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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 221

(continued from page 220) and Gertrude died in 1959; they were buried in Highland Cemetery. Bob was born in Wichita in 1916 and was fourteen years old when the Kitches moved to Winfield. After graduating from Winfield High School in 1934 and Kansas State University in 1938, he farmed west of Tunnel Mill Dam on land that included Kickapoo Corral. He often found arrowheads left by the Indians who had camped there in early days. In 1944 he married Ruth Avery, who had moved to Winfield in 1940 to be the home demonstration agent, Ruth was born in 1915 near Concordia to Cecil and Georgia (Cool) Avery. The Averys had moved to Kansas from Michigan, and the Cools came from Illinois. Ruth graduated from Concordia High School in 1933 and Kansas State University in 1939.

Bob later combined farming with construction work and operating the Winfield Building Stone Company. He has built many stone houses and fireplaces and continues that work in his "retirement". After the births of their daughters, Ruth taught home economics in the Winfield school system until retiring in 1978.

Bob and Ruth's daughters graduated from Winfield High School, and Judy and Jane also graduated from Kansas State University and lo Ann from the University of Kansas. Judy is an accountant and lives in Ponca City, Oklahoma, with her husband, John Wohletz, and their children, Justin and Jami. Jo Ann Kitch is a paralegal in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jane and her husband, Glen Sandbulte, live at 105 Red Bud Drive, Winfield, with their sons, Matt, fourteen, and Tom, twelve. Glen, the son of the late William and Rebecca (Wesselink) Sandbulte, grew up in northwest Iowa and graduated from Central College in Pella, Iowa. He is an agent for Cowley County Farm Bureau Insurance. Jane is the news editor of The Winfield Daily Courier and teaches an English class for Cowley County Community College.

After living on their farm for forty-one years, Bob and Ruth moved to 1616 E. 20th Avenue, Winfield, in 1985. They are longtime members of the First United Methodist Church.

Submitted by Jane (Kitch) Sandbulte
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 221.

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A.K. Kittelson Family

Grandpa Charles and Grandma Adelaide Kittelson were born in Illinois but their parents had Game to the states from Norway in the early 1840's.

They had five children, only Amos, my Dad, and Uncle Emmer grew to be adults. Grandma died in 1903, she and the three children are buried at Leland.

One day a man stopped by the farm and wanted to buy it. Grandpa quoted a high price thinking no one would buy, but the man did. So they had to move. Hearing about the development in Kansas they decided to come here to look for a home. They bought a half section five miles west of Winfield in the Kellogg area and moved here in March 1907. The big nine room house on the farm had been moved down from Wichita. On 12/16/1908 Dad married Ary Ann Fife, whose family had come here in January 1906 from Macomb, Ill. Kenneth Levi, born 1/26/1910, and was killed in a machinery accident in November 1912. I was born 10/3/1912. In 1913 the family moved to Los Angeles, California area and worked in the orange groves. Laverne, born 7/10/1916 at Fullerton. As a three year old I had a bad habit of running off, so mama put a harness on me and fastened it to the clothesline, Later in 1916 the family returned to the Cowley County farm.

Amos and Ary took great pride in their home keeping it and the farm in top shape. They were active in Kellogg School District, Kellogg Farmers Union, C. E. T. Club and the Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church. I remember my mother sitting in her rocker at the end of the dining room table reading and studying her Bible. She was a religious person and taught classes at the church Dad played the fiddle and Mama sang so there was much music.

After World War II was declared the government wanted an auxiliary flying field to train pilots, stationed at Strother Field, how to land and take off. They took the section of which the southwest quarter was our farm. All four families living on the section had to move, all buildings were torn down, and the Mt. Vernon Church closed because of lost members and noise from the planes.

Dad and Mama moved to a farm 3 1/2 miles west of Winfield. Mama went to the basement to start water heater not knowing butane gas had leaked into the basement. The match caused an explosion burning her severely. She died 6/20/1944.

I married Kenneth Waite, a farmer, in 1933. It was the depression years, and a tornado did extensive damage to the Waite buildings in August and Kenneth said things couldn't get any worse, so he just got married, Children Ralph and Arlene. At age 14 Arlene died on 12/27/1954. Ralph married Ruth Comstock. Their children are Buck, Shane, Audie and Kyle. Kyle died suddenly at age 17 and is buried at Lenapah, Oklahoma. Ralph has six grandchildren.

Laverne, a farmer and rural mail carrier, married Margaret Briley. Children are Gary, Carol, Rick and Beth. Laverne served in World War II. Gary married Lynn Portous, children Michael and Jeffery, and two grandchildren. Carol married Willard Morris, children Sandi and Barbie. She later married Steve Johnson, son Patrick, and Steve adopted Sandi and Bar bie. Rick married Debbie Kleitz, son Kyle Justin. Beth married Bill Lowery, step-daughter Kimberley.

Grandpa died 6/30/1928 and was buried in Leland, Illinois. Dad died 9/18/1959. Mama died 6/20/1944. Both are buried in Mr. Vernon Cemetery northwest of Winfield. Arlene is buried, also.

Submitted by Geneva Kittelson Waite
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 221.

