Cokeley Gathering

Gladys Avery, 716 East 95th Street, Hutchinson, KS
May 2002

The Cokeley Family Reunion 1912
The Cokeley Family Reunion, 1912
After five years of working on the Cokeley Family Tree, Jean and I are ready to have a party. We have Cokeley's far and wide, and we hope that everyone will be able to come. This is the first mailing since we wanted to give family in the far off places like California, Michigan, and Oregon more time to make plans.
The Event
Time: May 25 - 27, 2002
Place: Hutchinson, Kansas

Your hostess will be our Mother Gladys Cokeley Avery. She and her husband live on a farm north of Hutchinson, Kansas. There will be space available for campers. Come for one or all of the days, there will be fun and lots of talk. Please bring old and new photos, copies of photos, or any memorabilia you can spare for the family tree. If you have questions you can call Jean Feaster at 326-775-0224 or Bertha Hood at 940-627-1168

This was one of the last Cokeley Reunions in the 1970ís in Gridley Kansas.

For extra fun during your stay a few entertainment highlights in the town of Hutchinson are as follows:

We hope to see you all in the spring of the year