Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. - 1861-1865. Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.

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6th Regiment
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Sixth Regiment Kansas Volunteers - Cavalry

Some names appear more than one time in the same listing. The letter(s) following the name indicate the regiment and how many times the name appears, and are a link to the extractions of the regiment listing.

Since the names are not in alphabetical order in the listing, you will probably want to use your browser's "find" command to locate the surname on the web page.

Aarison, Edward R. M
Abbott, Graves B
Abbott, Joseph C
Adams, Alexander New A, F, F
Adams, Robert K
Adams, Solomon K
Adams, Thomas B. A
Akers, William T. K, K
Alcorn, John F. K, L
Alexander, James L, L
Allen, David H. B, M
Allingham, James F
Allsworth, Gideon G, G
Alsop, James C. C
Alsup, Tillman M
Alsup, Tillman A. H. M
Alsup, William T. M, M, M
Anderson, Andrew D. G, H
Anderson, Andrew M. K
Anderson, George R. M
Anderson, James K, K
Anderson, John C. M
Anthony, William L
Archer, James P. A, A, New A
Ard, David E
Ard, James C
Armstrong, Arthur M
Armstrong, George A
Armstrong, John F. H
Armstrong, Orchester D
Armstrong, Samuel D. L, L, L
Armstrong, William I
Arney, George E
Arnold, John E. H. F
Arrison, Edward R. B, B
Asberry, Francis M. B
Asher, James M. B, B, M
Ashley, Milton M. D, D, I
Atchison, Alexander G
Atkins, Charles S. D, D, D, D, D, I, I
Atkins, George E. F
Atkinson, William H. H
Austin, Elliott K
Ayres, Vinson A
Babb, Thomas D, I
Babbitt, James M. A, A
Babbitt, William K, K
Back, John J. E, E, E
Badger, Ephraim F, F
Badger, John F
Bailey, Jasper W. D, I
Bailey, John D. D
Baker, Benjamin S. K
Baker, Caleb C. C, C
Baker, Henry C. H
Baker, Simon P. K
Baker, Thomas L, L
Balger, Patrick M
Ball, Jonas J. F, F
Ball, Samuel B
Ballard, Thomas K, L
Bancom, Leroy I
Banks, James M. C
Barber, Henry L. E, E
Barber, William E. B
Barcus, William B
Bargoyne, William F
Barker, Henry L. F
Barnard, Arthur D, D, D
barnard, Solomon I
Barnard, Thomas I
Barnes, John P. K, L
Barnes, Solomon L
Barnes, Thomas C, C
Barnes, William F. E
Barns, Philip G
Barr, Samuel C
Barrett, John B, B, M
Barrett, Richard L
Barrick, George W. D
Barrick, Hiram P. D, D, D, D, D
Barth, Charles T. J. I, I, Non-Comm.
Bartles, Jacob H. A, A, Non-Comm.
Bartness, Peter D, D
Barton, Robert B. D, I
Basham, Leroy J. K, L
Baucom, Leroy I
Beamer, Henry H. B
Bearse, James A
Bearse, James A. A, A, New A, New A
Beatty, John F, F, F
Beemont, John M. E
Beeves, Moses G
Beigart, John W. F
Bell, John M, M
Bell, William B, B
Bellows, William G
Bellvail, Samuel J. B, B, M
Benedict, Brainard D. E
Bennett, Benjamin T. J. A, A
Berry, John C. D
Berryhill, Harris H
Beth, Charles E
Beth, William E, G
Beveridge, James F
Bill, John M
Binghaman, Uriah New A, C
Bisbee, George M. A, A, New A
Bisbee, Lucius A. A, A, New A
Bishop, Jackson C. B
Bishop, James B. New A
Bishop, James E. A
Bittle, James N. New A, C
Blake, John T. I
Blase, Henry F. L, L, L
Bledsoe, William K
Blood, Charles L. F
Blood, Martin V. F
Bloomfield, Eli H. L
Blurton, Malachi H
Bobb, Young M
Bobler, Joseph R. K
Bolton, C. Eugene A
Bond, Benjamin W. H
Bookout, Stephen M. M
Boots, Solomon J. D
Boston, Cyrus B, M
Bowles, Clayton I
Boyd, William P. D
Braman, Daniel G, G, G, G, G
Branson, Jesse W. G, G
Breedin, Reuben R. G
Breedin, Thomas J. G
Breedlove, James B. A, A, A
Brisby, James F
Brittain, William A. M
Britton, James C
Britton, James R. K
Britton, Wiley K
Britton, Wiley Britton Non-Comm.
Brock, William J. K, L
Brockway, Talcot P. D
Brokeknife, Philip M
Bromwell, Charles E. C, C, H, H
Bronson, John L. D
Bronson, Levi Field & Staff, H
Brooks, James M
Brooks, John I
Broome, Richard M, M
Brothers, Henry F, F, F
Brown, Isaac W. A
Brown, James M. C, C
Brown, Joseph C
Brown, Matthew A
Brown, Richard K
Brown, William K, L
Bruce, David W. F
Brumback, John A
Brussow, William F
Bryan, James W. B
Bryant, Alexander C
Bryant, William W. New A, C, C, C, C, C
Buchanan, Albert K, L, L
Bucher, Samuel I
Buck, Sylvester B, M
Buckels, Tennessee N. I
Buckles, Tennessee N. I
Buffington, Benjamin F. New A, C
Bullett, Jackson M
Bunch, James T. L, L, L
Burgess, James C. I
Burgoon, William R. G
Burgoyne, George F
Burgoyne, William F, Field & Staff, Non-Comm.
Burke, Joseph I
Burke, Patrick G, G
Burns, Erastus K
Burns, James C
Burns, Philip G, G
Busby, James New A
Butler, James K, K
Butler, John B
Cadell, James H. A, A, A
Caillog, Frank F
Caldwell, William E, E
Caldwell, William W. E, G
Calhoun, Squire D. L
Campbell, Albert H. H, Non-Comm.