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Thomas & Sarah Ann (Ely) Knox

Thomas Knox and Sarah Ann Ely married in Washington, Pennsylvania, October 2, 1845. In the spring of 1846 they loaded their household goods into wagons and went to Harrison County, Ohio, to live for twenty years. Another westward trek in 1866 took them to a farm located one mile from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where Thomas engaged in stock raising as well as general farming. He was energetic and a shrewd businessman greatly respected in that community. Their eight children were: John M. of Nobte County, Ohio; Robert McCoy married Emily Lora Hawkins' Margaret married Ed S. Chenoweth, a resident of Rush County, Kansas; Martha Jane married James Hawkins Davis, who died in 1883, so she with her three children resided at home with Thomas and Sarah as did their sons, James F. and William; Nettie married J.D. Forbes of Dawes County, Nebraska; Ellen married Allen Chandler of Henry County, Ohio. In 1890, at the age of seventy-four, Thomas and some of his family moved westward again to Cowley County, Kansas, where they settled at the northeast corner of the present conversion of Highway 160 and County Highway 3 near Oxford. Here they again established a comfortable house and barn and raised fine livestock. A triangle across the road from their residence is the Kellogg Cemetery where they are both buried.

The Scottish parents of Thomas Knox were John and Margaret Miki Knox, who were married in Bellymona, County, Antrim, Ireland, in 1811, and sailed from Belfast to the United States. John bought 110 acres near Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1813, where he set aside a portion for a Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, The church has been moved from the original site and is now North Buffalo United Presbyterian Church near Washington, Pennsylvania. The bemetery has almost disappeared except for the Knox section which is protected by a stone wall provided by Thomas's brother, William. The cemetery is no longer owned by a Knox family.

Robert McCoy, son of Thomas and Sarah, married Emily Lora Hawkins in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and moved west to the farm, across the road west of Grandview Church, with three children: Angeline Roth married Thomas Ervin King and lived north of Winfield to rear their nine children; Harry Sullivan (continued on page 222)

Submitted by Alice L. Parcel
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 221.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 222

(continued from page 221) married Mary Charlotte (Lottie) Wilson, daughter of nearby Charles William and Adaline Bonnett Wilson, in Grandview Church on New Year's Eve 1917 and after serving in World War I homesteaded property two and one-half miles northwest of Pritchett, Colorado, and raised three children; Robert Price married Dorothy Percy Asbury to produce two daughters.

Lottie tells of walking the road before departing for the Colorado homestead with her first born, Harry Alfred, in her arms to visit "Grandma King", mother of Thomas Ervin King. It was to be an introduction and a farewell. Harry Alfred was born in Floral, Kansas, in the home of his grandparents, Robert McCoy and Emily Lora Knox.

Submitted by Alice L. Parcel
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 222.

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James H. Koons

James H. Koons' introduction to Cowley County as a resident came on October 1, 1917 when he bought into and became cashier of the Bank of Commerce in Udall. He had graduated from Drake University Law School in 1916 and became secretary of the Bankers Trust in Des Moines, Iowa. He had been born there July 15, 1893.

In December of 1917 he was married to Margaret Ewers, also a 1916 graduate of Drake in education. She taught second grade at Webster School in Winfield until her marriage. She was the daughter of Cyrus D. and Gertrude Ewers. The Ewers family came to Winfield in 1915. They bought the house at 1401 E. 9th which had been built that year. James and Margaret were married in this house. They moved into it in 1931 to care for her mother after her father passed away. After the mother died in 1944 it became their home and is still home to J.H. Koons. Margaret passed away in 1985.

James served several months in the army in 1918. After returning from service, he and Margaret lived in Udall until moving to Winfield where he went into the Winfield National Bank as executive vice-president on March 1, 1923. James Lorton was president and Henry Kibbey was cashier. Koons became president when Mr. Lorton became ill. The bank was sold in 1945 so J.H. Koons could pursue other interests. The Winfield National Bank, which had been opened in 1870, was the first bank in Winfield and the oldest in the county.

The Koons became members of the First Presbyterian Church on March 23, 1921. He was elected a ruling elder April 17, 1927 and served the church in several capacities for many years. Mr. Koons is a long-time member of the Chamber of Commerce and a charter member of the Lions Club. He also served on the board of William Newton Memorial Hospital for many years.

Submitted by James H. Koons
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 222.

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Paul & Verna Krause Family

The Paul Krause family moved to 1121 Mound in Winfield on August 27, 1969 via U-Haul from Sioux City, Iowa, where Paul became chaplain at the Winfield State Hospital and Training Center, which had a resident population of 1,000 at the time. Members of the family at home besides Paul and Verna (Bartels, Beardsley) were Karen, who had just graduated from St. John's College in spring, Marcie (10) and Alan (5), and "Spooky," their black collie-spaniel mixed pet.

Two older children complete the family circle: Jean (Heise), who also graduated from St. John's in 1965 and presently lives in Rockford, IL and Tom, who followed his father's footsteps and became a minister and presently is pastor in a growing congregation in Leawood, KS. Karen married a 11 Johnnie" classmate, Roger Franzen, who is a minister in Minneapolis, MN. Marcie carried on the family tradition and attended St. John's and later Wesley School of Nursing where she met her husband, Jeff Luna. Both are nurses and live in Wichita. Alan, the youngest, graduated from Kansas State University as a veterinarian and now practices in Southern Pines, NC. Brenda (Kreger) his wife and he also met at KSU.

Verna, from Wakefield, Nebraska, received her nurses training as an RN in Sioux City, Iowa. She put her nursing career on hold for a year after the move to Winfield, but has since ministered to many patients in William Newton Memorial Hospital.

