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Chase County, Kansas
Birth Index
1860 - 1930

PALMER April l10, 1893 F PALMER, C.R. ________, Myrtle A48
PALMER Feb. 15, 1896 F PALMER, F.B. HOPKINS, Augusta M. A66
PALMER Jan. 28, 1894 M PALMER, Leo S. PRAYLE, Emma A56
PARK Dec. 29, 1894 M PARK A56
PARK May 27, 1909 M PARK, Clyde WAY, Maude B27
PARK Nov. 21, 1901 M PARK, Harris P. PYLES, Emma E. A96
PARK Dec. 2, 1891 F PARK, John M. HARINGTON, Alice A. A39
PARK March 22, 1903 M PARK, Thomas A107
PARK Nov. 12, ____ M PARK, Willard R. LARISH, May A. A83
PARK, Bessie May 30, 1914 F PARK, Guy H. GOAD, Cora F. Clements
PARK, Bruce E. Dec. 29, 1916 M PARK, Clyde WaY, Maud Clements
PARK, Clara Rose Feb. 12, 1920 F PARK, Guy H. GOAD, Cora Francis Clements
PARK, Fanny G. July 12, 1887 F PARK, William R. PARRISH, Marceen A. A18
PARK, Gayland Wayne Sept. 9, 1924 M PARK, Wayne Way BROILES, Hazel C. Cottonwood Twp.
PARK, Harrietta Dec. 4, 1915 F PARK, Lloyd BYERS, Mary Clements
PARK, James F. Dec. 9, 1886 M PARK, Hugh Wattison MILLER, Mary J. A13
PARK, Russel Keith Jan. 19, 1914 M PARK, James F. JOHNSON, Edith E. Cottonwood Twp.
PARK, Willard Grant Dec. 10, 1913 M PARK, Clyde R. WAY, Maud K. Clements
PARK, William Howard May 14, 1916 M PARK, James F. JOHNSTON, Edith E. Clements
PARKS Sept. 25, 1907 M PARKS, Clyde MAY, Maud B5
PARKS Aug. 15, 1901 M PARKS, Dell WATSON, Mary A95
PARKS April 15, 1887 M PARKS, W.W. RECTOR, Allice E. A16
PARKS, Franklin April 14, 1903 M PARKS, T.S. BANKS, Rena A107
PARKS, Marjorie Doris Oct. 4, 1924 F PARKS, George Wesley Sayre, Laura Malone Cedar Point
PARKS, Mary Janie Dec. 25, 1934 F PARKS, George W. SAYRE, Laura Malone Cottonwood Twp.
PARKS, William Luther Nov. 9, 1932 M PARKS, George W. SAYRE, Laura Malone Cottonwood Twp.
PARSONS, Merle J. July 20, 1917 M PARSONS, Jay HANEY, Mabel Clements
PARSONS, Vernon Elton Nov. 10, 1914 M PARKER, James ___ry, Mable Iva Clements
PATERSON Feb. 20, 1896 M PATERSON, John A67
PATRIDGE Feb. 24, 1886 F PATRIDGE, Harold FREEBORN, Ella Rebecca A3
PATTEN Jan. 16, 1908 F PATTEN, C.Ray PRATT, Lulu B7
PATTEN Oct. 17, 1909 F PATTEN, C.Ray PRATT, Lulu B32
PATTERSON June 1, 1892 F PATTERSON, Eugene C. HUNTER, Mary E. A44
PATTERSON Oct. 24, 1907 F PATTERSON, Hugh F. MUNSEY, Mary B5
PATTON Sept. 6, 1896 M PATTON, Albert S. WATSON, Rena E. A72
PATTON March 11, 1901 F PATTON, Ed M. BAFFORD, Ida B. A93
PATTON, Julia Nov. 14, 1903 F PATTON, Ernest GROSS, Jane A110
PATTY, Sallie Dec. 6, 1891 F PATTY, John MATLINGLE, Minnie A39
PAYNE April 19, 1892 F PAYNE, James M. PRINGLE, Sarah S. A41
PAYNE Jan. 28, 1886 M PAYNE, James M. SPRINKLE, Sarah Elizabeth A2
PAYNE, Joseph July 31, 1893 M PAYNE, Joseph MINER, Minnie A49
PAYTON April 25 1887 M PAYTON, Phillip SHURP, Lidda A16
PAYTON, Baby June 7, 1934 M PAYTON, Fred H. SIDENER, Alta E. Cedar Twp.