Campbell, Charles P. K, L
Campbell, Cyrus W. K, K
Campbell, George K
Campbell, William T. Field & Staff, Field & Staff
Cane, Charles L, L, L
Capps, John M
Carlton, George A. A, A, A
Carmack, Thomas E
Carpenter, Myron K
Carpenter, Samuel P. L, L
Carpenter, William B. Non-Comm.
Carrol, George K, L
Carrol, William H. K
Carroll, Henry K
Carson, William H. E
Carter, Daniel D
Carter, Joseph Y. K, L
Carter, Richard I
Carter, Samuel D, I
Carver, James R. G
Cash, Frank G
Cash, Samuel F. E
Castoe, George W. C
Castoe, Robert New A, C, C
Caylor, George W. H
Cease, Frederick F
Chamberlin, Joseph K
Chambers, John D. E
Chapman, John New A,C
Chapman, Milburn K
Charlton, George S. H, H
Chester, Andrew J. C
Chester, James H. H
Chitwood, James P. K, K, K
Church, David F
Church, Reuben New A, New A, F, F, F, F
Churchill, Henry L. New A
Churchill, Henry L. C
Clancy, Cornelius K
Clapp, Christopher W. E, E
Clark, Andrew G. H, H, H
Clark, Benjamin H. New A, F, F, F
Clark, Bernard L, L
Clark, Bernark L
Clark, David S. B, M
Clark, Francis M. M
Clark, George J. H
Clark, Harmon F
Clark, James K. M
Clark, Reuben New A, F, F
Clark, Thomas C
Clark, William G
Clarke, Charles F. F, F
Clarke, George J. Field & Staff
Clary, John W. K
Clary, Matthew A
Clay, James M. C, C, C
Cline, Washington B
Coats, James A, A, A, New A, New A
Coats, William A, A, New A
Cobbs, David H
Coberly, Oliver E, E, G
Coe, Edward K, L
Coffin, Albert B. G, G
Coffin, Homer F
Coffman, Henry T. K, K
Coghill, William A. I, I
Coleman, Hosey H
Coleman, Philip J. H
Coleman, William New A, C
Collet, Alexander B. M, M
Collett, Alexander B. M
Collins, Charles K
Collins, James A
Collins, John A. New A, C, C
Collins, Thomas J. G, G
Combs, James H, H, H
Combs, Jesse B. C
Combs, Joel H
Condray, William New A, New A, F, F, F, F
Cone, Albert W. C
Conner, Cyrus G
Connor, Alexander J. M
Cooepr, John W. F
Cook, Samuel B. B, M
Cook, William J. B, M
Coonrod, Francis M. K
Coonrod, John H. K, K
Coonrod, Thomas J. K
Cooper, Joseph G. D, D, D, I
Copeland, Edward G
Copelin, George I
Copenbarger, Elias H, H
Copenbarger, Obadiah H
Copenbarger, William H
Coray, George A. I, I
Cosby, Thomas J. K, L
Cotter, Amos A
Cotter, Hiram A
Cotter, John H. A, A
Courtney, John D
Courtney, Middleton D
Cowarden, Charles L. G, H
Cowarden, Peter G. G, H
Cowen, John E, E
Cox, Charles G
Cox, Eli E, E, G
Cox, Hugh D. L
Cox, John B, M
Cox, Solomon New A, C
Cox, William New A, C
Crabtree, Job E
Craig, Benjamin F. D, D
Craig, Jonathan G
Crain, Jonathan C. A, New A
Cramer, John A. C
Cransline, John I
Crawshan, Samuel D
Creuson, Charles H. K, L
Croley, Dandolph D
Croley, Daniel B. D
Croley, Thomas D
Cromick, James N. G, K
Crooks, Thomas A, A, A, A
Crosley, Isaac E
Crotty, John M
Crotty, Martin M, M
Crow, Abel H
Crow, Abel H
Crowder, John B, B
Crumm, Andrew J. E, E
Culberson, Samuel B. E
Culberson, William P. E, E
Cummings, George M
Cunningham, Leonidas G, H
Cunningham, Nathan K, K
Curtiss, George W. B, M
Dale, Jasper W. D
Dalton, Riley K
Daniels, John C, G
Daniels, Reuben M
Daniels, Reuben O. M
Daniels, Richard L. G
Danton, Rufus N. G
Darling, Thomas J. A, A, A
Davidson, Joseph M. K, K
Davis, Anthony G. K
Davis, Benjamin F. B, M
Davis, Eli H. B
Davis, Frederick D. K, L
Davis, Henry B
Davis, James E, E
Davis, John D
Davis, William B. B
Davison, Peter C
Dearing, John B. New A, C, C
Dedrick, Reuben H. E, E
Defreese, A. B. D
Defreese, Green L. D
Defriese, John M. E, E, E
Degraffenried, Calvin C
Deitz, William H. M
Dennison, William C. Non-Comm.
