The following is an index of names which appear in the book"THE EARLY
SETTLEMENTS OF ATCHISON COUNTY" by Rita Noll. The book was sold out. I have a copy and will do lookups. However I think it has been reprinted and is available from the county Genealogical Society. Their website is
Name Town Page(s)
Adams, Franklin G Ocena 56
Alec, Wilson Muscotah 32
Almond, William B. Port William 15
Andrew, John Invermay 40
Anthony, Col. D.R. Huron 73
Arrington, Mary Arrington 61
Ashcraft, Jed Mount Pleasant 47
Badger, W. P. Kapioma 30,32
Bailey, Alfred Port William 15
Bailey, John T. Port William 15
Baker, N. Arrington 62
Baldwin, Royal Kennekuk 28,32
Barnes, Asa Locust Grove 38,60
Barnett, William D. Muscotah 32
Batsell, Dr. J. C. Monrovia 54
Beck, Jacob Lancaster 51
Begley, Fr. Effingham 71
Belden, C. E. New Malden 41
Benjamin, D.A. Arrington 62
Benton, Col Milton R Effingham 72
Berthoud, Captain Kapioma 31
Berthoud, E. K. Helena 51
Blodgett, Frank Locust Grove 38
Blodgett, Luther Locust Grove 38
Boles, Levi St. Nicholas 60
Bollinger, John Arrington 62
Borman, Benjamin F. Lancaster 50
Bowels, Levi Mount Pleasant 47
Bowman, S. Port William 17
Bradley, Henry Port William 15, 17
Bradley, James M. Port William 15
Brewer, James Pardee 57
Brown, Ann Port William 17
Brown, Henry L. Invermay 41
Butcher, Thomas Eden 40
Butler, Pardee Pardee 42,57
Byers, James L. Helena 51
Cadue, Peter Muscotah 32
Campbell, Daniel Monrovia 54
Cannady, Mr. Oak Mills 14
Carlton, Miles Pardee 58
Cline, Henry Locust Grove 38,60
Cohoon, Barney Muscotah 32
Collins, P. J. Port William 15
Colton, Col. Monrovia 54
Connelly, Ninian Monrovia 53
Connelly, Robert Monrovia 53
Cooley, James Mount Pleasant 47
Corn, Jim Oak Mills 14
Crosby, William Ocena 56
Cummings, William Cummings 66
Dalby, James Dalby 74
Daniels, Thomas Oak Mills 25
Davidson, R. M. Lancaster 51
Davidson, Robert M. Lancaster 50
Debard, Henry Port William 15
Donnelly, John Lancaster 51
Dorman, Hattie Good Intent 38
Downs, Maj. W.F. Effingham 72
Drake, George W. Arrington 62
Duerick, Father Kapioma 31
Elliot, A. Pardee 58
Ernst, John Arrington 61
Ernzen, Matt Plum Grove 53
Findley, W. C. Mount Pleasant 47
Fortune, Thomas L. Martinsburg 46
Gaskell, Tom Rochester 41
Gooding, Rufus Muscotah 32
Gould, James C. Eden 40
Gragg, Jefferson Lancaster 51
Grandstaff, William Curlew 68
Graves, John Monrovia 54
Gray, B. Kapioma 31
Grindstaff, Jacob Mount Pleasant 47
Hamon, Amos Mount Pleasant 47
Hansen, Hans Eden 40
Hargrove, Len Monrovia 54
Hartman, Jonathan Port William 15, 17
Haskell, Isaac S. Ocena 56
Hays, Alex Martinsburg 46
Hays, Martin Martinsburg 46
Helwig, John Monrovia 53
Henderson, Harry Effingham 58
Heneks, David S. Arrington 61
Hennesey, William Eden 40
Herndon, Horace B. Port William 15
High, D.D. Arrington 62
Hipple, John Monrovia 54
Hipple, Samuel Larkinburg 42,54
Holladay, Dandridge Plum Grove 53
Hollister, Samuel Sumner 23
Hoops, Thomas Arrington 60
Hopkins, J.S. Arrington 62
Horn, Christopher Mount Pleasant 47
Hotham, P.C. Parnell 68
Howe, Julia Ward Arrington 61
Hull, Philo Mount Pleasant 48
Hunky, Herman Good Intent 39
Ingalls, John J. Sumner 21,22
Ingler, Albert Arrington 61
Johnson, Hiram W. Farmington 71
Johnson, William Port William 16
