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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 166

(continued from page 165) counties of Butler, Cowley, Sedgwick, and Sumner at different times.

Ina "Irene" Cook, the daughter of "Ed" Edgar B. and Alta Rilda (Smith) Cook, was born on August 9, 1907 one mile west of Udall in Ninnescah Township, Cowley County. She graduated from Udall High School in 1925.

Luther and Irene were married on his twenty-first birthday, March 6, 1927 in the First Congregational Church parsonage in Udall by the Rev. Harry A. Scott.

Luther worked for his father-in-law, Ed Cook for several years then moved to Richland Township, Butler County, to farm. In about 1935, Ed retired and Luther and Irene and girls moved to the farm west of Udall to begin a farming operation there. Through the years, Luther and Irene raised dairy cattle, beef cattle, mules, horses, swine, chickens, as well as corn, oats, barley, wheat, Milo, alfalfa, and soybeans. They also raised five daughters, Barbara Seaman, Joyce Brookings, Jewell Lacey, Caroline Miller, and Linda Morten.

In 1965, Luther and Irene tore down the old two story house which according to Ed Cook had been built for $700 and replaced it with a new brick home.

Luther retired from farming in 1971. They enjoyed going to Texas for the winter and Colorado for the summer for many years following retirement. Luther is an avid fisherman and Irene enjoys crocheting and quilting. Four of the five daughters still live in the Udall area.

Submitted by Janet Schanbacher
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 166.

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The Flottmans of Cowley County

I, Neota Flottman Miller, am the granddaughter of Herman and Marl Flottman, who came to the United States from Ham- burgh, Germany about 1860. They settled on a farm north of Burden. They were the parents of ten children: Henry, Albert (my father), Frederick (Fritz), Jack, John, Mary, Sophia, Katie, Anna, and Mattie.

My dad, Albert, married Matilda (Tillie) Herr in May, 1909. They had four children: Robert (Bob), Neota, Harry, and Lester (Dick). Robert (Bob) married Norma Sheeks in 1933. They had two sons, Bobbie Lee and Melvin Ben. Neota married Lt. James R Miller in 1944. Harry married Belva Zimmerman in 1942. They have two children Paul and Betty. Lester (Dick) married Dorothy Higginbottom in 1953. They had one daughter, Rebecca.

Our family owned and operated the Flottman Dairy. It was started when I was in the first grade and its operation continued until alter I graduated from Winfield High School in 1934. Alter my father died in 1935 we quit the dairy business.

During World War II Harry and Lester (Dick) joined the United States Navy. After the war Harry was employed as sales and production manager for several major dairies in Wisconsin. He remained in the dairy business until he retired.

Lester (Dick) entered the watch repair, jewelry sales, and typewriter repair work following World War II. He later became a real estate broker.

I worked as a photographer for 13 years. Later I was employed for 24 years by the Winfield State Hospital and Training Center as a laundry worker. Robert (Bob) worked for years at the Dawson Monument Company as an engraver. He later became its owner.

During the years we were in the dairy business, we lived north of Winfield on Timber Creek. We endured many floods and two barn fires. We sold about 800 one-half pint bottles of milk per day to the Winfield grade schools. At that time the one- half pint and quart bottles were glass and had to be washed. In addition to milk, we sold cream, eggs, chickens and cottage cheese.

From Neota Miller
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 166.

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Rex L. & Sandra G. (Pruitt) Flottman

Rex L. Flottman was born Feb. 4, 1959 in Winfield, Kansas. The only child of Robert L. and Christine Flottman. Rex started his education in Augusta, Kansas. His family moved to Enid, Oklahoma in 1968. Rex graduated from Enid High School in the class of 1977.

After four years in retail business management, Rex started work as a photographer at Marquise Studio Inc. in 1982. Rex had been attracted to photography since the age of seven, when his grandmother, Norma Flottman, presented him with his first camera. Rex photographed in the studio and later worked in New Mexico, photographing seniors and underclass students at schools for Marquise Studio. Rex continued his education in photography, completing a home study course, and attending Oklahoma City Junior College. While at Marquise Studio, Rex also had the opportunity to work with sever al experienced photographers, with the biggest influence coming from Clifford Seltenreich.

It was during this time Rex married Sandra Pruitt on December 22, 1984 in Enid.

The third of four children born to James R. and Charlene G. Pruitt, Sandy was born in San Angelo, Texas on June 10, 1959. James worked for Union Texas in Ringwood, Oklahoma. Sandy graduated from Ringwood High School. She started working at Marquise Studio in October of 1979 and worked in the spray room at first, later became the head printer and color corrector.

Rex and Sandy moved to Winfield in August, 1987 to open their own photography studio. Their studio is located at 915 Main in Winfield. Sandy works for The Proper Place, a commercial ceramic shop, and in the lay-away department at Wal-Mart Department Store.

Rex has been locally active, serving on the Board of Directors of the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the 1989 Retail Committee Chairman, and on the committee for the Kanza Days Celebration. He also has been active professionally, presently on the Board of Directors for the Greater Wichita Area Professional Photographers, and a Junior Board of Directors member for the Kansas Professional Photographers Association.

Rex is a graduate of the Kansas Professional Photography School, and became Cowley County's first photographer certified by the Professional Photographers of America.

Rex is a member of Professional Photographers of America, Kansas Professional Photographers Association, Greater Wichita Professional Photographers Assn., Santa Fe Center of Photography, Wedding Photographers International, and the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Submitted by Rex L. Flottman
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 166.

