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The Barber County Index was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning at the end of 1880. At the time this reel begins, Wednesday, January 2, 1889, E.P. Caruthers was publisher; in February of that year, W.G. Musgrove joined with Mr. Caruthers and in August 1890, Mr. Caruthers sold his interest to H. Walker of Elm Mills township. Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. This reel continues through December 30, 1891. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson

Jul 1, 1891
pg 3, col 2
Born: In this city, June 26th, to the wife of Mack Jones, a boy. Dr. Gould in attendance.
pg 3, col 2
Married: In Salubria, Idaho, at the residence of the bride's parents, on June 14, 1891, by Rev. E.N. Elton, Mr. Eugene Lorton, formerly of this city, and a brother of Otis Lorton, and Miss Sallie M. Allen. The couple acknowledge the receipt of some thirty-five valuable presents from admiring friends. The Index extends congratulations and good wishes.

Jul 8, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Born: At Kiowa, June 30th, to the wife of I.F. Shannon, a boy.
pg 3, col 1
Died: At Lake City, Kans., July 3rd, Effie, infant daughter of Benj. English, aged about two years. She was a bright child, and the parents have the sympathy of the community.
pg 3, col 2
Married: At the Methodist parsonage, in this city, Tuesday afternoon, July 7th, at 6 o'clock, by Rev. Dr. Phillips, Mr. Daniel Kidd and Miss Eliza Nelson, all of this city. We extend our best wishes.

Jul 15, 1891, pg 3, col 1
Born: At Hazelton, July 7th, to the wife of W.L. Peck, a girl.

Jul 22, 1891
pg 3, col 3
Born: At Winfield, Monday, July 19th, to the wife of L.M. Axline, of this city, a girl.
pg 3
Married: At the residence of W.H. McCague, in this city, yesterday afternoon [Tuesday, Jul 21], at 3 o'clock, by Elder Shamberger, Mr. Richard D. Pursell, of Mingona, and Miss Clara Reddick, of Worth county, Missouri. The groom is a brother of Mrs. W.H. McCague, and the bride is a sister of Mrs. Shamberger. The Index wishes them much happiness and prosperity.
pg 3
Died: A child of A.B. Purdy died Monday and was buried here this morning.

Jul 29, 1891
pg 2, col 3
Born: To the wife of M.P. DeWitt, July 18th, a girl.
pg 3, col 1
Born: At Hazelton, July 18th, to the wife of E.S. Woodworth, a girl.
pg 3, col 3
Married: Kiowa Journal - "Mr. A.W. Rumsey, Jr., and Miss Cassie Freer, went to Anthony last Thursday and were quietly married unbeknown to any of their relatives or friends. They returned home Friday and no one was any the wiser until Monday, when the fact generally became known. Mr. and Mrs. Rumsey are numbered among Kiowa's most popular young folks, and they have many friends who extend congratulations and well wishes."

Aug 5, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Born: Near Lodi, to the wife of G.S. Purcival, July 31, a girl. Dr. Moore in attendance. And @ Sep 2, 1891, pg 2, col 4: Floy, infant daughter of G.S. and L.E. Percival, was born July 31 and died August 23rd, 1891, of cholera infantum, after intense suffering of about ten days when the Lord beckoned her to his home on high, where the sufferer is now at rest. [Memorial poem follows.] [Note: Surname given with both spellings.]

pg 3, col 3
Born: Near Hazelton, July 31st, to the wife of W.H. Terry, a girl.
pg 3, col 3
Born: In this county, July 27th, to the wife of H.E. Julian, a boy.

Aug 12, 1891
pg 3, col 2
Born: In this county, August 3rd, to the wife of W.R. Williams, a girl.
pg 3, col 3
Marriage License: The probate judge issued a license on August 8th, for the marriage of George L. Pattee and Miss Bertie Duel, both of Canema.
pg 3
Married: In this county, August 3rd, Thomas H. Hanna and Miss Clara E. Nurse, of Mingona.