Denny, Lewis K, K
Denton, Alfred L
Denton, Jefferson L
Deshon, William K, L, K
DeVilliers, Henry L, L
Dick, Jacob A
Dickey, Peter E
Dickey, William R. G
Dillender, Lorenzo C, H, H
Disbrow, Willis D. I, I
Diviney, Peter I, I
Dixon, John E, E, E
Dixon, William H
Dobbins, James J. C, H, H
Dobbins, Thomas J. C, H, H
Dobyns, Henry M. E
Dobyns, Joseph B. E, E
Dodd, Frederick I
Dodge, Otis L, L, L
Dodge, Otis Dodge L
Dolen, William D
Dolson, Stephen L
Donnelly, Joseph R. A, A, New A
Dorand, William G
Dorsey, James A. E
Dorsey, Truman H. E
Dotrick, Brave L
Dresser, Simon B. I
Dresser, Simon P. I
Driver, Jesse P. K, K
Drysdale, William A
Duff, John W. M
Dunbar, Simon F. C. K, L
Duncan, James W. A, A, New A, New A
Duncan, Jeptha H
Duncan, John A
Duncan, Robert L
Dunn, James A. E
Dunn, James E. New A, F
Dunn, John C
Dunn, John M. G
Durbrow, John B. C
Durbrow, John R. New A, C
Durham, Samuel M
Duvall, Richard Field & Staff
Dzienbon, William A, A
Eales, George W. L
Earnest, Jacob L
Edminston, Alfred D
Edmonds, Albert F, F, F
Edwards, John H
Edwards, Stephen F
Eisele, William B, M
Eldridge, Levi D, D, I
Elledge, William S. K
Elliott, Abel T. D
Elliott, Able T. D
Elliott, Charles E. C, C
Elliott, Jonas K, K
Elliott, Solomon D
Ellis, Edmond K
Ellis, Roton M
Emmitt, Thomas K
Endres, George I
Endres, John I
England, Joseph G
England, William G
Engler, Henry I, I
Epright, Marion H
Ernest, Daniel D
Estep, Enoch D, D, D
Estes, James E. C, C
Etter, Edwin A. K, K
Etter, Hiram K
Evans, George M
Evans, Wesley A. D, I
Everett, William K. E, E, E
Ewing, John N. E, E, E, E
Fairchilds, Stephen A. Field & Staff
Fann, James N. I
Fann, James W. I
Fann, John P. I
Farnsworth, George W. B, B, B
Farnsworth, John B, M
Fauss, Joseph I
Field, Thompson G, G
File, John M
Finn, Thomas G, G, G
Fish, John M
Fishburn, Benjamin F. K
Fisher, John F
Flannery, Patrick F, F, F, F, F
Flemmings, William G
Flinn, John H. New A, C, C
Flinn, Patrick F
Ford, Thomas D, I
Foreman, William H
Foster, Elias T. D, I
Foster, William P. G
Fountain, Edward K, L
Fountain, Isaac G, G, G
Fountain, Joseph G
Fountain, Pleasant H, H, Non-Comm.
Fox, John New A, F, F
Fox, William A, B
Francis, Thomas D
Franklin, James B. New A, F
Frederick, John N. G
Freeman, Granville P. A, A, A
Freeman, Henry W. A, A, New A, New A
Fresh, Charles E
Friend, Jacob G, G
Frye, Ephraim V. H, H
Fuller, Asa E
Fuller, John W. G
Fulton, Arthur M
Fulton, Haston M
Fuqua, Richard T. B, B, M
Furtmire, Antoine B, M
Gable, Henry K, L
Gaddis, Jonathan A. C, C
Gage, Louis L
Gailey, Smith I
Gaines, David D
Gallahan, Clement Non-Comm.
Galleon, Barton G
Gather, Jeremiah H. K
Gault, Sidney A. E, E
German, John N. H, H, H
Giblin, Michael G
Gibson, Samuel G
Gilbert, John W. E
Gilder, John G
Gilleece, James I
Gillihan, Clement H
Gillman, Arthur B, B, M
Gillman, Elifed B
Gillstrap, John H
Gillstrap, Secrest H
Gillstrap, William H, H
Gilstrap, Joseph E
Gipson, James N. E
Glass, Emulus B
Gleason, Martin New A, F
Glenn, William A
Gliser, Christian H
Gloge, August F
Goddard, James K
Goddard, John G
Goddard, Larkin G
Goldsberry, John W. B, B, M
Goodman, Columbus D
Goodpasture, Hamilton L, L
Goodrich, Samuel E, E, E
Goodwin, John L
Gordon, Simeon B. Field & Staff
Gordon, William F, F, F
Gorsuch, Josephus L, L
Gorton, Reuben H. K
Goss, David D, D, D, D, D
Goss, James D, D, D, D
Goss, Thomas D, I
Gove, Grenville L. F, F
Gowing, Lafayette L, L
Graham, Isaiah L. E
Graham, James L,s L, L, L
Graham, William P. E, E
Grass, John B
Grassberger, John P. F,F,F,Non-Comm.
Graves, George W. C, C
Gray, Elsey C
Gray, Isaac H. K
Gray, William P. K
Greely, Ashley H. A
Green, Calvin K, K, K, K, L, L
Green, Isaac M
Greeno, Harris S. C
Greyeyes, Silas A
Griffin, Thomas R. H
Grigsby, William B
Grindle, Theodore A
Grisham, DeWitt C. H
Grubb, Joel H, H
Gwinn, Samuel P. E
Hageman, John D
Hageman, Mark D
Hageman, Philander D
Hahn, August M
Hahn, Franz M, M
Hall, Joseph D
Hamby, William M. New A, New A, C, C, C, C, C
Hamlin, Thomas B, M
Hammill, Thomas A
Hammillman, Debolt A
Hammond, Frederick G
Hanford, Charles R. A, A, New A
Hanford, Joseph A, A, New A
Hansengager, William A, A
Hansford, Granville H
Harbour, James D, D, I
Hardin, John B. G, K
Harding, Charles C
Harding, Joseph C, C, C
Hargrove, John S. New A
Hargrove, John S. New A
Hargrove, John S. C, C, C, C
Harmon, Charles H. E
Harris, George L. I, I
Harris, Harry A. I
Harris, John G. K, K
Harris, John V. G
Harris, Silad D. B, B, I
Harris, Thomas C, G
Harris, William C. K
Harrison, James A, A
Harrison, Thomas C. B, B, M
Hart, Harvey I
Hartman, George W. M
Hartman, Wesley L
Harvey, Elijah E. B
Harvey, William A. D, Harvey, William A. I
Harwood, William F. Jr. M
Harwood, William F. Sr. M
Haslett, Thomas B, M
Hatch, Levi K
Hatt, John M
Haverson, Thomas H
Hawk, Edmond New A, F
Hawkins, Buell J. K
Hawkins, David H. B
Hawkins, Joseph A. A, A, A, A, New A, New A
Hawkins, William G
Hawkins, William J. A, New A
Hawley, Lewis C. C, K, H
Hawthorn, Jesse N. E
Haynes, Charles H. K, K
Hazelett, John H
Heany, Jacob J. A, New A
Heck, Jacob L
Heisler, Emanuel F. A, A
Helmerick, Frederick K, K, L
Henderson, Robert F, F, G, G, G
Henshaw, Martin M
Hensley, George W. D
Hensley, James D, D, I, I
Hensley, John P. D, I
Herard, Francis A
Hercules, William T. B, B, M
Hereford, Elijah L
hereford, Franklin L
Hereford, Henry L
Hereford, John H. L
Hereford, William L
Herrington, Fernando A. C, C
Herron, Joseph I
Hicks, James A, New A
Hickson, Stephen K
Higgins, Joseph A, New A
Higgins, Wallace A, A, New A
High, Jacob I
Hill, George H. M
Hill, Greenup N. E
Hill, Jacob M
Hill, Robert M. C. E, E, E
Hiltabridle, Joseph J. I, I
Hinton, Marion B
Hittle, James N. C
Hobbs, William D, D
Hodgson, Jonathan E
Hoffman, Charles K
Hoffman, George K
Hoffmeir, Michael New A, New A, F, F
Hoge, William J. New A, C, C
Hoggatt, John S. C
Hoggatt, Robert M. C
Hogue, Louis L
Holcomb, John K, K
Holdeman, Gilderoy D
Holdeman, Marion D, I
Holdeman, Scott D
Holderman, Gilderoy D, Non-Comm.
