Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Dack, Hattie B1
Daily, W .L. 1
Dalton, Elizabeth B1, B2
Dana, William 1
Dana, Wm. 1
Dancy, Fanny B1
Danforth, B. F. 1
Daniel, C. T. 1
Daniel, James 1
Daniel, William P. 1
Daniels, A. H. 1, 2
Daniels, Abigail B1
Daniels, Alfred B1
Daniels, Anna B1
Daniels, Archibald biography
Daniels, Bertha B1
Daniels, C. A. 1
Daniels, Charles B1
Daniels, Dennis B1
Daniels, Edward B1
Daniels, Elizabeth B1
Daniels, Ella 1
Daniels, Elmer B1
Daniels, Emma J. B1
Daniels, Eugene B1
Daniels, Eva B1
Daniels, Frank B1
Daniels, George B1
Daniels, Gertrude B1
Daniels, Grace B1
Daniels, Isabel B1
Daniels, J. H. 1
Daniels, Jacob B1
Daniels, Jennie B1
Daniels, John B1, B2
Daniels, John B. 1
Daniels, Laura B1
Daniels, Lydia B1
Daniels, M. 1
Daniels, Mahala B1
Daniels, Maria A. B1
Daniels, Mary B1
Daniels, Mary A. biography
Daniels, Mary S. B1
Daniels, Minnie B1
Daniels, Perry 1
Daniels, Rebecca B1
Daniels, Rhoda B1
Daniels, T. C. 1
Danley, ELizabeth B1
Danley, Hugh B. B1
Danley, James B1
Danley, Jane B1
Danley, John B1
Danley, John W. B1
Danley, Levinia B1
Danley, Margaret B1
Danley, Martha J. B1
Danley, Nancy B. B1
Dare, Henrietta B1
Darling Clair B1
Darling, A. W. 1
Darling, Alonzo A. B1
Darling, Amanda B1
Darling, Anna B1
Darling, C. J. 1, 2, 3
Darling, C. L. 1
Darling, Charles B1
Darling, Charles J. biography
Darling, Charles J. Jr. B1
Darling, Cleo B1
Darling, Daniel H. B1
Darling, Elizabeth B1
Darling, Eunice B1
Darling, Frances B1
Darling, Henry C. B1
Darling, James H. B1, B2
Darling, James T. B1
Darling, Jane B1
Darling, John B1
Darling, Joseph R. B1
Darling, Lind B1
Darling, Macilla L. B1
Darling, Malinda S. B1
Darling, Martha A. B1
Darling, Melinda B1
Darling, Nancy M. B1
Darling, Neal B1
Darling, Nellie B1
Darling, P. B. B1, B2
Darling, P. B. 1
Darling, Phenis T. B1
Darling, Rachel B1
Darling, Rothburn B1
Darling, Ruth Jane B1
Darling, T. J. 1
Darling, Tacey B. B1
Darling, Tacy B. B1
Darling, Tacy P. B1
Darling, Thomas B1
Darling, Timothy B1
Darling, Tony A. B1
Darling, Virginia C. B1
Darling, W. L. B1
Darling, William B1
Darling, William C. B1
Darlow, T. L. 1, 2
Darnell, Rebecca B1
Daugherty, - 1
Daugherty, Harriet B. B1
Dauth, F. W. 1
Davenport, Lucinda B1
Davenport, Lucy B1
David, D. H. 1, 2, 3
Davidson, - 1
Davidson, E. G. 1, 2, 3
Davidson, Mary B1
Davis, - 1, 2, 3, 4
Davis, ,W. S. 1
Davis, Absalom B1
Davis, Adie B1
Davis, Amanda B1
Davis, Ardilla B1
Davis, Barbara B1
Davis, Benjamin 1
Davis, Bertha B1
Davis, Buel T. 1, 2
Davis, Caroline B1
Davis, Catherine B1
Davis, Charles B1
Davis, Clarinda B1
Davis, E. W. 1
Davis, Elizabeth B1
Davis, Emily B1
Davis, Flora B1
Davis, Frank B1, 1
Davis, Fred B1
Davis, George 1
Davis, Harry B1
Davis, Harry G. 1, 2
Davis, Hart 1
Davis, Hollie M. B1
Davis, Hope B1
Davis, Isaac B1
Davis, Isaac Nelson B1
Davis, J. 1
Davis, Jefferson 1
Davis, Jennie 1
Davis, John 1
Davis, Joshua N. B1
Davis, Lillie B1
Davis, M. I. 1
Davis, M. V. 1
Davis, M. V. B. 1
Davis, Martha E. 1
Davis, Martin Ernest B1
Davis, Martin V. biography, 1, 2
