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The Barber County Index was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning at the end of 1880. At the time this reel begins, Wednesday, January 6, 1892, W.G. Musgrove was Editor and Business Manager. After being with the Index for six years, Mr. Musgrove sold his interest to Leon E. Beals in May 1892. In August 1893, C.C. Hudson took over as Editor. By April of 1894,Painter and Herr had assumed control of the Index. Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. This reel continues through April 24, 1895. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson ("

Jan 3, 1895
pg 3, col 3
Married: Bird Watrus and Miss Tena J. Ihle, both of Alva, were married at Alva Christmas eve. Bird is a practical printer and present foreman of the Alva Review. The bride, Miss Ihle, is a step-daughter of our fellow townsman, J.D. Crockett who is the present proprietor of the Osage Hotel. May abundant prosperity attend the efforts of this couple in their journey through life.
pg 3, col 3
Married: The marriage of Wm. Lightburn and Miss Mary B. Mounsey took place at the bride's parents southeast of the city last Wednesday evening [Dec 26th]. Rev. Engle of the M.E. church of this city tied the knot. Mr. Lightburn was formerly a resident of this county but is now the owner of a fine homestead in Woods county, O.T. The bride is one of the most estimable and lovable young ladies of this vicinity and enjoys the friendship and good will of all who know her. We congratulate Mr. Lightburn upon the rare prize he has achieved and hope that the brilliant ray of his happiness may never be o'er shadowed by a single cloud.

Jan 10, 1895
pg 3, col 3
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. James Snodgrass, yesterday, a boy baby of regulation weight. Dr. Gould in attendance.
pg 3, col 3
Marriage License: Issued January 3rdfor the marriage of Frank McMurtry and Miss Pearl A.Newsom, both of Sharon. They were married on Sunday. We extend congratulations. And also @ pg 3, col 5: On Sunday, Frank McMurtry and Miss Pearl Newsom were married by Rev. Robinson. These young people have been long acquainted with each other. The bridegroom has resided in this valley from his childhood and is well respected as an industrious and honest young man. The bride is the daughter of J.B. Newsom and wife, and has lived here from her childhood and is well respected by all who know her. We wish this couple a happy and prosperous life. [Sharon news]
pg 3, col 4
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents Monday, January 7th, Mr. C.C. Teagle and Miss Clara Weidner, Rev. Cain, pastor of the Baptist church officiating. Both parties are residents of this city and need no introduction to the citizens of the community. Of course, Mr. Teagle is to be congratulated upon securing such an invaluable helpmate in life. To our bachelor friends, we would say ³Go thou and do likewise.²

Jan 16, 1895
pg 3, col 3
Born: A fine girl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Gant, the first of the month. The item reaches us a little late but it doesn't lessen the importance of the event in the least.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Mrs. S.A. Calloway, wife of Louis L. Calloway, died at her home northwest of town, Monday night at 9 o'clock, of dropsy. She had been a sufferer for a long time and her death was not unexpected. The funeral services took place yesterday. The deceased was 26 years of age.
pg 3, col 4
Married: Joseph T. Morris and Mrs. Nellie Stevens were united in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at the Baptist Pastorage, by Rev. W.A. Cain, last Sunday. They will reside on their farm west of town.
pg 3, col 5
Died: The death of Mrs. Mary Mills, wife of Sheriff Mills, occurred at their home in this city last Thursday morning [Jan 11th]. Mrs. Mills had been indisposed for some time, but was not thought serious until a week before her death. During the last twelve hours of her life, Dr. Cloud of Kiowa was in close consultation with Dr. Gould but all that medical skill could do would not renew the vigor of life. A severe case of pneumonia was the cause of death. Mrs. Mills leaves a husband and two children, one two years and the other a small babe, only four months old. In this, his dark hour of bereavement, the grief stricken husband and orphan children have the undivided sympathy of the community. It is now within the power for those who never experienced a like ordeal to estimate this loss and no consolation that a generous and sympathetic people can bestow can ever replace the sunlight of the home. But Death is no respecter of persons and it is the road we are all doomed to travel. Mrs. Mills was a woman with whom an acquaintance was friendship and was highly respected by all. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Havelin and at the time of her death was 25 years, 4 months and 24 days of age. The funeral services took place at the Baptist chapel last Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Cain, assisted by Rev. Engle, officiating, after which the remains were quietly laid to rest in the cemetery where the cruel pangs of pain and sorrow cannot enter. [See Jan 6, 1892 for marriage and May 31, 1893 for birth of baby.]