PEAMONT June 16, 1893 F PEAMONT, Wilson ROGERS, Sarah A49
PEARMAN, Ada Bell May 7, 1886 F PEARMAN, William A. BRILES, Maranda A7
PEARSON Sept. 3, 1904 F PEARSON, A.A. ELY, Mier M. A113
PEARSON Feb. 15, 1907 F PEARSON, A.A. ELY, Milda B1
PENNELL, Minora Sept. 9, 1886 F PENNELL, Mathias Hale ROSE, Martha Ann A7
PENNICK Jan. 20, 1908 F PENNICK, W.H. MALONY, Phobe B10
PENNINGTON March 25, 1908 M PENNINGTON, Nelson JOHNSON, Alice B8
PENNINGTON, John N. June 18, 1913 M PENNINGTON, John N. _________, Ellen Chase Co.
PEPPER Oct. 20, 1894 M PEPPER, Frank DAVIS, Minnie A55
PERCY Nov. 19, 1887 M PERCY, Robert GLENN, Lydia Margaret A20
PERKINS Jan. 6, 1908 F PERKINS, Franz SHAW, Lucy B7
PERRIGO Dec. 16, 1892 M PERRIGO, Fred _______, Ella A45
PERRY Oct. 13, 1888 F PERRY, Jacob KIRKENDALL, Marie A30
PERRY June 15, 1889 F PERRY, Jacob KIRKENDALL, Marie A34
PERRY Feb. 5, 1894 F PERRY, John H. SPOONER, Etta C. A56
PERRY Dec. 19, 1892 F PERRY, Nathan D. BALES, Mary C. A45
PERRY March 28, 1896 F PERRY, Thomas A68
PERRY, Margaret March 20, 1891 F PERRY, Jacob _______, Manah A37
PERRY, Stephen E. Oct. 18, 1888 M PERRY, John H. SPOONER, Etta C. A31
PETERSON Feb. 7, 1888 F PETERSON, Nilus M. ROBETS, Ida Christen A23
PETERSON, Coeta Agnes Aug. 21, 1914 F PETERSON, George H. TURNER, Lillian C. Elmdale
PETTY Feb. 2, 1888 F PETTY, John E. MATTINGY, Malinda A23
PHILEON Aug. 12, 1886 F PHILEON, Elgie SOLWAY, Miranda A8
PHILLIPS May 28, 1909 F PHILLIPS, L.O. GAMSON, Jesse B26
PHILLIPS Sept. 16, 1907 F PHILLIPS, L.O. GAMSON, Jessie B4
PICARD, Richard W. & Ralph J. Dec. 19, 1907 M PICARD, S.J. NAIRDON, Ninnie B16
PICKARD June 1, 1900 F PICKARD, S.R.I. RATHBONE, Minnie M. A87
PICKARD Dec. 7, 1896 M PICKARD, Spencer RAEIDON, Minnie M. A75
PICKARD Feb. 14, 1895 F PICKARD, Spencer R. RAEIDON, Minnie A58
PICKARD, N.J. Aug. 18, 1903 M PICKARD, Spencer J.J. RATHBONE, Minnie M. A109
PIERCE March 25, 1895 M PIERCE, Benjamin S. ROBERTSON, Anna A59
PIERCE, Clifford R April 26, 1909 M PIERCE, Benjamin S. ROBERTSON, Anna B25
PIERCE, Clarence Edwin Oct. 9, 1897 M PIERCE, Benjamin S ROBERTSON, Anna A82
PIERCE, Willard E March 19, 1900 M PIERCE, Benjamin S. ROBERTSON, Anna A85
PIERCE, Ethel B May 19, 1907 F PIERCE, Benjamin S ROBERTSON, Anna B3
PIERCE, Rella R May l7, 1907 F PIERCE, John PRATT, Nora E B2
PIERCE, Earl S Nov. 4, 1892 M PIERCE, William ROBERTSON, Margaret A45
PIERCE, Anna Maud July 27, 1902 F PIERCE, Benjamin S. ROBERTSON, Anna A102
PIERCE, James M. Sept. 2, 1888 M PIERCE, William M. ROBERTSON, Margaret A26
PILES Feb. 27, 1900 F PILES, Thomas PATTON, M. A84
PILES Aug. 19, 1896 M PILES, Thomas W. PATTON, Florence M. A71
PILES July 29, 1897 F PILES, William PATTON, Florence M. A82
PIMBERTON, Glennys Violet Dec. 20, 1920 F PIMBERTON, J.A. BERENELS, Jessie Clements
PINKSTON April 10, 1888 F PINKSTON, William JOLLY, Eliza Jane A24
PINKSTON Feb. 22, 1920 M PINKSTON, Ephriam HANSLEMAN (?), Frances Cedar Point
PINKSTON April 24, 1921 F PINKSTON, Ephriam HENSLEMAN, Francis RR Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Clarence Aug. 9, 1914 M PINKSTON, Walter H. FOUSHEE, Myrtle M. Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Clyde Edward April 24, 1916 M PINKSTON, Levi Houghtan, Ethel RR Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Dudley Jan. 27, 1914 M PINKSTON, Thomas LEAPHULE, Sarah Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Edwin Oliver Jan. 14, 1918 M PINKSTON, Walter FOUSHEE, Myrtle Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Fredrich Reeves Dec. 1, 1922 M PINKSTON, Ephriam HANSLEMAN, Frances Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Hugh Ellis July 1, 1918 M PINKSTON, Levi Houghtan, Ethel Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Ruth May 8, 1916 F PINKSTON, Walter FOUSHEE, Myrtle Cedar Point
PINKSTON, Virginia Ann April 21, 1928 F PINKSTON, Ephriam HANSLEMAN, Frances Cottonwood Twp.
