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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 156

(continued from page 155) Margaret and Linda. He served in the Army during WW II in the South Pacific campaigns.

He and Arlene divorced and she moved to Fontana, California. This is where Linda married and is now Linda Andrews with one daughter, Debbie. Margaret married Jim Read and they a son, David. They are living around Reno, Nevada, Charles became a carpenter and cabinet maker. He had three other marriages. He died July 2, 1972 of a massive heart attack. He is buried at Corbin, Kansas, in the Corzine Cemetery.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 156.

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My parents, Charles Arthur Dixon, born 2-5-1881, in Eagleville, Missouri, and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon, born 2-28-1889 in Tarkio, Missouri, were married at the bride's home in Tarkio, Missouri on 11-8-1903. Their first child was Everett Olin, born on 3-31-1905, in Tarkio and he died on 3-11-1908 from pneumonia.

Charles' brother, Howard Dixon, and wife Mina, already resided in Arkansas City with their three children named: Alice, Newell and Florence. Charlotte, called "Lottie", and Charles, called "Charlie", came to Ark City with their ten children for a better way of life in 1923.

The children were: Eva Zetta, born 11-11-1906; Nina Lynn born 4-30-1908; Burleigh "Ray" born 8-27-1909; John "Leeland" born 10-11-1910; Kenneth born 4-29-1912; Nevada "Vada" Beatrice born 10-11-1913; Norton J. born 11-19-1914; Lewis "Max" Maxwell born 9-5-1916; Charles "Chuck" Lawson born 1-24-1919; and Bonnie Lea born 1-28-1921.

Nina was killed on 2-12-1924 in a car-train accident at the old Battery F Building at South First & Missouri Pacific Railroad. Within two weeks of this family tragedy, Lottie (Mom) had a miscarriage of her next child, Newell Kinsman, who was born on 2-23-1924 and lived only six hours.

In 1926, Lottie had another miscarriage of a premature son who was thereafter referred to as "Robert". I, Barbara Jean was born 2-4-1928, their last child.

My Dad worked at various jobs while he resided in Ark City. He did some farming and worked at the Shell Refiner until it moved. At some time in his life, he also worked as a barber. He worked for Ark City and helped lay the brick in the streets. When he was sick, one of the boys took his place on the job. During WW II we traveled extensively in the gulf states while Dad worked as an insulator in the ship yards.

Eva married Sam Greenhaw on 8-29-1925. Ray married Lucile Bish on 8-17-1929. About this time Kenneth delivered groceries for the Bunglow Grocery and married Evelyn Messener on 4-11-1932.

Leeland married Anna Mae Wood on 6-8-1930. Vada married Lester Rhodes on 9-20-1930. In 1935, Norton moved to California and settled there. On 1-17-1936 Ray died leaving wife Lucile, one son Douglas Ray, and one child on the way, Lonnie Dee. Later that year mom and dad moved to Tracy, California with Charles, Bonnie, Max and Barbara. My dad went to work at the Southern Pacific Railroad as a flagman. That move did not work out and they returned to Arkansas City in February 1937, leaving Max to stay in California a while longer.

Norton married Alyce Nadine "Oppie" Monez on Oct. 30, 1937. Max married Mildred Mae Sykes on 2-13-1937. Chuck married Arlene Nation on 10-9-1938. Bonnie married Lloyd Taylor on 5-27-1941.

Dad died in our home on 4-8-1946 from a cerebral hemorrhage. 1, Barbara, married Richard Earl Jones, on 5-11-1947. Mom, Lottie, married James "Jim" Poole Armstrong on 9-121949, who was a childhood friend. Jim died in 1958 at age seventy-five. Mom resided on North D. Street until she died on 8-28-1969, after a full and fruitful life.

Through the years many family reunions were held, either at a family home or in Wilson Park. As of this writing, May 18, 1990, Anna Mae Dixon, Lucile Dixon Wahlenmaier, and Mildred Dixon still reside in Arkansas City. Of the original fourteen children only Bonnie and Barbara survive. Bonnie Dixon Taylor resides in Ark City and Barbara Dixon Jones Holt lives twenty miles west of Orange Grove, Texas.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 156.

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Eva Zetta Dixon was the second child of Charles Arthur and Char"lotte" May (Clark) Dixon. She was born 11-11-1906 at Coyne, Iowa. She came to Arkansas City in the spring of 1923 with her parents and nine siblings, At 17 she worked at the Peerless Candy Factory on South Summit. Our sister, Nina Lynn, two years younger, worked there also.

Eva married "Sam" Sevelis Arthur Greenhaw on Aug. 29, 1925. Sam was born on April 27, 1904 in Mt. Juda, Arkansas. His parents were Joseph Soloman Greenhaw, he was part Cherokee Indian, and Onie Elizabeth (Lemon) Greenhaw.

Eva and Sam had two daughters and one son; Wathena L born 4-3-1927, Arthur Dwane born 2-5-1930 and Marlene Rosetta born 9-15-1935.

Sam and Eva lived in Arkansas City for 35 years. Sam worked for the City of Arkansas City, Street Dept., first with a wagon and team of horses, then with a truck for 25 years, He had a truck hauling service sand, gravel, etc. for three years. They moved to Wichita where he worked for a lumber yard.