Jan 23, 1895
pg 3, col 5
Married: ³A Double Wedding² - Messrs. George E. and Charley E. Crouse, sons of A.E. Crouse, secured the necessary papers from the probate judge yesterday to become united in the bonds of Holy Matrimony. The former will be married to Miss Minnie Wyer and the latter to Miss Millie Hart. The weddings will take place this afternoon at three o'clock at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Crouse, Rev. Cain to officiate in both instances. The Crouse boys are well known to every one in t his part of the county as upright and energetic young men who have resided southeast of town fro more than eight years and have always been valuable and substantial citizens. Miss Millie Hart is a sister to Mrs. Frank Read of this city, and is favorably known to our young fraternity, having attended school in the city several terms. Miss Minnie Wyer is the accomplished daughter of our county commissioner from the Second District, John Wyer, and has a large circle of friends in Nippewalla township. The Index extends congratulations to these estimable young people and we hope that their lives may be crowned with abundant happiness and prosperity.
pg 3, col 5
Married: Mr. William Solf and Miss Ida Rogers were married in the Baptist chapel on Sunday evening Jan. 20. Elder Tilbury officiating. Both parties have been residents of this valley from their childhood and are universally respected. We wish them a long life of happiness and prosperity. This is the first couple who have been married in the chapel. We think this old fashioned way to go to church and get married is the best way. Who will be next? [Sharon news]
pg 3, col 5
Married: Last Thursday evening at Pratt Center, Mr. A.J. Hargis and Doroth [sic] Kimball. Your informant has not learned the particulars. [Forest City news]

Jan 30, 1895
pg 3, col 3
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. John McDaniel, last Saturday, a 9-pound girl. Mother and child getting along nicely. Dr. Moore in attendance. [See Feb 27, pg 3, col 3 for death of this baby.]
pg 3, col 4
Birthday: Last Wednesday, January 23rd, about forty of EdwardLewis' friends and schoolmates and his teacher, Miss Jessie Burgess, met at his home to celebrate his thirteenth birthday. Many presents were received. Lunch was served and all enjoyed themselves very much.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Kiowa Journal - At 8:45 Monday afternoon, January 21, 1895, Lucinda, wife of J.M. Langley, aged 67 years, 1 month and 16 days. Mrs. Langley was born in Christian county, Illinois, December 5, 1827. She was the daughter of George and Jennie VanDeveer. At the early age of 15, she united with the Christian church. On November 3, 1853, she was married to J.M. Langley. In 1858, she and her husband moved to Kansas, locating at Spring Hill, Johnson county, where they lived until 1886, when they moved to Kiowa. She was the mother of four children, two of whom survive her, Mrs. Bedwell of this city and F.C. Langley of Alva, O.T. Her sickness and suffering commenced in the spring of 1865 [Note: might be 1885], which took a more serious turn last July, confining her to the bed. Mrs. Langley was a Christian and as such she died, never losing faith in her Saviour. Through Him she bore her burden of suffering with patience and endurance. Gone - from the land of the dying to the home of the living. We who are left can hardly realize that ³life is death and death is life.² The funeral was held yesterday at 11 o'clock at the Congregational church, Rev. E.E. Flint officiating.

Feb 6, 1895
pg 3, col 2
Died: The infant child of J.S. Jones died last Wednesday night of la grippe. The remains were interred in the cemetery Thursday.
pg 3, col 4
Engaged: Hon. Chester I. Long, congressman-elect from this district and this city, will be married to Miss Anna Bache, of Paola, next Tuesday. They will leave for Washington immediately after the ceremony. Dr. Gould, we understand, will impersonate a best man. The bride-to-be has the reputation of being a highly educated and accomplished young lady and will no doubt be of valuable assistance to Chester in is congressional affliction. And on Feb 13, @ pg 3, col 2: Chester I. Long departed Sunday for Paola where he was married yesterday. Dr. Gould went with him and represented best man. We extend our congratulations to our congressman and wish him success in every way except politically.
pg 3, col 4
Born: A fine 8 pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Herr, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Taylor yesterday. The proud daddy is in Topeka at the present writing. How he can possibly stay there under these extraordinary circumstances is just a little bit beyond our conjecture. And also Feb 20, @ pg 3, col 3: Coldwater Star - Allen E. Herr, the bright, young editor of the Barber County Index, is the father of an 8 pound son that arrived at his home last week during his pap's absence at Topeka, acting as Senator Landis'private secretary.