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Robert E. & Norma B. (Sheeks) Flottman

Robert E. (Bob) Flottman, born Jan. 13, 1912 in Kansas City, Kansas, the eldest of four children born to Albert and Matilda Flottman, moved to the Winfield area as a small child. His parents owned the Flottman Dairy just north of Winfield, delivering dairy products on the way to school. Bob graduated from Winfield High School in 1930.

Bob married Norma Belle Sheeks on Jan. 7, 1933. Norma was the daughter of Ara and May Sheeks. Norma was born on July 8, 1914 in Rock, Kansas. She was the fourth of nine children.

After working several jobs in the area, Bob eventually went to work for Vernon (Bud) Kropp at W.H. Dawson Monument Shop. Bob worked there for over forty years, eventually taking over ownership of the business in 1969 with the death of Mr. Kropp. Bob is responsible for the lettering on many monuments in the Cowley County Cemeteries.

Norma worked for Coca-Cola, and Binney & Smith, but was more housewife than anything.

They eventually settled at 2021 Fuller, where they lived the duration of their lives. Bob and Norma had two sons, Robert (Bobby) and Melvin (Ben).

Robert, born July 11, 1936 attended Winfield High, graduating with the class of 1955. On August 29, 1957 he married Christine Waldorf, daughter of Cecil and Florence Waldorf. Bobby went to work for Safeway Stores Inc., and as of present (March, 1990) is still employed by Homeland Foods, the company to buy out Safeway in Southern Kansas. Bobby has been a market manager, and has been with Safeway and Homeland for over 38 years. Christine also graduated from Winfield High, class of 1957. She also has worked for Safeway and Homeland as a meat wrapper for over twenty-five years.

They have worked at stores in several Kansas towns, eventually settling in Enid, Oklahoma. They returned to live in Winfield in 1986, both now work at Homeland Foods in Arkansas City. They have one son, Rex, born Feb. 4, 1959. Rex and his wife Sandy own Rex Flottman Photography in Winfield.

Melvin (Ben) was born to Bob and Norma Aug. 5, 1941. He also attended Winfield High, graduating in 1959. Ben served in the U.S. Navy from 1959 to 1962. After military Ben attended Cowley County Junior College, and later graduating with a degree in business management from Emporia State University in 1970. Ben married Charlotte Sage from Coffeyville, Kansas on May 31, 1968. He has been employed by John Morrell Company since graduation and lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ben and Charlotte have one daughter, Maria. Maria was born Dec. 8, 1974.

Norma succumbed to cancer on June 26, 1976. Bob had heart disease and died on Dec. 26, 1976. Both are interred at Highland Cemetery, Winfield.

Robert is now president and Ben is the senior vice-president of Dawson Monument Company Inc.

Submitted by Robert L. Flottman
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 166.

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Floyd Family

Our branch of the Floyd family came from Ireland to Philadelphia in 1821, then to Hardin County, Ky., where they had a land grant. In 1898 a great-grandson, John Riley Floyd and (continued on page 167)

Submitted by Thelma Floyd Eastman
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 166.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 167

(continued from page 166) wife Sarah Adeline Nichols crime to Cowley County. The trip was made by train and wagon. They settled near Rock, Kansas, and lived for awhile in a log cabin on the Walnut River west of Rock. They were farmers and spent most of their lives farming in Cowley County, with the exception of 4 years near Wellington.

When they came to Rock they had four children; Ditizier, John, Hayward, and Ralph, Eight more children were born to them; James, Theodore, Pearl, Joel, Byrd, Paul, Ruby & Dolly.

Seven of the boys farmed in Cowley County. Hayward was also a rural mail carrier and Joel was a teacher. Ditizier and Theodore worked in the oil fields. The girls worked in Wichita. John Riley died in 1955 and Sarah Adeline in 1970. They are buried in Douglass Cemetery. Four of the children are still living and 3 live in Cowley County.

My dad, John Floyd, married Mary Chance, December 9, 1912. They farmed near Rock except 4 or 5 years at Wellington and Dexter.

When they were in their seventies they sold the farm and moved to Winfield. They really enjoyed the modern conveniences as they had never had running writer or indoor plumbing.

Mary died in 1981 and John in 1984. They are buried in Douglass Cemetery. They had four children; Thelma, Lester, Anna Belle and Evelyn.

Lester lives on a farm south of Rock. He worked many years for the Santa Fe Railroad. Anna Belle married Ray Schooling and they adopted two boys, John and Joe. Anna Belle died of cancer in 1970 and is buried in Highland Cemetery. Evelyn married Joe Bradley and had two girls, Sharon and Sandra. Evelyn died of cancer in 1962 and is buried in Highland Cemetery.

I married Leo Eastman August 31, 1933 He was born at Wilmot, Kansas and his folks were farmers. Leo worked for the Frisco Railroad 45 years, retiring in 1974. We went wherever the Frisco sent us but never missed a chance to get back to Cowley County to live whenever possible. Our children attended grade and high school in Winfield.

We had five children and all were born and live in Cowley County. Patricia and Peggy work in food service at Winfield high school and lack, Ronald and Donald work at General Electric.

We had 14 grandchildren, Diann, David, lack, Brenda, Rodney, Tamara, Debbie, Donna, Tim, Teresa, Davalyn, Gaydeana, Clint and Angela. Eleven live and work in Cowley County. Of the twenty-two great-grandchildren 19 live in Winfield. When we all get together it is one, big noisy bunch. We have our own Santa at Christmas and our own Easter Bunny at Easter. All are proud to call Cowley County home.

Submitted by Thelma Floyd Eastman
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 167.

