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Chase County, Kansas
Birth Index
1860 - 1930

LACKEY, James Edward July 9, 1926 M LACKEY, James R. CLINE, Vasa M. Cottonwood Twp.
LACOSS Feb. 1, 1889 M LACOSS, Charles W. HARTH, Mary E. A32
LaLOGE Sept. 24, 1892 M LaLOGE, Claud A46
LaLOGE March 2, 1900 M LaLOGE, P. A84
LaLOGE July 15, 1896 F LaLOGE, Peter GOFFINET A70
LAMB, Fred Aug. 3, 1935 M LAMB, Harry R. HOLCOMB, Mary L. Cedar Twp.
LAMSDOWN, Ollive Lucile Feb. 17, 1914 F LAMSDOWN, Jessie PARKS, Eva I. Cedar Point
LANCASTER Aug. 26, 1904 F LANCASTER, H.E. HARVEY, Corlis A113
LANCASTER Nov. 30, 1907 M LANCASTER, Henry E. HARVEY, Corlie M. B6
LANCASTER Nov. 19, 1909 M LANCASTER, Henry E. HARVEY, Corlie M. B32
LANGENDOF, Clarence June 5, 1888 M LANGENDOF, Fred RICH, Mary E. A25
LANGSHORN Aug. 16, 1905 M LANGSHORN, William STRALTON, Minnie A119
LANSING, Dennis Aug. 30, 1923 M LANSING, Amos M. FLOWERS, May Clements
LANTRY, H.E. Sept. 19, 1892 M LANTRY, Henry JORDON, Mollie A43
LARGENT Sept. 5, 1895 M LARGENT, Ben F. COFFELT, Annie A62
LARGENT March 6, 1892 M LARGENT, Benjamin COFFELT, Anna A40
LARKINS June 1, 1887 F LARKINS, George D. _______, Lewella J. A17
LARKINS Apirl 4, 1887 m LARKINS, James H. ALLEN, Malinda A16
LARMER Oct. 6, 1897 F LARMER, B.V. WELLS, Hermie A79
LASKINS Dec. 16, 1888 M LASKINS, Daniel VANOSDOL, Louisa A32
LAUGHRIDGE July 22, 1920 F LAUGHRIDGE, William D. BYRAM, Floy Cedar Point
LAUGHRIDGE, Anna Belle Dec. 19, 1921 F LAUGHRIDGE, Edward ICE, Cleo Clements
LAUGHRIDGE, Baby July 23, 1920 F LAUGHRIDGE, Edward B. ICE, Cleo C. Clements
LAUGHRIDGE, Frank R. Jan. 6, 1917 M LAUGHRIDGE, Edward ICE, Cleo Cedar Point
LAUGHRIDGE, Vivian Esther June 13, 1913 F LAUGHRIDGE, William BY_____, Flory Chase Co.
LAWLESS Oct. 8, 1907 M LAWLESS, W.A. S______, Hannah B5
LAWRENCE April 2, 1896 M LAWRENCE, George PERCELL, Mary Ann A69
LAWRENCE Feb. 19, 1894 M LAWRENCE, George PERCELL, Mary Ann A56
LAWRENCE Sept. 12, 1893 F LAWRENCE, L.N. A50
LAWRENCE, Marion April 15, 1892 M LAWRENCE, George PERCELL A41
LEASON June 11, 1900 M LEASON, Samuel FOBRAY, Mary A88
LEBARGER July 6, 1900 M LEBARGER, S.B. VANDER, Melarna A88
LECKLITER, Omer Aug. 16, 1892 M LECKLITER, W.B. ZIMMERMAN, Lizzie A42
LEE April 21, 1910 M LEE, Edward BRECHT, Anna B33
LEE Aug. 15, 1905 F LEE, S.E. PALMER, Maude A119
LEE May 14, 1897 M LEE, Frank CARTTER, Nan A77
LEE, Maud July 30, 1888 F LEE, Walker DOUGLAP, Laura A25
LEESON Jan. 13, 1907 F LEESON, Samuel FOBROY, Mary B1
LEITH, Merle A. Sept. 8, 1916 M LEITH, Walter E. LOWMAN, Ethel C. Clements
LeMAY Jan. 5, 1897 F LeMAY, Charles A76
LESBY, James T. Blaine Sept. 24, 1891 M LESLEY, Marquis D. MOON, Margurette A37
LESLIE June 22, 1897 M LESLIE, L.M. SCHIRDEL, Theresia A82
LESPANGNARD, George Julian March 31, 1934 M LESPANGNARD, Ernest FETROW, Gladys Cottonwood Twp.
