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The Medicine Lodge Cresset (meaning "bright light") was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning early in 1879. At the time this reel begins, Thursday, November 1, 1888, L.M. Axline was the publisher; publication changed to Fridays in June 1890.

Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (

Jul 4, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Birthday: Jessie Ellis celebrated her 10th birthday last Tuesday by inviting a number of her young friends to spend the afternoon.

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: On last Saturday, Miss Helen Cameron, probate judge pro tem., issued a license to marry to William Root and Ada King of Medicine Valley.

pg 3, col 3
Married: Last Tuesday morning Alonzo Lowry and Miss Minnie Winchester took the train for Wellington where they were married. From there the couple went to Oklahoma where the bride's parents reside. This young couple have only been acquainted with each other about four weeks, but the young man proceeded to fall head over heels in love at first sight. It is rumored on the street, among his friends, that the young lady was not so quick in setting her affections, and that Alonzo, with a pint of spiritus fermentum and a bottle of laudanum, threatened to make a corpse of himself in about two minutes if she did not take him for better or for worse. She took him, and the Cresset wishes them much happiness.

Jul 11, 1890

pg 3, col 1
New Lawyer: H.A. Noah was admitted to the practice of law on Monday.

pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Karr reports a boy born to Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Tarr on July 4th.

pg 3, col 1
Born: A plump and fair girl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Durst on Tuesday, July 8th. Dr. Kociell in attendance.

pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. W.H. Moore reports a fine ten pound girl baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Percival on Sunday last, July 6th. All doing well.

pg 3, col 3
Born: On Wednesday evening, July 9th, a nice girl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Staubus. This makes a pair of queens for Mr. and Mrs. Staubus and Uncle Tom Jones is once more a grandpa.

pg 3, col 3
Married: The Probate Judge has issued papers granting legal leave to James M. Demint and Miss Enretta E. Sherk to be joined in the holy bonds of matrimony. James M. Demint is a son of W.C. Demint, the reliable farmer, Republican and generally sound man of Cedar township. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W.M. Friedly, of Lyons, Kansas.

Jul 18, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: On Sunday, July 13th, a boy baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Aldrich.

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: John E. Hart and Miss Belle Kerns were licensed to wed by our Probate Judge last Friday.

pg 3, col 5
Died: [Wm. and Della E. Palmer signed a Card of Thanks to their friends following the death of their child, Marjorie.]

pg 3, col 2
Died: D.W. Herman, wife and children, arrived in this city last Monday, from Ravanna, Kansas, on their way to visit a son near Sharon, and stopped to visit C.S. Child and family, old acquaintances. Little Willie, their eight months old babe, was taken sick and died Monday night. The little one was buried at Sharon on Tuesday. Also a Card of Thanks, pg 3, col 5.

pg 3, col 3
Died: Grant Altizer died on Monday, July 14th, aged 22 years. He was a son of A. Altizer and had been blind three or four years.

Jul 25, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: On Friday of last week, July 18th, a boy baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shepler. Dr. Karr was master of ceremonies. All doing well.

pg 3, col 2
Married: Wm. Kiger and Miss Mary Ruffing, both of this city, were married at the Spencer house, Indianapolis, Indiana, on Tuesday, July 15th, 1890. W.S. Denton was the only other citizen of this city present at the ceremony.

pg 3, col 2
Born: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holmes are the proud parents of a beautiful girl baby, of regulation weight, born on Saturday, July 19th. Everybody doing well.

Aug 1, 1890

pg 3, col 2
Born: On Tuesday morning, July 28th, Dr. Burney requested us to give Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Fuller credit for an 8-pound girl. This makes the fourteenth darling in the Fuller household.

pg 3, col 2
Died: On July 15th, in St. Louis, Missouri, of measles, Otis Charles, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Knirr. The little fellow lacked only three days of being a year old when called above.

Aug 8, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. L. Bodenhammer, on August 4th, a fine boy was born. Dr. Karr.

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Issued last Saturday to J.C. Walderick and Elizabeth M. Baer.