Paul was the seventh in the Krause family to attend St. John's College, for six years in both the academy and college, from 1932 to 1938. Others from the family to cittend, beginning with 1913, were Gertrude, Christiana, Eleonora, Raymond, Kordula and Werner. Chris (Christiana) was secretary to Mr. Gott, founder of the Gott Corporation, until she married Wm. D. Allen. Eleonora was secretary to Drs. Rehwinkel and Mundinger, presidents of St. John's College, until 1940.

After graduating from St. John's in 1938 and from Concordia Seminary in 1943 in St. Louis, Paul spent 18 years in the parish ministry of the Lutheran Church, in Mobile, Alabama; Waterloo, Illinois; Duluth and Elmore, Minnesota, before entering the hospital chaplaincy in Sioux City, Iowa. There he served four large hospitals, some 20 nursing homes and other institutions, in addition to being the speaker of the "Good Shepherd Hour" on radio KSCJ for eight years.

After coming to Winfield, Paul developed the use of marionettes, object lessons, role playing, and the like in teaching Bible stories to the residents. He was also in charge of training deaconess and ministerial interns. After retirement in 1983, Paul became executive director of the St. John's Alumni Association for five years. As members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Verna and Paul are actively engaged in church activities. Paul continues to preach frequently as needed in area churches and is busy at home with many "honey do's" while Verna continues as part-time nurse at WNMH.

Submitted by Paul & Verna Krause
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 222.

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Richard "Terry" & Melody K. Hull Krueger

We were both raised here in Cowley County, having met during high school at Ark City. We were married in Ark City in 1978. Both our families came to Cowley County for work reasons. Upon completion of our college years at Emporia State we decided to use our two degrees (Terry, B.S. in Business 1978 and Melody, B.S.E. in secondary ed. with double major of Home Economics and Psychology 1979) and open a restaurant.

When Melody's father, Vern D. Hull, heard our plans he contacted Paul Cameron who had the Daylight Donut Shop here in Winfield early in his career and now worked for the company as an area representative.

Two weeks from Melody's graduation from Emporia State, June 1979, we purchased the present Daylight Donut Shop in Winfield and began our business. We came home to Cowley County. Home to the nicest people anywhere on earth.

We soon became very involved in Winfield and all its activities. When in 1986 the traffic lights were removed from two of the downtown corners, Terry fought very hard to keep them.

Soon after their removal we moved our business to 910 Main, where we could be closer to the downtown business district. Melody was very excited to represent Judy Showalter as chairperson of her campaign for election as the first woman city commissioner, and later first woman mayor of Winfield.

When our first child, Amanda, was born, Melody and Terry worked until it was time to go to the hospital (one hour before birth) to "Make the Donuts" Aug. 10, 1982. Amanda grew up in the Donut Shop as she was brought each morning along with her parents and put back to sleep, hopefully. She often helped with the production by telling her Daddy to "Wake up, Dada!"

Keegan, our second child, was born during the removal of the traffic light question. The day before his birth, Feb. 26, 1986, Melody accompanied Terry to downtown businesses seeking signatures on a petition to keep the lights, pulling Amanda in a wagon. Keegan spent much of his first months swinging in an infant swing as Mom and Dad made the donuts. Always wanting to help with the business, Keegan, 8 months old, ate some of the linoleum glue during the renovation and remodeling of the new store at 910 Main in Oct. 1986.

As our business has grown over the years, we've seen Winfield blossom and grow, too. We've been very excited to discover that Daylight Donuts in Tulsa, Okla buys all their flour from, where-else, Cowley County. Cowley County is truly home to the Terry Kruegers.

Submitted by Terry Krueger
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 222.

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Krusemark Family

David George Krusemark and Nancy Marie Hay were married August 13, 1977, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Girard, KS, Nancy's home town. At the time of their marriage, both were students at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS. (continued on page 223)

Submitted by Nancy Krusemark.
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 222.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 223

(continued from page 222) David earned a BST degree in electronics and Nancy a BSBA in finance, BSBA in accounting, and a minor in economics. After completing their degrees, the couple moved to Independence, KS and David began work at Funk Manufacturing, Coffeyville, KS, Nancy worked as an accountant at ARCO Pipeline, Independence, KS until their first child was born. David ciccepted a position with General Electric and the couple moved to Winfield in September, 1980 with their infant daughter.

David was horn and raised at Pratt, KS. He is the son of Raymond and Lillian Krusemark. His mother, Lillian (Narjes) Krusemark attended St. Johns College, graduating in 1939 with her parish worker/teacher's certificate. She held various District and International offices in the Lutheran Women's Missionary League including International Christian Growth Chairman. David's father, Raymond Krusemark, worked as a construction worker. Raymond and Lillian still reside at the family form, Pratt, KS from May thru October, November thru April they reside at their second home in Harlington, TX where they enjoy square dancing.

Nancy was born and raised in Girard, KS. She is the daughter of Ernest and Gladys Hay Jr. Her mother, Gladys (Kroenke) Hay, at the age of 15 worked in the St. Johns College Kitchen, Winfield, KS (1947-48). Nancy's father, Ernest Hay Jr., worked in heavy construction as an electrician.