Arthur worked for Fred Carter at the Bungalow Grocery. He served in the army two years. He settled in Wichita and worked for Boeing Aircraft for six years, for Hanson Furniture 16 years and Montgomery Wards 15 years. He retired from "Wards" after bypass surgery in 1985 and still lives in Wichita.

Wathena married Delbert Kirkblaine Rutter, born on June 2, 1926, on Jan. 1, 1944. They have two children, Valoyce Ann, born March 9, 1947, and Rodney Lee, born Oct. 7,1948. They lived in the Geuda Springs area for several years. This where Delbert was raised. They moved to Ark City and Delbert worked in Wichita at Boeing Aircraft until he retired in 1988. They have four grandchildren; Clinton Chad Carlett, born Feb. 15, 1968 of Kaw City, Okla.; Cami Down Carlett, born Feb. 6, 1973 living in Austin, Texas; Scott Blaine Rutter, born June 26, 1972, and Cory Brent Rutter, born Sept. 16, 1975, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Marlene married Jimmie Ray Morris, born Sept. 7,1934, on Oct. 25, 1953- They have three children; "Greg"ary Alan, born May 16, 1957; "Stan"ton Craig, born Feb. 2, 1961, and "Cindy" Cynthia Lynne, born June 28, 1963. "Cindy" married Everett Chastain on Sept. 19, 1981. They have five grandchildren; Nicole Renee, Matthew Everett Chastain, Amy Longan, Kristin and Joshua Morris.

Sam died Feb. 6, 1964 of a heart attack. Eva died Sept. 30, 1987 after a short illness resulting from a stroke. They are buried in Riverview Cemetery in Arkansas City.

Many wonderful memories of them remain with us.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 156.

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Barbara Jean (Dixon) Jones Holt, daughter of Charles A, and Charlotte M. Dixon, married Willard Gordon Holt, 2-19-1967, a native Texan. I have two children from a previous marriage to Richard E. Jones. They are: Vicki Jean (Jones) (Jackson) Campbell, born 9-2-1949; and Anthony Richard Jones, born 2-27-1951. Gordon has three children from a previous marriage. They are: Robert Earl, born 10-9-1945, Frances Lynell, born 12-20-1946; and Ronald Dean, born 12-16-1959. Vicki married in Nov. 1969 and had one son, Christina Lane Kevin Jackson. Tony married Virginia Brock 2-14-1970 and five days later went into the Army. They had three sons: Anthony Richard 11; David Joseph, and Jason Willard. Gordon's children (that I consider mine also) are all married and have children. Robert Earl has two sons and one daughter Lynn (Holt) Carpenter has three daughters and Ronald Den has one daughter and one son. We have been blessed with many grandchildren: Bryan Tilly Holt born 5-24-1968; Gay Lynn Holt born 12-31-1970; Aaron Holt born 12-6-1972, Rhonda Lynn Carpenter born 7-17-1968; Tammy Jeanette (continued on page 157)

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 156.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 157

(continued from page 156) Carpenter born 8-4-1971; Janice Ruth Carpenter born 11-21-1972; Nancy Erin Holt born 2-27-1984; Stephen Bret Holt born 5-17-1987; Christian Lane Kevin Jackson born 9-15-1970; Anthony Richard Jones II born 2-28-1971; David Joseph Jones born 3-20-1972; Jason Willard Jones born 1-31-1976.

Submitted by By Barbara J. "Dixon " Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 157.

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Even though I have no memory of living in Arkansas City as a baby, it would seem that Ark City would always be a part of my life. I was born Vicki Jean Jones in Ark City on Sept. 2, 1949 to my parents, Barbara Jean (Dixon) Jones and Richard Earl Jones. Both of my parents were also born in Ark City. My mother on Feb. 4, 1928 to Charles Arthur and Charlotte May Dixon. My father was born on Feb. 24, 1926 to Lorraine Parker Sparks. Even though my Dad's biological father was Matthew Sparks, my dad was raised to know his father as Joseph Roy Jones. My brother, Anthony "Tony" Richard Jones was born in Ark City on Feb 27, 1951. As a teen, I spent many summers visiting with my grandmother, Charlotte Dixon Armstrong, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins - Greenhaw - Dixon - Taylor, and Rhodes. In fact most of my mother's large family lived and raised their families in Ark City. Those were wonderful years, when I spent days on end at the Paris Park swimming pool, which was the largest pool I had ever seen. Other entertainment included dragging Summit, going to the putt-putt golf course out by the cemetery, and attending family reunions. It was a very carefree, easy going, and warm place to be. After I graduated from High School in Corpus Christi, Texas, I met Watson Dale Jackson of San Antonio, Texas and we married on Nov. 22, 1969. That marriage only lasted a few months, but on Sept. 15, 1970, I gave birth to my only child, a son, Christian Lane Kevin Jackson in Corpus Christi, Texas. My trips to Ark City continued but were rare after Christian was born. In 1972, on a return visit to Ark City, I met Stephen "Steve" Franklin Campbell and he moved to Corpus Christi for a few months. Though we lost touch for a few years, we later road each other when I was living in Houston, Texas. We resided in Houston until 1988, at which time we returned to Corpus Christi to be closer to my parents and step-parents and my grandmother, Lorraine Parker Sparks Jones Moon. Steve's family has a long family heritage in Ark City. He was born in Ark City on May 27, 1953 to Charles Franklin Campbell and Christine (Beflieu) Campbell. Though he moved to Washington State for a while, he returned to live in Ark City for a short time with his mother, and his siblings, Nancy Christine Campbell Sang, Stuart Wade Campbell, and Charlotte Ann Campbell. As the years have passed, only Nancy and her daughter Marinda Christine Scing continue to reside in Ark City. Steve was a wrestler at Ark City High School and on the football team. From all accounts, a very outgoing teen. Steve also is a member of the Osage Tribe. As of this writing, my son, Christian has joined the navy in June 1989, and is serving on board the USS Schenectady out of San Diego, California, as a signal man. Steve is a paramedic at a hospital and working on his nursing degree. I recently left a job with an insurance company after eighteen plus years and am enjoying a mini-retirement until my next career is decided upon. In 1983, 1 started some genealogy research on my mother's family, Dixon. In these times of movement across the country for work and adventure, it is always comforting to have a place like Ark City to think of as your hometown. Our ties to Ark City are deep rooted and are not likely to ever sever.

