1901 History of Republic County Kansas

History of Republic County. 281

Post, contributions from individual members of the Post and from funds donated by John Brown Woman's Relief Corp No. 112, which, ever since its organization, has been an untiring, constant and faithful auxiliary, neglecting no opportunity to minister to the wants and relieve the distress of unfortunate and needy comrades and their families. Since its muster in 1882 one hundred and seventy-three comrades have been borne on the muster roll, representnig nearly all of the loyal states from Maine to California. The largest membership at any one time was about the close of 1882, when one hundred members were reported in good standing. About this time other Posts were being mustered in the county, to which quite a large number of our members were transferred, considerably reducing our membership; several have answered to the final bugle call and have surrendered to the angel of death, and whose graves will ever be kept green by their surviving comrades; others have moved away and a few, I regret to say, have allowed their membership to lapse for non-payment of dues, leaving only fifty members in good standing at last report, but all comrades not only in name but in deed and in truth. And in conclusion I will say that ever since the organization of this Post harmony and the utmost good will and fraternal feelings have characterized all of its proceedings and deliberations, proving conclusively that the entire membership has been actuated, regulated and controlled by the ennobling principles of fraternity, charity and loyalty.

The following is a roster of the Commanders and Adjutants of the Post since its muster:

1883-83 B. R. Hogin. 1882 J. E. Hallowell from March
1854 J. H. Bradford.       25th to June 17th.
1886-87 H. O. Studley. 1882 R. A. Hoffman from June
1889 Orrin Abbey.       17th to end of term.
1889 J. H. Long. 1883-84 R. A. Hoffman.
1890 S. G. Stover. 1885 H. O. Studley.
1891 W. T. Humphrey. 1886 J. H. Bradford.


282 History of Republic County.


1892 Wm. McCullough. 1887 D. C. Baker.
1893 P. F. Scofield. 1888 D. C. Baker.
1894 John M. Jones. 1889 Daniel David.
1895 Leo Bullen. 1890 J. H. Long.
1896 John R. Bowersox. 1891B. Dutton.
1897-98 D. C. Baker. 1892-98 J. H. Long.
1899 D. C. Baker to Aug- 1899 O. A. A. Gardner.
     ust 7th, 1899. 1900S. A. Ingham.
1899Z. J. Tate from Aug. 1901Geo. Bullen.
     26, to close term.    
1900 F. N. Munger.    
1901 B. F. Stanfield.    


William Hughes H 89 Ill. Inf. January 18, 1883.
James Evans   20 Ind. Battery April 1, 1883.
David C. Gamble B 12 Ill. Cav. Nov. 9, 1884.
John M. Thompson E 5 Ohio Cav. Sept. 10, 1885.
Robert Calvert D 42 Wis. Inf. January 7, 1886.
Levi M. Pitner I 115 Ill. Inf. March 18, 1886.
Preserved Ireland C 33 Wis. Inf. March 17, 1886.
Henry C. Fuller I 11 Ill. Cav. Dec. 22, 1887.
James C. Keene H 1 Iowa Cav. March 1, 1892.
Julius P. Porter G 61 Ill. Inf. April 26, 1890.
James Wolcott F 18 Wis. Inf. November, 1890.
Charles Blanchard E 31 Wis. Inf. Nov. 29, 1890.
Wm. H. PilkentonF 5 Ind. Cav. July 15, 1892.
Michael Murphy   10 Ill. Cav. March 13, 1892.
Ezra Mackay F 122 Ill. Inf. Aug. 11, 1894.
Chauncey Perry E 3 Mich. Cav. Aug. 17, 1894.
Manoah Graham F 36 Iowa Inf. Aug. 20, 1894.
John F. Wells C 152 Ind. Inf. Oct. 4, 1894.
Daniel Clemens H 2 Neb. Cav. Jan. 30, 1895.
Ezra Powell A 195 Ohio Inf. April 16, 1895.
Joseph A. Woods I 5 Mo. Inf. Nov. 25, 1895.
Wm. T. Humphrey G 8 Ill. Cav. Jan. 20, 1896.
C. W. Coykendall D 83 Ill. Inf Nov. 8, 1896.
Joseph Boothe H 144 Ill. Inf. October 13, 1897.
H. C. Bradley K 3 Iowa Cav. April 6, 1898.
Geo. A. Burnham I 4 Iowa Cav. June 1, 1899.
Dewitt C. Baker E 9 Iowa Inf. August 7, 1899.
Joseph H. Long B 152 Ill. Inf. Sept. 15, 1899.
N. W. Wells C 6 Wis. Inf. Dec. 25, 1899.
W. W. Wait, Capt. C 64 N. Y. Inf. Aug. 13, 1900.
J. E. Hallowell, Musician 39 Ill. Inf. March 3, 1901.