Married: On August 4th, Phillip S. Lucas of Pratt county was married to Nora J. Burnett of this county, in this city, by D.W. Phillips.

pg 3, col 2
Married: On Wednesday, July 25th, Miss Susie Roberts was married to W.H. Horton, at Roanoke, Virginia. Medicine Lodge people are interested in this wedding, knowing as they did, both bride and groom. Miss Susie Roberts resided in this city with her sister, Mrs. W.S. Denton, and was quite popular. She is also a sister of Mrs. Frank Shannon of Kiowa.

Aug 15, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: On Tuesday, August 12th, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Holmden, of Isabel, were made the happy parents of a girl baby. Dr. Moore reports this case.

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Miss Helen Cameron, probate judge pro tem, issued a license to marry on Tuesday to S.H. Shultz and Miss Della Adams of Sun City. Miss Adams is the daughter of Green Adams.

pg 3, col 2
Died: A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Groendyke, of Nippewalla township, died Monday morning. The neighbors and friends express great sympathy with the parents in the death of their bright boy. We are again brought face to face with the fact that the sickle of death angel is stilled not, and that the happiest families must contribute to its harvest.

Aug 22, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Married: Last week County Clerk Rouse issued a marriage license to Vincent Harrison, aged 21, and Stella Jane Vincent, aged 15, of Elm Mills township. On Friday last the young couple were made one by Judge E.M. DeWitt. The bride is a daughter of Wm. J. Vincent.

pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Burney reports the arrival on the 15th of a 9-pound girl at the home of Wm. Axtel and wife.

pg 3, col 2
Born: Phil. Butcher, of Elm Mills, is the happy father of another boy, born the first of last week. Phil. was so badly [flustered] over the event that he almost forgot to come down and report the arrival of the little fellow.

Aug 29, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: H.A. Noah is the happiest man in town. His wife is the mother of a 9-pound boy, born Wednesday morning, August 27th. This counts two and H.A. calls them his right and left bowers.

pg 3, col 2
Married: Yesterday evening [Aug 28, 1890], at the residence of the bride's parents northeast of town, Joseph Fry was married to Miss Mabel Albee. The bride is a daughter of our old settler, A.B. Albee. The many friends of the young couple will wish them much joy.

pg 3, col 2
Died: David Ballard, an old settler in this county, died at Mingona last Saturday of consumption and was buried on Sunday. Some two years ago, Dave went west to re-locate and a short time ago returned to Barber county with consumption. He was a bachelor.

pg 3, col 2
Married: A.D. Shaw departed on Tuesday for Kansas City to be present at the wedding ceremony which will make he and Miss Jessie Simmons one. The young people are so well and favorably known here that words of introduction or praise are unnecessary. Everybody will wish them much joy and a long life. The happy couple are expected to arrive today. They have a home furnished and will settle down at once. And on Sep 5, 1890, pg 3, col 2: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shaw arrived in this city last Friday. They are now living at their nicely furnished home on Cleveland street. Ed. Shaw, of Omaha, a brother of Mr. Shaw, accompanied them from Kansas City and visited here most of the week.

pg 3, col 4
Died: "Over the River" - At her home in the Grand Hotel, in this city, on Sunday, August 24th, 1890, Mrs. Mary R. Strong, wife of Mortimer Strong, aged 44 years and 8 months. For the past three years, Mrs. Strong has suffered untold agonies from cancer. Treatment by the local physicians only tended to stay the ravages of the disease. Eminent physicians and surgeons came here, but with all their skill could not effect a cure. Finally she went to Chicago and for a long time was under the personal care of the best known experts in the country, but even they could not stay the dread disease and a few months ago she returned to her home and family. Mrs. Strong, whose maiden name was Benson, was born in Ohio. When quite young she removed to Michigan with her parents and when 17 years old was married to Mortimer Strong. The union was blessed with several children, of whom three - Frank S., Harry and Viola - survive her. In 1880 Mrs. Strong came to Barber county in company with her husband. She was devoted to her husband, her children and her home. No matter whether under prosperity or adversity, whether under sunshine or clouds, Mrs. Strong was always cheerful - a model wife and the best of mothers. She was a consistent Christian, having been a member of the M.E. church from the time she was 14 years old and all during her life she was practical in her Christianity in that she was always willing to do what she could in aiding the down-trodden and oppressed. She was not afraid to die but on the contrary said that were it not for her husband and children would be glad to go over. The funeral occurred Monday afternoon at 2:30 from the M.E. church, sermon by Rev. Phillips. The remains were followed to the cemetery by many sorrowing friends.

