Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Abbey, C. 1
Abbott, Nelson 1, 2, 3, 4
Abbott, R. M. 1
Abbott, S. B. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Abbott, Susan J. B1
Abbott, T. M. 1
Able, - 1
Able, Omah B1
Ables, Alex. 1
Ables, Alexander 1
Ables, Emma B1
Ables, William 1
Ables, Wm. R. 1
Abrams, Mary B1
Acheson, J. 1
Acker, Barbara B1
Acre, - 1
Acres, N. F. 1, 2
Adair, J. A. 1
Adams, - B1, 1
Adams, Abner B1
Adams, Alice B1
Adams, Alma B1
Adams, Anna D. B1
Adams, Ardilla B1
Adams, Belle B1
Adams, Clarinda B1
Adams, David L. 1
Adams, Elizabeth B1
Adams, Evi biography
Adams, Fisher B1
Adams, George A. B1
Adams, George R. B1
Adams, I. F. B1
Adams, Ira F. 1, 2, 3, 4
Adams, James W. B1
Adams, Lucinda B1
Adams, M. S. 1, 2
Adams, Mabel B1
Adams, Maggie 1
Adams, Mary Ann B1
Adams, Mary E. 1
Adams, Quincy B1
Adams, Rullif B1
Adams, Solomon 1
Adams, William E. B1
Adamson, Ada B1
Adamson, Archie B1
Adamson, Charles B1
Adamson, Cora B1
Adamson, Daniel B1
Adamson, Dennis B1
Adamson, Edward B1
Adamson, Elizabeth B1, B2
Adamson, Ella B1
Adamson, Enos B1
Adamson, Enos, Jr. B1
Adamson, J. S. biography, B1
Adamson, Lee B1
Adamson, Letty B1
Adamson, Nancy J. B1
Adamson, Sarah B1
Adamson, Thomas B1
Addis, N. L. 1
Adkins, W. G. 1
Ahle, - 1
Aiken, A. A. 1
Aikenhead, W. 1
Alain, W. C. 1
Albertson, - B1
Albertson, Hannah B1
Albin, C. L. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Albin, C. Len. 1, 2, 3
Albrook, E. C. 1
Alden, John B1
Aldrich, Carrie B1
Aldrich, H. J. 1
Aldrich, M. A. 1
Aldrich, Sarah B1
Alexander, Albert B1
Alexander, Blanche B1
Alexander, C .W. 1
Alexander, Caroline A. B1
Alexander, Charles B1
Alexander, Charles Henry B1
Alexander, D. A. biography
Alexander, Elizabeth B1
Alexander, J. R. 1
Alexander, J. W. 1
Alexander, Juliette B1
Alexander, Lydia Jane B1
Alexander, Maria Olivia B1
Alexander, Mary B1, B2
Alexander, Mary Ann B1
Alexander, Minta B1
Alexander, R. J. 1
Alexander, S. S. 1
Alexander, Sarah Elizabeth B1
Alexander, Theodore L. B1
Alexander, William B1, 1
Alford, L. S. 1
Allbaugh, Levina B1
Allen, - B1, 1, 2, 3, 4
Allen, Amanda B1
Allen, C. L. B1
Allen, C. W. B1
Allen, Celia B1
Allen, Charles B1
Allen, E. C. B1
Allen, Eleanor B1, B2
Allen, Ella B1
Allen, Ethan B1
Allen, F. A. B1
Allen, F. D. B1, 1
Allen, Frank D. 1
Allen, Fred. 1
Allen, H. 1
Allen, Henry 1
Allen, J. 1
Allen, J. P. 1
Allen, Jane 1
Allen, Joseph biography, 1
Allen, Joseph G. B1
Allen, Josie 1
Allen, L. J. B1
Allen, Lettie B1
Allen, Lincoln J. 1
Allen, Louisa M. 1
Allen, Maggie B1
Allen, Margaret B1
Allen, Martha B1
Allen, Martha E. B1
Allen, Mary B. 1
Allen, Nellie B1
Allen, Nellie E. B1, biography
Allen, Nelson E. 1
Allen, Perry 1
Allen, Ruth B1
Allen, Sally B1
Allen, Sidney 1
Allen, Susan B1
Allen, Thomas 1, 2
Allen, William B1
Allen, William D. B1
Allen, William F. B1
Allen, Wm. D. 1
Allison, A. 1
Allison, Albert 1
Allison, J. 1
Allison, J. N. 1, 2
Allison, James Jr. 1
Allison, T. B. 1
Allmon, Carrie B1
Allmon, Dulcie B1
Allmon, Edwin M. B1
Allmon, Elizabeth B1, B2
Allmon, Elizabeth Ellison B1
Allmon, Emma B1, B2
Allmon, Eva B1
Allmon, Ezra J. B1
Allmon, Hiram W. B1
Allmon, Isaac B1
Allmon, Mary A. B1
Allmon, Samuel E. B1
Allmon, William biography
Alspaw, John 1
Ambler, Rachael B1
Amend, Anthony 1, 2
Ames, - 1
Ames, Abigail 1
Ames, Mary B1
Ames, Nathan 1, 2, 3, 4
Ames, Pauline A. 1
Ames, Samuel 1
Ammonds, Lucy B1
Amos, Charles B1
Amsbaugh, Cecelia B1
Anderson, - 1
Anderson, Andrus Pierson B1
Anderson, Arthur B1
Anderson, Bangta B1
