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Chase County, Kansas
Birth Index
1860 - 1930

NASH June 5, 1911 F NASH, Mike O'NEIL, Margaret B42
NAYLOR Sept. 14, 1903 F NAYLOR, Ed STEINISH, Vera A109
NAYLOR June 22, 1900 M NAYLOR, Jacob COX, Dora A88
NAYLOR March 17, 1907 M NAYLOR, Jacob COX, Dora B2
NEAL Feb. 17, 1911 M NEAL, Earl O'NEAL, Delia B41
NEESE March 31, 1909 F NEESE, A.G. KELLOGG, Martha B23
NEESE Aug. 27, 1911 F NEESE, A.G. KELLOGG, Martha L. B40
NEESE Sept. 10, 1907 M NEESE, Amberg G. KELLOG, Martha B4
NEESE July 10, 1895 M NEESE, Wiiliam BOWSER, Sarah A60
NESBIT Oct. 18, 1888 F NESBIT, Charles F. McGWIN, Rosa A29
NEWHOUSE, Cora Mary March 6, 1914 F NEWHOUSE, Wren TAGGART, Hermance F. Cedar Point
NEWHOUSE, Raymond W. June 11, 1916 M NEWHOUSE, Wren TAGGART, Hermance F. Cedar Point
NEWLEE, Charles A. Dec. 2, 1924 M NEWLEE, Charles A. FLOWERS, Agnes R. Clements
NEWLY Sept. 25, 1886 F NEWLY, William CROFT, Annie A10
NEWMAN April 14, 1895 F NEWMAN, George HARDER A59
NEWMAN July 27, 1891 M NEWMAN, George W. HARDER, Mary Jane A37
NEWMAN Nov. 24, 1909 M NEWMAN, William B22
NEWMAN, Spencer Vincent Oct. 10, 1928 M NEWMAN, Teddy Byron PICKARD, Gladys Madaline Cottonwood Twp.
NICHOL June 25, 1909 F NICHOL, A.J. CABOLT B23
NICHOL Nov. 20, 1908 M NICHOL, Ira JOHNSON B13
NICHOLS Sept. 16, 1900 F NICHOLS, I.W. JONES, Annie A90
NICHOLS Aug. 13, 1901 F NICHOLS, John F. SALINLY, Helen A95
NICHOLS Setp. 20, 1907 M NICHOLS, S.G. BANKS, Effie B6
NICHOLS, F. May 16, 1903 M NICHOLS, Edwin HULSE, Emma A107
NICHOLSON April 22, 1907 F NICHOLSON, Sam WISTON, Edith B3
NICKOLS Nov. 1, 1907 M NICKOLS, Edward BUTLER, Viola B6
NIXHON Aug. 28, 1904 F NIXHON, George KESSLER, Minnie A113
NORRIS Sept. 29, 1907 F NORRIS, Casoius KLATT, Nettie B5
NORTON, Thomas H. Feb. 13, 1887 M NORTON, William JEFFREY, Victoria A14
NYE, Milton Foster May 4, 1887 M NYE, Benjamin F. _______, Josephine A. A17

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