Holderman, Jacob D
Holt, William D
Homan, Levi D, I
Honey, Quincy F
Hood, William B. K, K
Hoover, George W. I
Hoover, Lorenzo D. I
Hopkins, Thomas J. C, C
Horton, William F. H, H, H
Hoskins, Alexander K
Hosley, Charles E, E
Hosley, James E
Howard, Levi H. K
Howell, Thomas G. A, A, A, A, New A
Hubbard, John E. A, New A
Huddleston, James A
Hudson, Zaccheus K
Hudson, Zaccheus B. K, K
Huff, Daniel F. E
Huff, George E
Hulse, James K, K
Hults, Edward E, G
Humboldt, George M
Humphrey, Andrew B
Humphrey, Andrew J. B
Humphrey, Samuel F. E, G
Humphrey, William G, G, G
Hunt, Robert H. F
Hunter, William J. F, F, F
Hunting, William F
Hurd, Benjamin W. A, A, A, New A
Hutcheson, William M
Hutchin, Joel G. E
Hutchin, Wallace W. E
Hutchins, William H. G
Hutchison, Jordan K
Hyde, Hiram P. New A, C, C
Icamberry, Archibald K
Ingersoll, Southerland A
Inman, Nathaniel B
Ireland, John C
Jackson, Alexander B, M
Jackson, Calvin R. B, B
Jackson, Milton M, M
Jackson, Peter D. G
Jackson, Robert L
Jackson, William R. I, I
James, Allen D
James, Samuel K
Jameson, N. E. D
Jamson, Andrew J. D
Jenkins, Lewis I
Jenkins, Wesley G
Jennings, Daniel H, H
Jennings, Edward T. B, M
Jewell, Alfred N. A
Jewell, Charles W. F, Field & Staff, K, K, K
Jewell, Lewis R. Field & Staff
Jewell, Louis L
Jim, Big M
Jim, Young M
Johnson, Andrew N. H
Johnson, Barton H. E
Johnson, Beorge B. New A
Johnson, Bradford E. E
Johnson, Burton H. E
Johnson, Cebran I
Johnson, Curtiss F, F
Johnson, George B. New A, New A, C, C, C, C
Johnson, George H. C
Johnson, James S. New A, C, C, C, C, Non-Comm.
Johnson, John A. A, A, A, Field & Staff, B, M
Johnson, John T. C
Johnson, Maxwell P. C
Johnson, Oliver H, H, H
Johnson, Richard I
Johnson, William H
Johnson, Willis H
Joins, William T. G, H
Jones, Abraham New A, New A, C, C, C, C
Jones, Anderson S. C, C
Jones, George W. D
Jones, Isaiah C
Jones, James K, K
Jones, James E. F
Jones, Lewis I
Jones, Mark W. M
Jonneycake, Benjamin M
Jonneycake, John M
Jordan, John T. C, C
Josling, Benjamin F. H, H, H
Joy, Edward M. C, C
Judson, Charles O. New A, F, O. Field & Staff
Judson, William R. F, Field & Staff, Field & Staff
Kames, Thomas S. G
Kanahoo, John A
Keating, Robert F
Keester, Samuel K
Keller, James C, G
Kelley, Wallace R. D
Kellog, Hiram B
Kelly, Owen H. K, K
Kelly, Wallace R. D, D
Kelsey, Augustus E
Kelsey, William G
Kenedy, Jefferson B, M, M
Kennison, Bradley K, L
Kerr, Calvin C. E
Ketchum, David B. A
Ketchum, Lemuel P. M, M
Ketchum, William R. M, M
Kilgore, John New A, C
Killion, Martin V. K
Kilpatrick, James K
King, Charles F
King, Earles I
King, Earls D
King, James L
King, Joseph N. E
King, Willis J. D
Kirkpatrick, John H. A, New A
Kiser, Adam B
Klamm, Jacob M
Kleinkneht, Jacob J. A, A
Knapp, Chauncey A, A,New A
Knight, Madison K, L
Koons, Samuel H, H, H
Kreik, Lewis W. A
Kunkler, John C
Kunkler, Lewis New A, C, C
Kurtzie, Charles F. F
Laden, James G
Laing, John M. G
Lamar, Alexander H
Lamb, Reuben H. D
Lamb, William J. D
Lambert, Stephen E
Lambeth, James D. L
Lancaster, Beverly G, G
Landers, Thomas D
Landers, Thomas B. E, E
Landrum, Benjamin L. A, A, New A
Lane, Albert H. D
Lane, James W. A, A, New A
Lane, John S. D, Field & Staff
Lanham, Abraham A
Lankford, William L
Larue, David New A, C
Larue, Jacob C
Lasear, John M
Leaf, Yellow M
Leames, John L
Ledger, Henry P. G, G, L, L, Non-Comm.