Anderson, C. L. B1
Anderson, Catherine B1
Anderson, Charles L. biography
Anderson, Claude R. B1
Anderson, Cora D. B1
Anderson, Cynthia B1
Anderson, Edward B1
Anderson, Elizabeth B1
Anderson, Elmer B1
Anderson, Eva B1
Anderson, Francis M. 1
Anderson, Fred B1
Anderson, G. S. biography
Anderson, G. W. B1
Anderson, Geo. S. 1
Anderson, George 1
Anderson, George S. 1
Anderson, Gertrude B1
Anderson, Gustav B1
Anderson, Hannah B1
Anderson, Helen M. B1
Anderson, I. N. biography, 1
Anderson, Ingrede B1
Anderson, J. B. 1
Anderson, J. S. 1, 2
Anderson, J. W. D. 1
Anderson, James T. B1
Anderson, Jans B1
Anderson, Jessie E. B1
Anderson, John S. 1
Anderson, Joseph 1
Anderson, Julia B1
Anderson, L. N. B. 1
Anderson, Lavina B1
Anderson, Louisa B1
Anderson, Maria B1
Anderson, Matilda B1, B2
Anderson, Minnie Elizabeth B1
Anderson, Mollie B1, B2
Anderson, Nancy 1
Anderson, Nancy E. B1
Anderson, Nels B1
Anderson, Nicholas biography
Anderson, Oscar B1
Anderson, Pier B1
Anderson, Rena B1
Anderson, Salina B1
Anderson, Sarah E. B1
Anderson, Terry 1
Anderson, Vincent 1
Anderson, William B1
Anderson, William T. B1
Anderson, Willie B1
Andrews, Charlotte B1
Andrews, Estella B1
Andrews, John B1
Andrews, Jonathan biography
Andrews, Margaret B1
Anthony, D. R. 1
Anthony, George 1
Anthony, George T. 1
Apperger, John 1
Apperson, Maggie B1
Apperson, Stephen B1
Appich, Andrew B1
Appich, Anna B1
Appich, Annie B1
Appich, Caroline B1
Appich, Christopher B1
Appich, Frank B1
Appich, Fredericka B1
Appich, Harry B1
Appich, Irene B1
Appich, J. C. B1, B2
Appich, J. Christian biography
Appich, J. Christian Jr. B1
Appich, Jacob B1
Appich, John B1
Appich, Lizzie B1
Appich, William B1
Applegate, May B1
Armstrong, - B1
Armstrong, F. A. 1, 2
Armstrong, J. M. 1
Armstrong, James 1
Armstrong, Mary B1
Arnold, Anna 1
Arnold, Annie S. 1, 2, 3
Arnold, C. C. B1
Arnold, Carrey S. 1
Arnold, Ella C. B1
Arnold, Emma B1
Arnold, Helen B1
Arnold, J. C. biography, 1, 2
Arnold, J. L. B1
Arnold, Janie B1
Arnold, Josiah 1
Arnold, Kate B1
Arnold, Nathaniel B1
Arnold, R. P. 1, 2
Arnold, Richard B1
Arnold, Robert L. B1
Arnold, Sophia B1
Arnold, William B1
Arnold, William F. B1
Arthur, James M. 1
Arthur, Jennie 1
Asbell, Benjamin F. biography
Asbell, Cassandra B1
Asbell, Emily B1
Asbell, Franklin 1
Asbell, John B1
Asbell, Mahala B1
Asbell, Maria B1
Asbell, Mary B1
Asbell, Pierce B1
Asbell, Pierce Jr. B1
Asbell, Salina B1
Asbell, Tyree B1
Asbell, William B1
Ash, George 1
Ash, J. P. 1, 2
Ashbell, Maria A. 1
Ashbell, Marion B1, 1
Ashby, Nancy B1, B2
Ashley, K. P. 1
Ashley, Maria J. B1
Ashley, Paline B1
Ashmore, Margaret E. B1
Ashmore, R. N. B1
Ashton, Hannah B1
Atchinson, Elizabeth B1
Atchinson, F. H. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Atchinson, Frank H. 1
Atchinson, Nathaniel B1
Atchinson, R. H. 1
Atchinson, Z. 1
Atchison, F. H. 1
Atchison, T. P. 1
Atchley, Edward B1
Atchley, Ellen B1
Atchley, George B1
Atchley, Jennie B1
Atchley, John B1
Atchley, May B1
Atchley, Sarah B1
Atkins, Smith D. B1
Atkinson, Robert 1
Atkinson, W. D. 1, 2
Atkinson, W. P. 1
Atwater, O. C. 1
Atwood, H. S. 1
Atwood, Henry S. 1, 2
Austin, A. 1
Austin, A. J. 1
Austin, A. L. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Austin, H. L. 1
Austin, John 1, 2, 3
Austin, W. E. 1
Avery, W. B. 1, 2, 3
Axton, - B1
Ayer, J. C. B1
Ayers, A. H. B1, 1
Ayres, - 1
Ayres, A. H. 1, 2
Ayres, Alexander H. 1

Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Labette County KS 1901

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