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Chase County
Burial Removal Permits - Index

1933 - 1982

Chase County Burial Removal Permits, Index
compiled, indexed and abstracted by Lorna Marvin

Chase County, Host: Lorna Marvin

The donation of burial permits from the county is a "gold mine" which gives information on the deceased that other records sometime is lacking. The most advantageous information is that many of these burials do not appear in the cemetery listings yet the deceased was buried in Chase County. It also gives the County and City from where the body was sent to Chase County.

You may obtain a copy of these burial permits from Lorna Marvin, Chase County host. See instructions below.

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Body Removed Body Removed
Surname Given Names Age Death/Intern Sex Color Cause of death  From: County From: City Place of Burial/Or Removed To
Bucher Artie Lee Age 53 Dec 09 1949 M White Cancer Lyon Emporia Wonsevu, Kansas
Bucher Bob C Age 41 Nov 24 1966 M White carcinoma Shawnee Topeka St Anthony, Strong City Kansas
Bucher Edith Estella Age 86 Feb 10 1982 F White Cerebro Vascular Accident Lyon Emporia Wonsevu Cemetery
Bucher Victor Glenn Age 66 Oct 29 1966 M White Coronary Thrombosis Lyon Newman Hosp Wonsevu
Buckbee Gabriel Cleatus Age 82 Mar 30 1980 M White Ventrical Failure Lyon Emporia Hillside Cemetery
Bucker John Faloin Age 90 Jul 21 1951 M White Artheriosclerosis Lyon Emporia Wonsevu, Kansas
Buckley Cora Gertrude Age 82 Nov 25 1974 F White Sedgwick Wichita Elmdale Cemetery
Buckley George Arthur Age 66 Oct 17 1957 M White Coronary Occlusion Sedgwick Elmdale, Kansas
Buckley Harriett Watson Age 86 Feb 25 1948 F White Pinellas St Petersburg Fl Elmdale, Kansas
Buffalo Claude   Age 67 Oct 16 1962 M White carcinoma Sedgwick Vets Adm Center Homestead, Kansas
Buffington Charley Hurston Age 80 Nov 29 1971 M White Arteriosclerotic heart Chase Cottonwood Falls Prairie Grove Cemetery
Buffington Harry Wilbert Age 75 Feb 13 1969 M White Coronary Sclerosia Lyon Emporia Prairie Grove Cemetery
Buffington Robert Huey Age 59 Sep 28 1960 M White shock Chase Emporia Prairie Grove Cemetery
Buffon Clara Age 91 Jun 21 1970 F White Cardiac Arrest Chase Cottonwood Falls Wonsevu
Buffon George W Age 89 May 06 1966 M White Arteriosclerotic heart Lyon Newman Hosp Wonsevu Cemetery
Bullock Fannie Age 70 Aug 30 1972 F White Not Given Logan Sterling Colorado Strong City, Kansas
Bullock Frank Henry Age 64 Jul 18 1962 M White Cancer of Stomach Lyon Newman Hosp Wilsey Cemtery Wilsey Ks
Bullock Glenn Junior Age 50 Aug 25 1970 M White Cardiac Lyon Newman Hosp Strong City, Kansas
Bullock Sr Richard E Age 76 Dec 26 1970 M White Logan Sterling Colorado Strong City, Kansas
Bullock  Vernie Edward Age 89 May 02 1979 M White Arteriosclerotic Heart Lyon Emporia Matfield Green Cemetery
Bumgardner Theodore Rossevelt Age 55 Mar 15 1958 M White Accident Chase Cottonwood Falls Prairie Grove Cemetery
Buoy John Miles  Age 63 Dec 16 1959 M White Coronary Thrombosis Chase Cottonwood Falls Prairie Grove Cemetery
Buoy Modena Age 83 Aug 29 1979 F White Arteriosclerotic Heart Denver Denver Prairie Grove Cemetery
Burch Mildred Mosier Age 92 Jun 01 1972 F White Arteriosclerotic heart Lyon Emporia Prairie Grove Cemetery
Burnett Percy E Age 67 Oct 22 1956 M White Coronary Thrombosis Chase Cottonwood Falls Prairie Grove Cemetery
Burroughts Jr Gary Lee Age 3 mo Aug 19 1972 M White Serum Sickness Lyon Emporia Strong City, Kansas
Burton Baby 45 min Sept 23 1951 M White Premature Lyon Emporia Prairie Grove Cemetery
Burton Glen F Age 81 Sep 30 1980 M White Coronary Thrombosis Chase Cottonwood Falls Bazaar Cemetery
Burton Irene Viola Age  Dec 23 1981 F White Sedgwick Wichita Bazaar Cemetery
Burton John E Age 61 Jul 25 1973 M White Pulmonary Embolism Sedgwick Wichita Prairie Grove Cemetery
Burton Oliver E Age 87 Mar 28 1968 M White Cerebral Hemorrhage Lyon Newman Hosp Bazaar, Kansas
Burton Rose Marie Age 31 Jan 31 1978 F White Sarcoma of lung Lyon Emporia Matfield Green, Kansas
Burton Seaf Artie Age 81 Oct 12 1970 M White Myocardial Infarction Sedgwick Wichita Bazaar, Kansas
Busselle John R Jul 21 1979 M White Sedgwick Wichita Prairie Grove Cemetery
Butcher William A Age 78 Jan 23 1952 M White Pulmonary Edema Lyon Emporia Bazaar, Kansas
Butler Leo Elmer Age 74 Seb 21 1981 M White Congestive Heart Lyon Emporia Elmdale Cemetery
Byers Mrs Frank Age 87 Oct 28 1966 F White Cerebral vascular acc Sedgwick Wichita Prairie Grove Cemetery
Byram Evadna Mrs Age 49 Jul 31 1949 F White Cardiac Failure Harvey Halstead Cedar Point, Kansas
Byram Frank E Age 70 Apr 07 1965 M White Carcinoma Marion Marion Cedar Point, Kansas
Byram Jospeh Lee Age 88 Jan 22 1977 M White Heart Failure Marion Florence Cedar Point, Kansas
Byram Lemuel Wade Age 55 Apr 03 1979 M White Carcinoma Harvey Newton Cedar Point Cemetery

If you wish to request a copy of the burial removal permit, please email Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host including your mailing address so that it can be mailed to you. There is no cost, to you for these permits, however, a donation to cover copy cost and postage would be acceptable. There is additional information on the burial permit that does not appear on the index.

The internment date with the authorization that it was interned at the cemetery is included. Often times the months and days in addition to the years of age is listed. On some of the permits a date of birth appears. The cause of death has been abbreviated in the index.

If you request the copy of the permit from the County Historical Society you must include the date of death. Permits are filed by the date of death. You must check with the Society for their fee charge. There will be a research and copy fee. Enjoy!

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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