Sep 5, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Burney reports a girl born to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Isherwood on Saturday, August 30th.

pg 3, col 2
Birthday: Miss Daisy Moore celebrated her sixteenth birthday last Thursday. In the evening a number of Miss Daisy's friends arranged a pleasant surprise party for her at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Palmer.

pg 3, col 5
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents near this city, on yesterday (Thursday) evening, September 4th, 1890, at 8:30 o'clock, T.L. Lindley, of this city, was married to Miss Laura Wadsworth, daughter of Jason and Adaline Wadsworth, in the presence of a few of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties - ceremony by Rev. J.B. North, assisted by Rev. W.A. Cain. When the hour arrived, the bride and groom stepped before the minister to the strains of a wedding march, preceded by Fred. Wadsworth and Gertrude Ellis as best man and bridesmaid. The bride was dressed in a light, cream colored costume with white trimmings and natural flowers, looking very beautiful indeed. The groom wore conventional black. They were recipients of many fine presents. The newly married couple took this morning's train for a short tour east and will then return and settle down in Mr. Lindley's tasty and comfortable residence in this city. [See Mar 28, 1889 for death of Mr. Lindley's first wife, Emma Blanton.] And also pg 3, col 2: Benjamin Ellis came in from Wisconsin on Tuesday to be present at the marriage of his granddaughter, Miss Laura Wadsworth, to T.L. Lindley yesterday evening and to visit his son Judge Ellis and others. Uncle Ben is getting along in years, but by taking easy stages, he stands travel well. And also Sep 12, 1890,, pg 3, col 1: T.L. Lindley and wife returned Wednesday from their bridal tour. They enjoyed the sights of Kansas City and St. Louis.

Sep 12, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Conrad, living southeast of this city, on Friday, September 5th, a girl baby. Dr. Burney.

pg 3, col 3
Marriage License: The probate judge issued a marriage license Tuesday, September 9th, to Charles C. Shepard, of Nodaway county, Missouri, formerly of this county, and Emma Sherk, daughter of Rev. Sherk of the Sharon valley. [See Sep 19, 1890, pg 3, col 2 for further details of this marriage.]

pg 3, col 5
Born: Mrs. Marvin McMurtry on Wednesday presented her husband with a nice girl baby. The grandpapa, J.H. Warren, is the happiest man in the valley as this is the first grandchild. Dr. David was in attendance. [Sharon news]

pg 3, col 5
Died: James H. Wilson, after an illness of one year, during the last few months of which he suffered most intensely, departed from this life August 13th, 1890, at 3:40 P.M. Deceased was converted at the Elm Mills camp meeting in 1889, since which time he has lived a consistent Christian life. During his sickness, he hoped for a return of health but gave blessed evidence that he was ready for whatever came. The day before his death he told a friend he was ready and willing and wanted to go. When the final slumbers came, he passed away as a babe would go to sleep on its mother's breast. [Memorial poem] Deceased was buried at Lake City, funeral services being conducted by Rev. Farrell. Many friends were present to pay their last respects. Signed: F.H.W.

Sep 19, 1890

pg 3, col 2
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents in Sharon township, on Thursday evening, September 11, 1890, Ermina A. Sherk and Charles C. Shepard, Rev. E. Miller, of Sedgwick, Kansas, performing the ceremony in the presence of a few of the immediate friends. The bride is the daughter of Rev. C. B. Shirk and is the popular teacher in District 66. The groom, well everybody knows Charley is a good fellow. Mr. and Mrs. Shepard will remain in Barber county this winter and will then remove to Nodaway county, Missouri. The Cresset extends congratulations.

pg 3, col 5
Died: Mr. A. Brown, a brother of Wm. Brown, died Tuesday night at 10 o'clock p.m., from the effects of an injury received last Sunday by a horse falling on him while helping Mr. Atterberry put his cattle in Mr. Brown's pasture. The funeral services were held at the Christian church in Sharon, at 11 o'clock Wednesday, conducted by Rev. Wm. McMurtry, of the Baptist church. Mr. Brown was a member of the Baptist church, 40 years old, and leaves a wife and six children. He was a member of the [farm] alliance and there was a large attendance of members of that order, as well as neighbors and friends. The wife, mother and children have the sympathy of SHARON. [Sharon news]

