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Cloud County Genealogical Society

Originally organized as the Republican Valley Genealogical Society in 1977, the current name was adopted in 1980 to lessen confusion with the Republic County Genealogical Society.

The purpose of the society is to: 1) Further the individual research of our members; 2) Preserve for posterity those documents, interviews, records, etc., of local interest; 3) Make available to members and others the largest possible accumulation of genealogical and historical data; 4) Further interest in local history and genealogy; 5) Encourage accuracy, honesty, thoroughness and integrity in all matters of interest to the serious genealogist.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (except December) at the Cloud County Courthouse meeting room, 9th and Washington, Concordia. New members and visitors are welcome at these meetings. Winter hours are 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Summer hours are 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

The Frank Carlson Library, 702 Broadway, Concordia, is the home of the Society's large collection of genealogical books and material about the area. In addition to books, the group has microfilm copies of area census and area newspapers. These are open to anyone wishing to do his/her own research. The Library is conveniently located near downtown, the county courthouse, and the Cloud County Historical Society Museum.

Membership fees are $5 for individuals and $6 for families. A lifetime membership is also available for $100. Volunteers from the group do research for $5 per hour plus copies and postage. 



Cloud County Genealogical Society Publications




Tax S&H
Index to 1880 Census (over 18,000 names)   5.00 1.31 3.00
Index to Cloud County 1895 Agricultural Census (18,000 names) Non-members 22.00 1.61 3.00
Members 18.00 1.31 3.00

Cloud County Cemeteries Vol. I, 2nd ed.              Elk, Lawrence, Sibley, Shirley & Nelson Twsps,   City of Clyde

Non-members 20.00 1.49 3.00
Members 15.00 1.10 3.00

Cloud County Cemeteries Vol. II                     Aurora, Center Colfax, Meredith, Oakland and    Starr twsps. Towns of Aurora & Miltonvale              

Non-members 12.00 .88 3.00
Members 9.00 .66 3.00
Cloud County Cemeteries Vol. III                    Lincoln Twsp and City of Concordia Non-members 22.00 1.61 .200
Members 18.00 1.31 2.00
Cloud County Cemeteries Vol. IV                Western Cloud County Non-members 22.00 1.61 3.00
Members 18.00 1.31 3.00
Early Deaths Vol. I (to 1903) Non-members 15.00 1.10 2.00
Members 12.50 0.91 2.00
Early Deaths Vol. II (1903-1911) Non-members 10.00 0.73 2.00
Members 8.00 0.58 2.00
Washington County News Items     A collection of 1920, 1930 and 1940 articles and obituaries from the scrapbooks of Minnie Brown (2500 names)   5.00 0.37 2.00
Every Name Index from the book Cloud County History Non-members 10.00 0.73 2.00

Postage for multiple items will not exceed $6.00.

             Contact the Cloud County Genealogical Society regarding these publications.


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