Aug 19, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Burney reports a boy born to the wife of T.L. Lindley, in this city, August 16th.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Kociell reports a girl born to the wife of Ed. Winter, in this city, on the 16th.
pg 3
Birthday: Little Francis Young celebrated her fourth birthday last Thursday. A number of her little friends were invited to spend the afternoon with her, and all accepted the invitation. A number of very pretty little presents were received by the young hostess. Among the children present were Zella and Mary Isherwood, Charlie Schmidt, Walters Hill, Avis Axline, Rachel Noble, Pauline Teagle and Traughber Roach. The children had a merry time, and enjoyed the excellent refreshments. They all got through the ordeal of dining without getting a speck on their faces or dresses with the exception of the little hostess, who made a mess of herself, and had to have a change of clothing. One of the incidents of the occasion was that Frankie Beeson, who was not invited, because it was not known that he was at home, came along, hauling Rachel Noble in his little wagon. He hauled her up to the gate, helped her out as gallantly as a Chesterfield, and then went home. We have heard of no sickness among the children as a result of the entertainment. They behaved themselves better than some crowds of grown people.

Aug 26, 1891
pg 2, col 4
Born: To the wife of Dr. Bond, a daughter. [Forest City news]
pg 2, col 5
Died: Earl Bernard died last Friday evening at 11:10, with a polypus in the nose, which bled him to death. Rev. McMurtry preached his funeral sermon Saturday at 8:00 p.m. [Sharon news]
pg 3, col 2
Born: Dr. Moore reports a boy born to the wife of R.B. Currie on the 23rd.

Sep 2, 1891
pg 2, col 4
Born: To Wm. Holt and wife last week, a boy. [Sharon news]
pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Judge Stevens issued a license on the 26th, for the marriage of F.E. Noble and Miss Nellie Elliott, both of Hazelton. And @ Sep 9, 1891, pg 3, col 1: Married: Fred Noble and Miss Nellie Elliott, of Hazelton, were married last Thursday at the residence of the bride's parents. They are both quite popular, and received a number of handsome wedding presents. We wish them much joy.
pg 3, col 2
Died: In this city, Wednesday, August 26th, Otis Page, aged 61 years. He was demented and was being supported by the county.
pg 3, col 2
Married: At the Probate Judge's office, in this city, Monday, August 31, by Judge Stevens, Liter M. Taylor and Mrs. Mattie E. Curren, both of Kiowa.

Sep 9, 1891
pg 2, col 5
Anniversary: A very pleasant entertainment was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Clay McGrath, on Tuesday evening, Sept. 1st. It was the fifth anniversary of their wedding and was participated in by a large number of their friends. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, Miss Mabel Stewart and Mr. C.W. Walton furnished good music. Refreshments were served and all took of the many good things placed before them. The following is a partial list of mementos of the occasion, presented to Mr. and Mrs. McGrath: work basket, Wm. Lockard and wife; butter print and bowl, Will Wheat; clothes brush, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson; pin cushion, Mr. and Mrs. Walker; table mats, Muriel and Mabel DeGeer; silver pickle caster, Mrs. L.W. DeGeer, Miss Hessie Renfrew and Mrs. C.W. Parlin; corner bracket, Samuel Griffin; rocking chair, J.W. DeGeer and wife; match safe, Mr. Frederick and wife; clothes pin apron and pins, Miss Mabel Stewart; splasher, Miss Mary Hevelin; bowl and print, C.A. Walton and wife; cake stand, J.P. Renfrew and wife; ornamental pipe, Miss Ada Howard. [Deerhead news]
pg 3, col 1
Died: Jack Crossen died at the residence of J.B. Gano, in this city, Monday afternoon, of blood poison.
pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Burson, on Saturday, September 5th, a girl. Dr. Kociell in attendance.
pg 3, col 2
Born: At the residence of W.J. Underwood, near this city, September 5th, to the wife of S.V. Howard, a boy. Sam says the boy has already made application for membership in the [farmers'] Alliance.
pg 3, col 2
Born: In Hazelton, August 30th, to the wife of J.R. Keller, a girl.
pg 3, col 3
Married: At Chicago, on Wednesday, September 2, 1891, Frank B. Chapin and Miss Agnes Samuel, both of this city. Everybody about here knows Frank Chapin and his bride has a list of acquaintances almost as large as his and there could not be found in the county a more popular young couple. We wish them long, useful and happy lives. And @ Sep 16, pg 3: Chicago Call - "On Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, at 12 o'clock by the Rev. Dr. Delafield, at the church of the Transfiguration, Miss Agnes L. Samuel and Mr. Frank B. Chapin, both of Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Miss Samuel is a sister of R.C. Samuel of this city. The many friends and relatives of the happy couple wish them "Bon voyage on the sea of matrimony."