History of Republic County. 283

Parson Brownlow Post, No. 359, was mustered August 14th, 1885, at Wayne, Kansas, by Jacob Beck, a member of Billy Hughes Post, No. 310, assisted by comrades of that Post and John Brown Post No. 44, with 20 members.

First Commander, Geo. A. Hovey,
Senior Vice Commander, C. A. Campbell,
Junior Vice Commander, W. J. McClenahan,
Adjutant, F. W. Walker.

This Post is in good working order and meets regularly twice a month.

John Brown W. R. C., No. 112, auxiliary to the G. A. R., was organized in the early part of 1887, with about 30 charter members. The records of the Corps were all burned at the time John Brown Post of G. A. R. lost their records, together with the beautiful banner with the likeness of John Brown, all lost when the Hallowell block was burned in Belleville, October 9th, 1890. The department promptly furnished the corps with a new supply of books and rituals free of cost to the corps. The corps prospered until about the year 1893, when it surrendered its charter. On the 9th day of February, 1898, John Brown W. R. C. was reorganized by Mrs. Evelyn Bradford of Concordia, with over 40 charter members, taking the same number (112) that it had originally, since which time it has been in a fiourshing condition. The membership now numbering 60. The first officers were:
Madge Long, president,
Adella Perry, treasurer,
Manta Galloway, secretary,

The present officers are:
Ethel Patterson, president,
Adella Perry, treasurer,
Clara Johnson, junior vice.
Mrs. C. J. Savage, secretary,
Mrs. Yale, sen. vice

Courtland Corps, No. 135, was organized by Mrs. Emma Bradley, on May 22nd, 1897. Officers were installed by J. T. Glasgow. There were 15 charter members. The first officers were:
Belle Saunders, president, Lois Nelson, senior vice,

284 History of Republic County.

Emma Bradley, junior vice,
Jessie Pebow, treasurer,
Minnie Bettis, conductor,
Aseneth Hoyt, chaplain,
Anna Conway, secretary,
Julia Burke, guard.

The present membership numbers 24. The present officers are:
Avada Glasgow, president,
Margaret Glenn, junior vice,
Fanney Shelton, secretary,
Lou Pinkerton, conductor.
Lizzie Johnson, senior vice,
Belle Saunders, chaplain,
Aseneth Hoyt, treasurer,

Narka W. R. C, No. 35, was organized April 21st, 1900, by Abbie Adams, of Superior, Neb., National I. and I. Officer, with fourteen charter members. The first officers were:
Mattie Foster, president,
Clara Duskin, junior vice,
Laura Kramel, secretary,
Ninnie Shopman, conductor,
Hannah Beck, senior vice,
Emma Bennemao, treasurer,
Christina Miller, chaplain,
Agnes Hamilton, guard.

