Cowley County

Widener Cemetery
Submitted by Jon Goodman

The acre for the cemetery was donated by Rock resident, C.S. Widener.
Parsons & family buried in Widener: (as of 1989).

Parsons Family - early settlers of Cowley County

1882 Map showing Widener and Statler Cemeteries

Some information submitted by Steve Kennedy

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Widener Cemetery Widener Cemetery

Partial Listing of Burials
Barker Evan 1840 1903 Brother of Amelia Barker Parsons
BIRDZELL Charles   1-Jul-1871 s/o T. & E.R. Birdzell 12d
Burris Marshall 1888 1912 Cousin of William & Amelia Parsons.
BUSH Dorothy 24-Aug-1905 18-Jun-1906 d/o C. E. & E. B. Bush
BUSH Jordan F. 25-Apr-1884 5-Dec-1885 s/o J.D. & F.E. Bush
BUSH Mary E. 15-Sep-1834 16-Mar-1884 w/o Morgan Bush
BUSH Morgan 29-Mar-1832 13-Jul-1912 PHOTO
BUSH Ophelia A. Coghill 2-May-1864 12-Feb-1891 d/o M & M.E Bush
CASADY Emma Olivia 1849 1874  
COGHILL Frank E.   no dates s/o T.E & O.A. Coghill
COGHILL Ophelia   no dates d/o T.E & O.A Coghill
COX Aubrey   1924 PHOTO
COX Cornelia 31-May-1838 12-Aug-1901 w/o Thomas
COX Fredie   1921 PHOTO
COX Lewis 22-Feb-1875 19-Jun-1919 s/o Thomas & Cornelia Cox
COX Thomas 11-Jan-1824 16-Feb-1895 PHOTO
Crow Ralpha Lee Goff 1935 1986 d/o Ralph & Charity
DISSER Infants   3-Nov-1879 c/o Jo's & CL Disser
Faler Ethel Stage 1892 ? d/o Charles & Anise
Faler Elmore Audien 1914 1914 s/o Ethel Stage Faler
FOUTS George 1896 1896 PHOTO
FOUTS Milton B. 1884 1895 PHOTO
FOUTS Rosanna 1878 1895 PHOTO
Goff Charity 1905 1987 w/o Ralph
Goff Zora Francis Parsons 1881 1909 d/o William & Amelia
Goff Clayburn 1900 1906 s/o Peter & Zora
Goff Wanda 1904 1920 d/o Peter & Zora
Goff Ralph 1902 1962 s/o Peter & Zora
HENRY Tulah F. 21-Nov-1891 16-May-1893 PHOTO
HUGHES Vinton   12-Dec-1825 s/o T. G. & E. Hughes 8y 8m 12d
HUME Josephine A.   no dates PHOTO
HUME Robert M.   no dates PHOTO
KINDIG G.W.     Co. K 16 Ohio Inf.
MABRY C. H.   no dates Co. B Ind.
MABRY Charles 24-Aug-1835 12-Apr-1894 PHOTO
MABRY Charles Henry 1880 1955 PHOTO
MABRY Jennie Maude 1881 1932 PHOTO
MABRY Margaret A. 1838 21-May-1909 w/o Charles Mabry
Neal Glennis Stage 1903 1952 d/o Charles & Anise
Parsons John Everett 1875 1970 h/o of Daisy Brown & h/o Virgie Wallis
Parsons Daisy Brown 1876 1924 w/o John Everett Parsons
Parsons Virgie Wallis 1886 1966 w/o John Everett Parsons
Parsons Baby 1927 1927 s/o John Everett & Virgie Wallis
Parsons William Milton 1837 1915
Civil War footstone
Parsons Amelia Barker 1845 1924
Parsons Peter Elfonzo 1897 1908  
Parsons Leroy 1929 1933 s/o Ralph & Charity
Parsons Eliza Alice 1877 1935  
PHELPS Altheda M. 1826 1901  
PHELPS Curtis 1824 1922  
PHELPS John Freemont 1859 1928  
PHELPS Laurena Lou 1852 1950  
ROUCH Theodore T. 18-Aug-1907 11-Nov-?? T.SGT. 435 WW II
SITTON J. ?. & E. J.   ?-Nov-1878  
SMITH Archibald H. 28-Jul-1832 17-Oct-1913  
SMITH Elizabeth 4-??-1839 4-Sep-1888 w/o Archibald Smith
Smith Mary L. (Nora) Parsons 1870 1959 w/o Phlegm
Smith Phlegm 1862 1954  
Smith Hersel Ivan 1894 1969 s/o Phlegm & Mary
Smith Mary Jane Hall 1989 1966 w/o Hersel Ivan
Smith Beryl     1 year baby of Hersel & Mary Jane
Smith Newell Dwight 1908 1924 s/o Hersel & Mary Jane
Stage Anise I. (Anna) Parsons 1871 1962 w/o Charles
Stage Charles 1871 1912 h/o Anise
Stage Mabel Wanda 1898 1904 d/o Charles & Anise
STEVENSON Julia M. 1853 1888 PHOTO
STEVENSON Theodore P. 1849 1932 PHOTO
SWAIN Arthur 13-Jun-1846 1-Jan-1920 PHOTO
SWAIN George A. 22-Oct-1881 23-Jun-1904 s/o Arthur & Nola E.
SWAIN Nola E. 6-Apr-1852 5-Oct-1921 w/o Arthur Swain
TUGGLE Austin 1884 1884  
TUGGLE Frances p. 1843 1907  
TUGGLE Martha J. 1848 1884 stone says: "Mother"
TUGGLE Thomas S. 1868 1884  
Wadsack Lora Alice (Kennedy) 8 Aug 1858 30-Dec-1936 PHOTO
Wadsack Richard A. 6 May 1880 11-Sep-1903 PHOTO
Wadsack William 31 Aug 1856 10 Mar 1892 PHOTO
WEBSTER George D. 5-Mar-1897 26-Oct-1990 PHOTO
WEBSTER Nina L. 20-Apr-1905 28-Jan-1994 PHOTO
WELSH David Hamilton 4-Nov-1855 29-Nov-1931  
WELSH Infant Son 12-Jan-1888 12-Jan-1888 s/o May H. & D. H. Welsh
WELSH May H. 2-Feb-1851 20-May-1892 w/o D. H. Welsh
WHEELER Nelson W. 1866 1944 stone says"Father"
WHEELER Nola 1874 1942 stone says"Mother"
WIDNER Clayborn S. 1830 1907 mother & wife on Clayborn's stone
WIDNER Henry Grant 1863 1892 PHOTO
WIDNER J.W. 24-Dec-1824 17-Apr-1887 42y 3m 24d born: Putnum Co. Ind.
WIDNER Lougna I. ? 24-Dec-1824 17-Apr-1887 w/o J. W. Widener born: Putnam Co. IN. 42y 3m 24d
WIDNER Molie Louise 1864 1939 PHOTO
WIDNER Nancy J. 1836 1880 w/o Clayborn S. Widner
WIDNER Patience 1799 1883 m/o Clayborn S. Widner
WIDNER Samuel R. 1859 1925  
Woolridge Ardith Parsons 1902 1923 d/o Eliza Alice Parsons

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