David and Nancy have five children: Kimberly Dawn Krusemark born on July 9, 1980, Independence, KS; Sandi Marie Krusemark, born on November 6, 1981 Winfield, Rebekah Diane Krusemark born on March 7, 1984, Winfield, Sharon Annette Krusemark born on August 14, 1986, Winfield; and Jonathan David Krusemark born on December 24, 1989, Winfield. The Krusemark children attend Trinity Lutheran School, Winfield. The family attends Trinity Lutheran Church, Winfield.

David is employed by General Electric, Strother Field, as a test systems specialist. Nancy is a homemaker.

Both David and Nancy are licensed as Amateur Radio Operators and are actively involved in the Cowley County Amateur Radio Club. Davis currently serves as the club's secretary/treasurer and Nancy is publicity director.

Nancy and daughter, Kimberly, study piano under the direction of Judy Johnson, Winfield.

Submitted by Nancy Krusemark
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 223.

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Edward Squire Kunkle

Edward Squire Kunkle was born 8-28-1858 at Tremont City, Ohio, the sixth of nine children of Anthony D. Kunkle and Amelia Hildebrand. Edward was married 4-27-1881 to Clara Alice "Carrie" Irwin, who was born 12-15-1858 in Millerstown, Ohio, the daughter of William S. Irwin and Louisa M. Becker. Edward and Carrie moved to Cowley County in March of 1901 and settled on a farm north of Rock. Carrie died at Rock 7-14-1927 and Edward died 3-4-1934, also at Rock. Both are buried in Union Cemetery at Winfield. Their ten children are: William Arthur Kunkle, born 4-12-1882 in Clark Co., Ohio, died 7-26-1953 at Rock, and is buried in Graham Cemetery, Winfield; Clarence Earl Kunkle, born 1-12-1884 in Clark Co., Ohio, died 6-13-1963 in Wichita, and is buried in Graham Cemetery, Winfield; Rolla Eldon Kunkle, born 9-8-1885 in Clark Co., Ohio, died 3-31-1943 at Douglass, Kansas. He was married 9-23-1908 at Winfield to Verna Starkey, who was born 1-7-1889 at Colfax, Illinois, died 12-29-1978 at Winfield. Both are buried in Highland Cemetery, Winfield; Harry Clyde Kunkle, born 3-4-1887 at Springfield, Ohio, died 9-6-1959 at Winfefld. He was married 9-7-1910 at Bodarc, Kansas to Elsie Esther McDaniel, who was born 12-29-1889 at Rosalia, Kansas, died 1-31-1963 at Winfield. Both are buried in the Douglass, Kansas Cemetery; Glenna Olive "Ollie" Kunkle, born 11-27-1890 at Springfield, Ohio, died 4-18-1971 at Concordia, Kansas. She was married 12-23-1909 in Wichita, to Cuthbert Forest Houser, who was born 24-1890 near Rock, died 2-7-1951 at Winfield. Both are buried in the Douglass, Kansas Cemetery; Nina May Kunlde, born 5-24-1893 in Clark Co., Ohio, died 9-26-1975 at Augusta, Kansas. She was married 3-10-1915 at Wichita, to Perry Lee Wade, who was born 12-91891 at Agency, Missouri, died in July of 1962 at Wichita. Both are buried in the Douglass, Kansas Cemetery; Ralph Dean Kunkle, born 8-22-1896 in Clark Co., Ohio, died B-14-1961 at Wichita. He was first married 3-31-1917 in Kay Co., Oklahoma to Ruby Claire Akers, who was born 8-7-1895 near Rock, died 3-23-1929 at Winfield. Ralph was married second in 1938 to Helen Ellsworth, who was born 8-11-1895 at Hunnewell, Kansas, died 6-17-1984 at Douglass, Kansas. Ralph, Ruby and Helen are buried in Highland Cemetery, Winfield; Bernice Marie Kunkle, born 4-4-1899 in Clark Co., Ohio, died 12-26-1980 at El Dorado, Kansas. She was married 9-9-1920 at Douglass, Kansas to Ruben Loos, who was born 11-4-1901 at Shaeffer, Kansas, died 1-4-1980 at Et Dorado. Both are buried in Sunset Lawns Cemetery, El Dorado; Walter Stanley Kunkle, born 1-26-1901 at Mfllerstown, Ohio, died 7-18-1965 at El Dorado, Kansas and is buried in Sunset Lawns Cemetery, El Dorado. He was married 7-28-1931 at Belle Plaine, Kansas to Kathryn Parsons who was born 12-21-1904 at Chelsea, Kansas.

Submitted by Connie Becker Lawrence
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 223.

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Peter Arthur & Sarah (Johnson)Langenwalter

Peter Arthur Langenwalter and Sarah Jean Johnson were married Nov. 14, 1980. They have three children: Hannah Bess (Dec. 1983), Thomas Aaron (May 1986), and William Joseph (Sept. 1988). They live at 2204 W. 9th, Winfield.

Peter was born Sept. 5, 1955 in Wichita, Kansas, His parents are Dorothea Hodgson Langenwalter and Robert George Langenwalter, both of Wichita. Peter has three sisters and one brother: Nancy Langenwalter Lynch (Littleton, Co.), Elizabeth Langenwalter McCorskey (Denver, Co.), Wendy Langenwalter Millsap (Wichita, Ks.), and William Robert Langenwalter (Wichita, Ks.).

