History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Tabor, Martha B107.10
Tackett, M. V. 160860
Taibott, R. H. 160872
Tallman, Jane B019.08
Tallman, John R. B019.08
Tallman, Sarah Jane B019.08
Talmage, T. Dewitt B269.05
Tamblyn, Harry 140011
Tanner, Joseph 160869
Tanquary, L. S. 30066
Tanquary, Levi S. 160850
Tarter, D. 160870
Tate, J. W. 140020
Tate, Kate B140.04
Tate, William B140.04
Taylor, C. M. 30037
Taylor, Charles B124.05
Taylor, Effie B233.03
Taylor, Fannie B124.01
Taylor, Frank B124.05
Taylor, Frank S. B124.03
Taylor, Fred B124.05
Taylor, George 160846
Taylor, Helen B268.04
Taylor, Hubert G. B155.05
Taylor, Ida B124.05
Taylor, James W. 160859
Taylor, Jennie B155.05
Taylor, Julia B124.05
Taylor, L. H. 160857
Taylor, Maggie 140011, 140012
Taylor, Millie A. B274.04
Taylor, R. W. 160868
Taylor, Samuel D. 160852
Taylor, Thomas B124.01, B124.05
Taylor, Tubba 160848
Taylor, William B124.01
Teague, Albert B142.03
Teague, Bertie B142.03
Teague, Cynthia B142.03
Teague, John B142.03
Teague, Joseph B142.03
Teague, Lofton B142.02
Teague, Luzana B142.03
Teague, Mary B142.03
Teague, Maurice B142.03
Teague, Samantha Ella B142.03
Teague, Sarah Emily B142.03,y B142.04
Teague, Virena B142.03
Teal, William 70036
Teeter, R. A. 140011
Terhorst, Arent 160871
Terrell, Judith B115.01, B115.02
Tetrick, Nora B097.06
Thair, Rosa B129.04
Thatcher, Alice J. B282.03
Thatcher, Clara B028.05
Thatcher, Ernest B028.05
Thayer, M. Russell B005.01
Theis, - 120013
Theis, Frank B144.02
Theis, Mary B144.02
Theobald, William 160866
Thies, Ella B144.02
Thies, Peter B144.02
Thomas, (child) B267.02
Thomas, - B075.03
Thomas, A. M. 140008, 160847
Thomas, Al. B130.04
Thomas, Annie B267.02
Thomas, Annie Myrtle B267.04
Thomas, Bertha B130.04
Thomas, Bessie B267.04
Thomas, C. W. 30053
Thomas, Catherine B017.01
Thomas, Charles B267.04
Thomas, David B267.02
Thomas, Enoch G. B267.02
Thomas, Esther B073.04
Thomas, Eugene B073.04
Thomas, Grace B267.04
Thomas, Howard B267.04
Thomas, J. L. 120010
Thomas, Jennie B267.04
Thomas, Lee B267.04
Thomas, Maggie B284.05
Thomas, Margaret B024.01
Thomas, Martha Jane B073.04
Thomas, Mary Bernice B267.04
Thomas, Mary Jane B267.02
Thomas, P. Ann B252.06
Thomas, Richard Orlando B267.01
Thomas, Robert B073.04
Thomas, W. H. B073.03, B073.04
Thomason, Madeline B284.05
Thomason, Millie B284.05
Thomason, T. W. B284.05
Thomason, Thaddeus B284.05
Thomason, Thomas 50077
Thompson, - B234.04
Thompson, Adam B067.05
Thompson, Allen B157.04
Thompson, C. C. 30065
Thompson, Edna B159.03
Thompson, Elzada B067.05
Thompson, Joseph H. B159.03
Thompson, Mary E. B157.04
Thompson, Rachel B111.04
Thompson, Thomas 160845
Thompson, Zella B085.05
Thompson, Zella Agnes B067.05
Thoomas, - B073.01
Thornbrue, - 120011
Thornburg, A. S. 160856
Thornton, Celia E. B303.02
Thornton, K. B. 160863
Thornton, Seely Elizabeth B177.05
Thorp, Mary T. B158.02
Thrailkell, John B157.02
Thrailkell, Nancy B157.02
Thrall, - 120011