Sep 26, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kauffman, on Saturday, September 13th, a fine baby boy. Dr. Kociell.

pg 3, col 1
Born: Melchoir Oritz and Minnie Smally, both of this county, were married yesterday by the Probate Judge.

pg 3, col 2
Married: The marriage of John W. Southerland and Laura A. Brayfield occurred Sunday afternoon, September 21st, at the Central Hotel, in the presence of a number of their friends. Judge Howe performed the ceremony in a style that makes his election to the office of probate judge necessary.

pg 3, col 2
Died: Mrs. H.D. Wilcox, mother of Judge J.E. Hall, editor of the Barber County Herald, died at Kiowa on Saturday last, September 20th. Mrs. Wilcox was born in 1811, and was married twice. She was an estimable lady. She came from New York last spring to visit her son.

pg 3, col 3
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents, in Chanute, Kansas, at six o'clock P.M., on Thursday, September 18th, G.M. Taylor, of this county, and Miss Anna Rosenberger, of Chanute, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Rev. S.S. Martin officiating. After the ceremony, a splendid supper was spread which was enjoyed by about thirty friends and relatives. The happy couple took their departure for this place Saturday morning and arrived here on the afternoon train where they were met by a few intimate friends who escorted them to the residence of Mr. Taylor, sr., where an enjoyable time as had by all. The house was soon crowded with friends from all parts of the county. A splendid supper was served by Mrs. Taylor and after a few friendly chats and exchange of compliments, the crowd dispersed. We must say that the above was one of the most enjoyable occasions it has been our lot to meet, and we are sure no one regretted having been present. The young couple will take up their future abode on the farm owned by C.W. King, seven miles southeast of this city. Mr. Taylor has lived in Kansas since boyhood and in Barber county for several years. He is admired by all who know him and is among the most prosperous of Barber's farmers. The bride, although a comparative stranger in our midst, has already won the admiration of many friends, and it is the opinion of all present that she will make Mr. Taylor a profitable and enjoyable companion. A successful and prosperous life to them is the wish of all. The following is a [partial] listing of presents received: Large lamp, Mr. and Mrs. Burlingame; dinner set, Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberger; pair of lace curtains, Mr. Anderson and Miss Smith; work basket, Bessie Clark; glass pitcher, Mrs. Roof; pearl and agate teapot, Ada Lawrence and W.H. Wheat; pearl and agate coffeepot, C.F. Crouse; Bunyan Bently, broom.

Oct 3, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Married: At the parlor of the Osage Hotel, on Saturday, September 27th, Thomas A. Pomroy and Emma Ballard, Rev. C.W. Owens, of Sun City, officiating.

pg 3, col 1
Born: On September 19th, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cartan, of San Francisco, California, a nice, little girl baby. Fred will be remembered many in this city.

pg 3, col 2
Born: On September 25th, an 8-pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Harbaugh, at the home of the little beauty's grandmother - Mrs. Moore - near this city. Dr. Moore was in attendance.

pg 3, col 3
Married: On Sunday, September 28th, 1890, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Osborne, four miles west of town, their niece, Miss Jennie M. Hogan, was united in marriage to Mr. Joseph Zimmerman, Rev. W.A. Cain officiating. The congratulations of friends were warm and hearty. Many useful and beautiful presents were received. The supper was choice and bountiful, and enjoyed by all present. The evening was spent in social converse and music. We are pleased to know that Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman will make their home in Medicine Lodge. They will occupy the John L. Nelson property. The Cresset acknowledges choice cake.

Oct 10. 1890

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Issued Monday [Oct 26] to John W. Minick of Missouri and Matilda J. Stirling of Barber county.

pg 3, col 2
Married: Charles M. Porter and Ida S. Thompson were married Sunday at the bride's home by Esquire Pelton. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Thompson.

