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Sunset Home Residents

 Sunset Home was created by Swedish Baptists to provide care for the aged in 1905 in Clay Center, Kansas.  It was moved to Concordia, Kansas in 1911.  It was open to all faiths, but the majority of residents had Swedish roots.  Resident, L. R. Graves, kept a notebook with personal information on his fellow residents.  I am in the process of adding those names to this page.

If you see you ancestor's name, contact me; I may or may not have a little additional information. 


Name Birth Date
Anderson, A. G. 16 Oct. 1860, Sweden
Anderson, Miss Betty 14 June 1863, Ostergotland, SE
Anderson, Miss Hulda 3 May 1867, Sweden
Anderson, Miss Vina 24 May, 1881, Strafford, IA
Atwood, F. J. 15 Mar. 1857, Washington Co., NY
Atwood, Ida Bean 14 July 1874, West Sidney, ME
Atwood, Mrs. F. J. 6 Arpil 1875, Savannah, MO
Beecher, J. M. 2 Feb. 1866, Galva, IL
Beecher, Mrs. J. M. 30 May 1871, Roseville, IL
Bolene, Mr. Charles 21 May 1854, Ostergotland, SE
Brodrick, Mrs. Melissa 28 Feb. 1859, Secor, IL
Brower, Belle 5 Oct. 1859, Crawford, PA
Brown, Miss Ruth L. 19 May 1854, IL
Clippinger, Abram 9 April 1857, Ft. Scott, KS
Collin, Charles A. 8 June, 1861, Vermland Sweden
Collin, Mrs. Charles 7 Oct. 1857, Nerke, Sweden
Danielson, Mrs. Betty O. 25 Nov. 1874, Brantford Twsp., Washington Co., KS
Dyer, Miss Jessie 4 June 1858, Menasha, WI
Engbloom, Mrs. Alice  (Alice Nelson) 26 Mar 1874, Oakland, Burt Co., NE
Fergus, Mrs. Lida 13, June 1872, Sidney, NE
Flin, John M. 4 June 1960, Muncie, IN
Graves, Luther Ransom 13 Aug. 1863, Ashfield, MA
Graves, Mrs. L. R. 28 Oct. 1863, Antioch, Lake Co., IL
Greene, Miss Sarah 8 Mar. 1850, Newport, OH
Grover, Mrs. Kate 21 Dec. 1964, Hamburg, IA
Hamilton, Miss Rose 29 Sept. 1857, Raymond, IL
Harvey, Mrs. Martha 30 Nov. 1861, Clinton, MO
Jenkins, Rev. J. Fred 8 Oct. 1862, Boston, MA
Jernstrom, P. C. 5 July 1864, Angermanland, SE
Johnson, Andrew 5 Apr. 1855, Jamtland, Sweden
Johnson, Oliver 24 Oct. 1859, Jamtland, Sweden
Kausler, Mrs. Ella 25 Aug. 1861, Plainfield, IA
Larson, Miss Hanna 11 Jan 1860, Nerke, Orebro, SE
LeGrand, Rv. H. T.  18 Oct. 1855, MO
Lewis, Miss Anna 14 Feb. 1865, Baden, Germany
Lewis, Miss Eliza 5 Oct. 1858, Point Pleasant, W. VA
Linstrom, Mrs. Mary 2 April 1867, Finland
McCarty, Mrs. W. L. 18 May 1859, Peru, IN
McCollough, Miss Ella 17 July 1860, Champaign Co., OH
McCoy, Mr. Frank 6 Sept. 1868, Washington, IA
McCullough, John July 18, 1850, Cahmpagne Co., IL
McKee, Mrs. Rose Mary 21 May 1860,  Welcome, Ont., Can.
McKenna, Mrs. Martha 14 Sept. 1856, Unionville, Putnam Co., MO
Misell, Mrs. Emily 17 Mar. 1867, New York
Nelson, Mrs. Mary 8 July 1848, Sjolland, Denmark
Newton, Miss Hattie 27 Mar 1871, Donaphan Cty., KS
Osburn, Miss Retta 15 Sept. 1855, Wayne Co., NY
Phillips, Mrs. Emily 12 April 1848, Sag Harbor, New York  
Rhoades, Miss Flora 1 Oct. 1858, Clinton, IN
Russell, Mrs. Anna D. 5 Feb. 1967, Skaraborgs Lan, Sweden
Servins, Miss Olive 24 May, 1868, Oakland, NE
Sickler, Mrs. Emma 9 Mar. 1852, Sidney, IA
Simpson, Nancy C. 14 Nov. 1862, Monroe Co., IL
Smith, Mrs. Mary 11 July, 1857(1854?), Racine, WI
St. John, Miss Nina 28 July 1867, Appanoose, KS
Swenson, Miss Ida 28 May 1963, Vastergotland SE
Thompson, Hariet 7 Sep. 1853, Montgomery, Kane Co., IL
Toliver, Mrs. Lillian Elizabeth 12 Dec. 1857, Haverhill, NH
Webb, Mrs. Nellie 27 Feb. 1868, Wyanet, IL
Welkiash, George 7 June 1867, Mendota, IL
Westphall, Mrs. Sarah 2 Dec. 1858, MO
Wilhite, Mrs. Elizabeth 4 Oct. 1860, Osceola, Missouri
Williams, Mrs. Clara 7 Nov. 1853, Cincinnati, OH
Williams, Mrs. Lucy 17 Mar. 1860, Bales Co., Missouri
Williams, Mrs. Matilda 14 Nov. 1874, Miami Co., KS
Wilson, Miss Fannie 6 May, 1857, IA
Wiseman, Mrs. Carrie 16 Aug. 1874, Morrison, IL
Woods, Matt 25 Sept. 1859, Sturgeon, MO
Wuthnow, J. P. 11 Nov. 1963, Clinton, WI
Wuthnow, Mrs. J. P. 3 Feb. 1873, Leon, OH



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