Lee, Daniel F. H, H, H
Lee, Erastus H. L, L
Lee, James R. G
Lee, Thomas P. A
Lee, William B
Legrand, Thomas G. B
Leivaux, Victor A, A, Non-Comm.
Lenneas, Jacob M
Levy, Jacob I. B, M
Lewallen, Nelson J. B
Lewin, Benjamin F. D
Lewis, Reese J. C
Lewis, William L
Limerick, William G
Link, Jacob F
Linney, John I
Linville, Christopher C. F, F, F
Little, Samuel T. I
Lloyd, Richard D
Lockard, Wilson W. B, B, B
Logan, John H. D, I
Lonegan, Charles G
Lonergan, Charles G
Long, Enos E
Long, George F. New A, F, F, F
Long, George W. L
Long, James L, L
Long, John E
Long, Samuel K
Love, Joseph W. M
Love, Samuel A, New A
Love, Solomon M, M
Lower, Michael New A, C
Lowman, Thomas E, E
Lowry, Jesse C. B
Lowry, John A, A, New A
Lowry, Thomas H. E
Lucas, Ebenezer W. G, G, G, G, G, G
Lucas, Greenfield F. B, M
Lucas, Nathaniel B. G
Lucas, Tiimothy S. A
Luther, Ralph G
Luther, Ralph D. G, G
Macco, John L
Mackey, Andrew J. New A, C
Macon, Wallace W. E
Madden, William E, K
Maddox, Martin L. B
Mahoney, Batt M
Mahoney, Patrick A, A, New A
Malinson, Abraham I, I
Maloney, Gideon B. M
Maloney, James F, F
Maloney, John F. M, M
Maloney, Philip New A, New A, F, F
Mamae, George I
Mangin, Stephen B
Manlove, George W. Non-Comm.
Manly, John C, C
Manning, Enoch B, M
Manning, William J. B, M
Margin, Stephen M
Marks, Michael K, K
Markwood, William G, G
Marsh, Thomas B. K
Marshall, Elias M. H
Marshall, James H. D, D, I, I
Marshall, Jesse H. D
Marshall, John L, L, L
Marshall, Newton L, L, L
Martin, Adam B. H
Martin, Emanuel D, I
Martin, Isaac W. F, F
Martin, James D
Martin, James P. G
Martin, Joel T. G, G
Martin, John B. K
Martin, John H. L, L, L
Martin, Michael H
Martin, Samuel G
Martin, Samuel J. G, G
Martin, William H
Martling, William H. H
Mason, George I, I
Matthews, Jacob G
Maupin, Silas P. K, K, K
Maxwell, Andrew J. C
May, Abram H
May, William H
Mayberry, Henry M. C
Mayfield, Isom A
Mays, Charles W. E
Mays, Jackson E
McArty, Perry New A, C, C
McArty, William D
McBride, Thomas B. M
McCabe, I. H. B, B
McCann, Thomas J. New A, F, F
McCarthy, Callahan C
McCarty, Alfred W. M, M
McCassey, Patrick A
McCauley, Theodore H. E, E
McCauley, Thomas B, B, B
McCauley, Thomas L. B
McCombs, Francis M. G, H, H
McCord, Andrew B, B, M
McCord, John B, B
McCord, Joseph B
McCue, Joseph L
McCue, Michael L
McDonald, Alexander G
McDonald, David P. B, B, M
McDonald, Donald B, M
McDowell, Joseph E, G
McDowell, Simeon E
McFadden, Alanson A. A, A, A
McGinnis, Smith M
McGuire, George B, B, M
McGuire, James I
McGuire, Lewis A. A
McGuire, Reason R. B
McKibben, Sharp L, L, L, L
McKinzie, Thomas J. G
McKown, John B. B, M
McKown, Thomas B, M
McLahlan, James C, C
McLain, Philip B. B
McMahan, Joseph G
McMilon, Oscar A
McMurray, Samuel R. A, New A
McNary, John G
McVay, James A, A
McVay, James M. A
Meaker, David A. D
Mears, Samuel I
Medlen, Francis M. H
Medlen, William A. H, H, H
Meek, Jacob H, K, L
Meek, John W. G, H
Mefford, David C, Field & Staff, H
Mellick, Wesley Field & Staff, Field & Staff
Melton, Riley H, H, H
Melton, Thomas A. H
Mendenhall, Jacob D. New A, C, C, C, C
Mendenhall, Jesse C, C
Merrick, Walter New A, C
Middleton, John R. C, C
Millender, Charles L
Miller, Benjamin G
Miller, Daniel D
Miller, Henry M
Miller, John W. B, B, B, M
Miller, William G. G
Millet, Lewis G
Millett, Lewis C
Milligen, James C. G, G
Milligen, William E. G
Millis, Daniel G
Millis, James G
Mills, James L
Mizer, George N. H
Mizer, James M. H
Mockbee, Thomas B
Montague, George W. F
Moore, George M. L, L
Moore, George W. L, L
Moore, James D, D, D, H
Moore, Squire D. L
Morehead, Jacob B
Morris, Dewitt C. F
Morris, Henry B, B, M
Morris, James C, C, C
Morris, Joseph G. B
Morris, William W. B, B, M
Moss, Henry G, H
Moss, Levi W. H
Moss, Pascal Y. K
Moss, Peter W. H
Mote, Jacob C. C, C
Mounce, Clinton P. C, C, C
Mounce, James S. G, H
Mull, John M
Mullins, Terry E
Mulvaney, John W. K
Murphy, Daniel I
Murphy, James I
Murphy, Robert C. C, C
Murphy, Thomas E
Murray, Cleveland D, D, I
Murray, James D
Murray, John P. I, I
Myers, Charles C. A
Myers, John G, G, G, G
Mylin, Aaron I
Mylins, Lewis C, C
Myres, Charles C. A
Nachima, William L
Nash, William B
Nation, Thomas E. E
Nedrow, John C. D
Newell, Edward W. F, F
Newell, Scott F, F, Non-Comm.
