History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Wade, Alexander 160895
Wade, Alonzo B261.04
Wade, Emma B261.04
Wade, Eva B168.06
Wade, F. M. B271.07
Wager, C. N. 30052
Wagner, Michael B171.03
Wagner, Albert L. B141.02
Wagner, Alexon B141.04
Wagner, Amanda B141.02
Wagner, Bertha Ida B141.04
Wagner, Charles M. B141.02
Wagner, David L. B141.02
Wagner, Elizabeth B141.02
Wagner, Esther F. B141.02
Wagner, Fanny S. B141.04
Wagner, Henry B141.02
Wagner, I. L. B141.02
Wagner, John W. B141.01
Wagner, Lena B171.03
Wagner, Leslie Herman B141.04
Wagner, Marshall Ralph B141.04
Wagner, Mary Stella B141.04
Wagner, Mary V. B141.02
Wagner, Maud B257.06
Wagner, S. Alice B141.02
Wagner, Susan E. B141.02
Wagner, T. L. B141.02
Wagoner, J. J. 160919
Wagoner, James 160942
Wahl, Lewis 160927
Walbert, - 120026
Walbert, Jonathan 160939
Wales, Carrie B039.05
Wales, J. M. 50084, 50089
Walke, William 160905
Walkenshaw, Sarah 60005
Walker, Abigail B044.04
Walker, Alexander B312.01
Walker, Annie B312.04
Walker, Arcenith B058.01
Walker, Arcenith F. B058.02, B075.01
Walker, Aura B314.03
Walker, Bertha B312.04
Walker, Carrie B227.05
Walker, Charity B075.01
Walker, Clarence E. B002.04
Walker, D. C. 50092, 60012
Walker, Daniel A. B058.02, B075.05
Walker, Dempsy R. B312.02
Walker, Edward B058.02, B075.05, B227.05
Walker, Elijah B075.01
Walker, Estella B312.04
Walker, F. A. 70037
Walker, Frank B044.04
Walker, Fred B312.04
Walker, Frederick A. B058.02, B075.05
Walker, G. W. 70017
Walker, George B002.01
Walker, Harry B312.04
Walker, Henry S. 160950
Walker, J. H. 40091
Walker, Jennie B058.02, B075.05, B303.04
Walker, John 160888, B002.01, B002.02, B058.02, B075.02, B075.05, B314.03
Walker, Julia A. B002.04
Walker, Kate B312.02
Walker, Lucetta B075.02
Walker, Lucinda A. B058.01, B075.05
Walker, Margaret B312.02
Walker, Martha B312.02
Walker, Mary B075.02
Walker, Maurice Andrew B058.05
Walker, Minnie B058.05
Walker, Myrtle B058.02, B075.05
Walker, Nicholas B312.02
Walker, Permelia B002.01
Walker, Permelia M. B002.04
Walker, Richard B075.05
Walker, Robert J. 10008
Walker, Roberta B002.04
Walker, S. L. 70037
Walker, Stephen L. B058.01, B058.02, B075.05
Walker, W. A. 70017, 160957
Walker, W. H. 160900
Walker, Walter B058.02
Walker, Wayne B312.04
Walker, William B058.02, B075.05, B312.02
Walker, Zanetta B075.02
Walker,- B003.04
Walkup, Sarah B304.02
Wall, John L. B258.03
Wall, Mary E. B258.03
Wall, Solomon 160907
Wallace, G. W. 160918
Wallace, George 30036
Wallace, J. A. 150017
Wallace, J. W. 50004, 50006, 50009, 50030, 80027
Wallace, John 160893
Wallace, John M. 160898
Wallace, Joseph P0001, 30051, 50033, 50035, 50043, 50050, 50059, 50062, 50068, 50069, 50077, 160926, 170003
Wallace, Laura J. B083.05
Wallace, Lee N. B083.05
Wallace, Lucy B308.01
Wallaver, W. H. 160920
Waller, Edmond Noble B101.02
Waller, Maria Louisa B101.02