PIPER Oct. 27, 1892 M PIPER, Charles OSMER, Ida A43
PIPER Jan. 26, 1910 M PIPER, Emil William BUTTER, Anna A. B37
PIPER Feb. 11, 1909 F PIPER, Fred C. JACKSON, Rosalie B26
PIPER, Andrew Aug. 2, 1916 M PIPER, Henry W. GIFFLER, Maggie RR Elmdale
PIPER, Burnal Roy Nov. 13, 1917 M PIPER, E.W. BUTLER, Anna Cedar Point
PIPER, Homer Glen Sept. 8, 1924 M PIPER, Emil (?) William BUTTERS, Anna Augusta Cedar Point
PITZER Sept. 4, 1887 M PITZER, John W. HOLMES, Sarah A. A19
PLACE Sept. 24, 1893 F PLACE, Burt FERGUSON, Anna A50
PLUMBY, Patrick March 17, 1888 M PLUMBY, Henry ______, Mary Ann Elizabeth A23
PLUMMER, Marian Nov. 21, 1903 F PLUMMER, James E. CRUM, Bertha E. A110
POTTER Jan. 16, 1898 M POTTER, Dode JULET A80
POTTER July 12, 1897 M POTTER, J.O. GAYER, Lizzie A78
POTTER June 3, 1900 M POTTER, Jonas GAYER, Elizabeth A87
POTTER May 26, 1920 F POTTER, John C. BAKER, Estella Clements
POTTER, Esther Maxine Oct. 8, 1921 F POTTER, William A. ARCHER, Clara E. Chase
POTTER, Eugene Leeroy Oct. 12, 1922 M POTTER, William ARCHER, Clara RR Clements
POWIN Aug. 26, 1889 F POWIN, Lewis GREEN, Estella A34
PRACHT Dec. 28, 1903 M PRACHT, L. Oscar LAUGHRIDGE, L. Mary A111
PRACHT Sept. 12, 1909 M PRACHT, L.O. LOCKNDES, Mary B26
PRACHT Dec. 23, 1902 M PRACHT, Oscar LAUGHRIDGE, Mary A105
PRATHER, Elizabeth A. Oct. 19, 1916 F PRATHER, Homer Lee BAKER, Catherine RR Elmdale
PRATHER, Nelson Baker Dec. 8, 1914 M PRATHER, Homer Lee BAKER, Catherine RR Elmdale
PRATT July 18, 1900 M PRATT, William McMamer, Lola A89
PRATT Feb. 4, 1902 F PRATT, William McMORA, Lola A100
PRATT Nov. 30, 1895 F PRATT, William A64
PRATT, Ruth Edna Jan. 24, 1887 F PRATT, Edwin LEE, Clara M. A13
PRESTON Aug. 7, 1901 F PRESTON, J.A. A95
PREUDEVILLE April 7, 1911 F PREUDEVILLE, Garrett RYAN, Mae B40
PRICE Sept. 16, 1907 M PRICE, Percy BYRAM B4
PRICHITT Sept. 2, 1902 M PRICHITT, Mont NUTCLUE, Della A103
PRINGLE Feb. 11, 1895 F PRINGLE, James PRACHT, Stella A58
PRINGLE Aug. 6, 1901 F PRINGLE, James PRACHT, Stella A95
PRINGLE Jan. 20, 1908 F PRINGLE, Ralph BADGER, Maude B10
PRINGLE April 21, 1909 M PRINGLE, Ralph BADGER, Maude B27
PRINGLE March 5, 1911 M PRINGLE, Ralph BADGER, Maude B41
PRINGLE, Lesta M. Feb. 2, 1916 F PRINGLE, Ralph BADGER, Clara M. RR Cedar Point
PRINGLE, Twins: Ruth & Ralph Dec. 29, 1918 F/M PRINGLE, Ralph BODGER, Maude Clements
PRITZER July 5, 1896 F PRITZER, William DUNBAR, Agnes A70
PROCTOR Feb. 17, 1886 M PROCTOR, George W. McCLANAHAN, Jane A3
PULLEM July 7, 1886 F PULLEM, W.S. SNIDER, Emma A7

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