Newman, Peter K
Newsham, Thomas H
Newton, David E, E
Newton, Edward M, M
Newton, Isaiah D. D
Nichols, Green K
Nichols, Henry B. A
Nichols, James K, K, L
Nichols, William H
Nickel, Benjamin F. D
Nickel, John D
Nickel, Newton D, I
Nickel, Samuel D
Nickel, William K. D
Nickels, Newton D
Nipp, Joseph A
Nobs, John New A, New A, F, F, F, F
Noggle, Thomas J. E
Norval, George K, L
Norwood, W. W. B
Nothe, Joseph A. I
Nott, Manford A. K, L
Noyes, Henry L. New A, C, C
O'Connor, Michael M, M
Oakley, Joshua J. H
Oathoust, Willard D
Odam, Harvey K
Odam, James B. K
Ogan, Fieldon G. D, I
Ogan, John H. L
Olson, Bewis F
Olson, Lewis F
Oltmans, Richard H. F, F
Onkato, John L
Orahood, John W. D
Orey, Michael G
Orrill, Allison W. B, B, M
Osborn, Robert A, A, New A
Osborn, Wiley A. C
Ovehuls, James E. A, A, A, A, New A, New A
Owens, Adna T. F, F, F, F, Non-Comm.
Owens, William T. B
Ownes, John H. I
Paine, George W. F, F, F
Paite, David B, B, M
Paite, Matthew B, B, M
Palmer, Benjamin A
Palmer, Leonidas F
Pardee, Joseph M
Pardia, Marcellia M
Parish, Joseph S. K
Parker, Edward L. B, B
Parker, John B
Parker, Livingston G. B, B
Parker, Marchus F. New A, C, C, C
Parks, Francis H
Parris, William New A, C
Parsons, Andrew J. K, L, L
Parsons, Luke F. F, F
Partridge, James M
Paschal, John B. M
Patterson, Leonard H. F
Patterson, Louis L
Patterson, Robert W. K
Paulk, William A. K
Pawnee, Lewis L
Payne, James F. H, H
Payton, John E
Peacock, George A
Peacock, James I
Pearish, Frank L
Pearish, Louis L
Pearson, Joseph L
Pearson, William K
Pedigo, William P. A, New A
Pedigo, William X. A, New A
Peerish, Frank L
Pelly, William P. K
Pendajor, Lewis L
Pendajor, Napoleon L
Pendajor, Peter L
Pendergast, Addison B, B, B
Pendergrass, John B
Pendergrast, Addison M
Pennington, Simeon A
Pershal, Samuel L
Pershall, Samuel K
Petigo, Alfred T. A
Petitt, Allen G. B
Petrey, Reuben I
Pettey, James W. L, L
Pettey, Joel L
Pettit, Julius C. G
Petty, Johnson E, E
Phelps, John W. I
Phelps, Thomas J. C
Phillips, John D, D, D, D
Phillips, Marion D, I
Phillips, Richard L. C
Pickett, Newton H
Pierce, John M. K
Pierce, Lewis S. D, I
Pogue, Ira G, H
Pointeo, Andrew J. D
Pooler, Alexander G
Pooler, Amory M. F, F
Popejoy, Washington L. L, L
Potter, Benjamin F. New A, C, C
Potter, Zachariah K, K, L
Potts, Charles M, M, M
Powell, Joseph E. A, A, A
Prather, John W. New A, F
Pratt, John V. M
Pringle, Peachy D. K
Pringle, Stephen K, L
Prock, Henry E
Prosser, William H. New A, C, C
Pruit, Anderson A
Pryor, Henry H. L, L
Pumphlin, John E
Quiggs, Charles W. I
Raiburn, Robert G. K
Ransom, Wyllis C. Field & Staff
Raynor, Benjamin F, F
Reagan, James W. I
Reagan, John F. I
Reck, Benjamin F. A, A
Redfield, John S. Field & Staff
Reed, Anson E. D
Reed, George W. M
Reed, Timothy I, I
Reiner, Frederick F
Renfroe, Green L. K, K, L
Renick, William H. I
Renner, Adam M
Renner, Valentine A, New A
Rentsh, John C, C
Reynolds, James F, F
Reynolds, Melville I
Reynolds, William L. K
Rhodden, George L
Rice, Doc Gill L
Rice, George K, L
Rice, John R. C
Rice, William M. L
Richardson, Henry C, C, C
Richardson, Homer K, L
Richardson, James E
Richey, Albert H. D, D
Richie, George H. K, K, K, K
Riddle, Jesse G
Riley, James W. H, H
Riley, Michael H. A
Riley, Peter H
Rinker, George W. B
Rinker, Oliver C. B, B, M
Rinker, Robert F. B, B
Rippetoe, William H. I
Ritchie, George D. G
Roath, George W. K, K
Robbins, Danford K. E
Roberts, George W. H
Roberts, John W. I
Roberts, Joseph F. H
Robertson, Jefferson L
Robertson, Tramuel L
Robins, Danford K. E
Robinson, Benjamin F. F, F, F
Robinson, Herbert E
Robinson, James W. I
Robinson, Lander E, E, E
Robinson, William D
Robitaile, Robert W. A, A
Rock, Andrew J. K, K
Rock, Benjamin F. A
Rockhold, Jeremiah D, D
Rockwell, Erwin G. L
Rodgers, David N. I
Rodgers, Thomas I
Rodman, John H. F
Rogers, James I
Rogers, John K, K, K
Rogers, Stephen L
Rohrer, Joshua F
Rolander, Samuel P. F, F
Root, Albert B
Root, George R. B, M
Rose, John P. E
Ross, George W. B, B, M
Routh, Lewis P. A
Roy, Josiah B, B, M
Roy, Martin L. G, H
Rucker, Edward L. I
Ruff, George A
Ruffieux, Louis E. A, A, New A
Rusk, Reuben K, K, L, L
Russell, Benjamin F. A, A, New A
Russum, Benjamin D. I, I
Ryan, Patrick G
Sailing, John I
Salmons, Marion G. K
Sanders, Elsy F. B
Sanderson, James C
Sands, John M
Sanford, Harlan P. F, F
Sarber, Richard B. F, F, Non-Comm.
