Barber County Cemeteries
The US GenWeb needs help from Barber County individuals in the Tombstone Transcription project. The project is to encourage communties to document the cemeteries or if they are already documented, for the information to be donated for inclusion in the online project. Barber County does not have anyone assigned to the cemeteries. For more information on the project and how to help out, please visit the Tombstone Transcription Project. You can see how important this project is by the photo below of the Burgess Cemetery also referred to the Morisse Cemetery.
As you can see from the photos, this is a country cemetery that is very overgrown an unkept. The cemetery is on Ridge Road about a mile east of Tri-City Road (north of Sharon) right on the blacktop. It is on private property in the corner of a field. There are probably more markers as flat pieces of concrete can be found were other tombstones were probably set at one time. Click on the right photo to see the 1892 inscription of the oldest visible headstone.

Cemeteries of Barber County

There are at least nine urban cemeteries, three still-maintained country cemeteries, and at least fifteen additional burial sites are located within Barber County boundaries. The Osage, Arapahoes, Cheyennes, and Kiowa Indians were originally in Barber County before the settlers arrived. There has been instances in Riverview Cemetery in Kiowa when making openings in the cemetery, that there has been Indian burials - these have been left undisturbed.

Bender / Chinn
Burgess / Morisse
Forrest City / Garten / Martin
Hazelton / Rose Hill
Highland (Medicine Lodge)
Lake City
Paddock or Haas
St. Boniface (Sharon)
Old Sun City
Sunnyside (Sun City)
Riverview (Kiowa)

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