Submitted By Vicki Jones Compbell/Barbara Dixon Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 157.

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Lewis Maxwell Dixon

The ninth child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon was born in Harrison County, Missouri across the state line from Davis City, Iowa on Sept. 5, 1916. He came to Arkansas City in the spring of 1923 with his parents and nine other brothers and sisters. 1, Barbara Jean, was born in 1928. He attended Francis Willard, Departmental, and Junior High, and High School.

In his teens he worked at Herberts greenhouse on east Kansas Avenue, with his brother, Norton. When we lived on the farm, (Morain place) seven miles east on Kansas Avenue he helped Dad with the farming. He spent four years in California working for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company.

He married Mildred Mae "Millie" Sykes, an Arkansas City girl, in Tracy, California, on Feb. 13, 1937. They moved bark to Arkansas City in Oct, 1941. He went to work for MauerNeuer Packing and worked there for thirty-four years. "Max" retired in Sept. 1975 after a heart attack. Max and Millie had five children. Jerry Alfred, born 3-21-1938 in Tracy, California, married Audrey Little Nov- 19, 1963, (divorced). They have one daughter, Tina Lanette.

Irene Mildred (Dixon) Duncan, born 3-25-1940 in Tracy, California, married Ronald Duncan 6-4-1960. They have three children: David Lewis, Douglas Leon, and Sharmarie Lynn. Two grandchildren, Danielle and Jennifer Duncan.

Betty Sue (Dixon) Littrell, born Aug 17, 1943 in Ark City, married Raymond Littrell June 21, 1969, (divorced). They have three children: Christopher Scott, Stacy Leigh and Steven Rcry Littrell, Steve died 11-10-1982.

April Diana (Dixon) Miller, born in Ark City on Dec 23, 1945, married Frank Miller, Sept. 17, 1964. They have two children: Kim Ann and Justin Todd Miller.

Janet Lorene (Dixon) Hutchison, born in Ark City, June 30, 1952, married Bill Hutchison on Feb. 4, 1972, (divorced). They have two sons: Danny Lynn and Lewis Paul.

They also have two great grandchildren. Millie has a brother, Ralph and a sister Irene (Sykes) Lester that also attended school here. They are now living in California.

Max died June 6, 1989 of a massive heart attack, and is buried in Riverview Cemetery. "He's gone form this earth, but he remains always in our memory and our hearts." Thank you Max for rocking and singing to me.

Submitted By sister, Barbara 1. (Dixon) Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 157.

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My parents Kenneth Dixon, born 4-29-1912 in Lamione, Iowa, the sixth child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon, and Evelyn Virginia Messner, born 5-25-1916 in Arkansas City, Kansas, (parents John Adam Messner and Mcirgaret Lucinda (Nalley) Messner) were married in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on 2-11-1932. They resided in Arkansas City, Kansas their entire lives. At the time of their marriage, Daddy worked at the Bungalow Grocery. In 1940, he went to work for the Santa Fe railroad. He worked as a conductor until his retirement 6-28-1974. Mother was a housewife and a willing volunteer at school and at the Methodist Church. The family attended the First Methodist Church. To this union was born: Rosa Lea, 10-26-1936, and James Kenneth, B-26-1938. They both attended and graduated from local schools. Daddy died on 1-18-1981 after battling heart disease for many years. Mother sustained fatal injuries in a car accident in Houston, Texas on 10-3-1986. They are both buried in. Parker cemetery east of Arkansas City, Kansas.

