Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1861-1865. Vol. 1. (Reprinted by Authority) Topeka, Kansas: The Kansas State Printing Company. 1896.

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Second Regiment Kansas Colored Volunteers - Infantry


Some names appear more than one time in the same listing. The letter(s) following the name indicate the regiment and how many times the name appears, and are a link to the extractions of the regiment listing.

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Acles, Theodore H
Adair, Thomas C, C
Adams, James F
Akles, Willis E, E
Alexander, John C, C
Allen, Charles A
Allen, James I
Allen, Jesse E, E
Allen, Robert Unassigned
Anderson, Joseph A
Anderson, Thomas I
Andrews, Samuel D
Anthony, Elijah C
Anthony, Thomas K
Anthony, Williams E
Armstead, Bradford A
Armstead, George A
Armstrong, James D
Arrington, Alfred C
Atchison, Ben H
Atkins, Cornelius D
Austin, Cornelius C
Austin, Frank F
Bailey, Arthur D
Bailey, James W. F
Bailey, Thomas D
Baker, Benjamin B
Baker, Henry A, A
Baker, Isaac D
Baker, Lewis B
Bane, Dennis B
Barker, Simon G, G
Barlow, Daniel A
Barnard, Boston G
Barnard, Stepney G
Barnes, James D
Barnwell, Sage G
Bartlett, Orlando S. H, H
Bass, Isaac E
Bass, John E, E
Bates, Ferdinand G
Baty, Henry H
Baxter, Jeremiah K
Been, Lank K
Belcher, John K
Bell, Columbus B
Bell, Daniel K
Bell, John A
Bene, Mark G
Benjamin, Jack F
Bennett, Samuel I
Benno, Marion G, G
Bentley, Eli E, E
Berry, Joseph E
Berry, Lewis C
Best, Henry F. E, G
Bevins, Henry A
Biggins, Ezekiel C
Bileston, Townley F, F
Birdsong, Edward I
Black, Henry K
Blackburn, Henry A
Blackwell, John F
Blair, Henderson G
Bland, John K
Blanton, Anthony H
Blanton, Thomas E, E
Blew, Henry H
Bloodwood, Nicholas D
Blue, Moses F
Bomer, George F
Bonner, William F
Boon, Squire C
Botts, Davis K
Botts, Dennis K
Botts, Harvey K
Botts, Henry K
Botts, James K
Botts, John K
Botts, Red K
Botts, William K
Botts, William B. K
Botts, Young K, K
Bowen, Addison F
Bowler, Edwin K
Boyd, George G
Boyd, Johnson G
Boyd, Mobile G
Boylston, Clarke C
Bradford, Armstead A
Bradford, Edward D
Bradford, William D, D
Branca, William C
Branson, John K
Brasia, George C
Brewer, Andrew G
Brewer, Jacob G
Brightwell, Thomas B, B
Briscol, James G
Brooks, James B, E, E
Brooks, Lewis B
Brooks, William I
Brown, Aaron K
Brown, Adam C
Brown, Alfred D, D
Brown, Allen D
Brown, Clark K, K
Brown, George C, C, E, K, K
Brown, Harrison H
Brown, Isaac E
Brown, James Non-Commissioned, A, A
Brown, John E, E, G, G
Brown, Joseph G
Brown, Lewis K, K
Brown, Oscar I
Brown, Price E
Brown, Samuel F, H
Brown, Solomon B
Brown, Washington K
Brown, William D, D, F
Brown, William J. E
Brown, Willis B
Bruce, Charles B
Brucken, William H
Bruken, William H
Brunt, Benjamin I, I
Bryant, Harris I
Bryant, Moses E
Buchanan, Zadoc E
Buckart, Alfred A
Buckart, Samuel A
Buckman, Jesse A, K
Burden, Henry E
Burnes, Jacob I
Burnton, Levi F
Burnton, William F
Burten, Julius H
Burton, Edward A, A
Burton, Joshua B
Burton, Moses B
Busey, Henry A
Bushyhead, George I
Butler, George Unassigned
Butler, James K
Butler, John Non-Commissioned, E
Butler, Washington Unassigned
Caesar, Abram G, G
