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Chase County, Kansas
Birth Index
1860 - 1930

JACKSON Jan. 31, 1892 M JACKSON, Riley NAYLOR, Nettie A40
JACKSON July 25, 1909 M JACKSON, William C. INGALLS, Lula B41
JACKSON May 9, 1911 F JACKSON, William C. INGALLS, Lula B41
JACKSON, Alberta Vinetta July 27, 1902 F JACKSON, Walter BURKS, Gertie A102
JACKSON, Eliza O. July 4, 1886 F JACKSON, John FAGG, Amanda A10
JACKSON, Isabel Ruby July 13, 1907 F JACKSON, Charles MOWATT, Katherine B4
JACKSON, Orson Wright Oct. 30, 1887 M JACKSON, Horrace B. ICE, Jose A19
JACOBS Aug. 31, 1908 M JACOBS, Charles HORNER B18
JACOBS July 23, 1910 M JACOBS, Charles H. HORNER, Mary J. B34
JACOBS Dec. 19, 1907 M JACOBS, W.H. JOHNSTON, Nellie B6
JAMAGAR Aug. 30, 1895 M JAMAGAR A61
JAMES Jan. 16, 1909 F JAMES, U.A. HERNDORD, Jessie B30
JAMES, Hortense Jean April 23, 1920 F JAMES, Earl HINE, Maude Isabel Clements
JAMES, Twins Melva & Elva Dec. 24, 1922 F JAMES, Earl Hines, Maude Isabel Clements
JASPER July 21, 1886 F JASPER, Carlos JOHNSON, Matilda A7
JASPER Oct. 12, 1893 F JASPER, Charles _______, Suty A51
JASPER Aug. 29, 1901 F JASPER, Charles JOHNSON, Matilda A95
JEFFERS, Harriet Eliza May 10, 1886 F JEFFERS, Pete D. WIGHT, Anna F. A6
JEFFERY Feb. 10, 1898 F JEFFERY, F.W. ORINMAND, Agnes A80
JEFFERY, Alice Aug. 15, 1894 F JEFFERY, J.J. _______, Alice A54
JERGENSON June 16, 1904 M JERGENSON, Peter KIRSH, Elizabeth A113
JOHN, Emma E. March 9, 1889 F JOHN, Henry BRENDEL, Isabella A33
JOHN, Mary J. Feb. 9, 1887 F JOHN, H. BRINDEL, Isabel A14
JOHNSON Feb. 1, 1888 M JOHNSON, August OLSON, Hellena A23
JOHNSON July 22, 1896 M JOHNSON, Charles TULL, Mattie A71
JOHNSON May 14, 1888 F JOHNSON, Charles LEVEL, Martha A24
JOHNSON Sept. 4, 1886 M JOHNSON, Charles A. BINGHAM, Sarah A9
JOHNSON April 25, 1909 F JOHNSON, Conway FINN, Minnie B. B26
JOHNSON April 14, 1892 M JOHNSON, Elmer A44
JOHNSON Jan. 4, 1902 M JOHNSON, F. A99
JOHNSON March 29, 1900 F JOHNSON, Frank OLDENBURG, Minnie A85
JOHNSON May 29, 1901 F JOHNSON, Frank OLDENBURG, Minnie A94
JOHNSON April 9, 1903 F JOHNSON, Frank OLDENBURG, Minnie A107
JOHNSON Oct. 3, 1909 F JOHNSON, Frank OLDENBURG, Minnie B26
JOHNSON Dec. 30, 1895 F JOHNSON, Guy PARK A65
JOHNSON March 31, 1908 M JOHNSON, Henry B19
JOHNSON Jan. 5, 1887 F JOHNSON, Jake CHANCE, Hanah A. A14
JOHNSON Aug. 9, 1889 M JOHNSON, Jake CHANCE, Hannah A. A35
JOHNSON Nov. 4, 1891 F JOHNSON, John _________, Mary A38
JOHNSON Aug. 20, 1908 F JOHNSON, Ralph DYE B18