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Joel A. (Dot) & Lucy E. Floyd Family

Joel Adolphus Floyd was born to John Riley and Sarah (Nichols) Floyd on May 13, 1907. He was the eighth child of a family of twelve children (eight boys and four girls). The family came to Kansas from Kentucky before Joel was born and settled in the Rock area. They moved to Sumner County, near Wellington, for a short time, but returned to the Rock area as their permanent address.

Lucy Esther Dunbar was born to William Albert and Hila (Calvin) Dunbar on December 7, 1905. They resided on a farm two miles north and one and one-quarter miles west of Wilmot. Lucy had one younger sister, Gladys. Lucy's mother died when Lucy was eleven years of age and her father raised the two girls with the help of several caring aunts.

On May 12, 1934, Joel Floyd and Lucy Dunbar were united in marriage at the Christian Church Parsonage in Winfield, Kansas. They resided on a small farm just east at Rock, moving later to a farm two miles south and three miles east of Rock. In 1943 the family moved to the Dunbar farm where Lucy was raised, which they had purchased from Lucy's father. Joel still owns the farm and a grandson lives there with his family.

Joel and Lucy had both been rural school teachers before their marriage and Joel continued to teach and farm, Joel's last year of teaching was in 1942 at Richland School, one-quarter mile east of the Dunbar farm.

Joel and Lucy had three daughters: Florence Lucille, born on May 22, 1936, and twin daughters, Wilma Irene and Hilma Ilene, born lanuary 30, 1939. The daughters attended Richland School until it was consolidated with several other small schools into the Wilmot School District. All three daughters attended Winfield High School, majoring in business courses and all were employed in the Winfield area after graduation.

Florence married Joe Gordon, son of Gilbert and Pauline Garden in September of 1954 They had three children: Steven, Susan (Rinehart), and Stewart. they are the owners of Gordon's House of Cabinetry in Wichita. They reside in Winfield in a home Joe built for his family. The Gordons have four grandchildren.

Hilma married Eugene Eastman, son of John and Grace Eastman, in June of 1958. They reside on a farm east of Winfield and are engaged in farming. Hilma is employed by Webber Land Company. They have four children: Mark, Rick, Ann (Grammon), and Tony. There are five Eastman grandchildren.

Wilma married Arlan Anglemyer, son of Roy and Nadine Anglemyer, in August of 1958. After their marriage they moved to the Wichita and Derby areas, but returned to Winfield in 1972. Arlan is employed (is a design engineer at Beech Aircraft in Wichita and Wilma is secretary to the principal at the Winfield Middle School. They moved to their current home, four miles east of Winfield, in August of 1989, The Anglemyers have three sons: Keith, Scott, and Jay, and four grandchildren.

After retirement, Joel and Lucy Floyd moved to Winfield and resided here for several years. Lucy Floyd died in August of 1986 and is buried in Highland Cemetery. After her death, and an illness, Joel sold his home and moved to Good Samaritan Village, where he currently resides.

Submitted by Wilma Anglemeyer
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 167.

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John Floyd Family

The late John and Jennie Mable Floyd were once active participants in the community events of Arkansas City, Arkalalah not excluded.

One of John's many contributions to the local community was his role as one of the organizers of Arkalalah. Not only did he help organize it, but he was active in its programs for many years. He served as parade chairman and marshal for the first ten years.

John served as president of the Arkansas City Country Club and of the Arkansas City Junior Chamber of Commerce. He also served as vice-president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of the United States. He was elected at the first convention in St. Louis. Since 1911, John served as District and Specicil Agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. In Winfield, he was a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

Jennie was one of the organizers of the Arkansas City Parent Teachers Association and was active in the Community Service Council and other civic groups.

Born in Chautauqua County, John lived in Kansas all of his life. In 1904, he graduated from Sedan High School- In 1907, he moved to Independence, then to Coffeyville in 1911.

Jennie Mable McFarlan was born on a farm near Thayer, Kan. She attended schools in Thayer, Erie and Emporia. She taught school for two years and moved to Independence in 1908. She worked in an insurance office until 1911.

She and John were married Nov. 1, 1911. They moved to Arkansas City in January of 1913 where they made their home. The only time away from Arkansas City was when John served two years in the United States Infantry in World War I as a first Lieutenant and five years in the Air Force in World War II as a captain. He retired as Major for the U.S. Air Force,

John's father was Colonel John Mason Loomis who served during the Civil War.

Locally, John served as commander of the Shelton Beaty Post of the American Legion and vice-commander of the State Department of the American Legion. He also served as commander of the Arkansas City Barracks of Veterans of World War I. Meanwhile, Jennie was a charter member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion and World War I Barracks and member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. They were both members of the First Church of Christ Scientist.

The couple had two daughters, Mildred and Kathleen, and one son, Jack, who presented the Jennie Mable Floyd Memorial Photo Gallery as a gift to the Cherokee Strip Museum, Arkansas City, in 1967. Among his other civic activities, John had been vice-president of artifacts at the Museum.

Submitted by writer Liz Speck and the Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum, Arkansas City, KS
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 167.

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Gustaf Malcolm Forsman

Gustaf Malcolm Forsman, better known as Gus, was born 2/14/1856 near Mariestad, Sweden, the son of Lars and Christina (Larson) Forsman. His parents and grandfather Olaf Forsman were born at Stockholm, Sweden. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His parents were farmers. Gus graduated from the University of Stockholm and taught English in Denmark. He married (5/l/1879) Maria Anderson (4/16/1848-2/20/1902). They had eight children, all of whom were born in Cowley County near Hoosier, Kansas except the first son, Lars Malcolm, born in Sweden two years before they came to America.