Rosa Lea graduated from Ark City High School in 1953. She married David Coody. Steven Laroy was born 2-27-1954 in Arkansas City, Kansas. Debra Lea was born 11-5-1955 in Arkansas City, Kansas. David Kent was born 9-8-1957 in Beaumont, Texas. He was killed in a accident on B-5-1973 in Houston, Texas. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont, Texas. Rosa Lea married Gary Dale Howell on 4-9-1982. They reside in Houston, Texas. They own and operate a television and V.C.R. repair service. Steve married Brenda Blackmor 4-24-1988. She has two sons, Jason and Kyle, ages eight and six. Steve works for Phillips Chemical and Brenda teaches high school English and Spanish. They reside in Pasadena, Texas. Debie married Ronnie Kyles in 1973. He (continued on page 158)

Submitted by Rosa Lea (Dixon) Howell
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 157.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 158

(continued from page 157) had a daughter, Tina, born 11-30-1970. They had a son, Ron Born 11-13-1974, and twin sions, Jim and Steve, born 1-22-1977. Tina is a sophomore at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. All three boys attend Port Neches/Groves High School in Groves. Ronnie and Debie manage a seafood restaurant in Port Arthur, Texas and reside in Groves, Texas.

Jim graduated from Ark City High School in 1956. He went to the Army on 2-6-1957 and was discharged, after serving in Europe, on 1-5-1959. He married Carolyn Meyers on 6-81963. They had two sons, Deron born 1-26-1967 and Ryan born 9-25-1972. Deron is a senior st Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas. Byan is a senior at Olathe South High. They reside in Olathe, Kansas where Jim is a superintendent for State Farm insurance and Carolyn works for the Olathe Unified School District.

Submitted by Rosa Lea (Dixon) Howell
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 158.

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Norton J. Dixon, the eighth child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon kias born Nov. 18, 1914 in Akron Missouri. He came to Arkansas City in 1923. He attended school and worked for Herbert's greenhouse on East Kansas Ave. and delivered telegrams for Western Union.

We lived on the farm seven miles east of town, when he got the wander-lust in 1935, and rode the rails to California. He settled in Tracy, California, and worked for the Southern Pacific railroad for about thirty-seven years.

He married Alyce Nadine Monez (lovingly called "Oppie") 10-30-1937. They had four children: Lynnea Artha, born IO3-1938. She died 9-3-1939, (age nine months); on 9-3-1941, twins) Roberta Jean (Robbie) and Robert Eugene (Bus) were born; their fourth child, Luano Sue was born May 20, 1944.

Norton was transferred to the Sacramento, California area and this is where "Oppie", after many years of gradually worsening illness, died of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus on July 4, 1965. She lived to see her children married and two of their five grandchildren.

Norton married Jan. 9, 1966 to Geniveve (Gen) Stuart Parker, from Colton, California. They lived in Sacramento, California until 1972. He then retired from the railroad and moved to Oklahoma, in the country near Stillwell for two years, and raised chickens. Then they moved to Arkansas City and stayed one year, then on to Hawaii until 1979. They moved back to Colton, California, where after a short illness, he died of bladder cancer on 4-21-1986.

Gen still lives in the San Bernc(dina, California area. Norton's children, Robbie and Fred Thompson, Robert and Carolyn Dixon, Luana Sue Straughn Bernard and grandchildren, Tracy Lea Thompson Jones, Zackary Scott Thompson, Matthew Robert Dixon, Mark Richard Dixon, Lance Straughn, and Norton's four great grandchildren, Kourtney Brooke Jones, Adam Steven Jones, loshau Luke Thompson, Ashley Rebecca Thompson, all still live in the Sacramento, California area. Through the years they have made visits to Arkansas City, as often as possible, to family reunions.

Thank you, Norton, for all the times you rocked me.

By sister, Barbara (Dixon) Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 158.

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John Leeland Dixon, the fifth child of Charles Arthur and Charlotte May (Clark) Dixon, wasborn 10-11-1910 in Edison, Neb. He came to Arkansas City in the spring of 1923 with his parents and nine other brothers and sisters, He attended Departmental and Jr. High Schools. He delivered telegrams for Western Union and worked in the wheat fields while going to school. He went to work for the Kanotex Refinery in early 1930. He married Anna Mae Aurelio Wood, June 8,1930. They lived in Ark. City 17 years. He worked one month at the refinery and was layed off. He then went to work for Fred Carter at the Bungalow Grocery in the butcher shop for three years. He also worked at Smith's Meat Packing in Winfield as a salesman. Then back to Kanotex Refinery finery until about 1940 when they went to the Gulf Coast. They traveled extensively and worked as an insulator in industries for 38 years. He had an insulator travel card which enabled him to travel and work for many different companies. Fifteen years were spent in Ohio.

Annamae Aurelio Wood was born on a farm in Sumner County, Kansas on Feb. 26, 1912. Her parents were Carolina Christiane (Gerison) Wood and John Tilman Wood. Her maternal grandparents, Chris Gertson and Elsie Marie (Mortensen) Gertscn were from Denmark and spoke very little English. Her paternal grandparents were Abraham B. Wood and Andrea (Ulbrickson) Wood. Andrea was also from Klakgring, Denmar, Leeland and Annamae had four children; Carol Lea, born March 7, 1931; Nina Arlene born April 15, 1932, Larry Joe born July 24, 1933, and Kathleen Lynn born Nov. 28, 1938. All were born here in Arkansas City.

Carol married Charles Harden and they had two boys, Adam born 10-2-1962 and John Bothwell born 1-4-1965. Both born in Jacksonville, Florida. Adam now resides in Tampa.

