Cowley County

Burden Cemetery

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Photo submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

Information provided by Melodi Bowen & Submitted by: Karen Rodenbaugh

Photos & information submitted & © 2004 by: Mary Wilson

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Burden Cemetery

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This cemetery has not been updated for quite some time (except for recent submissions). It has come to our attention that there are some errors, so as with all genealogical information, document your own sources and use this transcription as a guideline only. If you find errors, please let us know so we can correct the information. (Tombstones have been known to have incorrect information also) We do not intentionally include incorrect information. We are only human and this information was transcribed by humans. If anyone is willing to rewalk the cemetery and submit current information, it would be most appreciated.
  CALES Chap     no dates s/o T. M. & S .A.
  CALES Ira Calloway   5-Jul-1882 1y 1m 2d s/o Nelson C. & Nancy E. Tredway
  CALES Nancy Ellen 16-Oct-1849 21-Aug-1939 b: Coshocton Co.OH. d/o Corbin Tredway & Mary
  CALES Nelson C. 6-Jun-1846 3-Jan-1938 b: Blackford Co. IN. s/o John & Catherine Meadows
  CAMEY J. H.   10-Mar-1892 Service Stone
  CANINE H. Dwight 28-Apr-1896 4-Mar-1897 s/o W. M. & M. E.
  CANNON Everitt H. 21-Sep-1894 21-Sep-1956 b: Toronto, KS. s/o George E. & Minnie B.
  CARCILE J. H. ?-Nov-1863 18-Mar-1884  
  CARLSON Arizona D. 30-Jun-1919 4-Jul-1971 b: AR d/o Roy Russell & Kezzie Sumner
  CARTER Melissa   14-Mar-1884 48y 6m
  CARTER William W.   3-Nov-1884 27y 1m s/o T. P. & Melissa
  CARVER Christina 10-Mar-1868 12-Aug-1964 b: Jeffersonville, NY. d/o John Wingert & Charlotte Wagner
  CARVER John P. 1-Set-1906 17-Dec-1928 b: N Burden, KS. s/o John Wingert & Charlotte Wagner
  CARVER William Pitt 25-Dec-1858 18-Feb-1939 b: IL.
  CASEBOLT Robert   13-Dec-1898  
  CAUTHOM Bertha Edna 9-Feb-1906 17-Dec-1928 b: Burden, KS. d/o W. J. Bowman & Pearl Skinner
  CHANCE Clotilda C. Jr. 1855 11-Jan-1901 b: Wasson, OH.
  CHANCE Perry C.     Service Stone
  CHANCE Perry C. Jr.   14-Mar-1883 12y 2m 19d
  CHANCE Rezin C.   23-Jul-1884 1y 2m 14d s/o Perry C. & Clotilda
  CHANDLER Clifford 7-Jan-1889 3_Nov-1899 s/o W. S.
  CHANDLER Infant Daughter   2-Mar-1890 d/o W. S.
  CHAPMAN Bruce Danner 7-Oct-1921 10-Oct-1921 s/o G. Ralph
  CHAPMAN Bruce H. 19-Apr-1879 31-Dec-1953 b: Burden, KS.
  CHAPMAN Clarence Albert 29-Jan-1873 23-Apr-1912 b: Konola, KS.
  CHAPMAN Dr. Joseph Albert 11-Jan-1843 22-Sep-1908 b: S. Bend IN
  CHAPMAN Edwin Burns 19-Apr-1878 17-Feb-1897  
  CHAPMAN Irene Belle 8-Jul-1883 23-Apr-1912 b: Dexter, KS.
  CHAPMAN Lucena Elsie 26-May-1844 3-Aug-1917 b: N Belview, IA d/o L. Hefley & Elsie
  CHEEVER Anna Margaret 22-Jan-1887 7-May-1949 d/o A. O. Anderson & Anna Jenson
  CHEEVER Delmer Lloyd 1-Sep-1891 23-Dec-1921 b: Permer, IL s/o D. D. & Amelia
  CHILDS Maria E. 12-Oct-1821 7-Mar-1886 b: Tioga Co. NY.
  CHRISTMACHT Leona M. 14-Aug-1904 13-Jun-1972 b: Frendship, WS. d/o Arthur Grevel
  CHRISTMACHT Max 15-Jul-1902 10-Jan-1970 b: Milwaukee, WS s/o Fredrick & Margaret
  CHURCH Albert Ellis 16-Apr-1872 29-Dec-1953 b: N Dexter, KS.