About 1881, Gus, his wife, and son sailed for six weeks from Sweden to Havana, Cuba. There was smallpox on the boat so they were quarantined on the boat for another six weeks at Havana. Later they arrived at the southern tip of Texas, after working for the passage. His first job was driving mules on a cargo wugon across the Rio Grande River. Grandmother became ill with malaria in the lowlands and the doctor advised (continued on page 168)

Submitted by Gus C. Overley
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 167.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 168

(continued from page 167) moving to higher elevation in Kansas. Thus he moved to the Flint Hills and settled in Cowley County near Hoosier, seven miles east of Dexter. There, they raised their family of eight children on their farm, He raised Hereford cattle, hay and hogs.

Their son, Otto, died at age nineteen and his wife died eleven days later, both with pneumonia. Later their house burned to the ground. It was a real task raising a motherless family as the daughters were thirteen and eleven and youngest son was eight years old. An older neighbor girl, Lilly Tuneson, came and helped for several years.

He sold his Flint Hills ranch, moved to Winfield, and about a year later, moved in 1911, to near Nowata, Oklahoma, on a ranch. The family, mostly grown, were disappointed to move. They helped build a new house and farm buildings and prospered there. Some married and scattered elsewhere. When his health failed, he lived with some of his children.

His children were as follows: Lars Malcolm known as Lawrence (5/2/1880-11/1959) married Alberta "Bertie" Rucker of Winfield. No children, but raised his uncle August Forsman's children, Otto and Star.

Charles Otto (9/16/1882-2/9/1902) died at age 19.

James Wilson (10/16/1885-8/24/1950) married Effie Elliott, had one small daughter, Anna Frances, deceased.)

Gus Oscar (12/28/1887-1/2/1987) lived to age 99, married Lena Spence, no children.

Franklin Gilbert (12/29/1887-3/7/1958). Gus and Frank were twins, but had different birthdays. Frank married Beatrice Tiner (6/15/1913), no children.

Elsie May (3/22/1890-3/26/1975) married for 63 years to Beniaman H. Overley. I am the oldest of Elsie's five children, all living; Gus, Christine, Carl, Laura Belle, and Frank.

Laura Ellen (4/11/1892-9/8/1988) age 96. married Ray McLaughlin (3/15/1893-12/4/1971), one child, Don M. Age 3, (6/23/1922-7/17/1925).

Henry Herbert (Herb) (4/17/1894-2/10/1967) married Louise Bolek (4/27/1894-5/25/1953), one daughter, Betty Lou (5/16/1926) living.

At 72, Gustaf Malcolm died 1/22/1929. Family members buried in the Dexter Cemetery are Gustaf Malcolm Forsman, Maria, Otto, Lawrence, Laura, Jim, wife Effie, and Anna.

I was born March 14 (1915) on my grandfather's birthday so I was given the name Gustaf. My middle name, Clark, is after my grandfather Sanford Clark Overley. Some descendants of the Overley family have lived and are living in Cowley County.

Submitted by Gus C. Overiey, grandson
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 168.

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James Wilson Forsman

James Wilson Forsman was the third child born to Gustaf Malcolm and Maria (Anderson) Forsman October 16, 1885 at Hoosier, seven miles east of Dexter, in Cowley County. He married Effie Elliot of Dexter. They had a daughter, Anna Frances, who died as a small child of a swing accident.

Jim lived on the family ranch at Hoosier and one year in Winfield. When the family moved to Nowata County, Oklahoma he helped his father build the new farmstead. After his marriage, he farmed at Cambridge and then started a grocery store at Waneta, Kansas. He later bought the general merchandise store in Dexter. He spent a lifetime there and moved to a farm southwest of Dexter at retirement. They later bought a home in Arkansas City. His wife died there and he died in a Manor at Winfield August 24, 1950. They are buried in the Dexter Cemetery.

Jim was well liked and helped dig the graves at the Dexter Cemetery. He also was a good mechanic and operated a threshing machine as a young man. They were successful as store keepers and prospered there. He delivered groceries to the elderly and those unable to go down town. He also helped provide groceries for some unfortunate families himself.

Jim was the clown of the Forsman family and enjoyed the jokes and antics that came to the store daily. When my sister, Christine, and I were big enough to visit, each of us spent a week at Uncle Jim's store. That was a welcome vacation from the farm. Bob Pratt and I carried water to the animals in Pecks Bad Boy Tent Show that came to Dexter once. For this task, we received free tickets to the show. We enjoyed the tent show. That was a big event in our young lives.

There were many hardships for the early settlers but they had their entertainment and fun too. When Jim was a young man, he and his brothers played on a team at Hoosier on Sunday afternoons. Jim was a pitcher, brother Gus was a catcher, and the other brothers played other positions. They played other teams in the area. The day wasn't over before there were disagreements and fist fights regarding the game. Uncle Jim had lots of funny incidents to tell us as he saw the humorous side of it.

This was one of Uncle Jim's favorite poems and found among his souvenirs in my mother's (Elsie) possession. Jim was her brother.

If times are hard and you are blue,
Think of others worrying too.
Just because your trials are many,
Don't think the rest of us haven't any.
Life is made up of smiles and tears,
Joy and sorrows mixed with fears.
And though to us it seems one-sided,
Troube is pretty well diviided.
If we could look in every heart,
We'd find that each one has his part.
And thoses who travel fortunes road,
Sometimes carry the biggest load.
-Author unknown

Submitted by Gus C. Overley, Nephew
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 168.

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Fred Leslie Foster

Fred Foster was born November 21, 190 1, in Arko, Mo. He was the first child of Charles Foster and Nellie Awalt.