Oct 17, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: Uncle Milt Clements reported a baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Johnson, south of Sun City, on Sunday night, October 12th.

pg 3, col 3
Died: Mrs. Emma Thompson, wife of Martin Thompson, living two and a half miles southwest of Medicine Lodge, died at 4 o'clock, Tuesday morning, October 14th. Mrs. Thompson's death was rather sudden. She had been complaining about two weeks, but on Monday morning last she felt much better, and went down in the cellar to assist her husband in putting away the milk. She was taken with a fainting spell and fell into the arms of her husband, who held her and did what he could until help arrived some 2 hours afterwards, when she was taken into the house and Dr. Moore called, who did everything that skill could accomplish, but without avail. The primary disease was dropsy, but the immediate cause was epilepsy. The deceased was born in New York state, and was 50 years of age. Her maiden name was Carncross. She leaves a large family of brothers and sisters, one of whom lives in British Columbia, and the rest in New York. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson came to Barber county six years ago from Iowa, and during their residence here made friends of every one. Mrs. Thompson was a lady of intelligence and Christian attainments. Her parents were both members of the Christian church, but she had signified her intention of uniting with the Baptist denomination. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Cain, pastor of the Baptist church, and the remains laid to rest in Highland cemetery at 4 o'clock, Tuesday afternoon. Condolence is extended to the grief-afflicted husband by a large circle of friends.

pg 3, col 3
Married: One of the most pleasant weddings of the season took place at the residence of Judge G.W. Stevens on Wednesday evening, October 15th, in the presence of a few relatives and the immediate friends. The happy couple were Mr. Eugene Youmans and Miss Stella Stevens. Rev. J.B. North performed the ceremony. These young people are among the most popular of our young folks and we wish them a very happy and prosperous life. Having gone to housekeeping, they will entertain their friends in a most royal way as those who were at their home on Thursday evening will bear testimony. Mr. and Mrs. Youmans will occupy the MacDonald property on south Main street.

Oct 24, 1890, pg 3, col 1
Married: Gilbert M. Morrison and Mattie M. Collins were married at Hutchinson Wednesday. The bride is a daughter of Charley Collins, well known here, and a granddaughter of Judge Updegraff of this city.

Oct 31, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Married: The probate judge issued a marriage license on Tuesday to Thomas E. Laird and Elizabeth Brayfield. 'Ere now, they are probably one.

pg 3, col 1
Birthday: Miss Lula Hahn celebrated her 19th birthday Wednesday by inviting a number of her lady friends to 6 o'clock tea. A pleasant evening for all was the result, of course.

Nov 7, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: In this city on Monday, November 3rd, to the wife of Trent Jones, a fine boy. The happy father has the Cresset's heartiest congratulations.

pg 3, col 2
Married: On Sunday last, Probate Judge Edwards married Archibald F. Campbell and Mary J.W. Lake in this city. The happy couple live in Kiowa.

pg 3, col 2
Married: Mr. H.E. Julian and Miss Blanton, two well known young people living in the southern part of the county have a license to marry and on Sunday will take on the matrimonial yoke at the residence of Capt. Blanton, father of the bride elect. [See Jul 14, 1891 at pg 3, col 2 for the death of an infant son born to this couple.]

pg 3, col 2
Married, Wednesday morning November 5th, at 7o'clock, at the Methodist church in this city, Mr. J.W. Dinsmore and Miss Edna Cackler, Rev. D.W. Phillips officiating. They were accompanied to the altar by Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Shaw, of this city. A goodly number of invited friends were present, and quite a company went as far as Attica to cheer them on their way. After an extensive and varied wedding tour, they will be at home in their handsome residence on Walnut street, Medicine Lodge. Mr. Dinsmore, the groom, is well known as a substantial citizen. He has lived here several years and has extensive interests in lands, etc. He is principal stockholder and manager of the Des Moines and western Land and Irrigating Co., and altogether is a young man of means and enterprise. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Cackler. She is very popular among her acquaintances, and her beauty and sterling qualities together with her pleasant disposition, has given her a large circle of friends and admirers. Long life and success to them...[A couple of weeks later...] Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dinsmore returned from their wedding tour on Sunday and were gladly welcomed by their many friends. They will be domiciled in their cozy residence on Walnut street in a few days. Cards are out announcing that they will be "at home" after December 8th. And on November 28, pg 3, col 1: Cards are out for a reception tendered to Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dinsmore by Mr. and Mrs. Hill on December 2nd. Dec 5, 1890: The reception given on Tuesday evening to Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dinsmore by Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Hill was very successful in every respect. The time was pleasantly spent in social chat, music, dancing, etc. A tasty and elaborate lunch was impartially discussed. The guests were numerous and the gay crowd, coming and going, together with the splendid entertainment, will make it an event long to be remembered. The bride and groom, in honor of whom the reception was held, were tastefully attired, were as handsome a couple as could be seen anywhere as they greeted their many friends and received heart congratulations. MLC