Sep 16, 1891
pg 3, col 2
Born: Dr. Burney reports a boy born to the wife of Jack Southerland, on the 13th.
pg 3, col 2
Birthday: Last Sunday Uncle Jimmie Martin celebrated his 56th birthday. There was a good crowd present, notwithstanding the rain, and all had a very pleasant time.
pg 3
Born: Otis Lorton is as proud as a boy with his first pair of pants. If there was one thing lacing to make his household a happy one, it was that there was no boy in the family to wear out his father's old clothes. September 5th, his wishes were gratified and a young persecutor of cats and dogs began his mad career.

Sep 23, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Born: A young daughter was made welcome in the home of L.C. Balding, last Tuesday, the 15th. Mrs. M. Wilt, M.D., in attendance.
pg 3, col 2
Marriage License: The probate judge issued a license Saturday for the marriage of John Eckell, of Mumford, and Minnie Kuehn, of Nashville, Kansas.

Sep 30, 1891
pg 3, col 2,
Born: Dr. Gould reports a boy born to the wife of W.H. Love, in this city, Monday.
pg 3, col 4
Died: At Hazelton, September 18th, Mrs. Annie Shirley, aged 27 years, wife of L.A. Shirley.

Oct 14, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Born: At Isabel, on the 3rd, to the wife of Jas. Murray, a girl.
pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: The probate judge issued a license, last Saturday, for the marriage of Geo. Duel, of Lodi, and Miss Cora A. Smith, of Hazelton.
pg 3, col 1
Married: At the office of the probate judge, in this city, on the 7th, by Judge Stevens, Jonas Potter and Miss Etta Peters, both of Pratt county.
pg 3
Died: John Lake, of Lake City, a brother of Reub., died last Thursday. He was about 47 years of age, and leaves a wife and two children. Elder Nicholson preached the funeral sermon, Mr. Lake being a member of the Christian church.
pg 3
Born: In this city, October 3rd, to the wife of Rev. P.J. Pinkston, a girl.

Oct 21, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Married: James A. Fair and Miss Nettie Rule, both of Sharon, will be married at 7:30 o'clock this evening. We extend our congratulations.
pg 3, col 1
Married: At the Christian parsonage, Tuesday evening, Oct. 13th, 1891, Geo. P. Roe to Miss Gracia L. Young, both of this county. Elder Nicholson officiating.

Oct 28, 1891
pg 3, col 4
Married: Jas. Crouch and Miss Lizzie Beavis were married last Thursday.
pg 3, col 5
Married: At the Christian parsonage in this city, Wednesday, October 21st, at 1:30 p.m., by Elder J.E. Nicholson, pastor of the Christian church, Mr. A.B. Wilkins and Miss Fannie Mills, both of this city. The parsonage was tastefully decorated with beautiful flowers, the room darkened and lamps lighted. In the north end of the room hung a large marriage bell, beneath which the handsome couple stood during the ceremony. There were but a few of the intimate friends of the family present, and most of them had only received their invitations a few hours before the event transpired. Yet some valuable presents were received, among which we noticed a cut glass table set of four pieces from Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Taliaferro; cut glass water set of four pieces from Mr. and Mrs. E. Youmans; handsome parlor lamp from Miss Celia Mills; a handsome rocking chair from Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Hall and a handsome rocking chair from Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Rouse. There is not a more popular couple in the city than Brough Wilkins and Miss Fannie Mills. Everybody knows and respects them. They have both lived here a long time and have made friends by their individual merits. The groom is a thorough-going business man, honest, industrious, steady and reliable. The bride is deservedly one of the most popular ladies in the county, pretty, amiable, and well equipped with all the accomplishments that adorn her sex, she speedily makes friends of all with whom she comes in contact. After the ceremony, the couple took the 2:30 train for a visit to relatives of the groom in Cloud county for a few days. They will make this city their future home, and all who know them will join the Index in wishing them long and useful lives, full of happiness and prosperity.