Caesar, Edward G, G
Caesar, Julius A
Caesar, Philip G
Caesar, William G
Cagle, John I
Cagle, William I
Cain, George B
Cain, John M. B, G
Campbell, Elias E
Campbell, Emanuel H
Campbell, Gerrett B
Campbell, Robert I
Campbell, William B, B
Cargle, John A
Carpenter, Levi D
Carpenter, Monroe Unassigned
Carpenter, Richard Unassigned
Carr, Aaron H
Carr, George I
Carr, James I
Carr, Joseph Unassigned
Carr, Matt H
Carrel, Harrison A
Carrice, Levi A
Carrol, Elves F
Carson, John K
Carter, George A
Carter, Griffin C
Carter, James E
Carter, Peter I
Carter, William D
Casey, James K
Cathrel, George N. A. F, F
Catler, Newton H
Chambers, Samuel G, G
Chase, Harry C. I, I
Chatman, Randall G
Childs, Isaac I, I
Chisolm, Daniel E
Christian, Green G
Clark, Alexander F
Clark, Charles D
Clark, Emanuel B
Clark, Ephraim G
Clark, Rasin B
Clark, Simon G
Clark, Thomas F
Clark, William D. Field and Staff
Clarke, Abraham I, I
Clay, Daniel B
Clay, Henry C, C, C, Unassigned
Clay, John B
Clay, William C
Clements, Daniel Unassigned
Cochran, James D
Coffer, Jack E
Coffer, Leonard E
Colbner, Jack E
Cole, John B, B
Coleman, Jesse D
Coleman, William F, F
Columbus, Christopher C
Colwell, Cample D
Colwell, John C, C
Colwell, William C
Condy, Jeremiah B
Conly, Claybon D
Conly, Squire H
Cook, John E
Cook, Ralph E. A
Cooks, John G
Cooper, Edmund A
Cooper, George F
Corowell, John B
Cox, Jefferson E
Cox, Payton K
Crage, Henry I
Crawford, Frank I
Crawford, Samuel J. Field and Staff
Crayton, Frank H. A
Crouch, Henry I, I
Crowell, John B
Cummings, William B
Cunningham, Lewis D
Curry, Woodson K
Curtiss, Ebenezer H. G
Cushinbary, Henry H
Cushinbary, Samuel H
Dabbs, Willis G
Daniels, Henry G
Daniles, Andy E
Davis, Amos C
Davis, Henry F
Davis, Samuel D, D, D
Davis, Sanders D
Davis, Wade C, C, C
Davis, William H. C
Dawson, George A
Dawson, Moses W. C
Dawson, William D
Dedrick, Prince A. H, H
Denning, Frank K
DeVaughn, Sandy K
Devenport, Henderson A
DeVilliers, Henry E
Dickison, Gilbert H, H
Dimery, Ezekiel H
Divers, George C
Divers, Robert C, C
Dolen, John H
Donchus, Dudley A
Dougherty, Philip I
Douglas, Samuel A, A
Doyle, Adam G
Doyle, James I
Doyle, Tony G, G
Drewy, Edward C
Drydon, Joseph K
Drydon, Matt K
Dudley, Daniel C
Duncan, Dennis F
Dunforth, James G
Dunforth, Joseph G
Duvall, Francis D, D
Easton, Isaac A
Edmond, Benjamin E
Edmond, Ephraim I, I
Edwards, George F
Edwards, James B
Edwards, John W. F, F
Ellis, Benjamin I, I, I
Ellis, Joseph H
Ellis, Sandy E
Ellison, Harry F
Embry, Alfred A
Embry, Dewitt F
Emery, Allen F
Emry, Allen A
English, Andy B
Engrum, Robert K
Esto, Robert K
Estus, Archie I
Estus, Joshua C
Ezekiel, Moses E
Farfaes, Robert F
farrow, Aaron B
Fatherson, Gabriel B
Fatherson, James B
Ferrel, Joseph A
Fewell, John E
Fields, Kelley A, A
Fields, Moses G
Finks, Henry E
Finley, Henry B, B
Fisher, Robert F
Flournoy, James K
Flournoy, Lawson K
Fobbs, Allen D, D, D
Foley, Maraday A
Foreman, Benjamin E
Foreman, Zachary G
Fouts, Levi K, K, K
Fox, Holt E
Frair, Thomas Unassigned
Franklin, Primus H
Frazier, Thomas I
Freeman, Henry C, C
Fry, Benjamin D
Fry, Spencer B
Fulkerson, George A
Fulsom, Philip G
Fultz, John W. F
Funkhouser, William I
Gains, Moses B