Sarcoxie, Joseph M
Sauls, Thomas E. H, H, H, H
Schemerhorn, Alonzo New A, F, F, F
Schermerhorn, Alonzo F
Schlatter, Hector L. F, F, F
Schuarte, Frederick W. F, F
Schultz, Frank K
Scott, Elbert H, H
Scott, James L
Scott, Noah M. B, B, B, M
Scott, Samuel K
Scrivenor, John G
Scrivenor, William G
Seaborn, Bradford L
Sears, George D. New A, C
Secrest, Isaac H
Secrest, Joab H
Secrest, Job H
Secrest, John B. H
Secrest, William H
Seeley, Horace H. L
Sem, Samuel G
Severs, John E, K, K
Sewell, Jasper F, F
Shackleford, William D
Shafer, John N. M, M
Shafer, Samuel A
Shaff, Peter M, M
Shamblin, Hugh G
Shamblin, Lafayette C, C, G, G
Shamlin, Hugh G
Shannon, William F, F,New A
Sharpe, George W. A
Shattuck, William H. New A, D, D, D, D
Shaw, Albert K
Shawnee, John M
Shawver, Elias G. E
Shay, John K
Shearer, William H
Sheets, Andrew I
Sheets, John W. I, I
Sheets, Monroe I
Shepard, James S. I
Sho-pin-tue, Peter L
Shoemaker, Seth W. D, D, D, D, I
Shoers, John H. C
Shoers, John H. C
Shop-ka-kee, Louis L
Shreves, Napoleon B. G
Shuler, Alonzo B. D, D
Shuler, Joseph D
Sidles, Peter B, B, M
Sigler, Andrew B, B
Sigler, Peter B
Simmons, Charles New A, New A, C, C
Simmons, James H. I
Simmons, Richard B, B, M,M
Simmons, Thomas C
Simmons, William New A, C, C
Simons, William F
Singleman, Adam F
Sitz, Frederick G
Slavers, James H. B, B
Sly, George W. C, G
Smalley, Edward F. I
Smalley, William M. K, K, K, K
Smallwood, Francis M. K
Smiley, John G. I, I
Smith, Charles H. G
Smith, Dennis New A, C
Smith, Emery I,I
Smith, Frederick I
Smith, Henry C. G
Smith, Jasper N. I
Smith, John H
Smith, John F. A, A, A
Smith, Jonathan H. B
Smith, Joseph R. Field & Staff
Smith, Patricd L
Smith, Patrick L
Smith, Peter K
Smith, Pleasant M. K, K
Smith, William A. B, B, M, M
Smitson, William J. I, I
Snider, Jacob B
Snider, Jacob M
Snodgrass, John M. K, K
Snow, Rodney A, New A
Snyder, Henry E, G
Snyder, William T. E
Solomon, John A
Sommers, Augustus I, I
Speaks, Henry W. D
Spears, Daniel G, H
Specks, John W. I
Speeks, Hiram D, I
Speeks, John W. D, I
Speeks, Wiliam D
Speiner, Charles F, F, F
Spencer, James H. H
Spillman, Alexander F, F, F
Spurgeon, Willis H
Stacy, Joshua E, E, E
Stadden, Isaac Field & Staff
Stafford, Thomas K
Stallman, Conrad G
Stanfield, Holman B, M
Stapp, Henry K
Steel, Wilson B. H
STeele, Raif I
Steohr, Eugene A
Stephens, Charles F
Stephenson, George E. G
Stepp, Benjamin L, L
Stevens, William H. E
sTevenson, James C. E
Stevenson, Joseph E
Stewart, Amos B, B, M, M
Stewart, Jackson C
Stewart, Jesse K, L
Stewart, Levi T. I
Stewart, Lewis W. I, I, Non-Comm.
