Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Sacks, Jennie M. 1
Saddler, Simon 1
Safford, Charles H. 1
Sage, J. W. 1
Sage, James M. 1
Sage, Nehemiah 1
Sager, Sarah E. B1
Salter, M. J. 1, 2
Saltzman, Clara B1
Saltzman, Ellen B1
Saltzman, Frank B1
Saltzman, George W. biography
Saltzman, Jennie B1
Saltzman, Louis B1
Saltzman, Louis W. B1
Saltzman, Mary B1
Saltzman, Nancy B1
Saltzman, Sallie B1
Sampson, Julia B1
Samuel, Sanford B1
Sandberg, Mattie B1
Sandercook, - 1
Sandercook, B. 1
Sanders, - 1
Sanders, A. P. B1
Sanders, Clara B1
Sanders, D. E. 1
Sanders, Elizabeth B1
Sanders, Eva 1
Sandusky, H. W. 1
Sanford, Edward C. 1
Sanford, Marian L. B1, B2
Sanford, N. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Santee, J. N. 1
Santee, L. D. 1
Sapp, E. E. 1
Sapp, W. H. 1
Sargent, Millard 1
Sartain, J. B. 1
Sarvis, George C. 1, 2
Saul, Julia B1
Savage, - B1
Savage, Allison B1, B2
Savage, Allison 1
Savage, Emily B1
Savage, F. P. B1
Savage, F. R. B1
Savage, G. W. B1
Savage, George H. B1
Savage, H. H. B1
Savage, H. W. biography, B1, 1, 2, 3
Savage, Letitia E. B1
Savage, Porter B1
Savage, Roxanna 1
Sawyer, E. P. 1
Sawyer, J. B. 1
Sawyer, J. L. 1
Sawyer, L. 1
Sawyer, Porter 1, 2
Sawyer, R. B1
Sayers, Eli 1
Saytor, S. S. 1
Scaltmar, T. H. 1
Scarbrough, Rebecca B1
Schafter, Dolly Ann B1
Schaub, F. L. 1, 2, 3
Schloat, Mary J. B1
Schmidt, Ellen B1
Schmidt, Errett B1
Schmidt, F. P. B1
Schmidt, Ferdinand B1
Schmidt, George F. biography
Schmidt, Jenette B1
Schmidt, Levina B1
Schmidt, Nevaday B1
Schmidt, Theresa B1
Schmitz, Agnes B1
Schmitz, Anthony P. B1
Schmitz, Charles J. B1
Schmitz, Gertrude B1
Schmitz, Girard G. B1
Schmitz, Henry biography
Schmitz, John B1
Schmitz, Katie B1
Schmitz, Labourous B1
Schmitz, Louise B1
Schmitz, Margaret B1
Schoch, W. F. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Schock, H. J. 1, 2
Schoenmaker, John 1
Scholl, Alice 1
Scholl, Emma B1
Scholl, P. 1
Scholl, W. P. 1
School, Ella 1
Schrader, - 1
Schreck, Mary B1
Schwartz, George 1
Scoggans, W. D. 1
Scott, - 1, 2
Scott, Albert B1
Scott, Alonzo B1, B2
Scott, Alva B1
Scott, Amelia B1
Scott, Ann E. B1
Scott, Annie B1
Scott, Carrie B1
Scott, Charles B1, B2
Scott, Christopher B1
Scott, Elizabeth B1
Scott, Emma B1
Scott, Ernie B1
Scott, Ethel B1
Scott, Frank B1
Scott, Fred B1
Scott, George B1
Scott, Hannah B1
Scott, Harmon B1
Scott, Howard B1, biography
Scott, Ida B1
Scott, J. D. 1
Scott, J. H. 1
Scott, J. Howard B1
Scott, J. W. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Scott, James 1
Scott, James R. 1
Scott, James W. 1
Scott, Jane B1
Scott, John L. B1
Scott, John Lowell B1