LEWIS March 3, 1898 M LEWIS, Albert RETTIGER A81
LEWIS April 27, 1900 F LEWIS, J.B. STONE, M. A87
LEWIS Dec. 13, 1909 F LEWIS, M.H. JONES, B. B25
LEWIS April 23, 1889 F LEWIS, Charles SPURGEON, Cora M. A33
LEWIS, Bernice Florence Dec. 24, 1909 F LEWIS, W.H. TOMS, W.W. B25
LEWIS, John Aug. 20, 1891 M LEWIS, David P. SMITH, Helen A37
LEWIS, Rosa Sept. 13, 1888 F LEWIS, William VERNON, Carlin A29
LEYTHE, John M. Richardson April 13, 1886 M LEYTHE, John C. RICHARDSON, Dolly A5
LIMA, Baby Jan. 9, 1923 F LIMA, Antonio ________, Angelita Elmdale
LINCH Jan. 1, 1904 M LINCH, August STUDER, Anna A111
LIND April 19, 1908 F LIND, B.H. TUCKER, Flora B11
LIND Oct. 25, 1888 F LIND, James A. LTEM, Sarah A30
LIND April 29, 1905 F LIND, P.H. MEEKER, Flora A116
LINK Sept. 1, 1896 M LINK, Lewis BRUCE A72
LINN, Daisy July 15, 1887 F LINN, William ARCH, Anna A18
LITTLER Aug. 5, 1905 M LITTLER, E.G. RICHARDS, Edith A116
LLEULLER Nov. 25, 1902 F LLUELLER, Moses CLARK, Lyda A105
LOCHRIDGE (twins) July 1, 1902 M/M LOCHRIDGE, Ed GILCHRIST, Rosa A101
LOCK March 9, 1900 F LOCK, William McNUTT, Viola A84
LONG March 30, 1908 M LONG, Frank SLABAUGH B9
LONG Jan. 24, 1908 F LONG, Thomas B17
LOUBS Feb. 3, 1898 M LOUBS, Herbert P. REED, Ellen J. A83
LOVECAMP April 14, 1888 F LOVECAMP, E. H. SCHNELLE, Anna L. A27
LOVECAMP Feb. 15, 1886 F LOVECAMP, E. H. SNELLY, Annie A3
LOVECAMP Oct. 7, 1886 M LOVECAMP, George H. BEURER, Johanna A10
LOVEKAMP May 7, 1892 F LOVEKAMP, George A44
LOWE, Anna Mary June 2, 1894 F LOWE, Robert Lewis DARKIN, Anna Mary A54
LOWE, Harriet Fanny May 14, 1894 F LOWE, John TAYLOR, Harriet Fanny A54
LOWMAN Jan. 3, 1901 F LOWMAN, John H. YOAKEM, Lottie A92
LOWTHER Sept. 27, 1895 M LOWTHER, Prof. L.A. A62
LU, Albert Aron March 22, 1888 M LU, John SCOOLA, Mattie A23
LUDWIG Oct. 7, 1888 F LUDWIG, Jacob DEAPER, Anna A27
LUDWIG Oct. 1, 1891 F LUDWIG, Jacob PEAPER, Annie A38
LUDWIG, Baby Aug. 20, 1920 M LUDWIG, Martin DEERING, Wila Clements
LUDWIG, Helen Ruth Sept. 6, 1924 F LUDWIG, Sam C. PINKSTON, Blanche M. Cedar Point
LUDWIG, Ida April 3, 1893 F LUDWIG, Jacob ______, Anna A47
LUDWIG, Marjorie J. May 4, 1928 F LUDWIG, Sam C. PINKSTON, Blanche M. Cottonwood Twp.
LUN Sept. 17, 1908 F LUN, George ALLISON B13
LUTT Feb. 17, 1903 M LUTT, Charles PADGETT A106
LUTT Jan. 31, 1902 F LUTT, Charles PADGETT A99
LUTT, Alfred Chester Feb. 1, 1923 M LUTT, George ELSTON, Anna May RR Cedar Point
LUTTS May 29, 1886 M LUTTS, William FAGG, Mary A7
LUXHORN Oct. 30, 1907 F LUXHORN, George W. KUSTER, Minnie B6
LYLE Jan. 21, 1886 F LYLE, M.D. MOORE, Almeda A2
LYLES March 2, 1898 F LYLES, M.D. MOORE, Margarett A81
LYNCH April 18, 1908 M LYNCH, August STUDER, Anna B10
LYNN Dec. 20, 1908 F LYNN, F.H. BOUGHTON, Jessie B14
LYNN March 24, 1907 M LYNN, Fred BOUGHTON, Jessie B1

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