Cowley County

Memorial Lawn Cemetery
Submitted & © 2004 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

A BIG THANK YOU to Mary Wilson & Janice Keefe for helping get this cemetery online


NAMBO Francis N   16-Jun-1962  
NASH Earnestine (Sorey)   5-May-1993  
NEAL Clarence Edward   10-Mar-1983  
NEAL Leonard Eldon   5-Sep-2000  
NEAL Mable   17-Apr-1990  
NEAL Randy K   15-May-1997  
NEER Almond Ashberry   3-Sep-1924 moved from Forrest Hill interred 4-3-1937
NEER Clyde Harold   9-May-1969  
NEER Evelyn Louise   3-Jan-1934  
NEER Frances Marie Lockhart   9-Aug-1994  
NEER Katherine   21-Jun-1949  
NEER Lula Mae   3-Jun-1968  
NEER Roy Mayo   30-Oct-1947  
NEER Ralph Augustus   20-Jan-1964  
NEER Rogene   12-Jul-1942  
NELSON Dora V.   16-Jul-1972  
NELSON Evah Katherine   18-Mar-1953  
NELSON Lee Robert   6-Dec-1976  
NELSON Morris H.   18-Feb-1979  
NESBIT Fannie A.   16-Jan-1991  
NEWBACKER Myrtle Hunt   27-Sep-1980  
NEWBERN Ethel E. Duvall   8-Sep-1974  
NEWMAN Buelah M.   4-Jan-1958  
NEWMAN Clyde I.   14-Jan-1988  
NEWMAN Eleanor A.   19-Aug-1996  
NEWMAN Frank Little   24-Feb-1970  
NEWMAN George W.   24-Aug-1982  
NEWMAN Lulu Belle   31-May-1994  
NEWMAN Wayne Edwin   7-Dec-1938  
NICELY Darren Keith   3-Oct-1967  
NICHOLS Arthur Alvin   14-Feb-1974  
NICHOLS Emma Nancy   25-Dec-1934  
NICHOLS Jessie Wilma Willard   14-Nov-1996  
NICHOLS Lewis R.   12-Nov-1994  
NICHOLS William E.   31-Jul-1953  
NICHOLSON Frededick D. "Freddie"   22-Dec-2002  
NICKEL Lucille Evelyn   28-Jun-2002  
NICKLE Reuben Earl   7-Feb-1975  
NICKLE Wanunita Marie   20-Aug-1985  
NIMS Eugene Lloyd   28-Dec-1951  
NIMS Florence   12-Nov-1979  
NISKERN Henry W.   23-Mar-1971  
NISKERN Zona Gay   31-May-1976  
NORRIS Margaret E. Schnelle   13-Jul-2002  
NORTON Richard Clifford   7-Sep-1947  
NORTON Tommy Duane   17-Jul-1964  
NORTON Walter Clifford   4-Dec-1969  
NOTTINGHAM Nona   15-Nov-1988  
NUGEN Alma Dorothy Payne   14-Feb-2002  
NUGEN Dorothy Estelle   12-Oct-1977  
NUGEN Earl H.   26-Feb-1983  
NUGEN Glen   5-Dec-1980  
NUGEN Horace E.   23-Jan-1951  
NUGEN Maggie Elizabeth   14-Aug-1964  
OESTMANN Helen Charoltte Rippe   26-Mar-1998  
OESTMANN Rudolf A.   17-May-2000  
O'NEAL John L.   4-Jul-1979  
O'NEAL Phyllis Louise   9-Apr-1940  
OLDFIELD Lewis Hulse 2 Feb 1868 11-Sep-1956  
OLDFIELD Lillie Belle Shoulders 15 Nov 1865 28-May-1935  
OLDHAM Anita Jouce   16-Mar-1936  
OLDHAM Ollie A.   22-Oct1963  
OLDHAM Yancie Austin, Sr. 17 Feb 1890 19-Aug-1956 h/o Ollie A. (Chambers)
OLDHAM Yancie Austin, Jr. 31 Aug 1922 20-May-1954 b. Winfield, KS; s/o Yancie Austin Oldham, Sr. and Ollie A. (Chambers)
OLIVER John Lee   31-Dec-1993 Army-Korea
OLSON Mary Lou Ruth   10-Feb-1998  
OLSON Ole   20-Mar-2000 US Navy SeeBee's WWII
OLVERA Benjamin P.   8-Nov-1982  
OLVERA Juanita V. Sanchez   18-Sep-1993  
ORAHOOD Laura May   13-Nov-1946  
ORAHOOD Robert   5-Feb-1957  
OSBURN Clarence Clayton   6-Oct-1975  
OSBURN Jess   28-Nov-1990  
OSBURN Lawrence S.   25-Aug-1954  
OSBURN Lola Ethel   21-Apr-1995  
OSTERHOUT Alburtus C.   15-Feb-1951  
OSTERHOUT Carrie Phylina   14-Oct-1953  
OTEY Minnie E. Foust   29-Jun-1963  
OUSLEY Mable Smith   29-Jul-1994  
OVERBEY Baby Dena Sue   7-Jan-1972 PHOTO
OVERBEY Gilbert Albert   31-May-1977 PHOTO
OVERBEY Ira Lee 21 Mar 1884 7-Mar-1963 b. Greenfield, IL; s/o James & Laura Overbey, h/o Minnie (Weekley)
OVERBEY Minnie 24 Mar 1884 9-Jan-1971 w/o Ira Lee Overbey
OVERBEY Nellie Ruth   29-Sep-1964 w/o Gilbert L. Overbey
OVERSTREET Dr. Vernon Leon   26-Jul-1967  
OVERSTREET Marion E.   27-Jan-1953  
OVERSTREET Vernon Leon, Jr.   5-Jul-1962  
OWEN Charles B. "Bill"   15-Apr-2002  
OWEN Elizabeth   13-Apr-1995  
OWEN Lee D.   30-Oct-1987  
OWEN Maxine LeFaivere   10-Nov-1993  
PALMER Charles 28 Feb 1919 ?7 Mar 1973 Parents of:
Kelly, Tom, Jim & Jeff