Throop, S. B. 160861
Thurman, J. B. 50035
Thurman, Julia B270.05
Tibbetts, Martitia B239.04
Tice, - B021.02
Till, Matilda B178.01
Timberlake, S. Y. 50055, 120017, 120043
Timberlake, W. H. 120035, 160853
Tindall, Cleo B245.04
Tiney, Edith B307.06
Todd, Amanda Jane B270.04
Todd, Dora Mabel B295.03
Todd, H. H. B295.03
Todd, Joseph B295.03
Todd, Lola B295.03
Todd, Mary M. B264.02
Toland, J. W. B105.03
Toland, Susan N. B105.03
Toles, Muriel B101.03
Tollett, Bridgett B261.01
Tolliver, Andrew B037.05
Tolliver, Laura Belle B037.05
Tompkins, Daniel D. B155.08
Tompkins, J. W. 120017, 120035, 160851
Toner, Ann B286.04
Toner, Anthony B286.04
Toner, Edwin B286.04
Toner, John B286.04
Toner, Joseph B286.04
Topping, Alexander B033.02
Topping, Bird B033.05
Topping, Catherine E. B033.03
Topping, Charles E. P0001, 140025
Topping, Charles H. B033.03
Topping, Chas. E. 140032
Topping, Crete B033.05
Topping, Elizabeth B033.02
Topping, Emily B033.03
Topping, Frank Moore B033.02
Topping, Jane B033.02
Topping, Martha E. B033.03
Topping, Nettie B033.03
Topping, Robert B033.01, B033.02
Topping, Robert J. B033.02
Topping, Wallace E. B033.01
Topping, Washington 160867, B033.01, B033.02, B033.03
Tout, - 120012
Townsend, - B195.03
Townsend, Ann Elizabeth B023.02
Townsend, B. F. B023.02
Townsend, Elizabeth E. B104.01, B104.02
Towsley, Pruda A. B196.01
Tracewell, Alice M. B081.04
Tracewell, E. M. 30045, 70036, 70037, 120026, B081.01
Tracewell, Edward M. B081.04
Tracewell, Grace G. B081.04
Tracewell, John E. B081.04
Tracewell, Katherine B081.04
Tracewell, L. V. B081.01
Tracewell, Laura E. B081.04
Tracewell, Lucy B081.04
Tracewell, Nellie B081.04
Tracewell, Robert J. B081.02
Tracewell, Thane B081.04
Tracewell, Vallie G. B081.04
Tracewell, W. N. B081.01, B081.04
Traughber, Belle B131.04
Traughber, Henry B131.04
Treace, John J. 160849
Treat, David 30049
Treat, John 160858
Trickle, Elizabeth B231.03
Trimble, E. J. 30037
Trimmer, - B124.03
Trotter, Chester H. B268.05
Trotter, Elsie C. B268.05
Trotter, Embree T. B268.02
Trotter, Henry Clay B268.02
Trotter, James B268.02
Trotter, James H. B268.02
Trotter, James S. B268.05
Trotter, John B268.02
Trotter, Jonas 160854
Trotter, Jonas B. B268.02
Trotter, Leslie C. B268.02
Trotter, Lucy B268.02
Trotter, Mary B268.02
Trotter, Mary M. B268.04
Trotter, Mollie L. B268.02
Trotter, W. H. B268.01
Trout, A. J. 160864
Trueblood, Cynthia B142.03
Truxal, David B152.05
Truxal, Louisa B152.05
Truxel, Benjamin B315.04
Truxel, Eli B315.04
Truxel, Ethel B315.04
Truxel, Thomas B315.04
Tschakart, Francis 160862
Tucker, E. F. 50086
Tucker, Lucinda B116.04
Turner, E. B. 160865
Turner, John T. 160855
Turner, N. C. 30039
Turner, Parelee B177.05
Turpin, Martha B252.04
Turpin, Thomas B252.04
Turxel, Hannah B315.04
Tutton, J. B157.05
Tutton, J. E. 50050, 120017, B005.04
Tutton, John E. 30042, 70035, 120026
Tyler, - 10008
Tyndall, Cora 60006

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