of school at the little school house in Star Valley, District No. 7 and farmed his 240 acres of land. He was killed by a bolt of lightning in 1907.

After Rolland's death, Mollie sold the farm to her daughter, Mabel, and her husband Ross Mathias Thompson. Mollie and Paul then moved into Dexter. Paul attended Dexter High School and later went to a pharmacy school. Mollie bought a drug store in Dexter for Paul. Paul gave the drug store back to his mother because he did not like being confined in the store all the time. He then went to work in the oil fields. Mollie ran the drug store until she was 78 years of age. She was known to everyone as "Aunt Mollie." Mollie's daughter and her husband, Mabel and Ross Mathias Thompson, farmed the land they bought from Mollie. There were four children born to them: Norman Lynn, Mina Lucile, Dorothy Madge and Nellie Zerdda. All the children attended Star Valley School and all graduated from Dexter High School. (continued on page 236)

Submitted by Lucile Thompson Horn
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 235.

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