Atchison County Remote Cemeteries

The Larger Cemeteries, for the most part, have rather complete records, however, there area number of small remote cemeteries in the county for which there are no records. We will list here the inscriptions on the stones in as many of these small cemeteries as we can. Some of the stones are in bad shape (broken , fallen over, worn down so that they are unreadable) If you can gather information from one or more of these cemeteries, please send it to me and I will include it on this page. Wife's maiden name will appear in parens, if known.

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Spring Hill Cemetery

Name birth, death dates Other Inscribed information
Barnes, Asa b. 1825 d. 1888 husb. of Harriet
Barnes, Harriet W. b. 1828 d. 1910 wife of Asa
Barnes, Reuben Curtis b. 8/9/1865 d. 9/28/1878 .
Beeson, Charity b.4/2/1804 d. 2/9/1880 .
Beeson, Henrietta Minerva d. 8/18/1925 .
Blau, Alexander Englander b. 5/6/1924 d. 1/14/1995 husb. of Irene, Sgt.US Army
Blau, Irene (Cline) b. 11/20/1925 d. 12/10/1995 wife of Alexander
Blodget, George M. b. 1833 d. 1904 husb. of Mary E.
Blodget, Mary E. (Cline) b. 1840 d. 1915 wife of George M.
Blodgett, Robert b. 1882 d. 1960 .
Blodgett, Elmer b. 1893 d. 1920 .
Blodgett, George b. 1885 d. 1956 .
Blodgett, Robert Verne b. 1909 d. 1969 .
Blodgett, T. L. b. 7/27/1860 d. 5/4/1906 husb. of Ella
Blodgett, Ella b. 5/21/1862 d. 11/5/1934 wife of T. L.
Blodgett, son b. 4/11/1891 d. 4/11/1891 child of T. L. and Ella
Blodgett, daughter b. 9/1/1887 d. 9/1/1887 child of T. L. and Ella
Blodgett, Frank H. b. 6/20/1866 d. 5/31/1942 (unmarried)
Cline, Charles C. b. 9/7/1881 d. 2/20/1927 husb. of Elizabeth
Cline, Elizabeth C. b. 10/8/1883 d. 1/6/1965 wife of Charles
Cline, Henry b. 12/18/1809 d. 1/26/1875 husb of Eleanor, aged 65y 1m 8d
Cline, Eleanor (Leonard) b. 6/8/1813 d. 9/18/1900 wife of Henry, aged 87y 3m 10d
Cline, John Thomas b. 1909 d. 1910 .
Cline, Dorothy b. 1906 d. 1936 .
Cline, Thomas L. b. 1845 d. 1930 .
Cline, Susan b. 1854 d. 1938 ..
Decker, Mabel b. 7/2/1901 d. 1/12/1917 .
Decker, Martin L. b. 1870 d. 1954 husb. of Nellie
Decker, Nellie E. b. 1878 d. 1970 wife of Martin
Ellis, Mary ER. D. 3/10/1908 aged 72y 1m 10d
Gwartney, Mary Lollar b. 1883 d. 1971 .
Gwartney, Arnold L. b. 12/1/1916 d. 5/10/1934 .
Gwartney, Edward E. b. 1907 d. 1984 US Med Corps WW II
Gwartney, Earl B. b. 1913 d. 1968 husb. of Louise
Gwartney, Louise b.1920 wife of Earl B.
Lollar, Clifford C. b 1887 d. 1927 husb. of Gladys
Lollar, Gladys b.1894 d. 1995? Wife of Clifford C.
Lollar, Clyde F. b. 12/22/1900 d.1968 .
Lollar, Reuben E. b.1/4/1885 d.3/12/1939 .
Lollar, Lucy May b.9/27/1905 .
Lollar, L. B. b.1861 d.1924 husb of Lovina
Lollar, Lovina (Blodgett) b.1863 d.1952 wife of L. B.
Mauzey, L. F. d.8/8/1900 age 65
Mauzey, Sarah A. d.2/5/1885 age 56, wife of L. F.
Parrett, Andrew B. b.2/27/1830 d.12/26/1907 husb of Abagail
Parrett, Abagail M. b.6/21/1837 d.10/10/1910 wife of Andrew
Parrett, Jacob M. b.1877 d.1963 bro. of Rosa
Parrett, Rosa M. b 1884 d.1962 sister of Jacob
Parrett, John N. b.1864 d.1930 .
Parrett, Phillip C. b.1857 d.1872 .
Peebler, Burton Andrew d.6/10/187? Aged 10m 10d, son of J.O. and Juanita
Peebler, Sarah Florence d.10/9/1876 aged 1y 5m 15d dua of J.O. and Juanita
Peebler, Alonzo d.1/29/1874 .
Scrivner, John W. b.1/15/1857 d.8/21/1888 .
Vandiver, John b. 1819 d. 1891 husb of Angeline
Vandiver, Angeline b. 1821 d. 1885 wife of John
Zeh, Catherine E. b.5/6/1830 d.3/21/1881 aged 50y 10m 14d
?, Herbert b.9/19/1880 d.1881 son of ?Dalton?



Name birth, death dates Other Inscribed information
Stillman, Perry d. 2/28/1893 age 92y 2m 14d, husb
Stillman, Asenath d. 11/11/1881 age 76y 3m, wife
Saunders d. 7/8/1876 62y 11m 18d, husb
Saunders, Hannah d. 10/7/1890 88y, wife
Davis, Samuel b.1/15/1802 d.6/5/1881 husb, born Olney, Eng.
Davis, Leah b./9/10/1802 d.7/21/1880 wife, born Olney, Eng.
?, William d.8/10/1877 5m 10d
?, Annie d.9/17/1878 5m 17d


located 2 miles north and about 3 and one half miles west of Nortonville


birth, death dates

other information

Neill, Daniel b. 7/18/1830-d. 12/2/1909
Isabella d. 12/10/1863 w/o H. Bailie
Neill, Daniel d. 11/6/1890 age 32y
Anna B. d. 9/23/1890 age 26y
Sarah d. 3/24/1869 w/o Daniel, age 39

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