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1920 U.S. Federal Census
Russell County, Kansas
Germans from Russia
Bunkerhill-Center Township


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This extraction was taken from microfilm number (T625-547). This enumeration was performed in January, February and March of 1920. This extraction was performed in January of 2002.It contains the towns of Russell City, Dorrance City and Bunkerhill. This enumeration contains 2,787 individuals in 510 households. It should be noted that there were several other smaller towns listed and then crossed out. The persons living in these town are listed under the township only.

The criteria for extraction is that either the individual or one of their parents had to be German who came from Russia.

The format has been changed slightly in the extraction. The occupation field has been removed and the Town/Twp column has been inserted. This column now contains the township (abbreviated Twp) or the Town followed by a "-" and then either the abbreviation or the name of the township.

Several of the enumerators gave specific locations for the Place of Birth of either the individual or the parents. The following is the key to those Places of Birth.

Saratov = Saratov Province Russia Samara = Samara Province, Russia
Posen = Posen, Germany Telausla = Telausla (Fischer), Russia
Reinwald = Reinwald, Russia  

The spelling of surnames and given names by some of the enumerators is rather creative especially in Plymouth Township. I would advise all who use this extraction to be rather creative in the spelling of surnames or given names. The surnames and the given names are spelled exactly the way that they were on the census.

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    Surname           Name         S  AgeRelated   Place   Imm  Year    Year       Town/Twp      Place of Birth
                                   t       How    of Birth  S  Entry    Done                     Father   Mother
                                   a                        t
                                   t                        a
                                   u                        t
                                   s                        u

Keller,        Fred (K5)           M  60   Head    Russia   P   1904          Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Keller,        Sophia              M  56   Wife    Russia   A   1904          Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Keller,        Dave                S  15   Son     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Keller,        Soloman             S  11   Son     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Dave B. (L2)        M  35   Head    Russia   N   1899    1911  Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Laura               M  34   Wife    Russia   N   1890          Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Elena               S  14   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Hilda               S  12   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Freda               S  10   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Ida                 S   8   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Longhofer,     Leo                 S   6   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia

Feil,          Andrew (F1)         M  31   Head    Russia   N   1899    1913  Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Feil,          Mollie              M  26   Wife    Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Feil,          Ella                S   7   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Kansas
Feil,          Leona               S   3   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Kansas
Feil,          Leo                 S  17m  Son     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Kansas

Klein,         Ferdinand (K6)      M  38   Head    Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Russia   Russia
Klein,         Elizabeth           M  26   Wife    Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center Kentucky  Kansas
Klein,         Susie E.            S   7   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Kansas   Kansas
Klein,         Rudolph E.          S   6   Dau     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Kansas   Kansas
Klein,         Paul                S   3   Son     Kansas                     Bunkerhill-Center  Kansas   Kansas

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