John married Cynthia Elizabeth Tucker and resides in Dallas, Texas.

Larry married Barbara Kritzwiser and they had three girls. They are Mitzi Ann (Dixon) Logcin born 5-14-57, Tina Lynn (Dixon) Donaldson born 9-24-59, and Tisha lo Dixon born 7-27-65. Larry's leg was injured in an auto accident and after three years of trying to save it, it finally had to be removed. He adapted well and rode in a bicycle marathon and ice skated. He and Barbara Kritzwiser were divorced in 1974. He married Barbara James in 1976.

Kathy married Bill Puckett in 1955 They had three children; Brad Reese born 11-12-1956, Bret Reed born 1-6-1959 and Casey Brooke Susan born 1O-4-1964.

Leeland and Annamae had five great-grandchildren: Zebulon Dixon, Adrienne Dixon, Ryan Roberts, Stephanie, and Andrea Donaldson.

Nina Arlene died 12-6-1939 and is buried (it Riverview Cemetery in Ark. City. Larry died of asbestosis related cancer June 1, 1983 and was buried in Waverly, Ohio. Kathy died of a massive stroke Aug. 6, 1987 and was cremated in St. Petersburg, Fla. Leeland died Aug. 2, 1980 of asbestosis related lung cancer and is buried at Riverview herein Ark City.

He enjoyed life and was always ready to give a helping hand. He is much in our thoughts and always in Our hearts.

Submitted by Barbara 1. "Dixon" Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 158.

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Robert & Meredith Docking

Robert Docking was born to George and Virginia Docking in Kansas City, Missouri on October 9, 1925. When he was five, his family moved to Lawrence, Kansas, where his father had grown up and where his paternal grandparents lived. He served in the Army Air Corps in World War II from 1942 until 1945, at which time he went back to Lawrence and attended and graduated from the University of Kansas in 1948.

He and Meredith Gear, who was born in Elkhart, Kansas in 1926, were married in June, 1950 and the couple lived in Lawrence until 1957. During this time, Bob was employed at the 1st National Bank, Having bought stock in the Union State Bank in Arkansas City, Bob and Meredith bought a house at 925 North 2nd, and lived there with their two sons until January, 1967. The older son, William Russell Docking, was born in 1951 and Thomas Robert Docking was born in 1954.

Bob was elected to the city commission in 1962 and served as mayor for one year. In 1966, he ran for and was elected Governor, following his father who had been Governor from 1957-1961. The family moved to Topeka; Bob was re-elected three times when a Kansas Governor served a two-year term. At the end of his fourth term in office in 1975, he retired from public service and he and Meredith moved back to Arkansas City. By that time, both Bill and Tom were attending K.U. and were home only summers and holidays.

Bob and Meredith bought Mrs Robert Cox's home three miles east of Arkansas City, and Bob returned to his position as president of the Union State Bank. He died at the home on October 8, 1983, and a State Funeral was held for him at the Presbyterian Church on October 10th. He was buried at the Highland Park Cemetery in Kansas City where his father and paternal grandparents are also buried.

A year after his death, a committee was formed to discuss plans for a memorial and it was decided to build the Docking Memorial Plaza in Wilson Park. At about the same time, Cowley County Representative Jack Shriver proposed in the Kansas Legislature that U.S. Highway 77 through Cowley County be designated the Robert Docking Memorial Highway, and this was carried.

Meredith Docking continues to live in Arkansas City in Crestwood where she moved in 1984. She has three grandchildren: Brian and Margery who are Tom's children; and Mary Ruth, who is Bill's daughter.

Submitted by Meredith Docking
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 158.

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Thomas R. Docking

Thomas Docking was born on August 10, 1954 in Lawrence, Kansas to Robert and Meredith Docking. When he was two, he moved with his parents and older brother to Arkansas City where the family lived at 925 North 2nd. He attended Pershing Elementary School and had just started Junior High when the family moved to Topeka when Tom's father, Robert, became Governor. He attended Topeka schools and then the University of Kansas where he received a Masters in Business Administration and a Juris Doctorcite in 1980.

He was married to Jill Sadowsky in 1977 and the couple has two children, Brian Thomas who was born in 1979, and Margery Meredith who was born in 1984. Since graduating, he has practiced law in Wichita. He served as Lt Governor of Kansas from 1983-87, and in 1986 he was the Democrat nominee for Governor.

Submitted by Meredith Docking
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 158.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 159

William R. Docking

William Docking was born to Robert and Meredith Docking on March 23, 1951 in Lawrence, Kansas. When he was five, he moved with his parents and younger brother in. Arkansas City where the family lived at 925 North 2nd. He attended Pershing Elementary School and Junior High and when he was a sophomore in High School he moved with his family to Topeka when his father was elected Governor.

He graduated from St. Marks's School in Dallas, Texas and then attended the University of Kansas where he graduated "With Highest Distinction". He went on to obtain a Masters in Business Administration and a Juris Doctorcite from K.U. and graduated in 1977.

He was living and employed in Kansas City when his father died in 1983. In 1983, he returned to Arkansas City and became president of the Union State Bank. In so doing, he followed his maternal grandfather Gear and his great grandfather William Docking, his grandfather George Docking, and his father Robert Docking in the banking business. He was president of the Kansas Bankers'Association for the 1989-90 term.