Davis, Mary B1, B2
Davis, Maurice 1
Davis, May B1, B2
Davis, Melissa B1
Davis, N. L. 1
Davis, Nancy B1
Davis, Narcissa B1
Davis, Orin T. B1
Davis, Otis B1
Davis, P. 1
Davis, Paul B1
Davis, Philander 1
Davis, Phineas 1
Davis, Preston S. 1
Davis, R. A. 1, 2
Davis, Ralph B1
Davis, Ray B1
Davis, Richard 1
Davis, Richard A. biography, 1
Davis, Robert James B1
Davis, Robert N. B1, 1
Davis, Royal 1
Davis, Sally B1
Davis, Samuel B1
Davis, Sarah B1
Davis, Sarah B. B1
Davis, Theresa B1
Davis, Thomas B1
Davis, Thomas B. B1
Davis, Thomas Jefferson B1
Davis, Uriah 1
Davis, W. R. 1
Davis, W. S. 1
Davis, Willard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Davis, William 1
Davis, Worthy B1
Daviss, Augustus J. B1
Daviss, Cordelia B1
Daviss, Earl B1
Daviss, Erma B1
Daviss, Ernest B1
Daviss, Ethel B1
Daviss, Floyd B1
Daviss, Fred W. B1
Daviss, James B1
Daviss, Jemima B1
Daviss, Jennie B1
Daviss, Joshua L. B1
Daviss, M. I. 1, 2, 3
Daviss, M. J. B1
Daviss, May B1
Daviss, Mima B1
Daviss, Morrill Ingalls biography
Daviss, Philena L. B1
Daviss, Royal B1
Daviss, Tena B1
Dawson, Jane B1
Day, D. 1
Day, L. P. 1
Dayton, - 1 2,
Dean, Henry Clay 1
Dean, Sarah B1
DeArmond, Tully 1
Deatherage, I. W. 1
Deatherage, J. W. 1
Deathrage, Ivie L. B1
Deaton, Thomas 1
DeBois, Chloe B1
Debolt, H. M. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Debolt, Henry M. 1
Decker, - 1
Decker, J. J. 1, 2
Decker, Melissa B1
DeClark, Peter 1
DeCou, A. J. 1
DeCou, Abner 1, 2, 3, 4
DeCow, Abner B1
DeCow, Charity B1
DeCow, Frank B1
DeCow, George B1
DeCow, Mabel B1
DeCow, Maggie B1
DeCow, Oliver B1
DeCow, Sarah (Duncan) biography
DeCow, Shannon B1
DeGarmo, Alice B1
DeGarmo, Anna B1
DeGarmo, Caroline M. B1
DeGarmo, Charles B1
DeGarmo, Clemma B1
DeGarmo, Elias B1
DeGarmo, Hannah B1
DeGarmo, Jane B1
DeGarmo, John B1
DeGarmo, Laura M. B1
DeGarmo, Lavina B1
DeGarmo, Lida B1
DeGarmo, Lydia B1
DeGarmo, Mary B1
DeGarmo, Peter B1
DeGarmo, Rufus biography
Degraff, C. A. 1
DeGraw, - 1
Deinst, F. T. 1
Deinst, Frank 1
DeJarnett, J. P. 1, 2
DeJarnett, Josephus P. 1
Delano, - 1
Delano, Columbus 1
Demend, Charles 1
Demerit, G. D. 1
Deming, R. O. 1, 2, 3, 4
Demorest, Jane L. B1
Demorst, J. 1
Denney, Dolly Ann B1
Denney, George B1
Denney, Margaret R. biography
Dennison, Alexander H. B1
Dennison, Alice H. B1
Dennison, Almon A. B1
Dennison, Alvin H. B1
Dennison, Amelia B1
Dennison, Angeline B1
Dennison, B. L. 1
Dennison, Beeri L. biography
Dennison, Caddie B1
Dennison, Charlotte B1
Dennison, Emily B1
Dennison, Frankie B1
Dennison, George J. W. B1
Dennison, Harold B1
Dennison, Harriet B1
Dennison, Hattie B1
Dennison, J. L. B1
Dennison, Mabel B1
Dennison, Mary B1
Dennison, Orra B1
Dennison, Samuel B1
Dennison, Zilpha B1
Dent, E. C. 1
Dentler, W. W. 1, 2
DePauw, W. B1
Depety, Mary B1
Dersham, J. H. 1, 2
DeSchullie, D. R. 1
Deter, Lizzie B1
DeVoss, H. A. B1
Deweese, Ada B1
Deweese, Leslie B1
DeWitt, Catherine B1
DeWolfe, C. H. 1

Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Labette County KS 1901

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