Scott, Joseph biography
Scott, Joseph 1
Scott, Joseph Sr. B1
Scott, Josie B1
Scott, Julia B1
Scott, Leslie 1, 2, 3
Scott, Lewis 1
Scott, Lincoln B1
Scott, Lovisa B1
Scott, Lovisa J. B1, B2
Scott, Lucetta B1
Scott, M. D. B1
Scott, M. E. 1
Scott, M. Ernest B1
Scott, Manoah B1
Scott, Margaret B1
Scott, Marian L. B1, B2
Scott, Martha B1
Scott, Martha J. B1
Scott, Mary B1, 1, 2
Scott, Mary A. B1
Scott, Mary Ada B1
Scott, Mary Addie B1
Scott, Mary C. B1
Scott, Nancy B1
Scott, Naomi B1
Scott, Peter B1
Scott, R. M. 1, 2
Scott, S. A. 1
Scott, Sarah B1
Scott, Thomas 1
Scott, W. H. 1
Scott, William biography, B1
Scott, William 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Scoville, John 1
Scudder, J. M. 1
Seabridge, Levi 1, 2
Sears, Elmira C. B1
Sears, John 1
Sears, T. C. 1
Secrest, - 1
Secrest, John 1, 2
Sedgwick, - 1
Sedgwick, Edith P. B1
Sedgwick, Flora B1
Sedgwick, Fred S. B1
Sedgwick, Mary Alma B1
Sedgwick, T. N. 1
Sedgwick, Thomas N. biography
Seegar, Jasper N. B1
Seegar, Jonathan B1
Seegar, Mary B1
Seegar, Mary J. B1
Seiber, John 1
Seiss, J. B. 1
Self, J. 1
Self, Jonathan 1
Self, Sarah 1
Seligman, Joseph 1
Sellman, Jessie 1
Sellmansberger, Benjamin B1
Sellmansberger, Elizabeth B1
Sellmansberger, George biography
Sellmansberger, Godfrey B1
Sellmansberger, John B1
Sellmansberger, Joseph B1
Sellmansberger, Mary B1
Sellmansberger, Robert B1
Sellmansberger, Rudolph B1
Sellmansberger, Theresa B1
Severns, Rebecca B1
Shafer, Agnes B1
Shafer, Alta G. B1
Shafer, Ella B1
Shafer, Hugh Cecil B1
Shafer, John Neice B1
Shafer, S. B. 1
Shaffer, S. B. 1, 2
Shambaugh, William 1
Shanafelt, Andrew B1
Shanafelt, Sarah A. B1
Shank, Hannah M. B1
Shanklin, Letitia B1
Shanklin, P. G. 1
Shanklin, W. A. 1, 2
Shanks, Ephriam 1
Shannon, - 1, 2, 3
Shannon, Harry 1
Shannon, Henry 1
Shannon, Mertie 1
Shannon, Wilson Sr. 1
Sharp, - 1, 2
Sharp, A. 1
Sharp, Amanda B1
Sharp, Anna 1
Sharp, B. H. 1
Sharp, Bessie B1
Sharp, Betsy Ann B1
Sharp, Chloe B1
Sharp, Easter B1
Sharp, Elsie B1
Sharp, Emery B1
Sharp, Ettie B1
Sharp, George B1
Sharp, Gladys B1
Sharp, Harriet B1
Sharp, Henry B1, B2
Sharp, Isaac B1
Sharp, Isaac M. B1
Sharp, James B1
Sharp, Jefferson B1
Sharp, John J. B1
Sharp, Joseph B1
Sharp, Lula B1
Sharp, M. A. B1
Sharp, Madison B1, biography
Sharp, Madison 1, 2
Sharp, Martha Jane B1
Sharp, Mary B1, B2
Sharp, Mat 1
Sharp, Maude B1
Sharp, May B1
Sharp, Myrl B1
Sharp, Polly B1, B2
Sharp, R. L. B1
Sharp, R. L. 1, 2
Sharp, Samuel 1
Sharp, Thomas 1, 2
Sharp, Thomas J. B1, biography
Sharp, Tomas 1
Sharp, W. H. 1, 2, 3
Sharp, Walter B1
Sharp, William B1
Sharpless, A. S. 1, 2
Shartzer, Catherine B1