Peter was raised in Wichita and attended both Wichita State University and Kansas State University after graduating from Southeast High in 1973. In 1973, he also survived an airplane crash. Throughout his teen years, he worked on cars when he could. In the early 1970's, Peter and a partner had an artglass business in Colorado Springs, Co. After moving back to Wichita in 1975, Peter became increasingly involved with working on autos, especially BMW'S. In 1982, he started a business called Motorsport Automotive, Inc. specializing in German cars. He now has one partner in an expanded version of Motorsport called Import Auto Center, Inc. in Wichita.

Sarah was born Nov. 7, 1955 in Winfield, Kansas, Her parents are Marilyn J. Johnson and the late Aaron Burr Johnson. Sarah has three brothers: Aaron Bruce Johnson, Norfolk. Va.; Raymond Clyde Johnson; and Daniel Thornton Johnson, both in the Winfield area.

Sarah was raised on Rt. 5, Winfield and is a graduate of R-9 (now Pleasant Valley) and Winfield High School in 1973. She also graduated from KSU in 1977, the University of San Diego's Legal Assistant Program in 1979, and became a Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) in 1981. She worked during college semesters at First National Bank, Winfield, United Bank in Littleton, Co. for a semester while in school there, for KG&E's legal counsel in Wichita for a couple of years and for the Martin, Pringle law firm for three years.

Peter and Sarah bought their home in Winfield from Ethel Rupp the week Thomas was born and worked on updating it for a year, mostly weekends, until they moved in. Family and friends helped to make that possible. The Langenwalters chose to live in the Winfield area to be near the farm and family.

Submitted by Sarah Langenwalter
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 223.

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John, Arthur, Lloyd Lanier

John and Nancy Lanier left North Carolina with their children and headed their wagons west. It was at Carthage, Illinois that Arthur Aristabulis was born on February 19, 1869. They made their last move west and settled in the Prairie View community west of Atlanta in 1872.

Ida Kinkaid was born in Franklin County Kansas in 1874. The Kinkaid's settled near Douglass and Arthur and Ida were married in 1894. They had three children, Cecil, Belva and Bernice before moving to 80 acres south of Latham near the head waters of Timber Creek where the Ridings Watershed Lcike is located. There they experienced the rigors of pioneer farming-prairie fires, grasshoppers and drought. After two years they moved back west of Atlanta where Lloyd was born in 1907. (continued on page 224)

Submitted by Thelma Groom Lanier.
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 223.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 224

(continued from page 223) In 1909 they bought 160 acres near Atlanta, one mile as the crow flies, west of Upper Timber Creek School.

At about the same time, in 1909, Herbert Groom settled three and a half miles south of Atlanta, also on Timber Creek. L Thelma was also born in 1907. Lloyd and I lived our childhoods a few miles apart on Timber Creek but never met until age 14. We became good friends, then romance developed and we were married August 8, 1928. This was the starting of the Depression and the Dirty Thirty's. Everyone who lived through those days can testify that life during this period was not easy.

Joyce and Myron came to bless our home west of Atlanta. After thirteen years we moved to a farm on Grouse Creek and in two years we purchased a farm near Rosalia. It was here that Myron became known as Mike.

By this time, Arthur and Ida had retired in Atlanta and Lloyd and I bought the home place. Joyce and Mike both graduated from Atlanta High School. Joyce graduated from Emporia State Teachers College and married Merle Krehbiel. Mike enlisted in the Air Force and married Katherine Thompson. We were blessed with six grandchildren and one greatgrandchild.

Lloyd and I both worked on our diversified farm until 1971. We retired to a new home in Atlanta and there we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary in August 1978.

I always had a desire to travel but Lloyd was a homebody. Finally, as our work lessened, Lloyd told me he would take me anywhere in Kansas, if we could start in the morning and be home by night! Going on long drives became a pleasure. They sometimes stretched over the weekend! Although we did take a few long trips it is the day long excursions I sorely miss, since Lloyd's life came to a tragic end in an instant of time a few days after our fifty-first anniversary.

The Lanier girls spent their lives in Cowley County. Belva married W. E. Gordon of Atlanta; Bernice married Paul Wilcox of Winfield. The oldest child, Cecil, married Fannie Ketterman and is the only living child of Arthur and Ida Lanier. Hard work and time has taken its toll, but Cecil's mind is amazingly alert as he nears the celebration of his 94th birthday.

Although we never became rich we were wealthy in memories of our church, our friends, and our families and our community.

Thelma Groom Lanier
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 224.

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The Lanier family left France, to London, England to Barbados, leaving for Brunswick, County, Virginia and then to Davidson, County, North Carolina. John Lanier, son of Rev. Benjaimin Lanier and Anna Stewart. John married Nancy C. Morris, then came to Kansas in 1872.

The John Volkmann and Doroetha Fuhrke of Germany came to America in 1869, stopping in Cincinnati, Ohio and on to Kansas to settle along the Rock Creek area and took a 'homestead'.

The Lanier family and the Volkmann family became very good friends and then one of the Lanier son's, Otha, married into the Volkmann's family to a daughter, Anna Volkmann. Each family came by boat to America and looking for a new promise land to settle and raise their families.

The Lanier family children were: Sarah who married Charles H. Bing; Emma married John Shields; William married Belle Wolfe; Effie married William Venable; Arthur married Ida Kincaid; and Otha married Anna Volkmann.

The Volkmann family children were: Anna who married to Otha Lanier; John Volkmann never married; Mary who married Frank Deichlman; Mattie married Joe Hall; Dora died in Germany and another Dora died in Kansas.