In 1904, the family came to Arkansas City, Kansas by train. They were met by John Await, his grandfather. The family moved to about three miles west of Maple City, Ks., where he attended the "Kings School" at Maple. His mother died March 17, 1913.

In 1919, Fred and the family moved to Arkansas City, Kansas, where he worked at a flour mill and creamery for about a year. For the next five years he worked as a hired hand on farms in the area.

In 1926, Fred moved to the "Smith Farm" north and east of Winfield, (two miles north of the Grandview Church). He ran oil wells and a thrashing crew besides being a farmer.

On May 19, 1940, Fred married Inez Lora King at Grandview Church north of Winfield.

In the spring of 1952, the family moved to Udall, Kansas, where Fred operated a filling station for three years. Fred started working for Gott and as sheet metal worker in 1955.

In 1972, Fred retired from Gott Manufacturing in Winfield. Fred still resides in Udall, Kansas.

Fred Foster had one brother, Carl Andrew, and has two sisters, Gladys Booher of Washington State, and Coleitto Taylor of Winfield.

Their children are: Thomas Leslie of Udall; Alice Yvonne Jacoby of Winfield; Marvin Ray of Udall; Marlene Kay Braddy, Elm Creek, Nebraska; and Harry John of Douglass, Kansas.

Submitted by Alice Yvonne Jacoby.
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 168.

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Marvin & Norma Foster

Norma Foster was born Feb. 21, 1948 in Wichita, Kansas, the daughter of Norman R. and Anna F. Plummer Wallace. She has two younger brothers, Spencer of Mesa, Arizona and Paul of Boston, Massachusetts.

Norma's maternal grandparents were Edward and Myra B. James Plummer. Mr. Plummer had four children by his first wife when he married Myra. They were Alice, Francis, Irene and Freddie. Elsie and Anna were born to Edward and Myra and they raised their six children in Burden, Kansas. On the paternal side grandparents were Roy and Lou Bell Wallace. They had six children, Emma Lou, Norma, Lorene, Ward, Lyle and Darlene. The Wallaces lived in the Cedar Vale area for many years before moving to Winfield. Mr. Wallace drove a bus for the Winfield Bus Service until his retirement. There are many fond memories of traveling to Winfield to ride the bus with Grandad.

Upon graduation from Winfield High School in 1966, Norma married Marvin Foster of Udall. They were married Aug. 8, 1966 in Amarillo, Texas where Marvin was stationed with the U.S. Air Force. Marvin's parents are Fred L. and Inez L. King Foster. His matemal grandparents were Ervin and Angie Knox King. His paternal grandparents were Charles R. and Nellie Alwalt Poster. Fred and Inez had five children, Thomas Leslie, Alice Yvonne, Marvin R., Marlene K. and Harry John.

When Marvin was discharged from the Air Force in October of 1968 they returned to Udcill to establish their home. A son Bryan S. Foster was born March 16 1973 and another son, Bruce A. Foster was born on July 20 1975.

The Fosters are active in their community. Marvin serves on the Volunteer Fire Department. Norma first started serving on the Udall City Council in 1981 and became Udall's first woman mayor in Aug. of 1987. Norma is a long time member of the Co-operettes EHU. Marvin commutes five days a week to his job in Wichita He has worked for Copeland International Trucks (formerly International Harvester) since Jan. of 1973. Norma is employed at the Osteopathic Clinic in Winfield.

Submitted by Norma Foster
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 168.

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The Levi and C.R. Foster Families

Levi Foster was born 9-29-1827 in Connecticut and on 10-30-1861 married Emma Amanda Thompson at Southington Connecticut. They moved westward finally settling in Nodawa County, Missouri. To this union were born; Mary Amanda, Henry Levi, John Oliver, Harriet Emma, and Charles Russell. Levi died 10-17-1905 in Missouri and Emma died 5-20-1914 near Arkansas City, Kansas. After the death of her daughterin-law she came to Kansas to live with her son Charles and help care for his children. Both Levi and Emma are buried in Swinford Cemetery near Bedison, Missouri.

The fifth child of Levi and Emma, Charles Russell was born 10-23-1876 at Arkoe, Missouri. He married Nellie Awalt, 8-23-1899 at Pickering, Mo. Two children were born there, Fred Leslie and Gladys Lyle. Around 1907 Charles and Nellie and their two children moved to Cowley County, Kansas farming near Maple City. Two more children were born there, Carl Andrew and Coleitto Thelma. On 3-17-1913 Nellie died and is buried at the Maple City Cemetery. Charles Russell died 4-17-1946 at the home of his son Carl, five miles south of Udall. He is also buried at Maple City. Three of their four children have lived all their lives in Cowley County; Fred, Carl, and Coleitto Taylor.

Carl Andrew, the third child of Charles and Nellie was born 2-15-1910. He was a farmer until retiring in 1974 and then he worked for Allred Equipment Co. until 1984. While farming he was a member of the Farmers Union, a member of the School Board of Sand Creek School and worked part time on the road patrol On 4-12-1942 he married Betty J. Calvin in Winfield. They had three children; Judi, David and Philip. Carl died on 11-13-1986 and Betty died 10-20-1989 and both are burried at Highland Cemetery

Submitted by David Fostor
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 168.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 169

The Gene Fox Family

My grandfather, Anton Aloyius Maschino, was born in 1881 in Onaga, Kansas. He went to a Catholic school for the deaf in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and learned the trade of a shoe cobbler.

My grandmother, Georgia Anna Nichols Hibbs Maschino, was born in 1880 in Kokomo, Indiana. She went to the state school for the deaf at Olathe, Kansas. In 1911 they were married and moved to the panhandle of Oklahoma.