Feb 13, 1895
pg 3, col 2
Married: James B. McGinness, of Kiowa township, and Mrs. Harriet Duke of Hazelton, were married at the Central Hotel yesterday afternoon by Rev. W.A. Cain. Mr. McGinnesss is a substantial farmer of our county. The usual felicitations are extended.
pg 3, col 3
Married: Miss Jennie Miller, who formerly lived in this city with her uncle and aunt, Mr. R.F. Lee and wife, and well known by many of our young people at this place, will be married on the 25thof this month to a Mr. Page at Centralia, Washington, where she now resides. Mr. Page is a railroad conductor and their future home will be Tacoma. Miss Miller has many friends in this city.
pg 3, col 4
Married: It is perhaps a little out of the ordinary to give an account of a marriage in this part of the vale before it occurs, but in this instance we find it impossible to restrain ourselves. It may be surprising but nevertheless true: our esteemed fellow citizen, Guy Sparks, will take unto himself a companion in life in the person of Miss Myrtle Huffaker. The marriage will take place this evening at the residence of the bride's parents near Sharon. Rev. Hopwood is the man chosen to send the young couple on their way rejoicing. The groom is known by everybody in the community as a gentleman of much worth and high social standing and has always been recognized as one of the mainstays of the young fraternity. If our judgment is worth anything, Mr. Sparks is to be envied for his choice. The bride is one of the most lovable and popular young ladies of the county, having resided in the Sharon vicinity ever since her childhood. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Huffaker and counts her friends by the score. She is a highly accomplished young lady and will be a credit to the Sparks household. The wedding will be a quiet affair, only relatives and close friends will be present. We have not learned the names of best man and bridesmaid and are therefore unable to give them. The young couple will make no extensive wedding tour. They will reside on the Sparks farm east of town for the present and will manage the same the coming year. The Index prides itself in having the opportunity of extending congratulations to this estimable young couple and hope that the richest blessings may be bestowed upon them during their future life.

Feb 20, 1895
pg 3, col 2
Married: Judge Funk went out to Sun City Sunday where he officiated in the marriage of Mr. Drury and Miss Rowley. And also @ pg 3, col 3: The marriage of Luther C. Drury and Miss Jeannette Rowley took place at the residence of the bride's parents at Sun City Sunday. Mr. Drury is one of the most influential farmers and stockmen of Deerhead township and an old resident of the county. Miss Rowley is the daughter of the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners and has many friends in the Sun City neighborhood. We extend congratulations.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Charles W. Chadwick and Miss Emma Smith were married by the probate judge last Friday. Both are old residents of Elm Mills township.
pg 3, col 3
Born: Coldwater Star - A cablegram received just as we go to press, from Marshall, Oklahoma, announces that on last Tuesday, Feb'y 12, 1895, bright and early in the morning, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Irvin H. Stafford. His pa says he is a mighty bright looking lad, with a strawberry mark on his nose. Uncle ³Jap² has not been heard from.
pg 3, col 4
Born: The household of Mr. and Mrs. Abbett [sic] was blessed by the arrival of a new girl. We understand her name is Margaret and she has come to stay. [Lone Star news]