PALMER Lorene 25 Jul 1920 26 Feb 1978 Parents of:
Kelly, Tom, Jim & Jeff

PANNELL Gladys Iva   11-Mar-1998  
PANNELL Sena   18-May-1945  
PAPPAN Edna May Maple   17-Jan-1997  
PAPPAN Garold William   20-May-1992  
PAPPAS Ethel G.   27-Dec-1979  
PAPPAS George   16-Sep-1960  
PARIS Clifford Elmer   15-Feb-1956  
PARIS John   24-Oct-1959  
PARIS Mayme   19-Feb-1938  
PARIS Pauline P.   25-Mar-1985  
PARKS Ester Cecillia Stafford   8-Jul-2002  
PARKS Jasper E.   22-Nov-1970  
PARKS Lawrence E.   29-Dec-1987  
PARKS Myrtle E. Thornton Willenberg   4-Mar-1993  
PARKS Opal Bertha   19-Mar-1974  
PARKS Orphia Pauline   10-Aug-1971  
PARKS Zilpha Alberta "Seals"   17-Feb-1998  
PARKS Richard E.   20-Apr-2000  
PARKER James D.   1-Feb-2003  
PARSONS Willis Neal   14-Dec-1987  
PASS Helen V.   22-Jun-1997  
PATTEN Jeanette A.   9-Jan-1968  
PATTEN Lloyd Owen   13-Nov-1943  
PATTERSON Agnes   29-Jul-1959  
PATTERSON Bill E.   11-Jan-1985  
PATTERSON Clem E.   27-Oct-1985  
PATTERSON Dorothy May   8-Nov-1964  
PATTERSON Hallie E.   6-Mar-1977  
PATTERSON J W   20-Oct-1975  
PATTERSON Wilda M.   20-Oct-1999  
PAULEY Frank Henery   3-Jan-1976  
PAULEY Lucille A.   1-May-1984  
PAYDEN Frank Oliver   30-Dec-1946  
PAYDEN Marietta   15-Oct-1963  
PAYNE Edward Earl   31-Dec-1971  
PAYNE Elva Harold   29-Jun-1972  
PAYNE Loren Guy   24-Sep-1976  
PAYNE Lucy Lee   8-Jun-2003  
PAYNE Nellie   19-Jan-1949  
PAYNE Virgill B.   15-Jul-1983  
PAYNE William E.   3-Jun-2002  
PAYTON Franklin Smith   27-Sep-1975  
PAYTON Lenna   19-Mar-1987  
PAYTON Lona   9-Dec-1985  
PEAK Deborah Sue 14 May 1968 14-May-1968 stillborn, d/o Jerry E. Peak
PEARSON Lila May Conner   28-Mar-1978  
PECK Gladys M.   1-Mar-1980  
PECK Grace M.   29-Oct-1980  
PECK John Knudsen   21-Jan-1977  
PECK Loyd William   6-Dec-1976  
PEEK Ada   28-Sep-1944  
PEEK Frank   6-Dec-1950  
PENDLETON Patricia Sue   24-Jun-1936  
PENFIELD Lulu   16-Aug-1968  
PENFIELD Walter Clark   17-Feb-1937  
PENNER Waldo H.   12-Feb-1963  
PENNINGTON Darrell Gene   20- Dec-1951  
PENNINGTON Louis Vernon   25-Jan-1953  
PEPIN Cynthia Louise   21-Feb-2001  
PERCIVAL Earl   7-Feb-1978  
PERCIVAL Eva Frances   27-Jan-1986  
PERKINS Berl V.   6-Oct-1982  
PERKINS Rosa Nellie   10-May-1963  
PERKINS Sadie Marie   6-Oct-1997  
PERRY Hazel Marie   8-Nov-1969  
PERRY J E   1-Jan-1952  
PERRY James M.   11-Sep-2003  
PERRY Thomas Boyd, Jr.   27-Oct-1946  
PERRY Wilma Jean   10-Apr-1978  
PETERS Achsah   14-Mar-1972  
PETERS Clela Jane   30-May-2001  