Waller, Ollie B258.05
Walrod, Lucilla E. B174.05
Walsh, Kate B100.04
Walters, J. P. 140033, 140034
Walters, M. L. 50071
Walton, Edith B261.04
Walton, Henry 160906
Wandless, Catherine B156.02
Ward, - B042.03
Ward, Don Carlos B184.05
Ward, Eliza B161.04
Ward, Emma B036.04
Ward, Eva L. B184.05
Ward, Henry B161.04
Ward, John B184.04
Ward, Madge B278.06
Ward, Madge G. B184.05
Ward, Mary B161.04
Ward, Nellie B184.04
Ward, Parmelia A. B184.04
Ward, W. A. 70017
Ward, William H. B184.04
Ward, Woodford A. B184.01
Ware, - 170040
Ware, Eugene F. 30032, 50105, 50107, 170038
Warner, Alexander 50071, 50075
Warner, Samuel S. 160914
Warren, E. T. 160956
Warren, L. A. 160958
Warren, R. C. 170026
Warren, Robert 120026
Warren, W. W. 30031
Warrenfeltz, Charlotte B315.01
Warrington, - 70008
Warstler, Laura B048.04
Washington, George B269.05
Wasson, J. A. 160959
Wasson, John R. 160932
Waterman, C. M. 80009
Waters, Mary B152.05
Waters, Oliver B152.05
Waterson, Margaret B038.09
Watkins, Elsie 60005
Watson, Albert B140.04
Watson, Catherine B168.06
Watson, Charles 160910
Watson, Charlotte B102.01
Watson, David J. B140.01
Watson, Dennis 160901
Watson, Earl B140.04
Watson, Elizabeth A. B140.04
Watson, Grace B140.04
Watson, James B168.06
Watson, John B140.04
Watson, Jonathan B140.01, B140.02
Watson, Matilda B140.04
Watson, Montford B140.04
Watson, Nancy B140.01
Watson, Nellie B140.04
Watson, Roy B140.04
Watson, Vada Ethel B140.04
Watterman, - 70036
Watterson, Henry 160980, B038.09
Watts, A. D. 30053, 50069, 50073, B102.03, B233.04
Watts, Allie B258.05
Watts, Andrew Dwight B258.01
Watts, Carl K. B258.05
Watts, Eva B258.05
Watts, Hannah B258.02
Watts, James B111.04
Watts, John E. B233.03
Watts, John Earl B258.05
Watts, John G. B258.02
Watts, Judd D. B258.05
Watts, Lora B149.04, B258.05
Watts, Lou E. B233.03
Watts, Lucile B258.05
Watts, Maria B289.01
Watts, Marie B258.05
Watts, Marinda B258.02
Watts, Mary B111.04, B258.02
Watts, Mary E. B258.03
Watts, Maryrick B258.02
Watts, Mayett B258.02
Watts, Myrle B258.05
Watts, Ollie B258.05
Watts, Rachel B111.04
Waugh, Edith E. B149.04
Waugh, John B149.04
Waugh, Rank B228.06
Waugh, Rhoda L. B228.06
Wax, Samuel 160935
Waymire, N. 160933
Wear, R. C. 70017, 130028
Weaver, Albert B036.05
Weaver, Alberta Mau B026.05
Weaver, Amanda A. B197.04
Weaver, Caroline B026.02
Weaver, Charles F. B026.02
Weaver, Edwin B026.05
Weaver, Elizabeth B289.02
Weaver, Ella B026.05
Weaver, Etta B036.05
Weaver, Fay B036.05
Weaver, George B026.01, B026.05
Weaver, Hannah B026.01
Weaver, Harvey V. B026.02
Weaver, Henry B026.02
Weaver, Horace B026.02
Weaver, James B197.04
Weaver, Josephine B026.02
Weaver, Joshua 160915
Weaver, Leola B036.05
Weaver, Lottie B036.05
Weaver, Louisa B026.02
Weaver, Martha B026.02
Weaver, Mary B026.02
Weaver, Nellie B026.05
Weaver, Olive B026.05
Weaver, Ray B036.05