I learned many things from my grandparents. They were kind, honest and loving. They were farmers and grandpa repaired shoes and harness. My favorite memory was seeing them read the Bible every day.

My grandfather, Frank James Severin, was born in 1884 in Weston, Nebraska. He was an undertaker. My grandmother, Mary Ann Hynek Severin, was born in 1883 in Moravia, Czechoslovakia. She loved to cook, especially at Christmas.

My father, Francis Anton Maschino, was born in 1913 in the rock home south of Beaver, Oklahoma. He was good with machinery and went to work at an early age for the neighbors. My father and mother, Georgia Severin Maschino, were married in 1937 in Los Angeles, California. They built a home east of Elmwood, Oklahoma. Dad farmed, raised cattle and worked for Northern Natural Gas Company. My mother cooked in restaurants and baked delicious pies.

I, Georgia Colleen Maschino Fox, was born on May 24, 1941 in Los Angeles, California. I had six sisters and one brother. Ramona Marilyn is deceased. My family was very close. We went to Wait Disney movies, listened to the Grand Die Opry on the radio and went fishing. I worked at an early age doing chores on the farm. My memories are of Christmas and trips to California.

Gene's grandparents, John Henry Fox and Nellie Atkins Fox, settled near Enid, Oklahoma. His other grandparents, George Christian Schuelein and Hulda Gottschfing Schuelein, lived in Minnesota and moved to Oklahoma in 1904. Gene's grandmother was born in Germany.

Gene's parents, Willard Eugene Fox and Helen M. Schuelein Fox, were born near Enid. He was a farmer and she worked at the Enid State Hospital. On December 4, 1940, in Enid, Gene Leon Fox was born. He had two brothers and three sisters.

I, Georgia Colleen Maschino Fox, married Gene Leon Fox at the Lutheran Church in Liberal, Kansas. Gene worked at a lumberyard and Tradewinds. Our only child, Ramona Marie Fox Keesey, was born in Liberal.

In 1968 we moved to Winfield so Gene could go to St. John's College. He worked at the Courier and Gott. Gene now works for KSQ, Inc. I worked at Joe Rentch Motors and did child-care for fifteen years. Gene helped organize the soccer program, coached baseball and umpires. We are members of the Lutheran church.

Ramona and her husband, Michael Wayne Keesey, live in New Salem, Kansas. They enjoy family cook-outs and fishing. They have three sons born in Cowley County, Jason Wayne, Brian Eugene and Austin Glenn. We love our family and spend lots of time together. Our grands sons are a joy to us.

Submitted by Georgia Colleen Fox
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 169.

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Eugene & Leona Fraley Family

Eugene (Curley) and Leona Fraley are the descendents of William Allen Fraley and Dora Matlock. They lived in the Oklahoma area when their eleven children were born. They were: Haywood, Arlin, Clarence, Floyd, Eugene, Edna, Mary, Bertha, Rose, Maudie, and Ruby. William also had a brother, Fred who moved to California in 1931.

Curley was born January 10, 1910 at Chandler, Oklahoma. He was raised in the eastern part of Oklahoma. In 1931 he went to Arizona to find work because of the Depression. Curley's father died in 1953 at Apache, Oklahoma, his mother died in 1962.

Leona grew up in Texas near Harmony, She was born in Blackwell, Texas on September 28, 1922. Her parents were Steven John McKaughan and Laura Elizabeth Doggit. The McKaughan family came originally from Ireland.

Leona's mother died in 1954 and her father died in 1959. They are buried at Case Grande, Arizona.

There were twelve children in Leona's family, all born in Blackwell, Texas. Their names are: Molly, Delores, Laura, Lena, Leona, Veda, Lilly, Thanie, Oliver, Paul, Carl (died at birth), and Andrew. Their parents farmed in Oklahoma, then moved to Arizona in 1939.

They bought a farm near Eloy, Arizona. They farmed cotton, alfalfa, and barley. Their six children were born in Arizona. Curley also had a son by a previous marriage in 1930, named Kenneth. Patricia was born September 1940; Ruby November 1941; Fred March 1946; Jerry June 1947; David October 1950; and Rick March 1954.

In June 1962 they sold their farm by Eloy, the irrigation wells were drying up. They moved to Arkansas City, Kansas near Blackwell, Oklahoma where Curley's brother, Clarence, lived. Their children finished school in Arkansas City schools and all have children of their own.

Kenneth has a son, Kenneth Lee, and wife Eloise. They have four grandchildren. Kenneth and Eloise live near Lawton, Oklahoma. Pat was married to Dick LeMaster, he passed away in 1989. Dick had three sons, EJ, Rick, and Roy. Pat lives near Wilcox, Arizona. Ruby has three children, Bill McKennon, Tina, and Lisa. Lisa has a son Justin, daughter Kimberly and husband Robert Swanson. Lori married Bill Jones. They all live in Cowley County. Fred has two sons Chris and Shawn of Arkansas City. Jerry has a son Eugene, and daughter, Courtney, and wife Pat. They live in Orlando, Florida. David and his son Danny live in Apache Junction, Arizona. Rick married Melissa and have four children, Stacie, Shelly, Eric, Sheena, and live south of Burden.

Curley and Leona moved to Texas in 1975 to enjoy the warm winters and good fishing. They stayed there until Curley passed away on August 26, 1986. He is buried at Riverview Cemetery in Arkansas City. Leona is living in Arkansas City where she enjoys her Church and many of her old friends.

Submitted By Melissa Fraley
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 169.

