Cherokee County Sections
of the
Volume XII, 1912

(Chicago, Ill. : R.L. Polk & Co., 1911)


--   Aach Wm, general store.
--   Ahl Alfred, chile parlor.
--   Albin Isaac N, real estate and notary.
--   Alexander & Co (M. N. Alexander), clothing.
--   American Gas Co, P. V. Byrnes pres and treas, Frank A. Brevillier sec.
--   Ames Myrtle P. Mrs, milliner.
--   Anderson John L, grocer.
--   Archer W. H. & Son (Wm H. and Fred), meats.
--   Barnes James S, dry goods.
--   Baum Ludwig, dry goods.
--   Baum M. & Son (Moses and David), hardware.
--   Beers George E, livery and grocer.
--   Bender Henry A, dentist.
--   Bennett James H, baker.
--   Boden Joseph C, real estate.
--   Boice James H, furn and undertaker.
--   Braun George F, ore buyer.
--   Broadway Frank E, cigars.
--   Browne Herbert A, physician.
--   Brumfield John P, drugs.
--   Bruner Daisy Mrs, restaurant.
--   Burke M. E, grocer.
--   Campbell Solomon W, drugs.
--   Carpenter Thomas B, cigars.
--   Cherokee County Supply Co, Edward B. Archer pres, Joseph C. Price sec and treas, hardware.
--   Citizens Bank (Capital $25,000), Edward B. Schermerhorn pres, John McCullough cashier.
--   Clark Porter M, furn and undertaker.
--   Coles Robert A, cashr Galena National Bank.
--   Colvin Wm A, photographer.
--   Davis Hiram S, grocer.
--   Day Charles O, plumber.
--   Dunham Thurston, restaurant.
--   Dupont E. I. de Nemours Powder Co, George R. Sutherland mngr.
--   Dusto Wm H, restaurant.
--   Eddy R. B, insurance.
--   Elerick & Dixon (Frank W. Elerick, Wade Dixon), tailors.
--   Elleman Don H, lawyer.
--   Empire District Electric Co, Henry L. Doherty pres, David D. Hoag sec, Milan R. Bump, treas.
--   Etheridge Walter B, grocer.
--   Evans & Crowell (Samuel T. Evans, Daniel B. Crowell), meats.
--   Faulkner D. C, grocer.
--   Finch Henry C, lawyer.
--   Galena Automobile Co The, B. Cooley Pres and Treas, S. J. Stallsmith Vice Pres, G. W. Cooley Sec, Automobiles, Supplies, Repairs and Garage, Main cor Ninth.
--   Galena Bottling Works, Michael Owens propr.
--   Galena Evening Times, Berzelius L. Strother, publr.
--   Galena Foundry and Machine Co, (Cap $10,000), W. A. Stone Pres and Mngr, W. B. Stone Vice Pres and Treas, Ira C. Perkins Sec, Engineers, Founders and Machinists.
--   Galena Green House.
--   Galena Harrow Co, Wm Schmidt pres, Ira C. Perkins sec, J. F. Lanier treas.
--   Galena Lead & Zinc Co, E. W. Forney, supt.
--   Galena Mill & Elevator Co (Solomon Ryan).
--   Galena Mill Supply Co, J. B. Rauch propr.
--   Galena National Bank (cap $50,000), Joseph Shomon pres, Robert A. Coles cashier.
--   Galena Public Library, Lura Ames librarian.
--   Galena Republican, Arthur McNay propr.
--   Galena Smelting and Mfg Co, C. V. Petrareus propr.
--   Galena Telephone Co, Williams & Robeson proprs.
--   Galena Water Works, Walter J. Land supt.
--   Galena Wholesale Grocer Co (John W. Tate, Dow Moore), whol grocers.
--   Ganshird Albert, restaurant.
--   Gaylor Nathan, shoes.
--   Gerster & Co, W. B. Stone pres, Fred Gerster mgr, lead and zinc miners.
--   Gillespie Lolo D, dentist.
--   Gosh Lloyd D, news dealer.
--   Grant George W, grocer.
--   Green John H, physician.
--   Haines Lafayette J, drugs.
--   Hallam Marion M, livery.
--   Hardwick Robert, grocer.
--   Harold Lottie Mrs, restaurant.
--   Hart Willard, physician.
--   Hickman C. F, vet surgeon.
--   Horn John L, furn and undertaker.
--   Hotel Oxford, Aaron Long propr.
--   Independent Powder Co, P. J. Quick agt.
--   Inman Wm T, plumber.
--   Jaqueth Hugh L, flour and feed.
--   Jarrett John S, grocer.
--   Jones Clem H, physician and mayor.
--   Kennedy Thomas, mining machinery.
--   Keys Albert C, restaurant.
--   Kinsley Wm, shoes.
--   Lanier James F, cashier Miners State Bank and notary.
--   Lanyon Zinc Co.
--   Lee Benjamin, restaurant.
--   Lockport Mfg Co, James Murphy mgr, mine operators.
--   Long George, grocer.
--   Lowdermilk R. Claude, physician.
--   Lowe John S, grocer.
--   Lusk Arthur J, chemist.
--   Lyon Samuel A, dentist.
--   McCullagh John, cashr Citizens Bank and notary.
--   McElwain Bruce, general store.
