Transcribed from Official Souvenir McPherson County, July 4, 1917 [n.p., 1917] 56p. illus.

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McPherson county is exceedingly proud of the part its young men are playing in the support of the nation in the present war and they have already presented to the nation far more than the contemplated quota this county should furnish to raise the first section of a half million men for the United States. If every other section of the nation would respond as generously as have the McPherson county boys, there would be no need of instituting draft proceedings. The roster of the McPherson enlistments is as follows:

Captain, Fred, E. Ellis, McPherson, Kansas.
1st.Lt., Leo A. Mingenback, McPherson, Kansas.
2nd. Lt., Verne G. Breese, McPherson, Kansas.
1st.Serg., Harry B. Dorst, McPherson, Kansas.
Quarter Master Serg., John C. Drake, McPherson, Kansas.
Serg., Thomas N. Canfield, McPherson, Kansas.
Serg., James C. Marymee, McPherson, Kansas.
Serg., Clarence A. Hennessy, Newton, Kansas.
Serg., John Gillilan, Abilene, Kansas.
Serg., Paul Simpson, Canton, Kansas.
Serg., Lawrence S. Bailey, McPherson, Kansas.
Serg., John Hamilton, Newton, Kansas.
Corp., Lloyd E. Bretches, McPherson, Kansas.
Corp., Roy B. Higbee, Mankato, Kan.
Corp., Luther Coblentz, Topeka, Kan.
Corp., Wayne G. Hull, McPherson, Kansas.
Corp., Granvil Hagstrom, McPherson, Kansas.
Corp., Coe Hawthorne, McPherson, Kansas.
Corp., Earl J. Linn, Marion, Kansas.
Corp., Otis 0. Greenhaw, McPherson, Kansas.
Mechanic, Rufus Dilly, McPherson, Kansas.
Cook, Alex. R. Koehn, McPherson, Ks.
Cook, Edwin Anderson, McPherson, Kansas.
Bugler, Lloyd E. Hill, McPherson, Kansas.

First Class Privates.

Wilbon Galiway, Canton, Kansa.
Arthur Clark, McPherson, Kansas.
Joseph Gordon, Canton, Kansas.
Dave E. Gilmore, Iola, Kansas.
Iver Gronfur, McPherson, Kansas.
Paul J. Minns, McPherson, Kansas.
George Haga, McPherson, Kansas.
Herbert Janke, Marion, Kansas.
Roy Roffman, Omaha, Nebraska.
Geo. J. Saylor, McPherson, Kansas.


Andrew Malm, McPherson, Kansas.
Paul Minns, McPherson, Kansas.
James N. Beraneck, Kansas City, Mo.
Herbert Chapin, McPherson, Kansas.
Delmer Hill, St, Joe, Missouri.
Ivan Haynes, Portland, Oregon.
Thos. W. Jackson, Austin, Texas.
Eddie L. Johnsui, Plattsburg, N. Y.
Loran Lipe, Inman, Kansas.
Orville Lipe, Inman, Kansas.
Earl J. Lathwell, Detroit, Michigan.
Frank W. Merritt, Fredonia, Kansas.
Ross McPhail, McPherson, Kansas.
William Niggeman, St. Louis, Mo.
Claude R. Overby, Minneola, Kansas.
Evert R. Parr, Eldorado, Kansas.
Lester L. Reid, Pence, Kansas.
Clement J. Perkins, McPherson, Ks.
Herman Rehtz, St. Louis, Missouri.
Leon Stringham, St. Joseph, Missouri.
Herbert Swick, McPherson, Kansas.
Daniel K. Sweeney, Wichita, Kan.
Wm. Temple, Nashville, Tennessee.
Earl Tunnell, McPherson, Kansas.
Howard Turner, McPherson, Kansas.
Ray Owen, McPherson, Kansas.
Jack Ivey, Nashville, Tennessee.