Feb 27, 1895
pg 3, col 1
Married: Chas. Heskett was up from Kiowa last week. Charley is now an ³old married man.² He was married to Miss Lillie Fisk on Sunday the 17th.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Probate Judge Funk issued a marriage license last Saturday to Henry D. Zahm and Miss Iva V. Tucker, both of Woods county, O.T. They formerly resided in this county. They went to Kingman where they were married by a Catholic priest.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Clarence Martin and Miss Maud Talbott were married Sunday by Probate Judge Funk, at the residence of the bride's parents in Moore township. Mr. Martin is a prominent school teacher of the county and has just closed a successful term in Nippewalla township. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Talbott, well known throughout the county. We are informed that the young couple will move to the groom's claim in the Strip shortly. May they live long and prosper.
pg 3, col 3
Died: Mattie M. Stockstill died at her home near Sharon, Monday, February 25th, of consumption. She was twenty-two years, 2 months and 8 days of age at the time of her death. While her death was not unexpected, it is yet a painful task to announce the demise of the bright light of this excellent family. She was a young lady of more than ordinary talent and ability and was befriended and widely known in this and other parts of the county. Her mother died a few years ago and Mattie was called upon to manage the household which position she filled admirably and faithfully until ³He who doeth all things well² called her to a better land. The bereaved family have the undivided sympathy of the community in their sad affliction and untimely loss. The funeral services take place at Sharon today at 11 o'clock.
pg 3, col 3
Died: The 11 day old child of Mr. and Mrs. Crockett died last Sunday evening and was buried yesterday morning in the cemetery. We failed to learn the cause of death. Mr. Crockett is the proprietor of the Osage Hotel in this city.
pg 3, col 3
Died: The death of the 4 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Mathes, who were on their way to the Strip from Pratt county, is doubly sad. The child is supposed to have been smothered or strangled to death, it is difficult to ascertain which. It was wrapped in a blanket and laid in the back part of the wagon while sleeping and no further notice was taken of it until the family camped in the grove south of town when the parents found their babe dead. The other children, 4 in number, had also been in the back part of the wagon and may accidentally [have] thrown some blankets over it closing out the air. It is one of those sad mishaps which all are sorry to hear of but which sometimes visit the most careful. Words cannot express the grief of the poor mother when she found her babe lifeless that but an hour previous was a heart and healthy child. The shock was very hard on her and she is now lying very ill at the residence of Mrs. Coon in the south part of the city. Dr. Gould and kind neighbors are giving every assistance possible. Mr. and Mrs. Mathes are poor people and are entirely unacquainted in the city, having arrived here Monday evening about five o'clock when the sad accident happened and being without means a subscription was immediately started to defray funeral expenses and the remains of the little one were interred in Highland cemetery yesterday afternoon. Rev. Cain spoke a few words of condolence to the grief stricken family at the residence.
pg 3, col 3
Died: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John McDaniel died yesterday morning of la grippe. It had been sick only a short time and death was a surprise to the parents. We understand the funeral will take place today. Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel have the sympathy of the community. [See above at Jan 30 for birth of this baby.]

Mar 6, 1895
pg 3, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. Tim Clark are the proud parents of a fine baby girl which arrived at their home last Thursday, the 28th[of February].
pg 3, col 1
Married: Frank Buck of Lake City was married to Miss Hattie Brown at Pretty Prairie, Kingman county, Thursday, Feb'y 21st.
pg 3, col 3
Marriage License: Issued yesterday by the probate judge for the marriage of James H. Smith and Miss Aulty [sic] L. Julian, both of Kiowa.
pg 3, col 3
Died: Mrs. Grant Hankins, daughter of E.C. Grigsby, died at Burlington, Kansas, Sunday, of la grippe. She will be buried at Attica today. She and her husband had been visiting with relatives at Burlington when she took sick. E.C. Grigsby and family took the train at this place this morning to meet the corpse at Attica where the last sad rites will take place.

Mar 20, 1895
pg 3, col 3
Died: Mr. and Mrs. George Myers mourn the loss of their 2-month-old baby. It died last Wednesday and was buried Thursday. The child was sickly for several weeks.
pg 3, col 3
Married: A license was issued Saturday for the marriage of Marlin T. Boark and Miss Martha J.Burgin, both of McAdoo township. They were married at the residence yesterday. Our felicitations are extended.
pg 3, col 5
Died: The adage, that death is no respecter of persons, was again verified in this city during the past week. Mrs. Thos. Warwick and infant child died at their home in the northwest part of town - the child died last Wednesday and the mother Sunday evening. The child was only twenty-four hours old at the time of its death. Mrs. Warwick was quite well from and after the birth of the child and her condition was not considered fatal at all until a short time before death, but a change was taken for the worse and at 7 o'clock Sunday evening, the light of life faded away. The funeral took place from the family residence, Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., Arch Deacon Brady of the Episcopal church officiating, and the remains interred in Highland cemetery. The deceased was 35 years, 3 months and 15 days of age and leaves 3 small boys and a husband to mourn her loss. Mr. and Mrs. Warwick resided in this county for the past eight years and were citizens of the highest worth and this untimely death is mourned by a host of kind friends. The motherless children and bereaved husband have the heartfelt sympathy of all.