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Rick & Melissa Fraley Family

Rick and Melissa Fraley are the descendents of (Curley) Eugene and Leona (McKaughan) Fraley, and Orville and Eleanor (Goodrich) Bair.

Rick's family moved to Arkansas City when he was eight years old. Rick's dad farmed cotton on a farm in Eloy, Arizona for many years. They decided to move to Arkansas City in June of 1962 where they bought a house on north C Street.

Rick is the youngest of seven children. Their names are: Kenneth of Lawton, Oklahoma; Pat LeMaster of Wilcox, Arizona; Ruby Eastman and Fred Fraley of Arkansas City; Jerry Fraley of Orlando, Florida; and David Fraley of Apache Junction, Arizona. Rick's father, Eugene passed away on August 26, 1986. His mother, Leona lives in Arkansas City.

Rick was born in Casa Grande, Arizona on March 24, 1954. He attended school in Eloy, Arizona until he was eight, then he went through twelfth grade in Arkansas City Schools. After high school he went to two years at C.C.C. C. in Arkansas City.

My family lived on a farm south of Burden, where my Mom and Dad have farmed since 1949 and also run a propane business since November 1959. I am the third of four children. Linda Raftopoulos, Wichita; Rita Wasinger, Winfield; and Roger Bair of Corinth, Texas. I was born September 5, 1955 in Winfield where my sisters and brother were also born. We all attended the Burden Schools. After high school, I went to C.C.C.C. in Arkansas City for two years, there I met Rick.

Rick and I were married on September 13, 1975 at the Burden Baptist Church. We lived in an apartment for awhile then (continued on page 170)

Submitted by Melissa Fraley
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 169.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 170

(continued from page 169) decided to buy a little house an D Street in Arkansas City. The house needed lots of work. We fixed it up quite nicely. It became our home for the next eight years. We had four children during those eight years. Stacie Ann born May 2, 1977; Shelly Marie born July 30, 1979; Eric Eugene born August 15, 1982 and Sheena Lynn born August 3, 1984.

Rick worked for Locke Supply of Winfield from 1976 until 1980 when he went to work for Southwestern Bell. He has worked for Bell for ten years now. Since our four children have been born, I have found plenty of things to keep me busy at home.

In 1984 Rick and I moved to Winfield to a bigger house and closer to his work. We enjoyed it a lot, but, wanted to find a few acres in the county, We lived in Winfield for four and one-half years. A farm came up for sale that we had looked at years before and we decided to buy it. We now live just one-fourth mile from my Mom and Dad. The old house has taken quite a bit of time and work. We still have a long way lo go, but we'll get there I'm sure.

Submitted By Melissa Fraley
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 170.

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Anthony "Andy" V. Franklin

In the late 1800's Anthony "Andy" V. Franklin settled in Arkansas City, having been born and reared on a tobacco farm in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In the early 1900's he established a popular confectionary store on downtown Summit Street. The store featured ice cream, home-made candy and soft drinks- Within a few years, the ice cream business flourished and he had his own ice cream factory and dairy established in a building behind his home on North C Street. The ice cream and dairy products were distributed in Ark City and surrounding communities via truck and rail. In 1920 the dairy and ice cream factory was sold to a co-op. Mr. Franklin then moved his family to a newly renovated and enlarged home with a store front located at 519 North Summit Street. He used the store front as a combined grocery and meat market under the name of Diamond Grocery, later changed to Franklin's Grocery. In addition to the grocery business Mr. Franko's time was consumed by the upkeep of rental property consisting of three houses on North D Street and a fourplex apartment on Fourth Street. His hobbies consisted of fishing and taking his horse and dogs on hunts for coyotes.

During the year 1901 Mr. Franklin had married Ethel Booth, a school teacher born in Union Mills, Indiana. Ethel was very active in the Baptist Church, the community and assisting in the operating of her husband's businesses. During the period of their marriage, Mr, and Mrs. Franklin bore seven children. Named in the order of their appearances the children are as follows: Marjorie Franklin - married Fred Anshutz in 1927, Sterling Franklin - married Dorothy Picket in 1926, Quin Franklin - married Ed Hobson in 1928, Juanita Franklin - married Avery McElhiney in 1928, Vic Franklin - married LouElla Baker in 1936, Andy Franklin - married Trudy Daum in 1953, and Betty Franklin - married Dart Funk in 1939. Anthony Franklin died in 195 1, Ethel in 1924. Juanita and Vic Franklin both passed away in the year 1986.

Submitted By A. C. Franklin
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 170.

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Charles Tupper & Amanda (Zimmerman) Franks

The Charles Tupper Franks family moved from La Salle County, Mendota, Illinois, to Winfield, Kansas on 9 September 1901. Charles was born at Doylestown, Ohio, 9 March 1853, the only ched of Uriah Franks and Caroline Melissa (Chambers) Franks. (Second marriage for Uriah). He died 8 January 1933 in Winfield and is buried in Highland Cemetery.

Caroline Melissa, daughter of Joseph and Ann (Grey) Chambers was born in Gloucestershire England on 4 April 1826. She died 12 November 1897 near Meriden, Illinois.

Uriah was born 1 March 1816 in Wayne County, Ohio, near Doylestown and died 9 February 1883 in La Salle County, Illinois near Meriden.

Charles' grandparents, John Franks and Mary "PoHy" (Keckler) Franks lived in Doylestown, Ohio, from 1812. Charles' great grandparents, Henry Franks (Revolutionary War Soldier) and Christina (Mason) Franks lived and are buried in Doylestown but were reared in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, near Uniontown and also lived in Columbiana County, Ohio. Charles' other grandparents, Joseph Chambers and Ann (Grey) Chambers were born and reared in England, came to America in 1832. Ann died there on 14 December 1836 and Joseph died there 30 January 1841.