--   McGinnis R. R, physician.
--   McKinney Frank L, physician.
--   McNay Arthur, propr Galena Republican.
--   Majors A. L, lawyer.
--   Malone Nathan C, 2d hd goods.
--   March Bros (Harry B. and Wm C.), real estate.
--   Martin Forrest, cleaner.
--   Martin Frank, 2d hd goods.
--   Martin Joseph, physician.
--   Martin Louis E, sewing machines.
--   Middleton Wm T, harness.
--   Midway Theatre, Wm B. Moore mgr.
--   Miners State Bank (cap $30,000), Albert Schmidt pres, James F. Lanier, cashier.
--   Moeller Louis K, lumber.
--   Monlux George C, ore crusher.
--   Moore Bithel S. (estate), Raymond Moore mgr, hardware.
--   Moore Charles C, drugs.
--   Moore Dow, grocer.
--   Moore Joseph S, real estate.
--   Moore Wm S, marble works.
--   Mooreman Drug Co, C. P. Mooreman propr.
--   Morgan & Burr (Edwin B. Morgan, Truman T. Burr), lawyers.
--   Morris Wm S, restaurant.
--   Murdock Elizabeth, hardware.
--   Murphy James, ore crusher.
--   Neal R. S, mining machinery.
--   New Century Lead & Zinc Co.
--   Noble E. St. George, consulting engr.
--   Ober Mary E. Mrs, stationer.
--   Outt James A, grocer.
--   Palmasena Leo, fruits.
--   Patterson Alexander C, lumber.
--   Pence Charles, physician.
--   Phillips James L, grocer.
--   Raible Harry H, confectioner.
--   Rains Charles L, postmaster
--   Ransdell & Son (James W. and Oscar O), notions.
--   Ricksecker Bros (Wm and George), shoes.
--   Rohrbaugh Bros (Frank H, Shelton H. and Cassius L.), oil and coal dealers.
--   Rothschild B. & Co, (Benjamin Rothschild), Coal, Scrap Iron and Metals, W 7th near Main.
--   Rough Rider Mining Co, lead and zinc miners.
--   Russell Bert F, jeweler.
--   Ryan Noah J, grocer.
--   Sapp Noah J, grocer.
--   Sapp & Wilson (Wm F. Sapp, A. S. Wilson), lawyers.
--   Savage Charles S, physician.
--   Savage Harrison B, physician.
--   Sawyer Charles L, insurance.
--   Schellack Emil H, drugs.
--   Schellack Richard C, drugs.
--   Schmidt Bros (Albert and Wm), hdw.
--   Schmuck Gabriel, mining.
--   Schreiner Albert R, lawyer.
--   Scovell Harley B, confr.
--   Seller Charles H, jeweler.
--   Shackelton Bros (Wm and Fred), grocers.
--   Shafer Ira E, grocer.
--   Sharp Bros (Leonard and Frank), well drillers.
--   Shelley Albert A, physician.
--   Silman & Jaqueth (Norval M. Silman, Hugh Jaqueth), bakers.
--   Smiley Robert M, dentist.
--   Smith Marcus L, 2d hd goods.
--   South Side Mining Co, B. Cooley pres, J. L. Whitrom sec, lead and zinc mines.
--   South Wm H, jeweler.
--   Stafford Charles N, tailor.
--   Standard Oil Co, C. M. Duncan agt.
--   Stone W. B. Mercantile Mfg & Mining Co. (Cap $100,000), W. B. Stone pres, W. A. Stone Vice Pres, Ira C. Perkins Sec and Gen'l Mgr, O. T. White Treas.
--   Stone & Pinson (F. L. Stone, John Pinson), machinists.
--   Strother Berzelius L, pubr Galena Evening Times.
--   Strother John R, lawyer.
--   Sumner C. M, horse breeder.
--   Terry Josiah K, grocer.
--   Tillman Charles, restaurant.
--   Todd Arthur H, grocer.
--   Troy Steam Laundry, Jerome McCarthy propr.
--   Tryon & Sons, grocers.
--   Ulrich Ferdinand, Merchant Tailor, a Complete Line of Imported and Domestic Woolens, 309 Main.
--   Union Ice & Fuel Co, Barton Cooley pres and treas, George W Cooley sec.
--   Vest Thomas O, ore buyer.
--   Volz Fred, meat market.
--   Volz John, meat market.
--   Wallace Elmer F, restaurant.
--   Walters John, grocer.
--   Weiller Bros & Co (Isadore, Herman and Moses Weiller), clothing.
--   Westcott Seba C, lawyer.
--   Wheeler Earl R, drugs.
--   White & Allen (Otto T. White, John M. Allen), whol produce.
--   Wilber & Foster (Eural G. Wilber, Russell R. Foster), cleaners.
--   Williams & Robeson (John K. Williams, Moses Robeson), lumber and proprs Galena Telephone Co.
--   Windle Bros (Tom and Tib), livery.
--   Windsor Lead & Zinc Co, J. K. Williams pres, E. St. George Noble sec and treas.
--   Wolfe Jacob C, grocer.
--   Wollgast Charles, jeweler.
--   Worthington Clarence G, insurance.
--   Yount Oscar M, lawyer.

Transcribed by Bill Sowers

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