Shaub, F. H. 1
Shay, William 1, 2, 3, 4
Shay, Wm. 1, 2
Shcekell, G. 1
Shehan, Thomas B1
Shelady, Jane 1
Shelady, Nancy 1
Shelburn, Barthadia B1
Shelburn, C. B1
Shelburn, Cassandra B1
Shelburn, Charles E. B1
Shelburn, Curtis B1
Shelburn, Deborah B1
Shelburn, M. D. biography
Shelburn, Mary B1
Shelburn, Melissa B1
Shelburn, Melsina B1
Sheldon, - 1
Sheldon, M. H. 1, 2, 3, 4
Shelledy, James 1
Shelledy, L. N. 1
Sheller, Catherine A. B1
Sheller, Eva B1
Shenaman, Albert B1
Shenaman, Charles S. B1
Shenaman, Ellen B1
Shenaman, Elsie B1
Shenaman, Francis B1
Shenaman, Samantha J. B1
Shenaman, William B1
Shepard, Mary A. B1
Shepherd, Claude 1
Shepherd, Fannie B1
Shepherd, Mary J. B1
Shepherd, Thomas E. 1
Sherrets, Sally B1
Sheward, L. S. 1
Shick, Alvah 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Shick, P. W. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Shick, Peter 1
Shick, Peter W. 1
Shields, J. F. 1
Shields, Margaret C. B1
Shigley, Arthur B1
Shigley, Bertha B1
Shigley, Irving B1
Shigley, Lena B1
Shigley, Owen B1
Shilds, Fannie 1
Shilds, M. A. 1
Shimp, N. K. 1
Shingley, J. W. 1
Shipley, Nelson 1
Shipp, R. V. 1
Shippey, J. R. 1
Shock, Nancy B1
Shoe, Polly B1
Shoefeltt, Alice B1
Shoefeltt, Edward B1
Shoefeltt, Leslie B1
Shoemaker, Albert 1
Shoemaker, Allen 1
Shone, Alice B1
Shone, Elizabeth B1
Shone, George B1
Shone, James biography
Shone, John B1
Shone, Maggie Elizabeth B1
Shone, Mamie E. B1
Shone, Margaret B1
Shone, Mary A. B1
Shone, Minnie 1
Shone, Nellie B1
Shone, Samuel B1
Shope, - 1
Short, Samuel J. 1
Shorten, - 1
Shorten, John 1
Shortridge, Eli B1
Shotliff, - 1, 2
Shotliff, J. 1
Shoup, Edna B1
Showalters, Noah 1
Shrader, Alice B1
Shrader, Bertha B1
Shrader, Eliza B1
Shrader, Frank biography
Shrader, Fred B1
Shrader, John B1
Shrader, Maggie B1
Shrader, Samuel B1
Shrader, William B1
Shrout, A. T. 1
Shrout, Sally B1
Shuck, J. A. 1
Shufelt, Peter 1,
Shufelt, Peter 2
Shults, Mary B1
Shultz, Allie G. B1
Shultz, D. 1
Shultz, D. B. 1
Shultz, Daniel B. B1
Shultz, Eliza B1
Shultz, Francis E. B1
Shultz, John H. B1
Shultz, LeRoy B1
Shultz, Martha A. B1
Shultz, Mary S. B1
Shultz, O. B. biography
Shultz, Odillon B. 1
Shultz, Thomas J. B1
Shumaker, A. Mabel B1
Shumaker, Dora F. B1
Shumaker, Edna M. B1
Shumaker, Gertrude E. B1
Shumaker, J. O. B1
Shumaker, Luella B1
Shumaker, M. M. B1
Shumaker, Mary S. B1
Shumaker, Moses Milton B1
Shumaker, Orville E. B1
Shumaker, Robert Columbus biography
Shumaker, Sarah B1
Shumaker, Sophia B1

Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Labette County KS 1901

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