Stewart, William H. K, L, L
Stiers, Scott New A
Stiers, Scott C
Stillwagon, Andrew A
Stillwagon, David W. A, A
Stinson, Rhoads D. D
Stockton, Richard L
Stoneman, James W. H, H
Storms, Columbus D
Strapp, Henry K
Strappanis, Tobias A
Strickland, Elmore B, M
Strickland, Michael L, L
Strong, Joseph W. I
Sullivan, Dennis K
Sullivan, Jeremiah K, L
Sullivan, William K, L
Swafford, John L
Swan, James New A, New A, F, F, F
Swan, Milo J. K, K, L
Swan, William H. K
Swanneck, Lewis M
Sweet, Benjamin H. F
Swingley, Leonard J. L, L
Talifaro, Wessel H. H, H
Tarr, George W. G
Tatman, Joseph B, M
Taylor, George H. K
Taylor, Ira K, K
Taylor, John W. K
Teal, Peter New A, F
Teater, Cyrus N. B, B, M
Teater, Lysander M
Teater, Paris R. B
Teater *, Lysander B
Teefertallow, Jacob K, L
Tennant, John F, F, F, F
Terry, Cahrles B. G
Testerman, Ambrose G, K
Testerman, Francis M. H
Testerman, James M. H
Testerman, Lewis G, K
Tetrick, Peter D
Thomas, George H. G, G
Thomas, Henry F
Thomas, Jesse M. K, K, L
Thompson, Charles H, H
Thompson, Ralph A. I
Thorp, Joseph A, New A
Thurber, Benjamin F
Thurbert, Marion B
Thurman, Job H, H, H
Thurman, Joseph K, K, L
Tibbetts, David M, M
Tibbetts, George H. M
Todd, Elijah M. K
Tomlinson, James N. I
Tool, Thomas G, G, G
Toomey, Michael G
Toothman, Joseph L, L
Toposh, John L
Trainer, William F
Trobough, William A. M, M
Trogdon, Arrignton W. K
Trogdon, Newy G. K
Tubbs, Elias S. D, D, D
Tucker, Columbus C. B
Tucker, George W. K, L
Tucker, Henry C. B
Tumby, Charles D
Ungerhier, Jacob E, E
Vail, William C
Van, James G. K
Vanbeber, Isaac C. D, D
Vance, George W. G
Vance, Isaac C, G
Vance, Jesse L. C, G
Vanmeter, John A
Vanwormer, David E
Vanwormer, Feeling E
Vanzandt, Josiah R. D, D
Vaughn, John D
Veale, George W. A, Field & Staff
Velgarlo, Bruno G
Venable, Edward E, G
Venable, James E
Vicar, James L
Waddle, James M
Wadkins, Thomas E
Wagner, Aaron E
Wagnor, Solomon K, L
Walbridge, Darius F
Walbright, John G, G, G
Waldeck, Frederick W. F
Waldron, Samuel B, B, M, M
Walker, Anson J. E, E
Walker, James New A, C, C
Walker, John G
Walker, Jonathan L
Walker, Napoleon B. K, K
Walker, Samuel B. E
Walker, William H. L
wall, William H. H
Wallace, Benjamin C. B
Wallace, Granville A, New A
Wallace, John K. B, M
Wallace, Joseph A
Wallace, William C
Wallahan, George A. M
Wallbridge, Darius F
Waller, Joseph M
Walls, William I, I
Walsh, John New A, New A, F
Walters, Thomas C. I
Wandler, Joseph F
Ward, Beverly R. New A, C, C
Ward, Isaac New A
Ward, Isaac C
Ward, Reece M. C
Ward, Wade H. C
Ward, William H. E, E
Wardon, Elijah H. D
Warren, Charles H
Washington, Byan M
Waterhouse, Andrew J. K, K
Watson, Charles C, C
Watson, Daniel M. H, H
Watson, Jacob C, H
Watson, Richard H
Watson, William C
Weatherbee, Richard G, H
Weatherman, Simon P. E, E
Weatherwax, Albert A. New A, C, C
Weidenman, William M
Weisse, Joseph F, F
Welch, William E
Weldon, James E, E
Weldon, Peter G
Wellington, Daniel H
Wenderstein, Rudolph I, I, I
Wendt, August M
Wendt, August M
Wentworth, Charles W. C
Wernitah, Augustus J. A
Werry, Theobold M, M, M
West, James L
Westfall, James A. G, H
Westfall, John H. G, H
Westfall, William R. H
Westfall, William W. B
Westover, Richard D
Wetzold, Ehregott W. F
Wheeler, Benjamin K, K, L
Wheeling, Robert F, F, F, F
Whinery, Joshua D
White, Benjamin F. C
White, John M
White, Peter A, A, New A
White, Thomas A, A, New A
White, William H, H
Whitesides, Thomas G. E
Whitham, John W. B, B, M
Widemann, Ant'ne M. E. B
Widemann, Antoine M. E. M, Non-Comm.
Widenman, William M
Wikle, John M. K, K, L
Wikle, Samuel M. K, L
Willahan, George A. M
Willetts, William K, K
Williams, Alvatus A, New A
Williams, Amaziah G, G, G
Williams, Augustus D
Williams, George A, A, A, New A, New A
Williams, John W. I
Williams, Joseph D, D, I
Williams, Joseph J. I, I
Williams, Thomas B. H,H
Williams, Thomas J. G
Williams, Zebediah D, I
Willibee, Thomas M
Willis, Levi K
Willson, Andrew J. B
Willson, William Field & Staff
Wilson, Henry I, I, I
Wilson, Irwin K, K
Wilson, James K, L
Wilson, Peter E
Wilson, Talton G
Wilson, Tarlton G, G, H
Wilson, Thomas M
Wilson, Thomas J. G
Wimpey, James H. G, H
Wimpey, William D. G, H
Windsor, Tazewell I
Winn, James M. E
Winters, Henry G, G
Wise, Edward A, A, New A
Wise, Samuel M
Wise, Uriah G,H
Wiseman, Daniel K, L
Wiseman, James D, I
Wisham, Wade H. K, L
Witt, Elisha B. A
Wolcott, Albert G. G
Wolfinger, James B
Wolfinger, Shadrach B
Wonsetter, Josiah M, M, M
Wood, John O. B, M
Woodall, Abraham K
Woods, John W. E, G
Woodward, James I
Woolford, Solomon G, G
Worley, David M. M
Worthington, John J. H, H, K
Wren, William H. A, A
Wright, Allen T. G, G
Wright, Benjamin M, M,M
Wright, Elias M. G, G
Wright, James R. B
Wright, Richard R. M
Yelton, Benjamin F. C, C
Yelton, John C
Young, Clinton K
Young, George K, L
Young, James L
Young, James H. F
Young, John D. K
Young, William L
Youngheim, Eli J. A
Youngman, William G
Yount, Perry H
Zents, Joshua B
Zimmerman, George B, B, M
Zimmerman, John B, B, F, M, M

Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. - 1861-1865. Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.

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