Doroetha Fuhrke Lanier sold her gold pins in Germany so she could purchase the farm for them to 'homestead' an and help purchase bottom lands along Rock Creek in Kansas.

The two families settled in Kansas and were neighbors and attended many of the same functions. Each of the children marrying in the community and raising families throughout Cowley and Butler counties in Kansas. Many still live in the area of Prairie View Community and throughout Kansas. John and Nancy Lanier are great-grandparents and Otha and Anna Lanier are grandparents of the writer, Pauline Kenndy Jones. John Volkinarm and Doroetha Volkmann are buried in Douglass cemetery, Otha and Anna Lanier are buried in Wi,lmot cemetery.

The Lanier's and Volkmann's families both 'homesteaded' in this area and grew up with the Prairie View Community located nearby Atlanta, Kansas. The families are over a wide area of Kansas and many states living their lives today.

Submitted by Pauline Kennedy Jones
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 224.

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Edward Austin Lawrence

Edward Austin Lawrence was born 4/15/1888 near Green Forest, Arkansas. He was the ninth of eleven children of William Henry Lawrence and Martha Mary Ann Ham. Edward's mother died when he was ten years old and his father married Sarah California "Calhe" Anderson just six months later. Edward did not like his stepmother and finally, in 1904 he bought a train ticket to Beaumont, Kansas. He planned to go out west and become a cowboy." His first job in Kansas was in a livery stable in Beaumont but he soon moved on to working on various ranches in the Latham, Kansas area. While attending a Labor Day celebration in Atlanta, Kansas in 1908, Edward met Mary Ardena Cheever and they were married by Judge Ellis Fink in Winfield, Kansas on 2/13/1913. Mary was born 7/1/1894 at Palmer, Illinois, the daughter of Davis Dimock Cheever and Amelia Randles.

After the death of Mary's father in 1920, she and Edward bought 320 acres in Windsor Township in northeastern Cowley County from his estate and farmed it for forty years. They retired from the farm in 1960 and moved into Burden, Kansas. Edward died 12/25/1969 at Winfield and is buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery southeast of Atlanta, Kansas. Edward and Mary were the parents of five children: Loyd Leroy Lawrence, born 10/10/1913 in Windsor Township, Cowley County, Kansas. He was married 9/7/35 at Winfield, Kansas to Juanita Wanda Fromm, who was born 12/13/1916 near Cambridge, Kansas. She was the daughter of Earl Gordon Fromm and Olevia Letha Jamerson.

Kenneth Loren Lawrence, born near Cambridge, Kansas. He was first married 7/31/1933 at Burden, Kansas to Sadie Mae Hawkins who was born 10/7/1915 at Cedar Vale, Kansas, died 4/23/1985 at Wichita, Kansas, and is buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery southeast of Atlanta, Kansas. She was the daughter of Dennes R. Hawkins and Nellie Gladys Myers. Kenneth was married second 2/8/1986 at Wichita, Kansas to Edna Florence Hicks Henderson who was born 7/17/1922 at Dennison, Ohio. She is the daughter of Benjamin Allen Hicks and Edna Ella Green.

Ruthella Pearl "Ruth" Lawrence, born 10/2/1917 in Windsor Township, Cowley County, Kansas, died 4/7/1980 at Wellington, Kansas, and is buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery southeast of Atlanta, Kansas. She was married 10/3/1937 atBurden, Kansas to Clarence Eugene Lanier who was born 5/17/1917 at Atlanta, Kansas. He is the son of Cecil Hobart Lanier and Fannie Florence Ketterman.

Alta Mae Lawrence, born 12/6/1919 in Windsor Township, Cowley County, Kansas. She was married 9/28/1938 at Burden, Kansas to Howard Wilbur Sumner who was born 9/28/1919 at Rowell, Arkansas. He is the son of Rufus Samuel Sumner and Viola Delight Chambers.

Robert Lee Lawrence, born 12/3/1921 in Windsor Township, Cowley County, Kansas, died 1/30/1977 at Houston, Texas, and is buried in Highland Cemetery at Winfield, Kansas. He was married 7/1/1942 near Atlanta, Kansas to Irma Dean Brashear who was born 8/7/1922 near Watova, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of Otto Miles Brashear and Bessie Evaline Brashear.

Robert D. Lawrence
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 224.

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Gerald E. & Junea A. Lawrence Family

Gerald E. Lawrence was born in Winfield, Kansas 4-15-29 to John S. and Mildred (Wise) Lawrence. He graduated from Winfield High School in 1946 and Kansas State University, May 1950.

Junea Arlone Cranston, born at Langdon, Kansas, 1-26-30 to Alva Leroy and Mabel (Chrislip) Cranston. They moved to Winfield in 1935. She graduated from Winfield High School in 1948, attended Emporia State College for one year and then married Gerald, 8-26-49. She taught school at St. George, Kansas, while Gerald finished his last year at KSU.

After graduation from KSU, with a commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Infantry reserve, Gerald contracted to teach vocational agriculture in Lebanon, Kansas. Before school started in September he received orders to report to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, for active duty. He taught three weeks then reported to the Army.

He was at Ft. Leonard Wood until April 1951 when he was ordered to Korea. Arriving in Korea in August, he was assigned as a rifle platoon leader on the front line with the 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division. After five months on the front line he was assigned as battalion communication officer.