  CHURCH Mary 26-Jul-1875 24-May-1959 d/o Daniel C. Tredway & Mary K. Miller
  CLARK David H.   25-Sep-1883 33y 11m 11d
  CLARK Hilda Sue 18-Oct-1902 23-Mar-1908 d/o David H.
  CLARK Infant   13-Feb-1906 1y ch/o David H.
  CLOSE Charles Ivan 3-Jun-1905 11-Nov-1965 b: Burden, KS. s/o John & Josephine Tredway
  COLE Child 12-Jul-1897 26-Jul-1897 ch/o Matilta
  COLE Matilta   13-Jul-1897 19y d/o John Gailey
  COLEMAN Yannell   9-Apr-1889 9m
Photo COLLINS A. Howard 16-Jan-1878 10-Oct-1950 b: Edgerton, KS.
COLLINS Albert 22-Apr-1832 26-Jul-1890 b: Knox Co. IL.
  COLLINS C. C. 28-May-1832 13-Jun-1914 b: PA
Photo COLLINS DeArmond E. 12-Sep-1871 22-Jul-1957 b: Butler, MO.
Photo COLLINS Edith Delight 10-Feb-1875 6-Mar-1945 d/o James Hayes Smith & Eunice Foust
Photo COLLINS Elizabeth H. 30-Oct-1876 20-Apr-1964 b: N Atlanta, KS. d/o Enos A. Henthorn & Margaret Baker
Photo COLLINS Floy F. 26-Jan-1902 16-Jul-1978 b: N Edgerton, KS. s/o A. Howard & Ida F. Williams
COLLINS Howard 13-Dec-1873 15-Sep-1965 b: N Burden, KS. s/o Edwill & Pamelia
  COLLINS Gretchen 4 June 1901 3 March 1902 d/o D & E Collins
Photo; COLLINS Ida F. 30-Jun-1883 10-Aug-1965 b: Springhill, KS. d/o John Williams
  COLLINS M. E. 22-May-1840 31-Mar-1909 b: MO.
  COLLINS W. F.   ?-Nov-1892  
  COMBS Louise T. 15-Aug-1873 11-May-1956 b: Chillicothe, OH. d/o Julius Zimmerman
  COMBS Raymond D. 19-Apr-1908 2-Jul-1976 b: Winfield, KS. s/oSaul S. & Louise T. Zimmerman
  COMBS Saul Samuel 15-Aug-1869 3-May-1947 b: Lyons Co. KS. s/o James & Milanda
  CONNER Ben 17-Jun-1899 6-Aug-1974 b: Clifford Co. MO. s/o John & Stella
  CONNER Devon W. 18-Apr-1827 29-Aug-1970 s/o Ben & Ruby Tredway
  CORNEIL F. Florence 14-Mar-1913 22-Oct-1964 b: Frederick, OK d/o Joe Rhodes & Bertha
  COSSAIRT Daroyl 4-Jun-1949 4-Jun-1949 s/o Lester G. & Ferne E. Sumners
  COSSAIRT Ferne Elizabeth 5-Jan-1913 17-Feb-1984 b: N Burden, KS. d/o Stephen Sumner & Mary E. Barger
  COSSAIRT Joyce 1946 1946 d/o Lester G. & Ferne E. Sumners
  COSSAIRT Lester Garth 28-Jun-1903 26-Mar-1961 b: N Bluffton, IN.
  COSSAIRT Stanley Steven 10-Jan-1948 12-Jan-1948 s/o Lester G. & Ferne E. Sumners
  COUCHMAN Charles   1955  
  COUCHMAN Estelle 8-Feb-1890 10-Oct-1969 b: Maple City, KS. d/o Samuel Meek & Gertrude
  COURTNEY China Ellan 8-Jan-1894 16-Oct-1968 b: New Tazwell, TN. d/o John W. Rogers & Lucy
  COURTNEY Ira H. 12-Jun-1882 7-Jul-1963 b: Whitesburg, TN. s/o William F. & Sarah E. Lane
  COURTNEY Sarah Emaline Lane 3-Jul-1860 8-Dec-1931 b: N Whitesburg, TN
  COURTNEY William Fillmore 9-Aug-1856 22-Feb-1937 b: N Whitesburg, TN
  CRAFT A. R.   28-Oct-1898 39y s/o Joseph & Lizzie
  CRAFT Joseph P.   14-Aug-1886 55y 1m 14d
  CRAFT Lizzie 5-Jun-1836 26-Feb-1897 b: Jefferson, OH.