Weaver, Susan B111.02
Weaver, T. C. 130028, 160949
Weaver, Thomas C. B026.01
Weaver, William B036.05
Webb, - 40045, 70036, 80007
Webb, A. O. 30027
Webb, Elizabeth B036.05
Webb, G. W. 50060
Webb, Geo. W. 160963
Webb, George W. 140008
Webb, H. G. 30045, 50044, B200.04
Webb, Henry C. 70027
Webb, Henry G. 70022, 70023, 70036
Webb, Jane B261.04
Webb, L. J. 70036, 80016
Webb, Thomas 160954
Webb, William C. 70022, 70026, 70027, 70036
Webber, Jacob 160931
Webbert, C. R. 50050
Webster, Mary B156.02
Wedding, Ella B172.02
Wedell, Mary E. B263.03
Wedell, Walther von B263.01
Weeks, Ira B265.02
Weeks, Laura B265.02
Weilep, E. C. 50057, 50080, 50089
Weir, A. J. 150013, 150023
Weir, H. P. 150013, 160941
Weir, Nancy B255.02
Weir, T. M. 150013
Weir, Thomas B255.02
Weir, W. L. B311.03
Welch, Catherine B243.01
Welch, James B243.02
Welch, Maggie B188.05
Welch, Patrick B188.05
Weldy, L. C. 50112, 80031, 80033, 140013, 160964, 160972, B113.01
Wellman, Cora B034.05
Wellman, John B034.05
Wells, B. F. 30029
Wells, E. C. 30034, 50038, 160909
Wells, Elizabeth B228.06
Wells, J. J. 30034
Wells, James H. 160945
Wells, Rachel B273.03
Wells, Solomon B228.06
Wells, Vandela B228.06
Welsh, Catherine B243.03
Wentzell, Jeanette B240.05
Wentzell, William B240.05
Wenzel, Albert E. B285.01
Wenzel, Mehala B285.02
Wenzel, Prudence B285.04
Wenzel, William 160924, B285.02
West, Amanda B134.06
West, E. F. 160897
West, Elijah T. B134.01
West, Emma B134.03, B134.06
West, Flora B134.06
West, G. W. B134.03
West, George Leon B134.06
West, Gregg B134.03
West, I. P. 160936
West, J. 160899
West, James 160892
West, James M. B134.01
West, James Scott B134.06
West, Laura B134.03
West, Lizzie B134.03
West, Lucinda B134.03, B151.04
West, Lydia B134.03
West, Mary B134.03
West, Queen B. B134.06
West, Sarah B134.01
West, Thomas H. B134.06
West, William P. B134.03
Westcott, Charles 70021
Westcott, S. C. 70037, 140020
Westervelt, America M. B239.04
Westervelt, Annie B239.04
Westervelt, Arthur B121.04, B239.04
Westervelt, Asa B239.04, B244.04
Westervelt, Clara B239.02
Westervelt, Clayton Lewis B239.04
Westervelt, Cora B239.04
Westervelt, Dora B239.02
Westervelt, Emma B239.02
Westervelt, Ezra B239.02
Westervelt, Fred B239.04
Westervelt, Glen B239.04
Westervelt, Harry B239.04
Westervelt, Isabella B239.01
Westervelt, Israel R. B239.02
Westervelt, Joseph B239.02
Westervelt, Lewis R. B239.01
Westervelt, Louis R. 160903
Westervelt, Martha L. B239.04
Westervelt, Martitia B239.04
Westervelt, Mary B239.02
Westervelt, Matthew B239.01
Westervelt, Mattie B239.04
Westervelt, Nellie B239.04
Westervelt, Orvilla B121.04, B239.04
Westervelt, Ruth B239.04
Westervelt, Sarah B239.02, B239.04
Westervelt, Sarah A. B244.04
Westervelt, Simon B239.04
Westervelt, William 30030
Westervelt, William B239.01, B239.02

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