Shortly after 1-1-52 Major General L.L. Lemnitzer, Commanding General, 7th Infantry Division, came to the top of, Heartbreak Ridge to meet and interview Lt. Lawrence. A short time later the General chose him to be his personal aide-de-camp. He returned home with General Lemnitzer in July. Shortly after coming home he was released from active duty.

Gerald and Junea started actively farming late the summer of 1952 and continue to this day. They operated the Winfield Hatchery along with farming in partnership with Henry Gentry 1954-1958, purchasing total ownership in 1958. In 1961 the hatchery was moved three and one-fourth miles west of Winfield, until it ceased operation in 1967.

Junea returned to college at Southwestern, graduating in 1969. She taught in the Special Education program while working on her Masters Degree, receiving it from Wichita State University in 1973. She has since changed to the regular classroom, teaching first grade at Country View School one year, then at Irving School to this time, 1990.

Gerald has been active in Cowley County Farm Bureau and Kansas Farm Bureau from 1955 to the present day. He served as county president for three years. He was appointed to the State Resolutions Committee in 1957-1959. In 1961, was selected for one of the Man Leader-of-the-Year awards and received an expense paid trip to Washington D.C. in March 1962. While in D.C. he was privileged to visit General Lemnitzer at the Pentagon in his office as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff.

In November 1968, Gerald was elected to the Board of Directors of Kansas Farm Bureau, as a district director. He held that position until 1983 when he was elected Vice President, a position he held until December 1989.

luena and Gerald are extremely proud of their family.

Kathleen Kay, born 4-14-51, married Christopher Michael of Winfield. They have one daughter, Carrie Kathleen, and reside in Evanston, Wyoming. (continued on page 225)

Submitted by Gerald E. Lawrence
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 224.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 225

(continued from page 224) Terry Lynn, born 4-3-53, married Tamar Ann Gills of Winfield. They have two sons, Jarred Douglass and Matthew Ryan, and one daughter, Sarah Diane.

Kristine Louise born 5-16-54, teaches in West High School, Wichita.

Joanna Marie born 5-14-57, married Blame Orr of Winfield. They have two sons, Cory Blame and Adam Lawrence and one daughter, Lacy Beth.

Julie Irene born 10-26-59, married Brian White of Winfield. They live in Overland Park, Kansas. Brian works f or Fleming Foods Inc. They have one son Lucas Brian and one daughter Leah Jo.

Submitted by Gerald E. Lawrence
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 225.
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John Smith Lawrence

John Smith Lawrence was the progenitor of many Lawrence descendants in Cowley County. He was born in Indiana in 1859 and first came to Winfield as a visitor of his half- brother in early 1880 from Lawrenceville, Indiana. One of the things he liked about this country was that there were not as many trees here as in Indiana-he was tired of clearing wood ed land there.

He returned to Indiana to move his family to Kansas. After moving to Kansas, his first wife died, leaving him with a small daughter, Sarah Louise (Lulu). He later married Ella A. Denny in Floral, KS in 1888. To this marriage were born six children who grew up and were educated in Winfield.

John S. Lawrence was one of the early settlers of Winfield. He was active in the community being involved in a drayage business, operating the horse-drawn street cars, serving as a fireman and councilman. As part of his drayage business, he hauled much of the Silverdale stone used in constructing the buildings on Main Street. His business also hauled the steel beams that went into the construction of the "new" high school building on East Ninth.

John and Ella made their home at 1516 Menor for many years as their family grew up. Ella was the daughter of William and Emeline Hunt Denny. They came to Cowley County in 1874 from North Carolina. William was a wood craftsman by trade and a skilled cabinetmaker. Later, the Menor Street property was traded for farm land northeast of Udall.

In the later years of his life, John S. divided his time living with his children. He had a "little shack" at each of the children's homes in which he lived, taking his meals with the family. He remained active until his death at age 91.

John and Ella had six children: May, Eva, Johnie Smith, William Henry, Emma, Dora. Lulu was by his first wife. All the children remained in Winfield with the exception of Emma, who lived in Tulsa, and Lulu, who lived in California. At this time all are deceased except Dora who is 92.

Their families are: May and Ara Sheeks of Oxford; George, Helen, Ruth, Ara, Grace, Norma, Lawrence and one infant. Eva and Bill Walker; Wesley, Mildred and Billy Dean. Johnie S. and Mildred Wise; Dora Cleo, Joanita, John, Jr., Paul, Gerald, and Patricia. William (Billy) H. and Norma Sheeks of Udall; Lucille, Leonard, and Melvin. Emma and Floren Buker of Tul So; Floren Leroy, Warren, Clarence. Dora and Ben Sheeks; Mervin, Dorothy and Mildred. Sarah Louise and Robert Wicker; Bertha and Robert.

The half-brother John S. visited in Winfield migrated to southwest Missouri. Some of his descendants stayed in Missouri while others moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, and continue to reside there. Not until 1979, through genealogical research, did the two lineages become aware of each other and make contact. Since then, family reunions have been held to share family history and become acquainted.

Prepared by: Mrs. Charlotte Lawrence
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 225.
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John Smith Lawrence, Jr. Family

John Smith Lawrence, Jr. was born in Winfield December 12, 1892 and spent all of his life in or near the town, except for 2-3 years on a farm south of Rock. January 5, 1914 he married Nell Lattin. She died during the 1918 flu epidemic. On August 26, 1920 he was married to Mildred Wise. She was born in Vibbard, Missouri September 26, 1898 but moved to Winfield when 2-3 years old.