  CRAIG Ottie Austin 2-Sep-1923 24-Jul-1946 b: Grenola, KS. s/o Richard B. & Olive Hobbs
  CRAIG Richard B. 31-Jul-1882 17-Jul-1954 b: IA s/o Sam
  CRAMER Bertha M. 3-Sep-1878 3-Apr-1919 b: N Burden, KS. d/o Martin L. Brooks & Elizabeth Manley
  CRAMER Harriet F. 18-Nov-1881 30-Jan-1962 b: Burden, KS. d/o Nathaniel Brooks & Margaret Livingston
  CRAMER Infant Child 26-Mar-1919 26-Mar-1919 ch/o John F. & Bertha M. Brooks
  CRAMER John Fredrick 7-Feb-1880 11-Dec-1977 b: Montgomery Co. OH. s/o James P. & Caroline
  CRITES Amanda 16-May-1860 29-May-1939  
  CRITES George W. 15-May-1853 6-Dec-1916 b: IN.
  CRITES Loren Ellis 23-Jul-1921 29-Mar-1923 b: Burden, KS. s/o Oliver E.
  CROW Gideon C. 6-Sep-1815 10-Aug-1899  
  CROW Mary J. 16-Feb-1819 12-May-1895  
  CROWLEY Ada M. 2-Feb-1886 4-Nov-1975 b: N. Bodark, KS. d/o Findley Monroe & Lena Woods
  CROWLEY Byron M. 8-May-1910 28-May-1972 b: Augusta, KS.
  CROWLEY Russell L. 2-Jan-1879 13-May-1960 b: Cooksville, TN. s/o Solomon & Mary
  CROWLEY Una M. 4-Aug-1885 5-Feb-1971 b: Augusta, KS. d/o Charles Cloud & Clara
  CROWLEY Winfield Scott 2-Mar-1881 15-Apr-1961 b: Cooksville, TN. s/o Solomon & Mary
  CUBBISON Nora 2-Mar-1884 25-Mar-1884  
  CUBBISON W. F. 7-Jun-1879 21-Jan-1883  
  CULLINGER Leah   2-Jan-1895 70y
  CULP Charles Jacob 1-Mar-1874 4-Nov-1946 b: Dewitt, IA. s/o George W. & Clarice J. Waterhouse
  CULP Clarice Jane Waterhouse 12-Jan-1848 4-Jan-1926 b: N Dewitt, IA
  CULP Eva   23-Oct-1884 2y 10m 1d d/o George W. & Clarice Waterhouse
  CULP George Washington 22-Feb-1840 24-Jan-1920 b: Hanover, OH.
  CULP Gertrude R. 19-Apr-1878 5-Aug-1947 b: Dow, IL.
  CULP Harry Lee 17-Dec-1899 29-Dec-1955 b: Burden, KS. s/o Charles J. & Jeanette Powers
  CULP Jeanette Powers 28-Feb-1878 15-Oct-1903  
  CULP Julia Catherine 4-Apr-1871 11-Jun-1947 b: Dewill, IA d/o George W. & Clarice Waterhouse
  CULP Louis L. 29-Jul-1878 2-Jan-1965 b: Dewitt, IA s/o George W. & Clarice J. Waterhouse
  CUMMINGS Dollie June 23-Jun-1920 11-Feb-1944 b: N Potwin, KS. d/o Harley Littrell & Ester Fair
  CUMMINGS Infant Daughter 6-Feb-1944 6-Feb-1944 d/o Daniel & Dollie Littrell
  CUNNINGHAM Addie E. 13-Jul-1887 15-Oct-1919 b: Grand Summit, KS. d/o Andrew B. Booth & Elizabeth Read
  CUNNINGHAM Charles A. 4-Nov-1860 11-Sep-1934 b: Oswego, NY. s/o John & Margaret Jane
  CUNNINGHAM Dennis B. 6-Oct-1851 6-May-1904 b: Ogdenburg, NY s/o John & Margaret Jane
  CUNNINGHAM Infant Daughter ?-Jul-1881 ?-Jul-1881 d/o James
  CUNNINGHAM Lena May 21-Sep-1886 16-Oct-1926 d/o William Ogle
  CUNNINGHAM Leona 26-Nov-1902 26-Nov-1902 d/o Matt
  CUNNINGHAM LeVer 15-Mar-1887 19-Jun-1936 b: Burden, KS.