Nov 14, 1890

pg 3, col 2
Died: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Finney died on Monday, the 19th [of October]. The parents have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their sad bereavement. By the chill of death, two loving hopeful hearts are numbed. Though by visitation of the death angel, the glorious future is assured, still human heart cannot consent without a pang. Time will cyst [sic] the recollections now so dear in the hearts so bowed with grief, and like a priceless jewel in a casket rare, it will remain and while it causes quickened pain, [it] will also prove a solace in some hour of need.

pg 3, col 2
Birthday: On Monday, November 3rd, Dora and Johnny Allen were the recipients of a birthday party, Dora being eight and Johnny six years old on Tuesday, the 4th. The party was at the residence of their grandparents - Mr. and Mrs. John Higgins - and quite a crowd of little folks enjoyed the occasion. Among those present were Gladys and Gail Moore, Coy Martin, Edna Kauffman, Sybil Burney, Florence Allen, Bessie McCoy, Tennie Stohl, Edna Gholson, Renie Noble, Gertie McKeever, Ruth Cameron, Delia Isherwood, Lulu McClearey, Blanche Byerley, Pearl Rouse, Katie Denton, Maud Thompson, Bessie Thompson, Rosa Fishburn, Lee Clark, Earl Rouse, Roy Watkins, Ralph Allen, Murray Allen and Charley Schmidt.

pg 3, col 3
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents, southeast of Medicine Lodge, at 6:30 p.m., November 8th, Mr. W.O. Williams and Miss Annie Knight. The bride is the daughter of G.T. Knight, conductor on this branch of the Santa Fe. Mr. Williams is also in the railroad service. The young couple will make their home at Wellington. After the ceremony, an elegant supper was served, which will long be remember by those present. The following is a partial list of the presents: Glass pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. Eubanks; work basket, A.B. Wilkins and Miss Fannie Mills; glass table set and chair cushion, Mrs. J.O. Hahn; parlor lamp, Coe and Taylor; pair of towels, Lizzie Davis; scenery plaque, Mrs. Williams; clock, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Bell; cracker bowl, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Davis; vinegar cruet and toothpick holder, May Dollar; dozen napkins, Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Horr; half-dozen silver teaspoons, Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Wuner.

Nov 21, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Ingraham, on Saturday, November 15th, a fine boy. Dr. Kociell reported the arrival and says the youngster already shows strong Republican political tendencies.

pg 3, col 2
Married: Ethan A. Pryor, of Kingman county, and Laura I. Logan, of Barber county, secured a license to marry from Probate Judge Edwards on last Saturday and on Sunday, November 16th, were legally wed by Judge W.H. Slack. May joy keep them companion through life.

pg 3, col 2
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Steck, of Hazelton, on Saturday morning, November 15th, a beautiful boy baby. If Mr. Steck is feeling any prouder than uncles Will and Elbert and the balance of the relations at this point, he is considerably stuck up. Success to the young man and may he prove as good a citizen and business man as his father. And also pg 3, col 1: Mrs. Weaver, mother of Mrs. E.B. Peck and Will Weaver of this city and Mrs. Steck of Hazelton is in the country visiting her children. She arrived at Hazelton from Adrian, Michigan last Friday [just in time for the birth of the Steck baby!].