Carl Cade, McPherson, Kansas.
Daniel F. Banman, McPherson, Kans.
Uriel S. Mossberger, McPherson, Kan.
Dallas D. Pollett, Marion, Kansas.
William Fox Kellett, Marion, Kansas.
Ward D. Cramer, Galva, Kansas.
Carl M. Helgeson, Galva, Kansas.
William J. Sandifer, Galva, Kansas.
Earl P. Finkle, Galva, Kansas.
Alvin K. Banman, Lyons, Kansas.
Ralph Branton, Durham, Kansas.
Ralph R. Dossett, McPherson, Kan.
Joe R. Shaw, McPherson, Kansas.
Hiram E. Grant, McPherson, Kansas.
Herold B. Eichenour, Durham, Kans.
Harold B. Fisher, Windom, Kansas.
Dewey B. Bretches, McPherson, Kans.
Frank L. Bias, Marion, Kansas.
Roy C. Castle, Marion, Kansas.
Edgar L. Rariden, McPherson, Kans.
James W. Miesse, Marion, Kansas.
Edwin G. Krehbiel, Moundridge, Ks.
William F. Hopper, Peabody, Kansas.
Andrew A. Murray, Peabody, Kans.
Frank Dyck, Moundridge, Kansas.
Arnold Luginbill, Moundridge, Kan.
Paul E. Kutnink, Moundridge, Kans.
Harry M. Vance, Marion, Kansas.
Raeligh C. Bowlby, Marion, Kansas.
Raymond G. Kelsey, Marion, Kansas.
Marion W. Stauffer, Marion, Kansas.
John N. Noll, Marion, Kansas.
Melvin W. Adams, Marion, Kansas.
Harold E. Hereford, Marion, Kansas.
Cecil Pierce, Marion, Kansas.
James A. Wheeler, Marion, Kansas.
Herbert A. Stone, Lindsborg, Kansas.
Elmer 0. Johnson, Lindsborg, Kans.
Thomas R. Vague, Lindsborg, Kansas.
Clayton J. Moseley, Abilene, Kansas.
James M. Boyd, Abilene, Kansas.
Elmer E. Knowles, McPherson, Kans.
Rosser C. Fraser, Moundridge, Kans.
Harvey L. Parks, Moundridge, Kans.
Earnest C. Hook, Moundridge, Kans.
Posca L. Basinger, Moundridge, Kans.
Willard E. Larson, Lindsborg, Kan.
L. Elmer Godown, Canton, Kansas.
John A. Eller, Larned, Kansas.
Harold P. Santee, Moundridge, Kans.
Jesse C. Duby, Moundridge, Kansas.
Lon T. Dugan, Moundridge, Kansas.
Paul C. Loveless, Marion, Kansas.
Fred G. Hayen, Marion, Kansas.
William M. Carroll, Marion, Kansas.
Owen G. Skinner, Marion, Kansas.
Alex N. Case, Marion, Kansas.
John G. Hill, Marion, Kansas.
Clarence Carter, Marion, Kansas.
Archbold O'Bryant, Marion, Kansas.
Chas. W. O'Bryant, Marion, Kansas.
Howard G. Siebert, Marion, Kansas.
Earl McDugal, Marion, Kansas.
Harry R. Crouse, Marion, Kansas.
Gail N. Rutledge, Marion, Kansas.
M. Leroy Wood, Marion, Kansas.
Ben B. Blair, Moundridge, Kansas.
Stewart S. Kelley, Marion, Kansas.
Arthur L. Blair, Moundridge, Kansas.
Clifford C. Frye, Little River, Kansas.
William E. Tate, Abilene, Kansas.
Leamen Spittler, Geneseo, Kansas.
Guy M. Thomas, McPherson, Kansas.
Verner G. Harris, Moundridge, Kans.
Oscar Applegate, Ramona, Kansas.
Homar Larson, Lindsborg, Kansas.
Clifford C. Frye, Little River, Kansas.
Jessie J. Daniel, Abilene, Kansas.
Donald S. Clark, Canton, Kansas.
Geo. Serviss, Canton, Kansas.
George Bistline, Marion, Kansas.
George Maltby, Canton, Kansas.
Earnest A. Nelson, McPherson, Kans.
Floyd E. Post, McPherson, Kansas.
Charles H. Curtis, Marion, Kansas.
Chas. A. George, McPherson, Kansas.
Lemuel E. Magathan, Florence, Kans.
Clarence Anderson, Axtell, Nebraska.
Francis M. Clark, Canton, Kansas.
Guy H. Ash, Roxbury, Kansas.
Antonio Ruggeri, McPherson, Kans.
Sidney P. Fisher, McPherson, Kansas.
Verne Going, Galva, Kansas.
Emil Ek, McPherson, Kansas.
Fred McMurray, McPherson, Kansas.
Robert R. Ranstrom, McPherson, Ks.
Ed. Nelson, McPherson, Kansas.
Ross Sweeney, McPherson, Kansas.
Lloyd Bishop, Canton, Kansas.
Herman Flook, Marion, Kansas.
Paul Rutledge, Marion, Kansas.
Ivan L. Lloyd, McPherson, Kansas.
Leon S. Lloyd, McPherson, Kansas.
Ishmael Clifton, Marion, Kansas.


Inman - National Guards, Co. D., McPherson, Loren Leipp, Orville Leipp; Co. E., Hutchinson, John Vogt, Otto Pauls, Kenneth Bergen, Dietrich Goessen; Coast Artillery, Cecil Niver, at Ft. MacArthur, California; Herman Vogt, Infantry, Co. A., Honolulu; Herman Vogt, Infantry A., located at Columbus, New Mexico; Ted Gaertner, Aviation Corps, New Mexico.

Marquette - Fred Swanson, Hurburt Brooks, Bernard Paterson, Richard Loder Oscar Johnson, Herbert Wynn, Wm. Miller, Ernest Hanson, Chas. Sherman Lester Holt.

Canton - National Guards, Paul Simpson, Elmer Godown, Oscar Applegate, Oscar Christenson, Geo. Maltby, Geo. Serviss; Regular Army, Floyd Huff, Frank Ware, Arthur Godown, Donald Clark; Navy, Hero Baldwin, Guy Oldfield, Otis Hedinger, Burl Morse, Francis Clark. Officers Reserve, Ben Champlin, Chas. Champlin.

Lindsborg - Guards, Clarence Anderson, Homer Larson, Willard Larson, Tommy Vague, Herbert Stone, Elmer Johnson, Arthur Hed; Navy, Arthur Swenson, Joseph Larson, Lawrence Larson.

Moundridge - Guards, Paul Kutnink, Ernest Hook, Lon Dugan, Harold Santee, Frank Dyck, Arnold Luginbill, Edward Krehbiel, Jess Duby, Harvey Parks, Pesca Basinger, Rosser Fraser, Ben Blair, Vernard Harris, Gilbert Frazer, Edward Sands, Ed. Smith; Regimental Band, Clarence Block; Aviation Corps, Fernand May; Regulars, Lee Caldwell, Walter Lively.

McPherson - Officers' Reserve, James Galle, Geo. W. Allison, Jr., James Cassler; Navy, John Bennell, Robert Creager; Reguar Army, John Zimmerman, Merrill Weeden, Albert Robb, and members of Company D.

Transcribed from Official Souvenir McPherson County, July 4, 1917 [n.p., 1917] 56p. illus.

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4 July 1917 McPherson County Kansas

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