Kelly's Corner
Coffey County

April 25, 2010

My goodness, time has flown by. What seems like just yesterday is now years past. I stopped working on this site about the time my father fell and broke his hip. My life changed for the next 18 months as I spent quite a bit of it on the road between his home and my own, and even more with him, precious time. Dad passed 15 Oct 2005. My mother-in-law passed 27 May 2006. Every time I started to work on the computer, my hands would shake and I would cry.
Well, it's past time that I get back to my favorite hobby. Now, I realize that I've forgotten most of what I'd learned about the internet. Here goes the big leap back into genealogy.

Now, looking for dead links!!

Well, I'm still having fun in Coffey County,
Kelly Hull

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