Wayne W. R. C. was organized Janurary 1st, 1889, by Mrs. Pratt, of Concordia, with 12 charter members. The first officers were:
Emma G. Hill, president,
Mrs. Charles, junior vice,
Mrs. Reeder, treasurer.
Mrs. Lawrence, senior vice,
Mrs. Oliver, secretary,

The present officers are:
Mrs. McClenahan, president,
Mrs. Williams, junior vice,
Mrs. Smith, treasurer.
Mrs. Lawrence, senior vice,
Mrs. Eldredge, secretary,

The present membership is 11.

Belleville Lodge No. 55, A. O. U. W., was instituted August 12th, 1880, by Wm. R. Sheen, Deputy Grand Master Workman, and the following officers were elected:
C. Perry, P. M. W.,
W. H. Woodward, foreman,
L. R. White, recorder,
E. M. Crummer, receiver,
Lafe Ball, inside watchman,
Joseph Boothe, M. W.,
E. A. Hallowell, overseer,
J. P. Heaton, financier,
J. Vantrump, guide,
J. Walker, outside watchman,
Trustees: A. E. Taylor, J. C. Humphrey, Daniel Miller.
Medical examiner, Dr. L. R. White.

Present officers are:
M. M. Barnhart, M. W. Ellis Carpenter, foreman.

History of Republic County. 285


D. C. Newcomer, recorder,
John M. Doyle, receiver.
D. H. Ferguson, financier,

Meets every Tuesday night in Odd Fellows hall Belleville. Present membership 125.

Republic City Lodge, No. 330, A. O. U. W., was organized July 14th, 1891, with 17 charter members. The first officers were:
J. C. Price, P. M. W.,
Wm. Bateman, foreman,
Gomer T. Davies, recorder,
W. W. Stover, receiver,
Geo. Beck, inside watchman,
Jacob Beck, M. W.
D. H. McDonnell, overseer,
O. A. Throop, Treasurer,
C. F. Neerman, Guide,
O. P. Clabaugh, O. W.

The present officers are:
Frank Carr, M. W.
George Beck, receiver,
M. C. Polly, treasurer,
S. W. Jones, guide,
C. Clabaugh, O. W.
O. A. Throop, recorder,
O. H. Durand, financier,
W. C. Moon, overseer,
A. Fogleberg, I. W.

The present membership is 38. Meets at I. O. O. F. hall second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

Scandia Lodge, No. 424, A. O. U. W., meets every Thursday at Scandia, Kansas. Lodge was instituted on June 20th, 1900, with the following officers:
W. B. Rhoades, P. M. W.,
E. E. Parker, foreman,
N. J. Hyatt, recorder,
Theo. Granstedt, receiver,
Bert Curren, I. W.,
Charles M. Gould, M. W.,
Wm. Schlogle, overseer,
W. B. Gulick, financier,
V. T. Christian, guide,
E. Egg, O. W.,
Medical examiners: N. J. Hyatt and E. E. Parker.
Trustees: A. L. Larson, A. Nelson and A. D. Norris.

Number of members 35. The present officers are:
Charles Gould, P. M. W.,
C. A. Rowe, foreman,
J. W. Weislogel, recorder,
Theo. Granstedt, receiver,
J. Christianson, I. W.,
Medical examiners, N. J. Hyatt.
W. B. Rhoades, M. W.,
R. J. Bettis, overseer,
W. Schogle, financier,
F. Gatchel, guide,
J. Brown, O. W.,

Courtland Lodge, No. 324, A. O. U. W. was organized March 20th, 1891, by Deputy Grand Master Workman,

286 History of Republic County.

Sheen, of Lawrence, Kansas, with 14 charter members. The officers at that time were:
Jno. A. Donelson, P. M. W.,
C. N. Elliott, foreman,
E. M. Ludwick, recorder,
Carroll Everst, receiver,
W. M. Poole, I. W.,
W. W. Stuart, M. W.,
Wm. Campbell, overseer,
T. L. Freeland, financier,
Charles Stewart, guide,
Andy Peterson, O. W.