Gains, Pitt C
Ganes, Huston H
Gard, David F
Garett, Joseph K
Gart, Harry F
Gated, Lewis H
Gay, Levi D
Geary, Austin G
Geary, James G
Gentry, Ben A
Gibson, Alexander A
Gibson, Benjamin B
Gilbert, Asa A
Gill, Gilead D
Gill, Harvey B
Gilliam, James M. I
Gillpatrick, James H. Field and Staff, Field and Staff
Gillpatrick, Marcus F. C, I
Glasgow, Henry K
Glass, William I
Gooch, Peter K
Gooch, Smith K
Goodlow, Church F
Goodlow, Timothy E
Gordon, Aaron I
Gouge, Jackson G
Graham, Charles F. Unassigned
Grant, Fleming A. B
Grason, Henry Unassigned
Grason, Samuel Unassigned
Graves, George F
Gray, John D. Unassigned
Grayer, Zachariah I
Grayson, Aaron G
Grayson, Robert G
Grayson, William G
Green, Asbury E
Green, Daniel D
Green, Henry F
Green, Philip F, F
Green, Samuel K
Greer, Abraham C
Greer, James C
Grey, Emanuel K
Grigsby, Randol Unassigned
Groves, John K, K
Gunn, Cornelius D
Guy, General C
Haines, Woodford C
Hall, Allen E, E
Hall, Mead A, A
Hamilton, Nedd H
Hamilton, Patrick D
Hampton, Eli B
Hampton, Jack I
Hanley, Joseph F
Hannah, Benjamin D
Harden, Daniel K. H
hardick, Albert B
Hardick, James B, B
Harding, Jacob K
Harris, Howard F
Harrison, Henry B
Harry, Samuel G
Harvell, Gage G
Harvey, Allen K, K
Harvey, Charles K
Harvey, Douglas K, K
Hawkins, Erastus E, E
Hawkins, Israel G, G
Hawkins, Robert I
Hayes, Carter C, C
Hayes, Greenup A
Hayes, William B, B
Hays, John E. C
Hazelrig, Matt I
Heaston, Seno K
Henderson, George I, I, I
Hendrix, William E, E, E
Hendshaw, Charles F
Henry, Charles B
Henry, Patrick A
Henry, Peter D, D
Henshor, Robert A
Hensley, Charles H, H
Henson, Amos G
Herron, Allen D, D
Hester, David H, H
Hiatt, George A
Hickman, Simon A
Hicks, James W. R. H
Hicks, Willis B
Higgins, Isaac C
Hill, Allen E
HIll, Anderson E
Hill, Benjamin D
Hill, William C
Hilter, Archie C
Hinton, Richard J. B
Hiter, Archey F
Hodgers, Lewis F
Hogan, Wyatt B
Holland, Robert K
Hollins, Andrew H
Hollins, Samuel H
Holmes, Jackson G
Holt, Cyrus A
Hopkins, Lewis D
Horn, Jim Unassigned
Howard, David I
Howard, Henry I, I
Howard, Thomas D
Howx, Nelson D, D
Hoyt, William Unassigned
Hughes, Carrol B
Hughes, Carroll B
Hughes, Charles I
Hughes, Elijah B
Hughs, Charles C, C
Hulet, Jesse A
Humphrey, Isaac Unassigned
Hutchinson, George E. Field and Staff, C, D, G
Hutchinson, Samuel C
Hutchison, Amos K
Hyson, Freeland B
Indercort, William A
Inglish, Green F
Ingram, James B, B
Irvin, Mark A
Irving, James C, C
Isaacs, Ephraim G
Jackson, Andrew D, F, H, K
Jackson, Demcy H
Jackson, Franklin H
Jackson, Jefferson B
Jackson, John I
Jackson, Madison C
Jackson, Nathaniel B, B
Jackson, Strethen C
Jackson, Thomas H
Jackson, Thomas H. B
Jackson, William G
James, Homedy G
James, Primus G
Jameson, Gabriel G, G
January, Charles Unassigned
Jefferson, Richard H
Jefferson, Thomas H
Jeffry, George G
Jemison, Charles D
Jessie, Edward I
Johnson, Andrew E
Johnson, Edmond I
Johnson, Ellis E, E
Johnson, Garrett E
Johnson, George E, E
Johnson, George W. F, F
Johnson, Hugh I
Johnson, Israel E
Johnson, James E, I
Johnson, James J. Unassigned
Johnson, Lewis I
Johnson, Moses D
Johnson, Richard M. H, H
Johnson, WIlliam D
Jones, James L. B, B
Jones, John W. K, K
Jones, Miles B