Nov 4, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Married: At the Central Hotel in t his city, on Thursday, November 29th, by Elder Nicholson, J.H. Law and Miss Lena Foster, both of this county.
p 3, col 3
Born: At Kiowa, on the 23rd, to the wife of J.P. Brough, a boy.
pg 3, col 4
Married: A.S. Sartin, of Hazelton, and Miss Julia A. Smith, of Red Top, Mo., were married at Wichita on the 22nd of October. The bride is also well-known and very popular at Hazelton.
pg 3, col 4
Died: The wife of Prof. J.E. Cook died at Oskaloosa,, on the 28th of September. Prof. Cook is a brother of W.W. Cook, of this city. He was an instructor in our Normal school for three terms. His wife accompanied him when he came here, and she became well known and was a general favorite.

Nov 11, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Born: Near Lake City, Nov. 5th, to the wife of C.T. Strain, a boy.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Near Hazelton, November 5th, to the wife of John Weaver, a boy.
pg 3, col 2
Born: Dr. Kociell reports a boy born to the wife of T.C. Clark, in this city, on the 9th.
pg 3, col 2
Born: Dr. Burney forgot to report, last week, the girl that was born to the wife of Lewis Pinkston, on the 31st [of October].
pg 3, col 3
Born: In this city, November 5th, to the wife of Alonzo Salyers, a boy.
pg 3, col 3
Born: Born in Eagle township, Oct. 31st, to the wife of Wm. Stoops, a girl.
pg 3, col 3
Born: Dr. Burney reports a girl born to the wife of Mr. McCorkle, in this city, on the 9th.
pg 3, col 3
Born: In this city, Wednesday, to the wife of J.W. Dinsmore, a girl. Dr. Karr officiating.
pg 3, col 3
Born: Rev. Mr. Ogg and wife are the happy parents of a girl baby born to them yesterday, in this city. Dr. Karr in attendance.