Charles grew up, attended local schools and learned the principles of business in Mendota. He owned land and was a farmer and a school teacher prior to moving to Winfield. Charles and Amanda Ellen "Nellie" (Zimmerman) were married 25 March 1875 in Mendota.

Amanda Ellen was born in Canal Dover, Ohio 3 July 185 1, the daughter of Jacob Zimmerman and Catherine Ellen (AUebough) Zimmerman who were married in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, 2 April 1846 and later moved to Defiance County, Ohio, and then to La Salle County, Illinois. Jacob was born 3 February 1822 in New Lisbon, Ohio and died in York, Nebraska, 2 February 1910. Catherine Ellen was born 26 December 1826 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio and died in Winfield 20 November 1912. Jacob and Catherine are both buried in York, Nebraska.

"CT. Franks was one of the most prominent, one of the most active and one of the best known business men in Winfield. In the business world he was engaged in real estate and insurance business and oil leasing. He was one of the organizers of The State Bank and was a stockholder and a director continuously from 1905 until his death."*

He was the owner of an 800 acre farm and ranch on Timber Creek seven miles north of Winfield and had interests in cattle and other lines of farming. He owned several other farms in Cowley County, Sumner County, Kansas, and Beckham County, Oklahoma.

C.T. Franks was best known for his connections with religious, educational and charitable institutions in the city. The family transferred their Methodist membership from Illinois to Winfield. He was Sunday School Superintendent for fifteen years, was an Official Board Member of the church and a member of the Board of Trustees during his lifetime in Winfield.

He was an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, helped to organize the local Y.M.C.A. and served as a member of the State Committee and was its President for a number of years.

He was very much interested in Southwestern College and served as a Trustee for thirty-one years and for many years was the College Treasurer.

Amanda was active in church work, was a member of the Rossetti Circle and was a full time homemaker. Their Winfield home was at 1117 E. Ninth Avenue.

Children were: Winnie Ethel, born 23 December 1875 in Mendota, Illinois, married Jasper William Otterbien "W.O." Bender, 17 March 1897. She died 15 August 1972 in Winfield and is buried in Highland Cemetery; Edna Constance, born 8 February 1879 in Mendota, Illinois, married John Hewitt Hamilton in Winfield on 25 March 1909. She died 17 May 1960 in Winfield and is buried in Highland Cemetery; Charles Uriah was born 19 May 1885 and died in infancy in Mendota; William Jacob "W.I. " was born 9 December 1889 in Mendota, Illinois, married TWu Alice Scroggy 20 August 1913 in Wichita, Kansas. He died 6 March 1959 in Winfield and is buried in Highland Cemetery.

*Winfield Daily Courier 9 January 1933, and our family history and genealogy.

Submitted By Kenneth Willard Franks
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 170.

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Willard Jacob "W.J." & Tulu Alice (Scroggy) Franks

Willard moved to Winfield in 1901 with his parents, Charles Tupper and Amanda Ellen "Nellie" (Zimmerman) Franks and one of his two sisters, Edna Constance on 9 September 1901 from La SaUe County, Illinois near Mendota. He was born in Mendota on 9 December 1889 and died 6 March 1959 in Winfield and is buried in Highland Cemetery. Part of his ancestry appears under C.T. Franks.

His early schooling was in Illinois and he attended Southwestern Academy and Southwestern College graduating in 19 1 1. While at Southwestern, he earned five varsity letters in basketball playing one year when he was still in the Academy. In 1911-13 he taught in Caney, Kansas. On 20 August 1913 he married Tulu Alice Scroggy in Wichita, Kansas. Tulu Alice attended Fairmont College, Wichita, Kansas, taught school and was a full time homemaker.

Tulu Alice was born in Waterloo, Iowa, 19 July 1889 and died 7 August 1969 in Winfield and is buried in Highland Cemetery. She is the daughter of Butler Benjamin Scroggy and Cheneyette (Bradeen) Scroggy. Butler was a blacksmith and a farmer and moved to a farm cast of Wichita in 1904. Butler was born 17 April 1863 in Colony Township, Delaware County, Iowa and died in Wichita 8 March 1957, Cheneyette was born 5 September 1865 near Independence, Iowa and died in Wichita 16 December 1950. They are both buried in the Wichita Park Cemetery. Tulu Alice's grandparents were Israel Scroggy and Martha (Bragg) Scroggy. Israel was born in Pemberton, New Jersey on 12 April 1820 and had worked in the California gold fields in the 1850's. He and Martha were married in 1845 and made their home in Delaware Cotinty and later in Cedar County, Iowa. He died 23 February 1908 in Waterloo. Martha was born 27 July 1832 and died 31 May 1871 in Cedar County. Martha's parents William Bragg and Rachel (Cooper) Bragg lived on Sangamon County, Illinois before moving to Iowa.

Willard and Tulu moved to Ashland, Kansas in 1913 where Willard was principal of the High School and the basketball coach, He continued these activities at Coldwater, Kansas, Guymon, Oklahoma, and Ponca City, Oklahoma. In 1923 WRlard, Tulu, and their four children moved to Winfield where Willard began an insurance and real estate and loan business in which he was engaged for the remainder of his life. Willard did his graduate work at Iowa University at Iowa City, Iowa and at Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas. Their Winfield home was at 1120 East Sixth Avenue.(continued on page 171)

Submitted by Kenneth Willard Franks
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 170.

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