He lives at the home three miles east of Arkansas City which his parents bought upon their return from Topeka. He has one daughter, Mary Ruth, who was born in 1986.

Submitted by Meredith Docking
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 159.

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Dowlers of Cowley County

Dowler was an old English surname. Many bearing the name claim Irish descent. They are no doubt descendants of those Dowlers who migrated to Ireland in ancient times. The English counties of Leicestershire and Rutlandshire were, and still are, the principal seats of the family. According to statistics there are twenty-six Dowlers among every 10,000 per sons in these counties. Several hundred years ago the surname Dawell was often associated with Dowler and no doubt at one time were the same ---though this does not mean that all Dowlers and Dowler are related today. For centuries the Dowlers have possessed a coat-of-arms. It was granted in the 13th century and contains a rampant lion, but no motto.

George Dowler came to America from Ireland and settled in Miff in County, Pennsylvania in 1781. He had three sons and nine daughters. As I understand, one of these daughters, Elizabeth DewIer Foster, became the mother of seven sans and four daughters. one of these sons that William Wesley Dowler was born in 1845.

William Wesley Dowler served in Co. D, 7th West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Later he married Alvina McHenry.

This couple came to Cowley County from Wheeling, West Virginia in 1881 and settled in Pleasant Valley Township. There were four children at that time: Emma, Warren Wesley, Deliver Domer, and Icie Pearl. They built their home which is still in existance. An acreage containing the improvements has been sold but the remainder of the property is now the property of a grandson. Three more children were born in Cowley County: India Mertle, Charles Clinton, and Gracie May. All these children, and their spouses, are now deceased, five of them buried in Cowley County and the other two in neighboring Kay County, Oklahoma.

All available history and personal knowledge indicates that the Dowlers were farmers, farm laborers, or housewives, some of the later generations have become involved in other occupations.

The Dowler descendants have been having "Family Reunions" every year for the past several years. My first recollection of a family get-together was in 1935, at Ponca City, Ok., when a relative of the late Mrs. William Wesley Dowler, a Dr. McHenry, and eye doctor, was the honored guest. I do not remember that these were annual affairs until later. Some times they were held at Winfield; sometimes in Arkansas City; sometimes in private homes; and sometimes at public places such us parks.

Grandchildren (and their descendants to great grandchildren) now living in Cowley County are: Robert W., Roy, and Lloyd Dowler, Mrs. Otis (Doris) Bryant, Delbert and William (Bill) Harader, Mrs. Ruth Birdzell, Mrs. Vera Brothers, Mrs. Vernon (Velma) Hankins, and Mrs. Lawrence (Mae) Dowler and myself, Mrs. C.H. (Helen) Dowler, granddaughters-in-law.

Submitted by Helen M. Dowler
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 159.

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Drake Family

At the turn of the twentieth century, James Albert Drake with his wife, Ora Belle (McNeely) Drake, moved to Kansas from Princeton, Indiana, with their five children: William David, Edward Eastman, Marie Churchill, Carl Lafayette, and Ella Pearl.

William David Drake was seventeen years old when the family arrived in Kansas and settled in Butler County- three miles over the Cowley County line, north of Atlanta. The family later moved to Arkansas City where they lived for a few years. When Will was twenty-three, he married Pearl Edna Wilson from El Dorado, Kansas, a school teacher in Butler County. They set up housekeeping in Winfield in 1908, where Will was employed by the J.B. Lynn Dry Goods store in Winfield. James Albert, Father, later became a practicing chiropractor in Cawker City, Lucas, and Abilene. His son, William drove James' 1914 brass radiator Model T Ford for Dr. Drake to make his house calls. To Will and Pearl were born five children: Noble Wilson, Vernon William Lloyd Melvin, Genevra Belle (named for her two grandmothers), and Dorothy Jean. After the birth of their three boys, the young family moved to the Freilinger farm west of Winfield along the Walnut River, Later this family moved to the Mullendore Farm/Ranch near Howard, Kansas, and then to the Wade farm near there. While visiting Pearl's parents in El Dorado, their house and all of their possessions burned-except for what they had with them in the surrey for their trip.

The two girls were born several years later in Winfield. Will was associated with O.A. Cate Furniture Company where he had one-third interest in the store. Later the Drakes moved to Augusta where Will owned and operated the Jackson-Drake Furniture Company. (Will had a keen knowledge of furniture and its construction.) Except for a few years during the depression when the parents and two girls lived on a farm in Butler County, the family returned to Winfield where Will was again associated with furniture in the Kay and Kaw Furniture store until he retired. He opened and operated "Drake Upholstery Shop" in the building back of his home on College Street until his death in 1967. Mrs. Drake continued to live in the home until her death in 1975. The Drakes and off-springs have been members of Grace Methodist Church since before the fire in 1918. They attended church in Old North Hall, Southwestern, until a new structure was built.