Nov 18, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Died: The wife of R. McAllister, general merchant, of Kiowa, died last Friday and her funeral occurred on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. She leaves twin babies just two weeks old, besides a family of some three or four other children. Mr. McAlister has the sympathy of the entire community in this, his great bereavement.
pg 3, col 2
Died: At the residence of her son, M. Strong, near this city, on Sunday, November 5th, Mrs. Esther Strong, aged 88 years, 6 months and 15 days. She was buried Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the Methodist church, Rev. Dr. Phillips conducting the services.
pg 3, col 4
Died: At her home in Carthage, Mo., Sunday night, November 15th, 1891, of chronic diarrhea, after an illness of five weeks, Mary Fleming, wife of Edgar P. Caruthers, aged 35 years. We know her hosts of warm friends in this city and county will be shocked at this sudden announcement. Mrs. Caruthers was well known and well beloved in this city. She was born at Fredericktown, Mo., May 16th, 1856, was married February 9th, 1874, was the mother of five children, four of whom are living: Wirtie, aged 14; Albert aged 12; Robert aged 10, and Jessie aged 4 years. Mrs. Caruthers was no ordinary woman. Of fine physique, beautiful features, attractive appearance, with a mind well stored with information, with a heart full of kindly feeling for everybody, she attracted friends and to know her well was to love her well. Her death was a peaceful sinking to sleep, to awake beyond the Jordan, in the green fields of Eden. She had lived a quiet, gentle, peaceful life and sank to sleep without a fear. We sympathize with the stricken husband, who knows his irreparable loss and our heart is full of sorrow for the four precious children who are too young to fully appreciate the calamity that has befallen them. Sympathy at this hour cannot cheer the wounded heart, but it is the best we can do. God alone is able to give consolation. The Index has unusually tender regard for Mr. Caruthers and his interesting family. He came here six years ago, a stranger in a strange land, and he was like a brother to us. We often visited his home, sometimes at inopportune hours, and a cordial welcome was always extended. He was the editor of this paper four years before we came here. We bought a half interest in the office with him and for four years we worked side by side with never a harsh word nor a misunderstanding of any kind. Dear old friend, we grieve with you, but the sudden news has shocked us and words refuse to express our feelings.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Suddenly, at noon on Sunday, November 15th, Luther White, aged about 75 years. Luther White is dead! This announcement will send a shock to all who know him who have not heard the sad news. He died last Sunday at 12 o'clock, at the school house two miles south of Isabel. He lived about a mile north of the school house and at 11 o'clock walked from his home to the school house to attend Sunday school. After Sunday school was over, a short prayer meeting was held, and Mr. White, as was his custom, led in a fervent prayer; then a hymn was started, he also leading in the singing. After singing one verse the audience waited for him to start the second, and as he did not do so, they looked toward him and saw that his head had fallen forward. His son, Lester, and one or two others hastened to him just in time to catch his lifeless body as it sank to the floor. The body was taken to his house, being followed by the entire audience, who were awe-stricken and filled with grief over the death of one whom they all loved. A few weeks ago his daughter, who lives in Missouri, came out and paid him a visit. She persuaded her father to sell of his stock, rent out the farm, and come to Missouri and spend the winter with her. He had agreed to do so, had sold the stock, had rented out the farm, and was to have started today on his visit. But no man knows what a day may bring forth. Today his body lies in the cold grave, while his family and hosts of friends are mourning his absence. Grand old Luther White. The world can ill afford to spare such men. He was a landmark in that section. His word settled all disputes. Nearly everybody knew him; all knew him by reputation, and all loved him. He was a Christian soldier and died with the harness on. He had just arisen from his knees, where he had poured out his soul in prayer for his neighbors, whom he loved, and, as he supposed, whom he was about to leave for a few months; he was in the very act of singing praises to his God when his spirit was caught up and borne away by the angels to the presence of that God whom he loved so well and whom he had served so long and so faithfully. What more could we say were we to write a dozen columns about him. He lived a Christian life, and by so living earned the right to die a Christian's death. No earthly honor can for a moment compare with this. We grieve for him as for any other friend, but we rejoice in the certain knowledge that he is now happier than he could be here, and that the glories in store for him are beyond the imaginations of the finite mind. Farewell, old friend. The world is better because of your having lived here. Would that the world could have witnessed your noble death. Like the shock that is fully ripe, you have been gathered in and henceforth there is a crown for thee.

Nov 25, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Died: At Independence, Mo., on Sunday, November 22nd, 1891, Miss [Kittie?] O'Bryan, a sister of Judge T.L. O'Bryan of this city. The above news was received Monday at 1 o'clock, too late for Judge O'Bryan to catch the train and the funeral took place Tuesday. Another Christian woman gone home to her reward. Miss O'Bryan was known all over Missouri for her faithful work in the Baptist church. For several years past she had made the church work the main object of her life. Now she has laid down her warfare and is "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep."
pg 3, col 1
Died: At the residence of her son-in-law, O.V. Lytle, near this city, on Saturday, November 21, 1891, Mrs. Hester Shepler, aged 62 years, 11 months and 16 days. She was the widow of the late S.J. Shepler and leaves two sons and two daughters, all grown, and a host of friends to mourn her departure. Her sons are Font Shepler, of Washington and Frank Shepler of this city. The daughters are Mrs. Vernon Lytle, of this city, and Mrs. Bell of Illinois. Mrs. Bell reached here in time to attend the funeral, which occurred Monday afternoon, from the Presbyterian church. All of our citizens who could spare the time were there to show their respect to the family in this sad hour of bereavement.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Peter Durst and Miss Annie Helget, both of this county, were married yesterday morning, in this city at the residence of Henry Durst, the groom's brother, by Rev. Bitter, Catholic priest.
pg 3, col 3
Born: A bright-eyed little girl arrived last Monday morning to share the blessings of this world and help make the home happy of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jones. Grant wears the title of "Pa" with becoming dignity.
pg 3, col 3
Birthday: Herbert Williams celebrated his 20th birthday last Saturday with a party in the evening. The storm of the night kept a number of the favored ones from enjoying the festivities, but those who were present report a most enjoyable time.