Membership in good standing August 15th, 1901, 70. The present officers are:
Henry Wray, P. M. W.,
C. S. Greenslade, foreman,
John E. Wurth, recorder,
J. E Tucker, receiver,
James Henderson, I. W.,
Gustaf E. Haliberg, M. W.,
M. H. Wray, overseer,
A. C. Burk, financier,
Charles Filcher, guide,
C. H. Squire, O. W.,
Trustees: J. W. Smith, G. Dickerhoof, W. W. Pinkerton.

Since the organization of Courtland Lodge, No. 324, it has lost three members by death. J. E. Hesser, lumberman, died March, 1896. Dr. W. W. Stewart, died December 6th, 1897. Gilbert Lawerence, merchant, died March 7th, 1898; each holding beneficiary certificates for $2,000.

Freedom Camp, No. 614, Modern Woodmen of America, was instituted at Belleville, May 29th, 1888, by Deputy Head Consul F. H. Buchanan. The charter was dated June 18th, 1888, and contains the following names as charter members:
D. W. Cheney, V. C.,
S. C. Crummer, E. B.,
C. D. Herbert, escort,
E. P. Robinson, sentry,
Dr. W. J. Davis, Med. Examiners.
J. E. Caswell, W. A.,
A. I. Robinson, clerk,
M. J. Post, watchman, Dr. J. S Billingsley and

J. H. Bradford was the first representative to Head Camp. J. E. Caswell, A. I. Robinson and J. E. McCullough first managers. Present officers are:
J. E. Caswell, V. C.,
J. H. Hostetler, E. B.,
Ole Sorenson, escort,
Emmitt Keith, sentry,
Dr. W. J. Haning, physician,
Frank A. Train, manager,
Emmitt Keith, manager.
Wm. R. Wells, W. A.,
D. H. Ferguson, clerk,
John M. Jamison, watchman,
Dr. J M. Billingsley, physician,
Dr. W. T. Doherty, physician,
Ellis Waggoner, manager,

History of Republic County. 287

Present membership 161. Meets second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month.

Republican River Camp, No. 1905, Modern Woodmen of America, at Republic City, was organized July 3th, 1893, with 22 charter members. The first officers were:
R. W. Polly, V. C.,
I. L. Durland, E. B.,
E. B. McArthur, escort,
Edgar Polly, sentry,
E. B. McArthur, manager,
O. M. Knight, manager.
M. R. Greenfield, W. A.,
M. H. Sinclair, clerk,
E. A. Simpson, jr., watchman,
G. A. Dillin, physician,
C B. Rickel, manager,

Present membership 85. Present officers are:
R. W. Polly, V. C.,
M. H. Sinclair, E. B.,
C. L. Myers, escort,
Sol Mitcher, sentry,
Dr. W. L. Borst, physician,
R. W. Polly, manager,
S. J. Van Norturck, W. A.,
J. I. Horkman, clerk,
E. E. Powers, watchman,
Dr. W. M. Thomas, physician,
O. G. Figgin, manager,
Henry Freund, manager.

Meets first and third Wednesday of each month.

Narka Camp No. 3394, Modern Woodmen of America was organized December 5th, 1895, by G. W. Davison, Deputy Head Consul. Charter members 15.
E. C. Boaz, V. C., F. A. Guy, clerk.

Present officers:
J. E. Arnold, V. C., H. E. Henderson, clerk.

Present membership 70.

Meets second and fourth Mondays of each month at I. O. O. F. hall in Narka, Kansas.