Of the five children born to Will and Pearl Drake, two of them have remained and lived in Cowley County. However Noble Wilson, eldest son, served in WWII in Germany and on his return, he married Marjorie Ann Crawford of Richmond Virginia, 9-19-45. They made their home in Winfield before moving to Topeka. Two daughters were born to them, Johanna Wilson and Nannette Austin. Genevra Belle lived and worked in Winfield until her marriage to John Ralph Hays of Atlanta, Georgia, 12-30-49. To this union were born two daughters, Arvene Sya and Rebecca Rae. Vernon William married Geneva Dorothy Weigle on 5-3-31, and soon after their marriage they moved to a farm northeast of Winfield and have resided there ever since. Three children were born to this couple: Don Weir, Mark Kline, and Diane Elva. Don married Joan David on 6-3-55, and the farm land adjoining the Vernon Drake farm. Debra Lynn, Michael David, and Scott Eric were born to Don and Joan. Don and his son, Scott, continue to farm the Drake land. Mark Kline has also farmed and continues to live in Cowley county as do his children, Dan, Elsa, and Andrea. Steven lives in Colorado.

Vernon helped organize Timber Creek Watershed District which includes Winfield City Lake and thirty-two smaller lakes.

Dorothy Jean Drake married William Henry Bernard (Bill) in Winfield at Grace Methodist Church on 6-6-48. Three daughters were born to them: Cheryl Maureen, Karen Ruth, and Muriel Denise. They have lived their married life in Winfield. Dorothy attended Southwestern College and taught school for a number of years in Sumner and Cowley counties, and for twenty-one years has been associated with Southwestern College. Bill worked in the civil engineering department for state highway department following service in WWII. He retired from KDOT in 1987, and has been employed part time for the City of Winfield Engineering Department. Both Dorothy and Henry (Bill) are active in Church, community and civic organizations.

Submitted by Dorothy (Drake) Bernard
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 159.

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Margaret & Henry Drauden

Margaret Fausch and Henry Drauden were married in Will County, Illinois in January of 1899. On January 1, 1907, they left Plainfield, Illinois with their four children and traveled to Winfield, Kansas via the Santa Fe Railway. Arriving late in the evening, they rode a horse-drawn hack to the St. James Hotel, where they stayed for about two weeks until their household goods and farm equipment arrived (also by train). Henry had come to Winfield in the summer of 1908 and purchased what was to be their new home from a land agent, Mr. Trice. Their home was located three-fourths mile west of the corner where the Country Club is presently located. In October of 1907, their filth child, Margaret, was born at the home west of Winfield.

The children all attended Fairview School which was located at the opposite corner from their home. Henry was on the board for Fairview School. The family attended Holy Name Catholic Church. Henry farmed the land around their home while Margaret raised chickens and sold eggs and butter locally. She died suddenly in January of 1920 of a throat abscess.

The children all grew up in the Winfield area and the three daughters married locally and remained in the county. Gertrude married Arthur Bonewell, Helen married Lee Copple, and Margaret married Walter Snell. Henry Fred was married to Leona Dowd and they had an infant daughter, Betty, when he was tragically injured in a swimming accident and died two weeks later. Michael finished school at Fairview and attended (continued on page 160)

Submitted by Karen Snell
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 159.

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Cowley County Heritage Book Page 160

(continued from page 159) Winfield High School. He moved back to Illinois in the spring of 1940, and remained there until his death in 1982. He was never married.

The information above was obtained from talking to Margaret Snell and Gertrude Bonewell, and from memoirs of Michael Drauden.

Submitted by Karen Snell
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 160.

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Donald D. & Elizabeth J. Drennan Family

Don was born in Winfield, Kansas in 1931. He is the oldest of two children born to E. West and Alice GiUock Drennan. West and Alice were married in Deerfield, Kansas on June 30, 1929. They moved to Winfield after they were married where they raised their family. Alice Drennan passed away on March 30, 1974. She is buried in Highland Cemetery, Winfield. Donald Dean, born in 1931, and Dorothea Mae, born in 1933, were their two children. Don and Dorothea both received their education in the public schools and graduated from Southwestern College in 1952 and 1955.

After Don graduated from college, he served four years in the United States Air Force. He was stationed in San Antonio, Texas and served his last eighteen months in Ramstein, Germany. While in Germany, he married Elizabeth (Betsy) Joyce Johnson on June 25, 1955. Betsy was born in Lockhart, Texas and moved to San Antonio, Texas at the age of five. She received her education in the public schools there and a degree from Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas.

Upon returning to Winfield in 1956, Don went to work for his father at Drennan Motor Company until it was sold in 1967. At that time he went to work for the City of Winfield. For a short period Don worked for Gordon & Platt, then returned to the City of Winfield and became the City Clerk and Director of Finance in 1981. Betsy taught early primary grades and kindergarten in Winfield for twenty-five years.

Don and Betsy have three sons, all born and educated in Winfield. Douglas Dean was born in 1956 (married Janet M. Bourne VanSickle). David Dwayne was born in 1958 (married Marilee E. Trieb). Darrel Don was born in 1959 (married Heidi E. Carter). Douglas and Darrel received degrees from Southwestern College, and David a degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Don, Doug, David, and Darrel were all baptized as infants at Grace United Methodist Church. Betsy joined in 1956, We are all stih members of the church.

Submitted By Donald D. Drennan
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 160.