Dec 2, 1891
pg 3, col 1
A bright little girl at Coldwater, Fannie Jackson, died last week from the effects of chewing gum which she swallowed and which lodged in the bowels. It could not be removed or dissolved. Mothers, be careful about allowing children to swallow the vile compound.
pg 3, col 2
Born: In Mingona township, November 22nd, to the wife of Rev. Jesse Shamberger, a girl.
pg 3, col 2
Marriage License: The probate judge issued a license on the 28th for the marriage of Robert L. Lusher and Miss Nancy A. DeArmond, both of Hazelton township. They are probably man and wife before this time.
pg 3, col 3
Born: In Mingona township, on the 19th of November, to the wife of A.J. Linville, twins, girls.
pg 3, col 4
Married: Charles F. Brattain and Miss Bessie Jackson were married at the residence of the bride's parents, four miles north of town, on Sunday, the 29th, 1891, by Rev. Phillips, D.D. This handsome young couple are well known, loved and respected by nearly all of our citizens. The Index congratulates each one on the good fortune of selecting so congenial companion. May their pathway through life be strewn with flowers, and may happiness and prosperity make permanent abode with them.

Dec 9, 1891, pg 3, col 3
Born: Dr. Moore reports the birth of a boy to the wife of W.E. Calloway, on the 2nd.

Dec 16, 1891
pg 3, col 1
Married: At the Grand Hotel, in this city, on Wednesday, Dec. 16th, by Probate Judge Stevens, S.P. Evans and Mrs. I.M. Lovett, both of Kiowa.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Del. Sparks was married at Kansas City on Friday, December 11th, to Miss Millie F. Vest. The bride is said to be a cousin of Senator George Vest. The news was a surprise to everybody here, including Del's parents, but everybody wishes them much happiness.
pg 3, col 2
Married: The Index has received a very pretty card announcing: "Mr. and Mrs. R.U. Wheelock request your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Isabel, to Robert L. Wheeler, Thursday, Dec. 24th, 1891, at 8 o'clock p.m., Marceline, Mo." The bride has numerous friends in t his city, and she deserves to have them. She was one of the most popular among our school girls five years ago. She is a niece of Mrs. O.C. Howe, of this city. Mr. Wheeler is to be congratulated on his good fortune.

Dec 30, 1891 [Last issue on reel]
pg 3, col 1
Married: On Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, by Probate Judge Stevens, Reuben E. Hart and Miss Emma C. Cloyd, both of Sharon township.
pg 3, col 1
Died: Mrs. Wm. Lindsey, who came here several months ago from Colorado, on a visit to her mother, Mrs. Rhoda Swank, died last Thursday afternoon of dropsy. Her funeral occurred Friday afternoon from the Presbyterian church, conducted by Rev. North. The grief stricken family have the sympathy of the entire community in their irreparable loss.
pg 3, col 1
Married: At Coldwater, Kansas, on Monday morning, Dec. 28th, Miss Gertie Stafford, formerly of this city, to Mr. G.L. Wilson, a leading young jeweler of the above named place. Only a few of the intimate friends of the contracting parties and their respective families were aware of the approaching wedding, so successfully was it kept a secret, and it was quite a surprise to Gertie's many friends in this city. Immediately after the ceremony and congratulations, the happy couple left for a two weeks' trip to Kansas City and Wichita. May their fondest hopes be realized and happiness always attend their pathway through life.
pg 3, col 2
Marriage License: Issued Monday for the marriage of James O. Lumpkins and Miss May Newland, two well and favorably known young people of Sharon. The Index extends the usual congratulations for a long and prosperous life.
pg 3, col 3
Married: Allen C. Cline, of Canema, and Miss Ida B. Beard, of Cedar county, Mo., were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by Probate Judge Stevens on last Thursday, Dec. 24th.
pg 3, col 2
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents, in this city, on Sunday, Dec. 13th, by Probate Judge Stevens, W.J. Moore and Miss Maud L. Simmons.
pg 3, col 3
Married: By Rev. J.S. Ogg, at the home of the bride, near Lodi, December 12, 1891, Mr. Samuel Nichols and Mrs. Phebe Z. Wible.

Jan-Dec 1892

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