  CUNNINGHAM Martha Ellen Lawmaster 10-Mar-1863 15-Jun-1955 b: N Canton, OH.
  CUNNINGHAM Mary 15-Mar-1859 26-Jan-1942 b: Oswego, NY. s/o John & Margaret Jane
  CUNNINGHAM Mary Catherine 18-Jul-1857 19-May-1900 b: Scott Co. IA.
  CUNNINGHAM Mary Catherine   26-Oct-1900 b: Burden, KS 6m 7d
  CUNNINGHAM Mary Elizabeth 28-Feb-1861 9-Oct-1951 b: Mahaska Co. IA. d/o Robert F. Burden & Martha J. Bacon
  CUNNINGHAM Omar 9-Apr-1896 10-Feb-1923 b: Burden, KS.
  CUNNINGHAM Retta 16-Feb-1906 16-Feb-1906 d/o W. D.
  CUNNINGHAM Thomas 24-Jul-1857 10-Jul-1945 b: N Oswego, NY.
  CURRY Irl T. 10-Mar-1888 22-Apr-1975 b: Marceline, MO.
  CURRY LuLu Pearl 11-Mar-1886 17-Apr-1973 b: Champaign Co. Il. d/o Christopher L. Kuder & Lillie
  DANIELS Dorothy 22-May-1918 11-Nov-1951 b: Howard, KS. d/o Everett H. Cannon & Fern Cope
  DANIELS Orville Reece 25-Sep-1910 1-Dec-1959 b: Cambridge, KS. s/o Reece & Maggie
  DARR Amanda Opal 29-Jul-1888 31-Oct-1974 b: Carol Co. VA. d/o Joseph Horton & martha
  DARR Arthur F. 26-Aug-1877 9-Jun-1949 b: N Burden, KS.
  DARR Arthur T. 2-Jan-1838 9-Mar-1919  
  DARR Aura 7-Jul-1874 9-Feb-1952 b: N Burden, KS.
  DARR Charles L. 9-Nov-1848 29-Apr-1941 b: Leesville, IN. s/o Phillip & Elizabeth
  DARR Elenora 28-May-1883 9-Jan-1976 b: N Burden, KS.
  DARR George Elmer 9-Jan-1876 6-Aug-1945 b:Leesville, IN s/o John W. & Martha J. Flinn
  DARR Hattie Mae 4-Nov-1887 25-Mar-1970 b: Tisdale, KS. d/o William Triplett & Elizabeth Harrod
  DARR Infant Child 27-Apr-1891 27-Apr-1891 ch/o George
  DARR John William 18-Jan-1844 16-Jan-1937 b: Leesville, IN s/o Phillip & Elizabeth
  DARR Margaret C. McKeaigg 20-Dec-1850 30-Mar-1905  
  DARR Martha Jane 7-Aug-1849 13-May-1929 b: IN d/o Moses Flinn & Lucinda Dyal
  DARR Olive Almeda 14-Mar-1879 14-Jun-1914 b: Burden, KS.
  DARR W. Everett 26-Aug-1880 24-May-1971 b: Leesville, IN. s/o Charles L. & Margaret C. McKeaigg
  DAVID Hazel     d/o Fred Lewis
  DAVID Sam V. 31-Jan-1906 17-Sep-1983 b: N Floral, KS. s/o Verden O. & Arcadia Taylor
  DAVIDSON Michael D. 14-Sep-1957 6-Sep-1975 b: Arkansas City, KS. s/o Donald & Ethel Bonesteel
  DAVIDSON Sada   3-Sep-1888 d/o L. J. & E. A.
  DAVIS Anna E. ?-Jun-1895 13-Oct-1912 b: Saline Co. MO. d/o Thomas E. & Ollie F. Sharow
  DAVIS Della 13-Mar-1885 20-May-1955 b: Calloway Co. TN. d/o Rev. William Davis & Malissa Northern
  DAVIS Elvin 1853 2-Dec-1933 b: Granger Co. TN.