Jones, Richard D
Jordan, Lewis C
Jorden, William E
Julius, Handy E
Kaby, Washington A
Kaisennan, Samuel F
Keitlon, Henry F
Kelley, Richard F
Kemple, Robert D
Kenel, Dick Unassigned
Kennedy, Daniel F
Kennedy, Horace A
Kidd, Henry K
King, John A. K
King, Peter A
Kinley, Thomas A, A
Kister, Frank D
Knowles, Horatio Field and Staff
Lacy, Dabner I
Lacy, William A
Lafferty, Davis A
LaFleur, Richmond G
Lamb, Jack I
Landrum, Daniel Non-Commissioned, C, C
Lane, James H. B
Lane, Wesley W. E
Laton, Henry D
Laton, William D
Lawson, Samuel K
Lee, Allen D
Lee, Barnett A, A, A
Lee, George E
Lee, Henry A, A, I
Lee, John I
Leighton, Jeremiah D, D, D
Leonard, William B
Letcher, Charles A
Letcher, Lewis A
Letcher, Robert C
Lewis, Anderson K
Lewis, Austin C, C
Lewis, Hamitt I
Lewis, Henry D
Linch, Dick E
Linch, Simon C
Literal, George K
Literal, Lawson K
Literal, Scott K
Lloyd, Garrison B
Locker, Joshua J. B, B
Locklean, William G. G
Locklear, William G. G
Logan, Mote G
Long, John A, B
Long, Wyatt B
Lonson, Alexander I
Looney, Elijah W. B
Lovett, Nessa G
Lucas, Willis E
Lyles, Walton F
Mack, Charles C
Mack, George I
Mack, John A, A
Maddox, William H
Madison, Giles E
Madison, William B, B, B
Majors, Ransom H
Marcus, Silas Unassigned
Marshal, John B, B
Marshall, Isaac G
Marshall, Moses G
Marshall, Orange I, I
Marshall, Sandy G
Martin, Ephraim G
Martin, George I, I
Martin, Hampton A, A
Martin, Harrison I
Martin, Henry Unassigned
Martin, Hugh I
Martin, Newman I
Martin, Reuben A
Martin, Thomas I
Martin, Toby I
Mason, Dock I
Mason, Willis Unassigned
Matthews, John D, D
Maxey, Samuel F
McAfee, Josiah B. Field and Staff
McCay, Henry H
McCowan, George K, K
McDaniel, Fred A
McDonald, Alexander K
McDonald, Robert E
McGee, William H
McGee, William M. H
McGilbrey, James G
McGilbrey, Quash G
McGilbrey, William G
McGrew, James A, A
McKee, William A
McKinney, Davis K
McLanahan, Henry S. B
McLennan, Samuel E
McNar, James E, E
Melton, Washington G
Mercer, William M. D, H
Merrida, James C
Merril, Isaac E
Merritt, George E
Middleton, John F, F
Middleton, Tobias K
Miles, David H
Miller, Albert K
Miller, Carey E. B
Miller, Dudley Unassigned
Miller, James W. K, K
Miller, Jesse B
Miller, Lewis B
Miller, Nathan H
Miller, Robert F
Miller, Warren B
Mills, Aaron F, F
Modrell, Joseph A
Monroe, Harrison C
Monroe, Jackson G
Montgomery, John R. Field and Staff, E
Moore, Thomas I
More, Silas F
Morgan, Orange K
Morrison, Sandy H
Morrison, Sawny H
Morse, D. A. Field and Staff
Mosby, Lewis H
Mosby, Martin H
Mullen, John K
Murry, James S. C
Myers, Ireneus C. E
Myers, Irenius C. I
Napier, Isaac H
Nash, Anderson Unassigned
Neal, Price K, K
Nealy, John E, E
Nels, Nelson F
Nelson, Adam C, C
Nelson, Jack E
Newbury, Aaron G
Nichols, Frederick F
Nichols, Isaiah F, F
Nichols, Jeremiah A. B, B
Nichols, Joseph I, I, I
Norman, George F
Nours, Gabe A
Noyce, George K
Obedience, Dillon E, E, E
Ogan, Alexander K, K
Ormsby, Canaan E
Osby, Austin H
Overbeck, Henry H
Paden, Welliington D
Parbary, James H
Paris, Richard K
Parish, James I
Parker, Gilbert F, F
Parker, Jack H. E
Parks, Labon E
Parks, Lewis E
Parmer, Solomon D
Patterson, Wesley F
Pemberton, John Unassigned
Pennel, Calvin F