Mar 27, 1895
pg 3, col 1
Born: A fine girl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Owens last Saturday evening. Dr. Moore in attendance.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Alva Pioneer - Martin W. Farley, of Sharon, Ks., and Mrs. Hattie M. Farley of Cleo, were married by Judge Walker in this city Monday.
pg 3, col 2
Marriage pending: Invitations are out announcing the marriage of Hyder Fair, of Sharon, and Miss Rosalie Moyers, of St. Louis. The wedding will take place at the bride's home one week from this evening.

Apr 3, 1895
pg 3, col 2
Married: A license was issued last Thursday to William H. Rosenberry and May Sellers, the latter being from Johnson City. They were married the same day by Rev. Cain. Our congratulations are extended.
pg 3, col 2
Died: The 4 year old boy of Mrs. Garten died at the home of his grandfather, R.D. Gaddie, last Sunday evening of inflammation of the stomach. The funeral services took place at the Baptist Chapel in this city yesterday and the remains of the little one laid to rest in Highland cemetery, Rev. Cain officiating. The sympathy of the community is extended to the mother and relatives of the child.

Apr 10, 1895
pg 3, col 2
Married: Oliver I. Sims and Miss Maggie M. Clark, of Sun City, were married in this city last Thursday by Rev. R.B. Engle. Both parties are well known in the Sun City neighborhood. We extend congratulations.
pg 3, col 3
Died: Robert Adams, of Sun City, died last Thursday evening after a continued sickness of 46 days, of fever the name of which we have not learned. Mr. Adams was a young man 27 years of age, of excellent habits and of the highest worth. He was at the time of his death Noble Grand of Lodge 262, I.O.O.F., and was an esteemed and respected member of the brotherhood. He was buried on Sunday at Lake City. Rev. C.W. Owens held a prayer service at the residence of W.S. Clements. The funeral services will take place some time next June. In this death, Barber county loses another useful citizen.
pg 3, col 3
Married: At the office of the probate judge in this city by Rev. R.B. Engle yesterday, Jacob Schmidt and Miss Dina Steir, both of Hardtner. It was the writer's privilege to be in attendance at the ceremony and witness the ups and downs in the performance of a marriage ceremony, especially where the parties are of different nationalities. The dilemma of the occasion was soon suspended by summoning in Leon Beals and Gus. Schmidt as interpreters (Gus. says that he is not related to the groom although he has the same last name) and the knot was as effectively tied as though the parties had been of English blood. All parties were cool and self-possessed during the ceremony except Judge Funk who in the middle of the performance discovered that the contracting parties had not joined hands. In the heat of his excitement and nervous temperament, he then and there interrupted the parson by calling his attention to the fact that the husband and wife to be had not clasped hands. Rev. Engle quieted the fears of the judge by informing him that that part of the program would come later on. In justice to the judge, we will say that he acted in good faith and only wanted to take precautionary steps to see that the marriage be legal. Anyone that contemplates the matrimonial venture had better do so while Judge Funk is in office as he will see that you will be so firmly tied to your companion that all the technicalities of law cannot dissever.
pg 3, col 4
Died: ³Ida Landis at Rest² - The sad news of the death of Miss Ida Landis reached us last Wednesday morning, a half hour too late for publication in last week's issue - she died at 4 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon of last week, the cause of her death being quick consumption. She suffered the agony of the disease for almost thirteen long weeks, patiently and without a murmur until the final summons came. During all the time of her sickness, the anxious and devoted parents and kind relatives and friends did all that human power could to relieve and comfort her, but their efforts, together with those of the physicians, could avail no cure and this precious and useful light ceased to shine in the family circle. But a few months before her death, Miss Ida was a bright healthy young lady and no one would have thought that the end of her brilliant life was so near at hand, but death excepts no one and is something none can evade. The funeral services took place last Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of her grandfather, conducted by Rev. W.A. Cain of this city, and the remains conveyed to the Newkirk cemetery, where the last sad rites were performed. Miss Landis was the oldest daughter of Senator and Mrs. Landis and the second to the oldest in the family. She was 18 years old at the time of death and most of her life was spent in this county. She resided in this city for something over two years and left an example with her associates and acquaintances that many could follow with pride. She was a young lady with an enviable character and disposition and her loving nature and winning ways has attracted the friendship of all she met. She was the flower of the household, an honor to herself, a source of pride to her parents and a kind and noble personage to her brothers and sisters. Her oldest brother, Irwin, is at present in the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., and when the sad news reaches him, which it has by t his time, the shock will fall upon him heavily. While he was in a measure prepared for the result, it will not lessen the sadness of the affair. The funeral was largely attended by people from all parts of the county and a large concourse of sympathizing friends followed the body to its final resting place. She was a devoted and consistent member of the Presbyterian church, holding her membership in the church of this city at the time of her death. If sympathy could replace the loss of this dear one to her parents, she would have long been replaced, but when death takes its course, no one can recall its victim. Miss Ida will continue to live in the memory of all who knew her and the world is better for her having lived in it.