Agenda Camp, No. 4587, Modern Woodmen of America, was organized March 13th, 1897, by Geo. Davison, with 17 charter members. First officers were as follows:
F. S. Long, V. C.,
Jno. Henderson. E. B.,
Jno Thompson, escort,
E. E. Houchin, sentry.
W. H. Flick, W. A.,
C. E. Costolo, clerk,
J. A. Woodward, watchman,

Present officers:
W. E. Nixon, V. C.,
L. G. Paulin, E. B.,
F. S. Long, escort,
J. A. Manning, sentry.
W. H. Flick, W. A.,
M. B. Houdek, clerk,
I. M. Lindamood, watchman,

288 History of Republic County.

The camp meets the second and fourth Saturdays in every month. The camp has built a hall 20x40 and has it nearly paid for. The membership at present is 42 beneficial and 6 social members. First managers:
John Hertzberg, J. J. Hunter, Chas. Young.

Present managers:
John Henderson, I. M. Lindnood, C. E. Costolo.

Scandia Camp No. 8720, Modern Woodmen of America, was instituted March 21st, 1896, by W. H. Ramsey, with 20 nembers. The first officers were:
George McBroom, V. C.,
B. D. Woods, banker,
James F. Gibbons, escort,
D. E. Rubendahl, sentry,
D. J. Churchill, Manager,
A. P. Hopper, manager.
A. J. White W. A.,
Hugh S. Cooper, clerk,
A. P. Peterson, watchman,
N. J. Hyatt, medical examiner,
W. A. Beck, manager,

The present officers:
Wm. Wofford, V. C., Hugh S. Cooper, clerk.

The present membership is 64.

De Leon Lodge, No. 147, Knights of Pythias, was organized at Belleville, May 14th, 1887, with the following charter members, namely:
George W. Collins,
John Nealeigh,
N. T. VanNatta,
James Anderson,
E. M. Crummer,
E. A. Hallowell,
James A. Lacey,
J. S. Smith,
J. C. Humphrey,
F. N. Munger,
Geo. W. Stephenson,
William Babcock,
B. F. Griffith,
C. H. Haney,
J. H. Long,
E. B. Towle,
Josiah Kindt,
Chauncey Perry,
Edward Wilson,
F. N. Culver,
W. A. Godard,
D. W. Hamilton,
M. Robinson,
R. B. Ward.

The present officers are:
E. O. Baldwin, C. C.,
J. M. Doyle, prelate,
W. H. Bell, M. of F.,
Chas. Caldwell, M. at A.,
J. H. Hostetler, O. G.
H. L. Peirce, V. C.,
J. M. Hostetler, M. of Ex.,
C. C. Canfield, K. of R. S.,
C. C. Armstrong I. G.,

The lodge is in a prosperous condition, and meets regularly every Thursday night.

Courtland Lodge, No. 218, Knights of Pythias, was

History of Republic County. 289

instituted in 1890 by J. F. Close, D. D. G. C. Officers:
J. A. Donelson, P. C.,
J. A. Litsinger, V. C.,
J. D. Everst, M. of F.,
Geo. H. Litsinger, K. of R.S.
C. A. Boyd, I. G.,
C. Everest, C. C.,
F. M. Boyd, prelate,
C. N. Elliott, M. of E.,
W. S. Conway, M. at A.,
W. P. Shewer, O. G.

Started with 32 members. Present officers:
C. A. Kimball, P. C.,
C. N. Elliott, V. C.,
J. E. Tucker, M. of E.,
A. A. Busbow, K of R. S.,
Dr. Roberts, O. G.,
Wm. A. Neil, C. C.,
J. S. Tucker, prelate,
W. S. Conway,. M. of F.,
John Pilcher, I. G.,
G. E. Holburg, M. at A.

Has 54 members. Meets every Thursday evening at Tucker's hall.

Liberty Camp, No. 739, Royal Neighbors, was instituted at Belleville, August 27th, 1897, with 21 charter members. The first officers were:
Alta M. Hostetler, oracle,
Mrs. D. C. Deal, recorder,
Mary Hill, chancellor,
Mrs. O. S. Spencer, I. S.,
Addie Swanson, vice oracle,
Mrs. A. C. Taylor, receiver,
Mrs. W. C. Schissler. marshal,
Mrs. W. S. Lash, O. S.