John worked for the Interurban, Irvin Brothers Blacksmith Shop and for the Sonner Burner Co. a number of years before going into farming.

Mildred graduated from high school in 1917, attended college that summer to prepare to teach. She taught at Holland (Dist. 10) near Hackney in 1917-18 for $50 a month. She taught in Rock after her marriage. They lived in Rock, then in several places in and near Winfield until moving to a 36-acre tract south of Winfield in 1934. The family, which now included six children, built all the buildings on the place. The cement blocks used in the buildings were hand made in a single block machine, the forerunner of Lawrence Brothers Concrete Products, some years later. This was to be home to at least some of the family for the next 35 years.

The four older children attended Bryant School until the move south of town then all six attended Excelsior (Dist. 9). In the fall of 1937 all went to town schools, Lowell, junior and senior high. All graduated from high school in the 194Os. John Milton married Jeanette Husted. He is engaged in farming and Lawrence Gravel with his son. Dora Clea (Mrs. Norman Mundinger) lives near Olive Branch, Miss. Paul Eldon married Frances Fox, lives at Ponca City and is involved in contracting and real estate development. Joanita Marie has been an accountant for forty-five years for Edw. B. Stephenson Co. Gerald Earl married Junea Cranston. He operated the Winfield Hatchery from 1954-1967 and is engaged in farming and real estate. Patricia May (Mrs. Duane Chrisler) lives on a farm south of Tisdale and had become known for her wheat weaving.

In 1947 John and Paul became partners in Lawrence Brothers Concrete Products making cement blocks which were used in the construction of many commercial buildings and homes in Winfield and surrounding area. In 1951 John went into farming and Paul continued the block business before moving to Ponca City in 1959 in a similar business.

Paul and Joanita were instrumental in organizing Winfield Rest Haven. Paul supervised construction of the buildings. He and Joanita still serve on the Board of Directors.

These children of John S. And Mildred Lawrence have nine teen children, six living in the Winfield area. The next genera- lion now numbers twenty-four and counting! Eleven live in the Winfield area.

After the death of John S., Jr. in October 1964, Mildred continued living on the home place with Joanita until Joanita's new house was completed several miles west of Winfield. They moved lathe new home in December 1969. Mildred lived there with Jo until going to Winfield Rest Haven in October 1976. She passed away October 17, 1983. John and Mildred are buried in Highland Cemetery.

Joanita M. Lawrence
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 225.
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Leonard and Janet Laws

Dr. Leonard S. Laws and his wife Janet (Owen) came to Winfield from Minnesota with their sons Gregory Owen (6), Kenneth Ivan (4) and David Alan (3) in 1953. Rebecca (Becky) was born in 1956.

Dr. Laws had accepted the position of Dean-Registrar at Southwestern College. He served Southwestern in that capacity for two years and as Professor of Mathematics and Statistics for thirty-four years with a total teaching career of forty-six years. He had previously taught at the University of Minnesota and Stanford University. Dr. Laws has degrees from Wilamette, Stanford and Michigan State. Mrs. Laws has a degree in Home Economics from the University of Minnesota.

When the Laws arrived in Winfield in August, 1953 it was the third year of a drought and the campus was covered with brown grass and had only a few buildings, some of which were temporary barracks type structures that had been moved to the campus from Strother Field. The college had an acting president and less than 300 students. The Laws family has had a part in the growth and development of Southwestern College since that time. The three sons are graduates of South western and Becky attended for two years. Kenneth has additional degrees from Kansas State and the University of Southern California. David became a registered nurse.

The Laws family joined First United Methodist Church where Leonard has taught the Open Door adult class for over thirty years. Janet, and later Leonard, became involved in volunteer work for the Four Winds Girl Scout Council. Janet start ed her four year term as council president in 1987. She is also a member of Hypatia Club and Southwestern Dames.

Leonard is a sculptor as well as a teacher. One of his significant works is "Heritage Rock" on the Southwestern campus. A display of fifty-four of his pieces was the opening show at the new gallery at Centennial Center in 1990.

The Laws developed a beautiful oriental garden with ponds, red bridge and garden house around the ancient roses in their backyard. The front gate invites one to wander down the winding path that is part of the garden.

Becky named the remodeled school bus the family used on vacations the "Us Bus". It was a fore-runner of the modern motor coach. A three month's trip to the West Coast with Grandmother Owen, when the children were four to thirteen, is the trip the family feels was most memorable.

Gregory married Carolyn Roderick and had a daughter, Jennifer, born in 1983. Kenneth married Lily Meekit Lee, a Chinese student who came to Southwestern from Malaysia. The children of that marriage are Brandon (1980), Kelsey (1982), and Devon (1987). David married Ann Moore and had a daughter, Amy, born in 1983. Becky moved to Oklahoma, married James Gulick and had Kristi (1980), Anthony (1982), and Rachel (1985). Gregory and David have continued to live in Winfield while Kenneth moved to the west coast.

Submitted by Janet O. Laws
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 225.
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Lewis Family

Joel Lewis (1818-1901) was born in Wilson Co. Tennessee, Married Carolyn Hite. Joel is buried in Union Cemetery, Winfield, Kansas. Joel homesteaded in Kinmundy, Illinois; served there as Justice of Peace and worked in the Omega Post Office. (continued on page 226)

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