Apr 17, 1895
pg 3, col 3
Marriage License: Issued yesterday by the probate judge to Joseph Robinson, of Quenemo, to wed Miss Millie Carmichael. The wedding takes place at noon today at the residence of the bride's relatives in this city, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Cook. Rev. Engle will tie the nuptial knot. Miss Carmichael has a host of friends in this city who wish her unbounded success and happiness in her future life. The groom is almost a stranger in this community but is to be congratulated upon his good fortune in securing such an estimable bride. [See Aug 24th, pg 3, col 3 for further details.]
pg 3, col 3
Died: Mrs. Fritz, wife of Orlando Fritz, died at her home near Sexton, on the morning of April 6th, 1895. She had been an acute sufferer of blood poison for several weeks and was indeed a subject of pity. Dr. Kociell attended her during sickness but her recovery was beyond question. Mrs. Fritz was born in Germany and located in the state of Indiana in 1883 and married to Mr. Fritz the succeeding year. In the fall of 1884, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz moved to their present home in this county where they have since resided. The deceased was 27 years and 22 days of age and leaves five small children, four girls and one boy, and a husband to mourn her loss. To the bereaved husband and motherless children is extended the heartfelt sympathy of the community.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Kiowa Review - After a short illness, the Silent Messenger entered the home of F.T. Patton last week and Mrs. Amanda Patton was called to her heavenly home. She was in her 77thyear and leaves two brothers and one sister to mourn her. Mrs. Patton was a member of the Baptist church for sixty years and died as she had lived, a Christian. Her hope in Christ grew brighter and brighter until the end. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Flint, after which her remains were laid to rest in Riverview cemetery.

Apr 24, 1895 [Last issue on reel]
pg 3, col 1
Born: A fine boy baby of regulation weight was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jared Hoag Sunday April 21st. Mother and child doing well. Dr. Kociell in attendance.
pg 3, col 3

Married: Time, twelve o'clock noon, on Wednesday, April 17th, 1895; place, Mr. W.W. Cook's residence; event, the marriage of Miss Millie Carmichael to Mr. J. Robinson of Quenemo, Kas. Skilled fingers touched the keys of the piano and to the music of the wedding march, the bride and groom entered the room in which the members of the family had gathered. They took positions under a bell of evergreen, daintily sprayed with spring's early bridal wreath. The impressive ceremony performed by Rev. R.B. Engle was short. Congratulations most sincere were soon spoken. Ten sat down to enjoy dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. Flowers with which friends had remembered the bride added their fragrance and beauty to the happiness of the newly wedded couple and to the pleasure of the company. In an hour and a half from the time of ceremony, the east-bound train carried Mr. and Mrs. Robinson away and on toward their new home in Quenemo, Ks. It was a pleasant home wedding. Signed: M.T.

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