Pennelton, Wilson K, K
Perryman, Jackson G
Peters, William G
Petters, Edward E
Phillips, Henry G
Phillips, Thomas G
Phillips, William K, K
Pierce, Joseph F
Pinks, Tobias E
Pitts, Fountain E. C, C
Playford, Reuben F. Field and Staff,. D
Pleasant, John C
Plummer, George Unassigned
Poindexter, Doc D
Polk, Jesse H
Polk, Nelson H
Pollard, John B
Pollard, Silas B
Porter, Gano Unassigned
Porter, John F
Porter, Lemuel C
Porter, Philip B, B
Porter, Samuel I
Powell, Benjamin D, D
Powell, John H, H
Powers, Allen B
Preston, John D
Preston, Luther D
Prince, Abram G
Prior, Samuel Unassigned
Pryor, Charles G
Pryor, George W. K
Pryor, Samuel G, G
Pullins, Lofty A
Quarles, Walker B, B
Rafety, Aaron I
Rafety, James L. I
Ragswell, James E
Raley, Jacob C
Ramsey, Robert G
Ransom, Howard Unassigned
Ranty, Samuel G
Ranty, Simon G
Ranty, Solomon G
Ratliff, Nelson E
Ratliff, William E
Reed, Anderson A
Reed, Frank I
Reed, John A
Reed, Michael K
Reed, Moses F
Reed, Robert F
Reed, Shelby A
Reese, Amos I
Reese, William I
Rener, Charles H
Renick, Charles H
Reppert, Benjamin B. B. D
Reynolds, Martin I, I, I
Rice, John H. B
Richards, Stepton H
Richardson, Calvin E, E
Richardson, James G
Richardson, Richard D
Richardson, William D, F
Richison, Addison Unassigned
Ridgeway, Jackson F
Ridgeway, Joseph F
Right, George W. E
Riley, Anderson B
Riley, James E. B
Riley, Joseph Unassigned
Ritchie, Benjamin I, I
roach, Marion A
Roberson, Henry D
Roberts, Anthony I, I
Roberts, Edward I
Robertson, David G
Robertson, James B
Robinson, Eli E
Robinson, Madison A
Robison, Charles F
Robison, George H
Robison, Green F
Robison, Isaac F
Robison, James F
Robison, John F
Rodgers, Harrison F
Rose, John F, F
Ross, Calvin E
Ross, Jackson E
Ross, Peter, 1st E
Ross, Peter, 2d E
Rosscan, George F
Rountree, Alfred D
Rousseau, George F
Ruby, George A
Rush, Alexander H
Rushingbone, Philip G
Russell, Anderson F
Russell, Annison A
Russell, Jube I
Russell, Thomas D
Ryus, Augustus D
Samuels, Cornelius B
Samuels, Cornelius C. B
Sanco, Aaron G
Sanders, Jones K, K
Sanders, Samuel A, H
Sands, George W. E
Scales, Wilson H
Schrelton, James D, D
Schyles, Gilbert C
Scippio, Simon D, D
Scofield, Charles A, A
Scott, Dudley B
Scott, Major D, D
Scott, Samuel H. E, E
Semour, George A
Shackleford, Lewis K
Sharp, James I, I
Shelby, Richard D
Shepard, Perry F
Shepherd, James W. A
Shie, Sidney C, C
Shull, John R. F. A
Simington, John Unassigned
Simpson, Robert A
Simpson, William A
Smart, Jacob E
Smith, Charles A, D
Smith, Ephraim, 1st E
Smith, Ephraim, 2d E
Smith, Franklin F
Smith, Harry G
Smith, Isaac G
Smith, Isem D
Smith, Peter C
Smith, Philip C
Smith, Reuben E
Smith, Robert H
Smith, Samuel B
Smith, Thomas A
Smith, Watson K
Snyder, John I, I
Sommers, Andrew I
Sorax, Jonas I, I
Soush, Moses A
Soward, James A. C
Soward, Jerome A. Field and Staff
Spencer, Demp F
Spencer, Jacob H
Steele, Andrew J. H
Stevens, John E
Stewart, Andesson H
Stokes, Edwin Field and Staff
Stone, George D, D
Stone, Robert A
Stones, Robert B
Strawder, Alexander E
Strawter, Benjamin C
Sturman, Nace H
Switzler, Charles B
Syres, Benjamin D
Talbert, John H
Tandy, Lewis I
Tapp, Robert H, H, H
Tarry, Peter F
Taylor, Abram G