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William Thomas Drennan

William Thomas Drennan was born in 1881 in Hewins, Kansas the son of William Drennan and Lillie Hutchinson, formerly of Shelbyville, Indiana, and Illinois. He was a formerrancher living five miles southeast of Cedar Vale on an eight hundred acre ranch in Chautauqua County. He moved his family of four children to Cowley County in 1925 following the death of his wife Mae West Drennan in 1923. She is buried in the Cedar Vale Cemetery. The family consisted of West 17, Dean 14, Carl 8, and Eva 6.

William built and operated the filling station at Fourth and College in Winfield, also S & D filling station at Pike Road and Nineteenth. He later was a car and combine salesman working with sons West and Dean.

In 1930 Mr. Drennan married Hazel Barker of Winfield. She had one son Waldo Barker. Mr. Drennan died in 1952 and is buried in the Cedar Vale Cemetery. Hazel Drennan died in 1983 and is buried in Highland Cemetery, Winfield.

West, Dean and Carl continue to live in Winfield. All three have been car dealers. West and son Donald sold Pontiacs, CadiDacs, and International Trucks. Dean and Carl sold Packards and later Carl became a Lincoln-Mercury Dealer and Dean a John Deere Dealer in 1956. Donald became City Clerk of Winfield in 1981. Eva Davis lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Grandfather George West was an immigrant from England and Grandmother West's parents Konrad and Christine Miller immigrated from Germany to New Matamoris, Ohio in 1849.

Southwestern College has played an important part in the education of the Drennan Family. Twenty-two family members have attended S.C., fourteen receiving their degrees.

William and his family joined Grace Methodist Church shortly after coming to Winfield.

There are eight grandchildren: Donald and Dorothea, chfldren of West and Alice Gillock Drennan: William Dean, Jerry and Robert (married Bwana Pack) children of Dean and Virginia Kenreich Drennan; D'Ann, daughter of Carl and Bonnie Markley Drennan; Tom III and Stephen, children of Eva Drennan and Tom Davis. Also fifteen great-grandchildren; Douglas (married Janet Bourne VanSickle) and David (married Merilee Trieb) and Darrell (married Heidi Carter) Children of Donald and Elizabeth (Betsy) Johnson Drennan; Beiinda, and Jeffrey (married Marymalane Ercole) children of Dorothea Drennan and Sam Pruyne; Shelley (married Kerry Bailey) Shari (married Jeffrey Wampler) and Stephanie Drennan, children of Wflliam and Nancy Priddle Drennan; Mark (married Mary Ann Hogan) and Steven Drennan children of Jerry and Peggy Converse Drennan; Stephanie and Justin Davis, children of Tom III and Linda Clark Davis, and Aaron, Tom and Ben Davis, children of Stephen and Grace Kennedy Davis. Three great-great-grandchildren Casey and Jaden Bailey and Courtney Wampler.

Submitted by the Drennan Family
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 160.

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The Drum Family

Donald LeRoy and Mary Arr (Heidebrecht) Drum were married at Halstead, Kansas, July 28, 1963. Since being married they had lived at two residences in Winfield, 1505 E. 2nd and 1203 E. 8th. After both graduated from Southwestern College Donald became associated with Winfield Bus Service Inc. which his parents owned. In 1976 Donald and Mary Ann purchased the bus company and operated it until they sold it in 1985. At the time it was sold, the company was operating 25 modern intercity coaches throughout the U.S. and Canada.

At the present time Donald spends his energy with investments, rental property, and enjoys safling his S/2 sailboat. Mary Ann enjoys quflting, piano, interior decorating and being a member of the Walnut Valley Qu@ters Guild as well as pursuing other interests. During the summer Mary Ann spends time with her flowers. Also cooking borscht is one of her specialities.

Donald and Mary Ann have one child, Chester Lee Drum, who enjoys playing piano, drums and tennis. Chester received a 2nd place medal in doubles tennis at the state finals during his junior year and was president of his student body and president of the W.H.S. National Honors Society his senior year. Chester's summers are spent teaching tennis for the Winfield Recreation Commission. The family has always had a beagle dog and the present beagie's name is Zipper.

Donald was born and raised, until age 6, on a ranch his grandfather homesteaded in western Kansas (Wallace County). His parents Harold and Lucefl (Reeve) Drum, then moved with the family to Winfield and operated the Drum's Grocery at 2nd and College from 1954 to 1964 and operated the Winfield Bus Service Inc. from 1958 to 1976.

Mary Ann was born at Halstead, Kansas and lived on a farm south of Halstead with her parents John and Anna (Regehr) Heidebrecht until she moved to Winfield. She attended Bethel College 3 years and graduated from Southwestern College. Both of Mary Ann's parents are of the Russian Mennonite heritage.

Chester Lee Drum was born May 19, 1972 in Winfield. He has attended Whittier Elementary, Winfield Middle School, and Winfield High School. His plans are to attend college.

Submitted by Donald L. Drum
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 160.

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George Edward Duncan Family

George Edward Duncan, born 5-1-1880, son of Mark Edward and Susannah Duncan on a farm near Emporia, Kansas (continued on page 161)

Submitted by Hazel B. Duncan Ward
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 160.

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