Jones, Elijah Monrovia 54
Jones, Martin Mount Pleasant 47
Kapioma, Chief Kapioma 31
Keane, Charles Cow Island 11
Keith, Major Muscotah 32
Kennekuk, Chief Kennekuk 28
Kennish Cummings 66
King, P. R. Mount Pleasant 47
King, Samuel C. Cummings 67
Kirkpatrick, Mr. Monrovia 53
Kooken, Hortense Kennekuk 28
Lamberson, Lawrence Monrovia 54
Larkin, M. E. Larkenburg 42
Leavenworth, Henry Cow Island 8-11
Lee, H. C. Eden 40
Lewis, Calvin Lewis Point 18
Lewis, James New Malden 41
Locker J. J. Locust Grove 38
Lockwood, Levi W. Invermay 41
Long, Stephen Cow Island 8-11
Martin, Wyly Cow Island 9,10
Mashenah, Chief Mashenah 29,30
Masterson, Charles OakMills 14
May, Caleb Monrovia 53,70
May, William J. Pardee 58
McBride, T. C. Ocena 56
McEwen, Henry Monrovia 54
McKeever, Fr. Effingham 71
Medow, James Monrovia 54
Mercer, Joe Martinsburg 46
Meyers, Elsie Huron 73
Miller, Daniel Eden 40
Mitchell, Dr. P.S. Cummings 67
Moore, Dr. Amaziah Lancaster 50
Moore, Edward Larkinburg 43
Moore, Smith G. Pardee 57
Noland, E. Muscotah 32
O'Meara, Thomas Effingham 71
Osborne, William Effingham 71
Otis, Alfred J. Monrovia 53
Parnell, Andrew Parnell 68
Parnell, James L. Parnell 68
Pate, Andrew Muscotah 32
Pate, Mack Muscotah 32
Payne, Thomas J. Port William 16,48
Pensineau, Paschal Muscotah 32,70
Perkins, H. C. Potter 69
Perry, Thomas Kennekuk 28-29
Peterson, Ole M. Muscotah 32
Place, Mrs. Cayuga 52
Porterfield, Mr. New Malden 41
Poteet, Thomas St. Nicholas 60
Potter, Joseph Mount Pleasant 47,69
Publer, Andrew J. Mount [pleasant 47
Pursel, Horace C. Muscotah 33
Quiett< John St. Nicholas 60
Redman, Dr. Oak Mills 14
Reece, Jacob Muscotah 32,62
Reece, William Muscotah 32
Reider, John Arrington 61
Remington, William C Port William 15
Rice, Dr. Potter 69
Roberson, J.M. Arrington 62
Roberts, W. Y. Kapioma 31
Russell, S. C. Kapioma 31
Rust, John Lancaster 51
Sanders, B. F. Monrovia 54
Say, Thomas Cow Island 10
Schletzbaum, Francis Eden 40
Servoss, Charles C. Eden 40
Simmons, A. D. Muscotah 32
Skiles, H. H. Kapioma 31
Slattery Good Intent 39
Smith, John W. Lancaster 49
Snyder, Soloman J. H Monrovia 53
Speck, A. S. Mount Pleasant 47,60
Spratt, James G. Port William 15
Squires, Henry C. Potter 69
St.Clair, Henry Shannon 74
Stader, Fr. John Good Intent 39
Stevens, E. M. Mount Pleasant 48
Stockton, W. H. Arrington 61
Stoner, B. F. Lancaster 50
Stover, Samuel Lancaster 51
Sutlief, George Shannon 74
Taber, Ira Arrington 62
Tabor, Dr. A. C. Cayuga 52
Teaney, Paris Mount Pleasant 47
Thompson, George W. Locust Grove 38,68
Trapp, G. C. Mount Pleasant 48
VanWinkle, Mary Arrington 60
VanWinkle, Ransom A. Arrington 60
Waddle, John L. Oak Mills 14
Wait, Dr. David Eden 40
Wakefield, W. Pardee 58
Wallace, H. B. Port William 15
Wanton, William R. Muscotah 33
Watson, Eli Lancaster 51
Weihtman, Henry R. Lancaster 50
Weir, James B. Potter 70
Weston, W. W. Kapioma 31
Wheeler, John P. Sumner 19-24,47,53
Wheeler, William H. Kennekuk 28
Whimplepleck, Reuben Monrovia 53
Williams, F. M. Kennekuk 28
Williamson, Dr. St. Nicholas 60
Willis, Richard St. Nicholas 60
Wills, Alexander Muscotah 32
Wilson, George J. Cayuga 52
Wright, Len OakMills 14
Wymore, Johnson Eden 40
Yount, Jake Port William 16

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