Taylor, Charles C, G, G
Taylor, Henry G
Taylor, Jeremiah B
Taylor, Jesse H
Taylor, John H
Taylor, John W. A
Taylor, Robert F, F
Taylor, Zachariah C
Thatcher, George Unassigned
Theodore, Lewis G
Thomas, Benjamin G, G
Thomas, Francis P. Field and Staff
Thomas, John A
Thomas, John A, A
Thomas, Lewis D
Thomas, Robert D
Thomas, William A
Thomason, Burgess D
Thomposon, William F
Thompson, Charles C
Thompson, Ephraim H
Thompson, Franklin F
Thompson, Henry A
Thompson, Joseph A
Thompson, Perry Unassigned
Thompson, Toliver H
Thompson, William D, F
Thomton, Lewis K
Thorn, Elijah K
Tibbs, William C
Tives, Wesley G
Tockington, John K
Todd, James C
Todd, Samuel H
Tomlinson, John B
Towler, George G. B
Trant, Green B
Trant, James M. B, B
Trant, Lewis B
Trouber, Alexander A
Tucker, Charles D
Tugal, Patrick K
Turner, David I, I
Turner, George W. F
Turner, Henry B
Turner, James C
Turner, Nelson B, B
Turner, Richard G, G
Turpen, George H
Twigg, Ephraim I
Vance, Alexander F
Vance, Henry I
Vance, Peter F
Vance, William F
Vandke, Anthony I
Vaughn, Anthony D
Vice, Henry C
Vouigh, Russell E
Wade, Samuel G
Walgamott, George W. Field and Staff
Walker, Duncan G
Walker, Edward B
Wallace, William C
Walls, John M. I, I, I
Walton, Charles B
Ward, Enoch F, F
Ware, Adam K
Warfield, Thomas E
Warren, Albert H
Warren, Caesar G
Warren, Jackson D
Washington, Alexander K
Washington, Fielding B
Washington, Geo., 1st C, C
Washington, Geo., 2d C
Washington, George A, B, F, H, K, Unassigned, Unassigned
Washington, George A. F
Washington, Henry B, C
Washington, John D
Washington, Joseph B
Wayne, Anthony I
Weaters, George C
Webb, John H, H, H
Webber, Alfred C
Webster, Daniel A, A, F, F
Webster, Stephen A
Webster, William H, H
Welch, James D, D
Welch, John A
Wesley, Alexander E
Westervelt, David E. G
Whidney, Lee B
White, Calvin H, H
White, George I, I
White, James C
White, John I
White, Sinclair Unassigned
White, William G. K
Whitfield, Elijah I
Whitman, David H
Wigg, James G
Wilkerson, Charles H
Willetts, Frank B
Willetts, Perry B
Williams, Abraham E
Williams, Anderson C
Williams, Aughter C
Williams, Charles, First H
Williams, Charles, Second H
Williams, Dickson G
Williams, Edward F
Williams, George A
Williams, Harden I, I
Williams, Harvey H
Williams, Howard E
Williams, James E
Williams, John I, I
Williams, Joseph C
Williams, Lewis B, B
Williams, Peter B, B
Williams, Thomas I
Willis, Grand C
Willis, Jeffersen A
Wills, David H, H
Wilson, Austin H
Wilson, Ben H
Wilson, Cay A
Wilson, James Unassigned
Wilson, John D, E, E
Wilson, Riley C
Wilson, Samuel B
Wilson, Silas A, A
Wilson, Thomas C
Wilson, William H. F
Wine, Henry B
Winns, Benjamin D
Wintersmith, John K, K
Wire, Thomas A
Wolfscale, Henry K
Wood, Jesse D. Field and Staff
Woods, James E
Woods, Willis F
Woodson, John I
Wright, Felix G
Writing, Jeremiah D, D
Wyatt, Fred A
Yates, Franklin B
Yates, Perry I
Young, Admond I
Young, Alexander B
Young, Harrison A
Young, Isaac I
Young, John A
Young, Raynold F

Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1861-1865. Vol. 1. (Reprinted by Authority) Topeka, Kansas: The Kansas State Printing Company. 1896.

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