The present officers are:
Mary Hill, oracle,
Mrs. Alta M. Hostetler, P. O.,
Minnie Howard, receiver,
Eva Gardner. O. S.
Mrs. Effie K. Paynter, V. O.,
Adela E. Perry, recorder,
Mrs. Ida Ide, I. S.,

The present membership is 40 beneficiary members and 14 social members. Meets at Deal's hall on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month.

Royal Neighbors, Snow Ball Camp, No. 579, Republic City. Organization of camp, March 17th, 1897. Number of charter members 19. The first officers:
Charlotte Rickel, oracle,
C. B. Rickel, past oracle,
Mary Goosman, receiver,
Anna Goosman, marshal,
Stella Cure, outer sentinel,
Ira Fogleberg, manager,
Dr. Dunn, physician.
Blanch Figgins, vice oracle,
Stella Curtis, recorder,
Dells Remy, chancellor,
Lyda Cardwell, inner sentinel,
Mr. Curtis, manager,
Mrs. Dr. Dunn, manager,

290 History of Republic County.

Present membership 32. Present officers:
Lyda Cardwell, oracle,
Lynda Sinclair, receiver,
Edna Shrouf, marshal,
Blanche Figgins, outer S.
Rhoda Stewart, manager,
Dr. Thomas, physician.
Charlotte Rickel, vice oracle,
Maggie Heath, chancellor,
Jennie Reichley, inner sentinel,
Edward Simms, manager,
Charlotte Rickel, manager,

Meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

Live Forever Camp, No. 2001, Royal Neighbors, at Agenda, Kansas, was organized Febuary 14th, 1900, by Mrs. F. L. Horton, D. S. O., of Clifton, Kansas. Twelve beneficiary members and seven social. The officers were:
Effie Manning, oracle,
Stella Nichols, recorder,
May Pauline, Chancellor,
Mary Webb, inner sentinel,
Lou Henderson, manager,
Jessie Griber, manager.
Eveline Flick, vice oracle,
Mollie Harbaugh, receiver,
Belle Long, marshal,
Emma Houdek, outer sentinel,
Lou Patten, manager,

It now has a membership of 20 enthusiastic members. The present officers are as follows:
Cassie Nixon, oracle,
Eveline Flick, recorder,
May Pauline, chancellor,
Inez Flick, inner sentinel,
Emma Cox, manager,
Lou Patton, manager.
Ellen Marsh, vice oracle,
Lou Henderson, receiver,
Belle Long, marshal,
Maud Sharples, outer sentinel,
Eveline Smith, manager,

The Sons and Daughters of Justice was organized in Belleville, March 7th, 1898, by G. H. Justus, with 52 charter members and the foliowing officers:
John W. Penfield, P. P.,
Benjamin T. Bullen, V. P.,
David H. Ferguson, Sec.,
M. Bambaur, treasurer,
N. N. Weaver. I. G.,
Frances E. Barrett, trustee,
Cornelius W. Elliott, trustee.
Charles W. Brown, president,
David W. Hamilton, chaplain,
David H. Ferguson, Fin. Sec.,
Mrs. M. S. Perry, conductor,
Charles T. Martin, sentry,
Herbert G. Weightman, trustee,

Present membership, 102 beneficiary and 15 social members. Officers at present are:
John W. Penfield, P. P.,
Willis Spratt, vice president,
C. P. Sanford, treasurer,
O. C. Dickerhoof, president,
David H. Ferguson, financier,
Clara Sanford, secretary,

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From A history of Republic County, Kansas : embracing a full and complete account of all the leading events in its history, from its first settlement down to June 1, '01 ... Also the topography of the County ... and other valuable information never before published. by I. O. Savage.; Illustrated. Published by Jones & Chubbic, Beloit, KS : 1901. 321 p. ill., plates, ports., fold. map ; 23 cm. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, July 2006.

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