Nov 28, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: Jonathan McGrath still wears that proud, superior style of expression noted in last week's Cresset. The cause this week is that on Sunday afternoon last a fine large boy was born to Mrs. McGrath. Dr. Kociell attended.

pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. J.N. Hargis, of McAdoo township, on Friday last, November 21st, a boy.

pg 3, col 3
Married: At the Grand Hotel parlors, on Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, Mr. G.B. Wiley to Mrs. Mary J. Harris, Rev. D.W. Phillips officiating. This is a Kiowa couple, Mr. Wiley being a leading attorney in that city. Several friends from Kiowa and this city witnessed the ceremony and wished the happy couple much joy.

pg 3, col 3
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents in this city, on Tuesday evening, at 6 o'clock, Mr. W.F. Sexton to Miss Rebecca J. Pinkston, Rev. D.W. Phillips officiating. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. George Sexton, of Eagle township, and is an energetic young man. The bride is a daughter of Rev. and Mrs. P.J. Pinkston. The young couple have the best wishes of a large circle of friends.

pg 3, col 3
Married: At the Osage Hotel, in this city, yesterday at noon, Mr. J.R. Woods and Miss Dora Jeffries, Elder J.E. Nicholson, of the Christian church, officiating. This happy couple hail from McAdoo and are among the popular young people of that township. They chose Thanksgiving Day for the great epoch of their lives and may they have many beautiful remembrances of the day.

Dec 5, 1890, pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Moore reports a fine 9 and one half pound boy born to Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Ewart on Friday last - November 28th. This makes a queen and a king for C.B. and wife.

Dec 12, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Married: Asa T. Barnard and Mary E. Watson, of Sharon, were married at the Osage House on December 4th.

pg 3, col 4
Married: From the Kirkwood (Ill.) Leader of December 3rd, we note the marriage of Mrs. Florence C. Ellis to Wm. H. Hartwell, on November 27th, at 5:30 p.m., at the residence of the bride's parents. The immediate relatives of the two families were all that were present. Many and valuable presents were presented to the happy couple, also a very fine wedding supper. The bride and groom at once took possession of their new home which had been provided for by the groom. The many friends of Mrs. Ellis here will no doubt join the Cresset in extending congratulations. We note that the groom was this fall elected county treasurer of Warren county, and that on December 3rd, he assumed the duties of his office at Monmouth, and that the treasurer is required to give bond in the sum of $100,000 as treasurer, and $90,000 as collector, which is good evidence of Mr. Hartwell's standing.

pg 3, col 5
Born: Mr. J.W. Wyer has a big smile on both sides of his face. No wonder for it's a great big boy, born December 10th. [College Hill news]

Dec 19, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Married: A license was issued out of the Probate Court, on December 15th, to Thomas E. Thacker and Mary E. Howard, both of Mingona. Returns have not yet been made but we understand the knot was artistically tied by Judge Hardy, Jr., Justice of Mingona township.

pg 3, col 1
Married: On Tuesday afternoon, Probate Judge Edwards married Frederick W. Reynolds to Amanda V. Henry. The bride's home has been near Hazelton while the groom hails from Oklahoma., however, Mr. Reynolds' parents live near Hazelton and he resided with them until Oklahoma opened.

pg 3, col 1
Born: Frank Block and wife are the proud parents of a boy baby born the 11th.

pg 3, col 1
Born: A boy baby was born to John Wahling on the 9th. Mr. Wahling lives near Sexton.

Dec 26, 1890

pg 3, col 1
Born: In this city to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carter, Dec. 23rd, 1890, a girl. Dr. Kociell in attendance.

pg 3, col 2
Anniversary: The silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Young was appropriately celebrated on December 31st [six]. May they live to enjoy their golden wedding.

pg 3, col 3
Married: At the Christian church in this city, on Sunday evening, December 21st, 1890, Daniel C. Marr to Miss Annie Aubley, Elder J.E. Nicholson officiating. The bride and groom are both of this township - Mr. Marr being a resident of this city and the bride a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Aubley whose farm is west of town. Mr. Marr is a school teacher and general all-around active young man, while his bride is one of the handsomest and most popular young ladies in her neighborhood.

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Married: At the Grand Hotel parlors on Wednesday, December 24th, 1890, James H. Roy, of Pueblo, Colorado, was married to Miss Rachel Henton, of Sharon, this county, Elder J.E. Nicholson officiating. The bride is the daughter of 'Squire Henton, the well known Sharon postmaster.

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Married: At the Presbyterian church, Christmas eve, Stephen P. Garrison married Miss Minnie Anderson, both of this city, Rev. J.B. North officiating.

Jan - June 1891

Barber County Newspapers

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