PETERS Fred A.   14-Sep-1958  
PETERS Fred C.   20-Sep-1986  
PETERSON Arthur George   29-Nov-1954  
PETERSON Bertie Emma   8-Jan-1969  
PHILLIPS Billy Mack   8-Jul-1963  
PHILLIPS Fay Margaret   14-Dec-1985  
PHILLIPS Frank R.   8-Nov-1987  
PHILLIPS Fred   15-Jun-1960  
PHILLIPS Henery I.   7-Feb-1985  
PHILLIPS Mary E.   23-Aug-2001  
PHILLIPS Thelma Ruth   13-Sep-2002  
PHILLIPS Virginia Lee   7-Nov-1979  
PICKETT Anna N.   30-Jan-1962  
PICKETT Harry Fraklin   2-May-1947  
PIERCE Helen L.   31-Aug-1986  
PIERCE Reuben C.   31-Aug-1983  
PINKSTON Myrtle Lena   30-Jan-1984  
PINKSTON Myrtle Lena   30-Jan-1984  
PINKSTON Virgil   11-Dec-1985  
PITTS Patricia "Pat" J.   14-Apr-2002  
PITTSER A. R. "Pitts"   29-Aug-1986  
PITTSER Esther Lucille   11-Oct-1995  
PLAGG Jessie Violet   24-Dec-1934  
PLUSH Michael Allan   3-Sep-1976  
POE Arthur L.   12-Jan-1993 Army WW
POGUE Henry Newton   21-Sep-1970  
POGUE Lorene Opal   19-Mar-1995  
POGUE Maud   21-Jan-1960  
POGUE Powell Clayton   2-Mar-2003  
POINTS Eillen A.   5-Jun-1997  
POINTS Paul   15-Dec-1973  
PORTER Archie M.   28-Jul-1935  
PORTER Hazel Marie Lewis   14-Aug-1991  
PORTER Robert L.   29-Jul-1987  
POST Arthur Lucius   17-Jul-1940  
POST Dora Frances   29-Aug-1946  
POST George Clifton   28-Jun-1931 moved from South Bend interred 4-28-1932
POST Marybelle May   25-Feb-1900 Removed from South Bend
POTTER Merle Oldfield Gemar 5 Oct 1903 15-Feb-1985  
POTWIN George   21-May-1959  
POTWIN Mary Jane   17-Jun-1961  
POURNER Helen M.   18-Dec-2001  
POWELL Raymond T. "Tom"   12-Jul-1998 US Army
PRICE Bettie McGee   18-Feb-1951  
PRICE Ellsworth   28-May-1932  
PRICE James Grant   31-Mar-1966  
PRICE Lee John   26-Jun-1968  
PRICE Majorie L.   28-Nov-1978  
PRIEST Agatha   4-Mar-1949  
PRIEST John Wesley 26 May 1893 3-Jun-1961 s/o John Anderson Priest & Nancy Ann (Fry), h/o Agatha C. (Terrell)
PRIMM Elsie E.   13-Jan-1991  
PRIMM Glenn B.   19-May-1970  
PROCHASKA Robert James   15-Jan-1944  
PROCTOR Minnie Marie   19-Mar-1976  
PRUITT Gertie   23-Jan-1963  
PRUITT Ira R.   7-Apr-1949  
PUGH Carroll Dean 1 Feb 1905 25-Nov-1964 b. Winfield, KS; h/o Margorie (Clark)
PULLEY Gene Ann   29-Mar-1949  
QUADE John Webb   21-Dec-1935  
QUADE Lillian   15-Feb-1957  
QUINN Edwin M.   30-May-1970  
QUINN Max   30-Nov-1977  
QUINN Myrtle   24-Jul-1970  
QUINN Nellie M.   1-May-1949  
QUINN Paul H.   5-Jan-1954  
QUINN Virginia   12-Oct-1986  
QUISENBERRY George G.   27-Jan-2004 Army WW II

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