  DAVIS Enock 16-Feb-1883 9-Feb-1899 s/o Rev. William & Malissa Northern
  DAVIS Grace 20-Feb-1888 20-Jul-1906 d/o Rev. William & Malissa Northern
  DAVIS Ida 20-May-1872 12-Oct-1899 d/o Rev. William & Malissa Northern
  DAVIS Ida Ellen 18-Aug-1868 29-Sep-1952 b: Kakomo, IN. d/o Moses Harrod
  DAVIS Lucy E. 21-Aug-1875 25-Aug-1902 b: Granger Co. TN. d/o Rev. William Davis & Malissa Northern
  DAVIS Lydia Roach 27-Dec-1846 7-Oct-1935 b: Granger Co. TN.
  DAVIS Malissa Northern 15-Jan-1849 28-Oct-1923 b: Tampico, TN.
  DAVIS Rev. William 7-Mar-1845 23-Oct-1914 b: Granger Co., KY.
  DAVIS Samuel M. 3-Feb-1874 12-Feb-1964 b: Rutledge, TN. s/o Elvin
  DAVIS Thomas Elcanie 24-Dec-1867 7-Jul-1912 b: Granger Co. TN. s/o Rev. William & Malissa Northern
  DAVIS William M. 24-Oct-1868 8-Aug-1955 b: Plattsburg, MO. s/o Monroe
  DAY Susan C. 6-Jan-1846 25-Sep-1912 d/o Samuel Colt
  DEAN Margaret 12-Aug-1843 11-Jul-1912 b: Pittsburg, PA.
  DENNETT Rhonda 9-Jun-1915 3-Oct-1998 d/o Elvin & Lavina Davis Cox
  DESBIEN Joseph W. 28-Jul-1900 28-Feb-1964 b: Damar, KS. s/o Ambrose & Adeline
PHOTO DESELMS Elizabeth 10-Oct-1839 29-Dec-1913  
  DEVORE Cecil L. 5-Sep-1906 6-Mar-1981 b: Winfield, KS. s/o Marvin & Emma M. Whlenmaier
  DEVORE Emma Melissa 7-Dec-1881 2-Sep-1969 b: Arkansas City, KS. d/o John M. Wahlenmaier & Catherine Stet
  DEVORE Marvin 16-Apr-1881 5-Feb-1970 b: Winfield, KS. s/o John & Penelope Seacat
  DEVORE Wilma Hensley     w/o Cecil L.
  DILLEY B. Myrtle 14-Aug-1888 18-Jan-1966 b: Douglass, KS. d/o Marion Harris
  DILLEY Thomas Raymond 17-Sep-1879 30-Nov-1944 b: Marshall,IL. s/o Eli
  DOBBS Frank H. 7-Dec-1903 6-Mar-1973 b: Medicine Lodge, KS. s/o James Porter & Joy Holmes
  DODGE Frank 23-Dec-1866 31-Aug-1936  
  DOWEL Infant Daughter 26-Aug-1884 26-Aug-1884 d/o F. W. & M. E.
  DRAPER Theodore W. 2-Jul-1904 2-Oct-1962 b: Caldwell, KS. s/o William & Lillis Marie Konts
  DUNN Carrie Edith 12-Jan-1879 19-Jan-1940 b: Burden, KS. d/o Orlando W. Loucks & Mary J. Finch
  DYER Earl 30-Jun-1897 10-91983 b: Burden, KS. s/o John C. & Minnie Darr
  DYER Joel 20-Dec-1824 7-Mar-1913 b: N Knoxville, TN.
  DYER John Calvin 21-Feb-1874 7-Sep-1957 b: N Knoxville, TN. s/o Zackeriah T. & Victoria C. Tate
  DYER Mary Elizabeth Ore 26-Jun-1833 29-Apr-1921 b: TN.
  DYER Minnie L. 18-Oct-1877 18-Nov-1962 b: Lawrence Co. IN.
  DYER Paul Leslie 17-Apr-1894 23-Apr-1894 s/o Joseph H. & Sarah E. West
  DYER Phonie 28-Aug-1854 14-Nov-1903 b: Granger Co. TN.
  DYER Sarah E. West 3-Aug-1871 26-Nov-1909 b: TN.
  DYER Thomas 29-Mar-1851 17-Aug-1886 b: Granger Co. TN. s/o Joel & Mary E. Ore
  DYER Victoria Catherine Tate 3-Apr-1851 7-Jan-1908 b: May Spring, TN.
  DYER Zackeriah Taylor 27-May-1845 22-Oct-1924 b: May Spring, TN.
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