JOHNSON Dec. 5, 1910 F JOHNSON, Ralph DYE, Retta B38
JOHNSON March 31, 1886 M JOHNSON, W.D. HARPER, A.B. A5
JOHNSON, Della Feb. 20, 1900 F JOHNSON, Charles LEVAL, Mattie A84
JOHNSON? April 25, 1888 M JOHNSON, Allice A24
JOHNSTON Sept. 13, 1886 M JOHNSON, Joseph F. LINSCOTT, Elta A. A8
JOHNSTON Sept. 4, 1905 F JOHNSTON, W.H. JACOBS, Nellie A116
JOHNSTON, Viola July 4, 1908 F JOHNSTON, J. PALMER, Emily B17
JOHNSTONE March 14, 1893 M JOHNSTONE, Elmer A47
JOLLY, Falby April 7, 1887 F JOLLY, E. ________, Jane A16
JONES Oct. 15, 1900 M JONES, Artie F. ________, Estella A91
JONES Jan. 3, 1904 M JONES, Artie F. WILLIAMS, Estella A111
JONES July 19, 1897 M JONES, C.S. HIX, M.J. A78
JONES Jan. 26, 1886 M JONES, David MOFFITT, E. A2
JONES Oct. 6, 1886 F JONES, Evan D. HILL, Mary Ann A9
JONES May 16, 1892 M JONES, Evan D. HILL, Mary Ann A44
JONES May 16, 1893 M JONES, Evan D. HILL, Mary Ann A48
JONES June 10, 1909 F JONES, F.W. GOODELL, Anna B24
JONES Sept. 8, 1908 M JONES, G.A. B18
JONES Oct. 31, 1909 M JONES, Henry SQUIRES B28
JONES Sept. 9, 1893 F JONES, I.D. JOLLEY, Iva A50
JONES May 10, 1888 M JONES, J.C. STEVENSON, M.L. ****
JONES Sept. 12, 1903 M JONES, J.H. ALLISON, Eva A108
JONES Sept. 17, 1896 F JONES, Jessie C. STEPHENSON, Mary L. A72
JONES March 25, 1898 F JONES, Levi HICKS, Emma A82
JONES May 1, 1887 F JONES, Liberty M. JOHNSON, Abigail M. A16
JONES Dec. 22, 1904 M JONES, O.F. PHILBRICK, Bessie M. A115
JONES March 31, 1887 M JONES, Scott TRIGGS, Ida A15
JONES Jan. 3, 1886 F JONES, W.C. PARKS, M.C. A2
JONES (stillborn) Nov. 24, 1888 M JONES, B.P. ________, Anna A31
JONES, Arthur May 16, 1886 M JONES, Claborn S. HICKS, Mary A5
JONES, Donald Arthur Sept. 11, 1923 M JONES, Arthur BORDER, Stella RR Clements
JONES, Edna Blance Dec. 14, 1885 F JONES, John _________, Margaret V. A1
JONES, Ethel Nov. 9, 1891 F JONES, Charles W. NICHOLS, Eliza A38
JONES, Evelyn Audra March 2, 1918 F JONES, Earl HINE, Maude Isabel Clements
JONES, Frank Willis Dec. 29, 1885 M JONES, Charles Webster NICHOLAS, Eliza A1
JONES, Minn Sept. 8, 1888 F JONES, C.W. NICHOLS, Eliza A28
JORDAN Feb. 4, 1898 M JORDAN, James EWING A80
JORGENSON Oct. 30, 1909 F JORGENSON, P. KISSEH, Elizabeth B32
JOSEPH March 7, 1908 M JOSEPH, Miles B14
JUDD March 6, 1907 M JUDD HUDSON B1
JUDD Oct. 28, 1908 M JUDD HUDSON B15
JUDD Aug. 15, 1910 M JUDD HUDSON B35
JULIAN Nov. 23, 1908 M JULIAN, Albert DEPRUE, Anna B19

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